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Kerstman gul voor Fortis-top: worden in België onkunde en wanbeheer dan nooit bestraft?

Opnieuw: welke politieke spelletjes werden daar gespeeld? Jean-Paul Servais is een voormalig kabinetschef van Didier Reynders en is ondanks de meest onwaarschijnlijke fouten en kemels ... nog steeds voorzitter van de FSMA, de opvolger van de CBFA.

Hoe is dit mogelijk? Worden in België onkunde en wanbeheer dan nooit bestraft? Bij DEXIA was meer dan 90% van alle rommel en ellende afkomstig uit Frankrijk en toch aanvaardde minister van Financiën Didier Reynders een deal waarbij België opdraait voor meer dan 50% van alle kosten!  Fortis gratis naar BNP-Paribas, België draagt de grootste lasten in het DEXIA-drama en Didier Reynders werd prompt benoemd tot Commandeur in het Légion d’Honneur wegens grote verdiensten verleend aan de Franse Republiek. In België vindt iedereen dat allemaal blijkbaar heel normaal.  Ik stel mij daar vragen bij.

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4 weeks ago by WimLeers
The Bullshit Web
Must-read: "The Bullshit Web" —
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august 2018 by WimLeers
Weten economen eigenlijk wel genoeg van economie?

Economen proberen hun vak ten onrechte te veranderen in een exacte wetenschap, die zich laat vatten in wiskundige en statistische wetmatigheden.
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june 2018 by WimLeers
News from Facebook

t’s almost impossible to verify anything they say, except for their revenue.

While news organizations were dancing to Facebook’s tune they neglected their biggest treasure: their own sites, and most importantly, what remained of their own social networks. Their readers. More and more advertising was crammed into busier and busier Desktop-Websites that fewer and fewer would visit. Their headlines and leads fed Facebook. Headlines and leads are what most people read, so Facebook was happy. Readers were happy too because they didn’t have to type URLs anymore to scan a couple of headlines.

He went as far as claiming that posts on Facebook were “99% authentic”… which may leave those who have spent some time on social networks asking: Does he ever use his own product? Is Zuckerberg real?

Taking a step back from news is good for PR and good for China:

facebook’s decision to downgrade publishers in their newsfeed seems like a knee jerk reaction to the negative reputation the company has since Trump’s election and the scrutiny it has come under for its role in Brexit or the Catalonia crisis. And then there are reports about declining user engagement and there is the overall shift towards ‚private social‘ i.e. chat apps. But there is more to it. […] Wrapping too much journalism around your brand is a mistake for any platform hoping to still make it into China, which is one of Mark Zuckerberg’s great ambitions.

Everything that Facebook does in the near future has to be interpreted in the stark neon light of fighting antitrust laws. Zuckerberg is ready for big sacrifices to avoid the governmental beatdown. Cutting news organizations out of the main feed already cost him 3.3 Billion. He knew that beforehand. He also knew that news organizations would not love him for his big change of mind. But compared to having the government step in and break up the Facebook Kingdom, 3.3 Billion and a couple of angry journalists is a very small price.
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january 2018 by WimLeers
New DHS policy on demands for passwords to travelers’ electronic devices

What should you do if officers of CBP or other DHS components ask you for the password to your electronic device or want to confiscate it or copy data from it?

First, don’t disclose your password(s) and don’t consent to any search or seizure. Telling an officer your password might be construed as giving them permission to use that password to make a complete copy of all of the data on your device. Police at borders or elsewhere have the legal authority to conduct some searches without your consent, but you are never required to consent. That’s what “consent” means. If they are going to do it anyway, they will do it with or without your consent. Consenting to a search or seizure they are going to carry out anyway can only make your situation worse, not better. Make clear that if they search or seize your device or data, it will be a nonconsensual search. If you are given a receipt for your device(s) or some other form to fill out or sign, use it as a chance to put your denial of consent in writing in a way that will make be harder for them later to claim that you consented. Write, “I did not and I do not consent to this search or seizure.” It’s generally a bad idea to sign anything without first consulting a lawyer.

Second, if they ask you for your password or other data, ask them for the Paperwork Reduction Act notice including the “OMB Control Number” applicable to this collection of information. “What is the password to this device?” is a verbal collection of information, which is prohibited by the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) unless it has been approved in advance by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), a “control number” has been assigned by OMB, and individuals from whom information is to be collected are given notice of this. Neither CBP nor DHS has ever requested or received OMB approval for collection of device passwords or images, so these agencies are forbidden by the PRA from imposing any sanctions on individuals who decline to provide this information.

