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is a new, open-source, free software rendering system for physically correct, unbiased image synthesis.
radiosity  rendering  renderman  raytracing  programming  HDR  3d  architecture  computergraphics 
january 2008 by Z303
RPU: A Programmable Ray Processing Unit for Realtime Ray Tracing
is a fully programmable ray tracing hardware architecture, with support for programmable material, geometry and lighting. The RPU combines the efficiency of GPUs with the advantages of ray tracing.
3d  raytracing  hardware  fpga  paper  siggraph  architecture  computergraphics  via:errmann  research 
october 2007 by Z303
Attila Project
goal is to research and develop high performance microarchitectures for the next generation of GPUs. To this end, the team has started by exploring the performance of the current generation (R580, G70, G80) of rasterization-based GPUs.
gpu  hardware  architecture  computergraphics  opengl 
june 2007 by Z303

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