Prevents you from committing secrets and credentials into git repositories
secrets  authentication  security  git 
2 days ago
Wave Function Collapse
Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics.
procedural  programming  art 
3 days ago
Make images smaller using best-in-class codecs, right in the browser
tools  compression  image 
3 days ago
A Just-In-Time Compiler for Verilog
verilog  vhdl  fpga  hardware  tools 
4 days ago
Ever wanted to be an old-school game programmer?
Learn how classic game hardware worked.
atari  emulation  8bit 
4 days ago
Beyond Curie
A design project celebrating women in STEM
science  stem  women  design 
5 days ago
Book Of AI
is a content aggregator that enriches the Artificial Intelligence community by making complex information accessible for the busy readers and the uninitiated.
ai  resources  learning  blogs  programming 
6 days ago
is a unique challenge that combines battle strategy, software engineering and artificial intelligence.
competition  programming  ai 
6 days ago
Online LaTeX Editor
latex  writing  editor 
10 days ago
Dark Crystal
is a decentralised peer-to-peer app, meaning you exchange shards directly with your friends. No data is sent through a central server. It even works when you're not connected to the internet.
security  decentralized 
12 days ago
Verifiable Delay Functions Research
Verifiable Delay Functions take a prescribed time to compute, even on a parallel computer, yet produce a unique output that can be efficiently and publicly verified.
VDF  blockchain 
12 days ago
is a tool for the analysis of systems involving random or probabilistic phenomena. Given an input model and a quantitative specification, it can determine whether the input model conforms to the specification. It has been designed with performance and modularity in mind.
formalmethods  tools  programming 
12 days ago
is here to connect and build bridges, support and sell the decentralisation projects that will displace old business models and zero-sum dynamics.
resources  decentralized 
12 days ago
is an open source high-level synthesis tool being developed at the University of Toronto. The LegUp framework allows researchers to improve C to Verilog synthesis without building an infrastructure from scratch. Our long-term vision is to make FPGA programming easier for software developers.
llvm  fpga  c  hardware 
12 days ago
A high-level language for programming accelerators
fpga  programming  hardware 
12 days ago
Awesome Cryptoeconomics
A curated collection of links for cryptoeconomists
Cryptoeconomic  resources  blockchain 
12 days ago
Blockchain Ireland
is a combined effort of government and Irish based companies, led by the IDA Blockchain Expert Group, to help promote and share information on blockchain in Ireland
Blockchain  Ireland 
27 days ago
A Scalable Cryptocurrency Analytics Platform built on Apache Spark and Cassandra
Analytics  bitcoin  blockchain  via:hackernews 
28 days ago
Making Ethereum blockchain data available to a peer-to-peer network of light clients
Ethereum  blockchain  lightclient  p2p 
28 days ago
Fold N Fly
Paper Airplane Designs
airplane  origami  paper  kids 
29 days ago
Derelict Places
is a forum for people with an interest in the history and documentation of disused, derelict and abandoned buildings to come together and share their experiences, photography and historical findings.
urbex  architecture  community  forum 
4 weeks ago
Decisions and Disruptions
A Cyber-Physical Systems Security Game
lego  game  Security  rpg 
4 weeks ago
The First Startup Accelerator Designed for Bootstrappers
investment  technology  business  Startups  Bootstrappers 
4 weeks ago
Startups For the Rest of Us
The podcast that helps developers, designers and entrepreneurs be awesome at launching software products. Whether you’ve built your first product or are just thinking about it.
startups  business  podcasts 
4 weeks ago
Good Copy
Email copy from great companies
copywriting  bestpractices  email 
5 weeks ago
Real-time ASCII Art Rendering Using Decision Tree
Transform an input image/frame (human faces included) into printable ASCII characters using a single decision tree.
ascii  art  computervision 
5 weeks ago
Blockchain Technology Overview
This document provides a high-level technical overview of blockchain technology. The purpose is to help readers understand how blockchain technology works.
blockchain  pdf 
5 weeks ago
The world's largest website about airline catering, inflight meals and special meals
airlines  food  travel  photography 
5 weeks ago
RISC-V simulator for x86-64
riscv  x86  hardware 
5 weeks ago
Distance Fields
are useful in a variety of graphics applications, including antialiasing, ray marching, and texture synthesis. Sometimes they are computed analytically from functions, but often they are generated from voxelized meshes or 2D bitmaps.
rendering  terrain  fractals  raytracing 
5 weeks ago
Video Game Preservation
An archive of commercial video game source code.
programming  games  history 
5 weeks ago
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