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ARTtech '09: Developing the technology behind "Love"
Eskil Steenberg will go deep in to explaining the technology and design behind the game "Love". It will cover optimization, tools, pipeline and the procedural content generation systems. This session is for the programmer who wants to learn more about engine design and how to create a workflow that lets you create amazing results with out an army of developers supporting you.
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september 2009 by Z303
BBC Micro Live 1986 - Computer Animation
A look at animation software on the BBC Micro and the 'cutting-edge' 32-bit Amiga. Presented by Fred Harris and Lesley Judd.
bbc  microlive  80s  computers  retro  history  computergraphics  video 
march 2007 by Z303
All-Frequency Relighting of Non-Diffuse Objects W/ Separable BRDF Approximation
The video accompanying the paper, "All-Frequency Relighting of Non-Diffuse Objects Using Separable BRDF Approximation" presented at the 2004 Eurographics Symposium on Rendering.
rendering  computergraphics  brdf  academic  eurographics  video 
march 2006 by Z303

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