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is a micro-processor built large. Very large.
cpu  computer  diy  hardware  electronics 
may 2017 by Z303
Repeatable, reboot resilient windows environment installations made easy using Chocolatey packages.
software  computer  automation  windows 
december 2013 by Z303
Formal Methods of Software Design
The emphasis is on program development to meet specifications, and on program modifications that preserve correctness, rather than on verification after a program is finished.
course  computer  softwareengineering 
september 2013 by Z303
From NAND to Tetris: Building a Modern Computer From First Principles
the software tools and project materials necessary to build a general-purpose computer system from the ground up.
hardware  programming  computer  tutorial  learning 
june 2013 by Z303
COGS Bristol
The University of Bristol Computer Gaming Society
Bristol  university  computer  gaming  community 
october 2011 by Z303
PC Part Picker
Computer Part Selection For DIY PC Builders
computer  hardware  pc  shopping  tools  via:askmefi 
september 2011 by Z303
Raspberry Pi Foundation
is a UK registered charity which exists to promote the study of computer science and related topics, especially at school level, and to put the fun back into learning computing.
computer  diy  education  hardware  linux  arm  learning  RaspberryPi 
may 2011 by Z303
is the free repair manual that you can edit. We are a community of people helping each other fix stuff.
computer  diy  documentation  technology  tutorials  electronics  geek  howto  reference  ifixit  support 
november 2010 by Z303
The Industry Standard in IT Infrastructure Monitoring
administration  computer  SNMP  server  security  performance  sysadmin  statistics  hosting  management  monitoring  networking  unix  tools  utilities  admin  nagios 
november 2010 by Z303
The Elements of Computing Systems
The construction of a modern, full-scale computer system (hardware and software) from first principles. In the process, the students practice many major computer science (CS) abstractions studied in typical CS courses and make them concrete through 12 guided implementation projects.
architecture  development  books  compilers  computer  programming  reference  technology  hardware  learning 
september 2010 by Z303
Project Code Rush
the open-sourcing of the Netscape code base and the beginning of the Mozilla project.
coderush  development  netscape  media  internet  history  computer  documentary  mozilla  browser  software  video  via:waxy 
august 2009 by Z303
explores an emerging alternative approach where we use machine-learning techniques, developed in the artificial intelligence arena, to learn how to generate compilers automatically. Such an approach, if successful, will have a dramatic impact on re-configurable systems. This means that for a fixed amount of design time. We can evaluate many more configurations leading to better and more cost-effective performance.
tools  programming  software  development  linux  research  computer  c++  learning  embedded  computerscience  optimization  via:hackernews  compilers  machinelearning  milepost  gcc 
july 2009 by Z303
Alternatives to Windows, Mac, Linux and online applications
tools  alternatives  software  resources  linux  computer  opensource  database  directory  via:halazoon 
april 2009 by Z303
Cheap New & Refurbished Laptops & Computers
refurbished  computer  secondhand  shopping  uk 
april 2009 by Z303
is an open source programming environment and electronics i/o board for exploring the electronic arts, tangible media, teaching and learning computer programming and prototyping with electronics. It illustrates the concept of programming with electronics and the physical realm of hardware control which are necessary to explore physical interaction design and tangible media aspects.
programming  technology  software  development  research  hardware  computer  diy  microcontroller  sensors  interactive  processing  arduino  computing  prototyping  physicalcomputing  embedded  wiring 
april 2009 by Z303
Turn USB Drives into NAS with Online Backup
storage  nas  SheevaPlug  server  network  embedded  arm  lowpower  linux  backup  computer 
march 2009 by Z303
is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.
arduino  opensource  development  technology  programming  embedded  hacking  electronics  hardware  computer  microcontroller  Linux 
december 2008 by Z303
Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Cooking Yo Mama, etc
is about PC gaming - all of PC gaming, rather than just one of the weird and wonderful niches most other PC-centric sites confine themselves to. It’s written by four of Britain’s top games journalists, and it aims to cover everything from the latest breaking stories about the biggest releases to esoterica from the format’s obscurest peninsulas.
technology  pc  review  games  geek  computer  entertainment  magazine  videogames  mmorpg 
november 2008 by Z303
a list of demoparties - demoparty.net
demoparties are creative gatherings of a subculture called demoscene. for some people there are similarities to lan-parties, art festivals or even woodstock.
programming  software  art  geek  graphics  computer  raytracing  demoscene  calendar  scene  demo  demoparties  demoparty 
november 2008 by Z303
A history lesson in video games
The UK's first official national video game archive has been launched in a bid to preserve the history of gaming.
