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The GameDev Business Handbook
A faithful companion and how-to guide for your growing studio, featuring interviews with dozens of experienced developers
business  games 
13 days ago by Z303
The First Startup Accelerator Designed for Bootstrappers
investment  technology  business  Startups  Bootstrappers 
8 weeks ago by Z303
Startups For the Rest of Us
The podcast that helps developers, designers and entrepreneurs be awesome at launching software products. Whether you’ve built your first product or are just thinking about it.
startups  business  podcasts 
8 weeks ago by Z303
is a link-aggregation site for small, self-funded businesses that define success on their own terms.
news  business  bootstrap  startups 
september 2018 by Z303
The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation
Stock options, RSUs, job offers, and taxes—a detailed reference, including hundreds of resources, explained from the ground up and made to be improved over time
negotiation  business  startups  finance  shares  money  via:hackernews 
august 2018 by Z303
BPMN Specification
Business Process Model and Notation
BPMN  modeling  process  business 
august 2018 by Z303
Series Q
Empowering London's LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and their colleagues across the startup ecosystem
lgbt  london  startup  business  queer 
june 2018 by Z303
Invoice Ninja
Free Open-Source Invoices, Expenses & Time-Tracking
opensource  business  invoice  freelance  money 
may 2018 by Z303
Compare career levels across companies
career  jobs  business 
december 2017 by Z303
Workplace Culture
Creating better teams and workplace cultures
business  culture 
november 2017 by Z303
Evil Corp
is a boardgame that pits CEO against CEO in an epic battle of Evil Plans. Play as one of six archetypes intent on world domination - at any cost. Each Archetype has an Evil vision that they will stop at nothing to realise. It's a bit like the real world
boardgame  business 
november 2017 by Z303
FIX (co)parser in haskell
haskell  business  fix  trading  finance 
june 2017 by Z303
Indie Hackers
Learn from Profitable Businesses and Projects
job  business  development 
december 2016 by Z303
Expense reports that don't suck!
expenses  money  business  finance  tools 
august 2016 by Z303
Hello, Startup
A Programmer's Guide to Building Products, Technologies, and Teams
technology  business  startup  book 
august 2016 by Z303
Accounting Software & Online Bookkeeping
software  business  accounting  finance  xero 
april 2016 by Z303
aims to do a straightforward (though big) thing: have a URL for every company in the world.
business  finance  datasets  opendata 
december 2015 by Z303
Check a name for unwanted meanings in foreign languages
business  language  marketing  words 
september 2015 by Z303
A complete system for self-organization
agile  business  collaboration  management  organisation 
july 2015 by Z303
Salary Comparison
business  career  job  salary 
july 2015 by Z303
The platform for startup investing, fundraising, jobseeking and recruiting
business  entrepreneurship  jobs  startup 
july 2015 by Z303
Startup Stash
Curated resources and tools for startups
business  resources  startup  tools 
june 2015 by Z303
Salary Negotiation
Make More Money, Be More Valued
business  career  jobs  negotiation  salary 
june 2015 by Z303
Kalzumeus Software
Patrick McKenzie (patio11) blogs on software development, marketing, and general business topics
blog  business  marketing  startup 
june 2015 by Z303
is a worldwide community of Growth Hackers helping each other grow their business.
GrowthHacking  business  resources 
may 2015 by Z303
Angel Academe
is a pro-women (but not women-only) angel investment group focussed on technology. Most, but not all, of our angels are women and we support ambitious women-founded and led technology businesses.
technology  business  angels 
february 2015 by Z303
We explore how 18 European companies survived and prospered for more than 100 years, overcoming the Great Depression, two World Wars and two Oil Crises. Their experiences shed valuable light on how to thrive even in turbulent times and achieve enduring success.
business  company 
november 2014 by Z303
The Open Database Of The Corporate World
opendata  government  business  transparency 
august 2014 by Z303
is the marketplace for makers to fund & sell their hardware creations.
electronics  DIY  hardware  crowdfunding  maker  arduino  business  shopping 
august 2013 by Z303
Tech Britain
A map of the United Kingdom's tech startup community
uk  business  startups 
august 2013 by Z303
Games At Work dot Biz
is a weekly podcast where two guys named Michael talk about gaming technology and how it can be used for business.
podcast  games  business 
may 2012 by Z303
Online Accounting Software for Small Business and Freelancers
accounting  business  freelance  invoicing  software 
march 2012 by Z303
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