Third, tell the officers if any or all of your devices contain privileged data, and invoke your rights under the Privacy Protection Act. If you intend to post some of your photos or descriptions of events on social media, your documents and digital materials are covered by the Privacy Protection Act — but only if the officers conducting the search or seizure know that the device contains privileged information. So tell them. Consider putting a copy of this notice and copy of the law on each of your devices as a “README” file, and carrying a paper copy of at least the first page in your wallet or somewhere handy. This probably won’t stop the border cops, but it might get them to pause while they ask for higher-level approval for the search or seizure. As we’ve discussed previously, there’s a partial exception to the Privacy Protection Act for some border searches, but it’s limited. And if they search or seize your device anyway, knowing that it contains material prvileged by the Privacy Protection Act, you can go after them personally for money damages.
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january 2018 by WimLeers
Washington Monthly | How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us

Meanwhile, the Remain campaign was making an appeal to reason. Leave’s crude, emotional message would have been turbocharged by sharing far more than Remain’s. I did not see it at the time, but the users most likely to respond to Leave’s messages were probably less wealthy and therefore cheaper for the advertiser to target: the price of Facebook (and Google) ads is determined by auction, and the cost of targeting more upscale consumers gets bid up higher by actual businesses trying to sell them things. As a consequence, Facebook was a much cheaper and more effective platform for Leave in terms of cost per user reached. And filter bubbles would ensure that people on the Leave side would rarely have their questionable beliefs challenged. Facebook’s model may have had the power to reshape an entire continent.

An expert in persuasive technology, he described the techniques that tech platforms use to create addiction and the ways they exploit that addiction to increase profits. He called it “brain hacking.”

Thanks to the U.S. government’s laissez-faire approach to regulation, the internet platforms were able to pursue business strategies that would not have been allowed in prior decades. No one stopped them from using free products to centralize the internet and then replace its core functions. No one stopped them from siphoning off the profits of content creators. No one stopped them from gathering data on every aspect of every user’s internet life. No one stopped them from amassing market share not seen since the days of Standard Oil. No one stopped them from running massive social and psychological experiments on their users. No one demanded that they police their platforms. It has been a sweet deal.
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january 2018 by WimLeers
NegotiationMiddleware calls $request->setRequestFormat('html') when there is no _format request parameter, but shouldn't [#2854543] | Drupal.org

I worked on test coverage, as I promised. But it wasn't the 15-20 minute task I thought it was. I spent hours debugging.

Turns out that because \Drupal\page_cache\StackMiddleware\PageCache::getCacheId() also calls $request->getRequestFormat(), you always get 'html' back, unless you're authenticated and hence that code is not executed.

And because of the logic in that method, whatever getRequestFormat() returns the first time, it will also return in the future. This makes sense, because otherwise it'd be hellishly unpredictable.

So… we could say the flaw is that PageCache uses Request::getRequestFormat(), but that is the Symfony API. I'm afraid that the only possible conclusion is that the Symfony design is completely flawed here. It simply cannot reliably support the "default format for a given route" concept. It's possible that they consider this an edge case. But this is a foundational component. Such a component should support many use cases.

And regardless of whether the fault lies with Symfony's API design or Drupal's use/integration of/with it, there is one thing here that's undeniable: I was convinced this is correct. @dawehner RTBC'd this and in #12 even argues that we have sufficient test coverage.

If both @dawehner and I are both unable to reason about the abstractions, the layers, and what will work and what will not, then we've got a clearly flawed system. :( And we're both far more experienced than an average Drupal developer in these areas.

So, I am forced to give up on this issue. And frankly, on fixing the routing system. The best we can do with this routing system, is fix as many symptoms as possible. But there's no way to fix the root cause of this. It's a flaw inherent in its design.
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november 2017 by WimLeers
Coraline Ada Ehmke: Antisocial Coding: My Year at GitHub
RT @CoralineAda: I am finally ready tell my story.

“Antisocial Coding: My Year at GitHub”
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july 2017 by WimLeers
Unspeakable Realities Block Universal Health Coverage In America

Americans with good jobs live in a socialist welfare state more generous, cushioned and expensive to the public than any in Europe. Like a European system, we pool our resources to share the burden of catastrophic expenses, but unlike European models, our approach doesn’t cover everyone.

When I buy a house for my family, or a vacation home, the interest I pay on the mortgage is deductible up to a million dollars of debt. That costs the treasury $70 billion a year, about what we spend to fund the food stamp program. My private retirement savings are also tax deductible, diverting another $75 billion from government revenues. Other tax preferences carve out special treatment for child care expenses, college savings, commuter costs (your suburban tax credit), local taxes, and other exemptions.

In the years after World War II, the western democracies that had not already done so adopted universal social safety net programs. These included health care, retirement and other benefits. President Truman introduced his plan for universal health coverage in 1945. It would have worked much like Social Security, imposing a tax to fund a universal insurance pool. His plan went nowhere.

Instead, nine years later Congress laid the foundations of the social welfare system we enjoy today. They rejected Truman’s idea of universal private coverage in favor of a program controlled by employers while publicly funded through tax breaks. This plan gave corporations new leverage in negotiating with unions, handing the companies a publicly-financed benefit they could distribute at their discretion.

No one stated their intention to create a social welfare program for white people, specifically white men, but they didn’t need to. By handing control to employers at a time when virtually every good paying job was reserved for white men the program silently accomplished that goal.
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june 2017 by WimLeers
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