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Book Of AI
is a content aggregator that enriches the Artificial Intelligence community by making complex information accessible for the busy readers and the uninitiated.
ai  resources  learning  blogs  programming 
10 weeks ago by Z303
The Financial Hacker
A new view on algorithmic trading
blogs  algorithm  finance  trading  quant 
july 2016 by Z303
Uncommon Returns through Quantitative and Algorithmic Trading
blogs  quant  trading  hft 
march 2016 by Z303
The Worst Room
A Blog about trying to find affordable housing in New York City (and elsewhere)
newyork  funny  blogs  housing 
january 2014 by Z303
Algorithmic Trading, Quantitative Trading, Trading Strategies, Backtesting and Implementation
finance  quant  blogs  programming 
july 2013 by Z303
The Lingerie Addict
is a lingerie blog for women who love fashion and lingerie.
clothing  beauty  blogs  lingerie  fashion 
march 2013 by Z303
A Practical Wedding
Ideas for Unique, DIY, and Budget Wedding Planning
blogs  wedding  via:mefi 
april 2012 by Z303
Unfuck Your Habitat
Terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes
blogs  home  clutter  via:paparatti 
march 2012 by Z303
A Gender Variance Who's Who
Essays on trans,intersex,cis and other persons and topics from a trans perspective.......All human life is here.
blogs  gender  trans  lgbt 
february 2012 by Z303
A person who enjoys being single (or spending time alone) and so prefers to wait for the right person to come along rather than dating indiscriminately.
blogs  culture  via:askmefi  single  relationships 
december 2011 by Z303
Questioning Transphobia
All too often, trans people are vilified, demonized, and excluded from considerations of basic humanity. Cisgendered people – when they realize they’ve seen a transsexual or transgendered person – will not hesitate to interrogate us about the shape of our genitals, challenge our competence to make decisions for ourselves, and hurl bigoted slurs at us. We have to fight for civil rights that are assumed as a given for cisgendered people, because who we are and what we do is not respected and often reviled.
blogs  gender  lgbt  transgender  via:armyofkittens 
march 2011 by Z303
club night in the United States dedicated solely to mashups and bootlegs
bastardpop  blogs  bootlegs  mashups  music  remix  mp3  mix  bootie 
september 2010 by Z303
WPMU Tutorials
WordPressMU how to - tips, hints, tricks and explainations for multiple blogs in WordPress
howto  webdev  wpmu  blogs  tutorial  wordpress  cms  project  via:pipstar 
november 2009 by Z303
Prof. Hacker
Tips & Tutorials for higher ed: productivity & pedagogy in a digital age.
productivity  research  technology  academia  lifehacks  education  academic  teaching  blogs 
august 2009 by Z303
is a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits pushing the world forward.
video  design  culture  art  politics  blogs  green  sustainability  environment  activism  via:suziwells 
july 2009 by Z303
Open Source CU: Credit Union Blog
Created as an idea exchange, Open Source CU is an outlet and resource for credit union leaders toward the goals of opening communications between members and management, using technology that fits the movement’s inherent cooperative nature, and converting marketing sales-speak into legitimate conversation.
management  community  blogs  money  marketing  opensource  finance  banking  creditunion  credit 
march 2009 by Z303
blog to the oldskool
collecting obscure & long forgotten 91-95 oldschool hardcore/jungle gems, live sets
hardcore  jungle  music  blogs  mp3  oldskool  dnb  mix  via:mefi 
january 2009 by Z303
Google Blog Converters
a number of converters to and from different Blog services.
tools  software  webdev  blogs  wordpress  xml  opensource  google  backup  livejournal  atom  python  blogger  via:waxy 
january 2009 by Z303
Spreading the News On Strange Little Films From Around the World.
films  foreign  culture  cult  movie  anime  reviews  cinema  entertainment  media  blogs  art  horror  indie  international  geek  via:paparatti 
january 2009 by Z303
Diary of a Graphics Programmer
Wolfgang Engel is working in Rockstar's core technology group as the lead graphics programmer. He is the editor of the ShaderX books, the author of several other books and loves to talk about graphics programming. He is also a MVP DirectX since July 2006 and active in several advisory boards in the industry.
