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Precomputed Atmospheric Scattering
An accurate method to render the atmosphere in real time from any viewpoint from ground
level to outer space, while taking Rayleigh and Mie multiple scattering into account.
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june 2010 by Z303
Octree Textures
a new kind of texture based on an octree, which needs no parameterization other than the surface itself, and yet has similar storage requirements to 2D maps.
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may 2009 by Z303
The lightcuts framework presents a new scalable algorithm for computing the illumination from many point lights. Its rendering cost is strongly sublinear with the number of point lights while maintaining perceptual fidelity with the exact solution.
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january 2009 by Z303
My top utility papers
current list of the most useful papers that are also easy to implement.
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april 2008 by Z303
Interactive Rendering using the Render Cache
The method works both by caching previous results and reprojecting them to estimate the current image and by directing the renderer’s sampling to more rapidly improve subsequent images.
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november 2007 by Z303
RPU: A Programmable Ray Processing Unit for Realtime Ray Tracing
is a fully programmable ray tracing hardware architecture, with support for programmable material, geometry and lighting. The RPU combines the efficiency of GPUs with the advantages of ray tracing.
3d  raytracing  hardware  fpga  paper  siggraph  architecture  computergraphics  via:errmann  research 
october 2007 by Z303
RTSL: a Ray Tracing Shading Language
This language and compiler combination allows sophisticated primitives, materials and textures
to realize the performance gains possible by SIMD and ray packets without the low-level programming burden.
pdf  raytracing  rendering  computergraphics  paper  research  language  opengl  shaders  compiliers  via:herrmann 
october 2007 by Z303

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