The archive has been set up in partnership between Nottingham Trent University and the National Media Museum in Bradford in the north of England.
UK  history  games  computer  gaming  IT  Museum 
october 2008 by Z303
Forensic Focus
Computer Forensics, Computer Forensic Training, Digital Forensics
tools  technology  security  Linux  resource  forensic  infosec  forensics  computer  Forum  analysis 
october 2008 by Z303
Stanford School of Engineering
The three-course Introduction to Computer Science taken by the majority of Stanford undergraduates, and seven more advanced courses in artificial intelligence and electrical engineering.
video  programming  computer  career  coding  learning  education  engineering  computerscience  robots  ai  lectures  stanford  university  courses  opencourseware 
october 2008 by Z303
is an ultra-low cost, high performance, low power OMAP3 based platform
OMAP  hardware  Linux  Development  ARM  USB  computer  embedded  diy  dsp  soc  beagleboard  ti 
august 2008 by Z303
Pixelgirl Presents
Free Mac and PC icons, Desktops, iPhone Wallpapers and more!
resources  wallpaper  icons  mac  desktops  graphics  photography  computer  windows  Gallery  via:halazoon 
august 2008 by Z303
MSI Wind News and Reviews
a place where users of the MSI Wind will gather information in order to help each other out.
computer  forums  hardware  laptop  Linux  notebook  msiwind 
july 2008 by Z303
An Adventure in Technology
Come and play with an amateur radio station and a (open source) recording studio. See the robots run around, and see even stupider things done in software. Find out how to program a microcontroller and how to cut sheet steel with a laser.
bristol  community  computer  geeks  hacking  hardware  events  uk 
june 2008 by Z303
Looking back at a computing icon
In 1981 the iconic BBC Micro computer was unleashed on the public. Games developer David Braben looks back at its role in UK computing.
bbc  computer  bbcmicro  elite  DavidBraben  technology 
march 2008 by Z303
Girls and technology: what's next?
Teenage girls far outnumber teenage boys in the creation of web content such as blogs, web sites, and original graphics. In the next decade, will we see vast changes in the gender balance of the tech industry?
careers  socialmedia  teenagers  Women  gender  computer  business  internet 
february 2008 by Z303
A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language
comics  computer  geek  funny  interesting  relationships  psychology 
january 2008 by Z303
Colossus cracks codes once more
For the first time in more than 60 years a Colossus computer will be cracking codes at Bletchley Park.
computer  computing  Cryptanalysis  Colossus  encryption  hardware  history  science  BletchleyPark  wwii  technology 
november 2007 by Z303
Warning of data ticking time bomb
The growing problem of accessing old digital file formats is a "ticking time bomb", the chief executive of the UK National Archives has warned.
archives  formats  file  computer  data  history 
july 2007 by Z303
Shaping the future
Charles Stross talks about his personal predictions when it comes to the next 20 years of Technology
security  Singularity  society  storage  surveillance  technology  trends  Information  media  privacy  research  computing  culture  design  engineering  future  telephony  geek  history  computer  science  scifi  social 
may 2007 by Z303
is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system
applications  antivirus  computer  utilities  Spyware  Support  sysadmin  technology  via:askmefi  malware  security  Software  productivity  performance  privacy  tools 
april 2007 by Z303
Rethinking the MMO
We looked at Everquest and reasoned that someone would improve on this formula. Instead, we have seen a parade of copycats that fails to appeal to a large portion of the potential market, despite far bigger development budgets than any offline games.
analysis  computer  mmo  rpg  research  gaming  development  mmorpg  games  gamedesign  gamedev 
march 2007 by Z303
How to Stop the Dilbertization of IT
Too many IT workplaces have become Dilbert-ized—micromanaged, bureaucratic and stifled creatively. It's become an environment where busy work is praised and morale is low.
business  career  dilbert  computer  management  morale  productivity  technology  psychology  sysadmin  workspace  work  creativity 
march 2007 by Z303
The High-Availability Linux Project
Provide a high-availability (clustering) solution for Linux which promotes reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) through a community development effort.
architecture  computer  sysadmin  NFS  clusters  server 
march 2007 by Z303
a Linux iptables packet filtering firewall builder for humans...
computer  firewall  firewalls  internet  Linux  nat  networking  router  iptables  security  Server  sysadmin  Tools  vpn 
february 2007 by Z303
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