programming  graphics  blogs  rendering  people  blog  developer  gamedev  shader 
december 2008 by Z303
Gezonken Bootje
A tribute to the half sunken, the almost sunken and the definitely sunken little boats of Amsterdam.
blogs  canal  derelict  amsterdam  boats  via:shedworking 
december 2008 by Z303
Pete Shirley's Graphics Blog
Thoughts on computer graphics in general and rendering in particular.
algorithms  software  blogs  computergraphics  people  raytracing  cg  programming 
november 2008 by Z303
by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly
blogs  art  comics  brianwood  local 
october 2008 by Z303
is a set of WordPress MU specific plugins, each plugin adding a distinct new feature. BuddyPress contains all the features you’d expect from WordPress but aims to let members socially interact.
wp  wpmu  buddypress  software  socialnetworking  cms  socialmedia  tools  community  blogs  wordpress 
august 2008 by Z303
Ugly Violet
Every girl online is fat, ugly and unsexy. Here's how to get over it.
anonymity  blogs  feminism  internet  language  VioletBlue 
april 2008 by Z303
Double Buffered
A Programmer’s View of Game Design, Development, and Culture
blogs  gaming  gamedev  design  programming  via:mefiprojects 
february 2008 by Z303
The Brothers Brick - LEGO Blog
interesting, unique, fun LEGO creations
blogs  art  cool  design  fun  Gallery  lego  mecha  minifigs  models  robots  Toys 
february 2008 by Z303
Stephen Fry: Welcome to dork talk
He owns the second ever Macintosh computer sold in Europe, and has never met a smartphone he hasn't bought. To introduce his new column, Stephen Fry explains why he's deeply dippy for all things digital
blogs  computers  gadgets  humour  internet  media  people  StephenFry  technology 
october 2007 by Z303
a free tool for delivering news from RSS feeds to your email program
atom  utilities  webdev  tools  blogs  email  feeds  gateway  news  rss  sysadmin  productivity 
october 2007 by Z303
So you like electronic music?
Collection of links to various DJ mix sites.
blogs  electronic  metafilter  mp3  music  mix  electronica  dance  dj  links 
october 2007 by Z303
Ten pieces of advice for old media
Dump linear discussions. Stop doing podcast as cheaper versions of commercial radio. Aggregate other peoples content. Use Feeds. Ditch all registration barriers. Make all of your content work on mobile phones. Do not use flash.
advice  blogs  culture  internet  newspapers  online  writing 
august 2007 by Z303
Blog Action Day
On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment.
environment  green  sustainability  blogs  action 
august 2007 by Z303
How to mastermind a fake blog
Be Funny, Pick your Targets and Study, Know your Audience, Don't get sued over copyright, Don't get sued for 'Passing off', Don't get sacked.
fake  blogs  Parody 
august 2007 by Z303
One Week Job
Sean Aiken is traveling throughout the Canada working a different job each week.
blogs  career  employment  inspiration  jobs  work  via:webworkerdaily 
august 2007 by Z303
Web Hosting Blog by a Software Developer
business  architecture  webhosting  blogs  networking  http  isp  hosting  webdev  Web  Server  reviews  performance 
july 2007 by Z303
Top of the blogs
The Guardians top ten travel blogs.
travel  blogs  topten  holiday 
july 2007 by Z303
Removing anonymity won't stop the online flame wars
Why do people attack each other via blogs and online forums? Researchers now think they know
anonymity  blogs  internet  flamewars  society 
july 2007 by Z303
Looking at the world through the eyes of an introvert.
Introverts  blogs 
june 2007 by Z303
The Secret to Super Productivity
Want a productivity tip? Go away and do it fucking now.
blogs  humour  lifehacks  Procrastination  productivity  Tips  work  Parody  funny  gtd  humor  comedy  via:reddit 
june 2007 by Z303
lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender personal finance blog.
blogs  finance  gay  lesbian  queer  reference  money  lgbt  via:divablog 
may 2007 by Z303
SRG Clean Archives
A plugin is designed to display your archive listings in a clean and uniform fashion that’s Search Engine friendly on a dedicated page or in your sidebar.
plugins  wordpress  archives  blogs 
may 2007 by Z303
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