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Pete Shirley's Graphics Blog
Thoughts on computer graphics in general and rendering in particular.
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november 2008 by Z303
The Inferno Project
research of realtime ray-tracing on programmable graphics hardware (GPUs)
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february 2007 by Z303
GPGPU::Basic Maths Tutorial
is targeting complete beginners in GPU programming. All basic concepts and the programming paradigm are covered. Fully working code samples for the various ways to implement GPGPU codes based on OpenGL are provided.
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february 2007 by Z303
stands for REAl-time Raytracing Voxel Engine. So what it does is rendering 3d space with a raytracing algorithm. The system uses voxels to approximate the geometry. It is intended to run fast enough to act as a game engine.
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february 2007 by Z303
GPU raycasting tutorial
This tutorial explains how to implement a simple GPU raycaster using the OpenGL API with vertex-fragment shaders and Nvidia’s CG. Includes demo with source.
OpenGL  Programming  raytracing  shader  tutorials  computergraphics  rendering  gpgpu  cg 
february 2007 by Z303

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