Tekelenburg 2001, netscapebug, at archive.org
title: Netscape chokes on Doctype Declaration
desc: Meta http-equiv charset=utf-8 causes unwanted redraws, pop-up to
submit form again. In ancient (Netscape 4 something) browsers.
march 2018
w3.org 2014, qa-html-encoding-declarations
title: Declaring character encodings in HTML
march 2018
Why YouTube in Chrome (and Firefox) is Draining Your Laptop’s Battery and How to Fix It
Interesting. Because H264 (MP4, patent encumbered) is hardware accelerated, while VP8/9 (WebM) is not.
october 2017
How to wire water heater for 120 Volts
Interesting. For a 240v/5.5KW heater and $10.50/kw demand charge, cut the base monthly charge from $57.75 to $14.44. But also change from 2 hour recovery to 8+ hour recovery. And some argue its a code violation because you're not exactly running it according to directions.
october 2017
Light Pollution Hurts Insects and the Environment
newly built and strongly lit gas stations had a high initial activity of insects for the first two years. The activity decreased quickly in later years. Eisenbeis said this is an example of the vacuum cleaner effect.
street  light  lights  lighting  dark  pollution 
august 2017
2001 Translation an American English Bible
From the Septuagint, an early Greek translation of an earlier Hebrew translation -- much earlier than the Masoretes standardized Hebrew version. Particularly significant for Genesis 5, the ages of the patriarchs?
august 2017
Do files need to be re-written once a year? - PC Hardware | DSLReports Forums
Bit rot is real -- at least over five or six years, one found a few MP3s with bad CRCs. Is this what I'm seeing? Files over a year old just sitting there and the MD5 changes? It seems doubtful but I cannot yet find any other plausible explanation.
august 2017
Amazon.com: Linear LPF-600 Linear/ChannelPlus Low-Pass Filter: Electronics
4G LTE above channel 35?
This only passes 0-600Hz (Blocking UHF TV 36 and up).
Worth a try?
june 2017
Full Disclosure: Mozilla extensions: a security nightmare (part 2)
Maybe the NSA would be kind enough to compile a Cisco OpenH264 codec for eComStation and OS/2?
june 2017
Dave Yeo Mozilla Port Downloads
Newer builds of Mozilla: Seamonkey, Thunderbird...
june 2017
SeaMonkey-2.42b8 and Thunderbird 45.8.0
Thunderbird 45.8.0 for OS/2? I have 10 something.
june 2017
Amazon Shipping Slow : amazon
Amazon B as in Bad, A as in Awful, D as in dropping. Even prime members experiencing days to ship. Here's someone waiting 9 days to ship. Fine, if we KNOW that it takes up to 2 weeks (14 days) to ship, but terrible if you don't tell people.
june 2017
Endurance Test: Does antivirus software slow down PCs? | AV-TEST
Performance test. In free for Windows @home, Bitdefender wins.
june 2017
AV-Test Lab tests 16 Linux antivirus products against Windows and Linux malware | Network World
Pretty interesting. F-Prot Win:F; Lnx:F; ClamAV Win:F; Lnx:D;
Comodo Win:C Lnx:F, McAfee Win:85;Lnx:F. Something like that. Kaspersky near perfect (our NSA says they don't trust it, but wonder if they mean it's too good).
june 2017
Hollinger Metal Edge - Since 1945!
Acid-free CD envelopes can replace jewel cases. (A CD-RW survives 250F just fine, without even an increase in error rate. But the polystyrene jewel case may melt at 183F and the archival polypropylene at 158F. Paper is easier on the environment and won't even char until above 350F. And paper takes less room.)
june 2017
The Safe Way to Put a PGP Key in Your Twitter Bio
Egads. The safest way to publish your key is to tweet? But there's nothing safe about twitter. I mean, seriously, who's the mightiest tweeter in all the land? I'm supposed to follow THAT lead? You have GOT to be kidding me. Still, it's an interesting idea.
email  pgp  privacy  security 
june 2017
Real ID - Federal Control Over Identification and Movement: Citizens' Council for Health Freedom
It's not real ID that's the threat. It's ID, period. Homeless people can't get services once their wallet or purse is stolen, because they no longer have ID. After that, they can't get ID, because you can't get it without a physical mailing address that you can prove is yours by presentation of utility bills. Real ID is merely an extension of racism and bigotry already enshrined into law at the state level.
june 2017
Tin Lee Electronics :: Pricing
Usually you just need a generic FM trap and maybe a UHF low pass filter, for maybe $3 and $30 respectively. But consider our case: VHF TV carrier channel 10 starting at 192MHz is the lowest channel; UHF TV carrier channel ending at 602Mhz the highest. You could choose a custom filter of this nature. Customer filters here start at $150. But you're paying labor, so it's really not so much if that's what you need.
june 2017
Digital Identity Part II – Proof-of-Personhood - Crypto Insider - Bitcoin and Blockchain News
Only about 60,000 have become part of the PGP web of trust. Most people use it without worrying about MITM attack, apparently.
june 2017
Creating the perfect GPG keypair - Alex Cabal
Why no one can encrypt... it's insanely complex.
cryptography  encryption  gpg  pgp  security 
may 2017
Avoiding the Gmail Spam Filter
How could you be blacklisted? Let me count the ways...
may 2017
CAPTCHAs: How lacking security and bad UX hurt your bottom line
Captchas and recaptchas are evil: hostile to privacy, accessibility, and security.
captchas  recaptchas  privacy  security  google  evil 
may 2017
CAPTCHA and accessibility | Design and development | Guidance | New Zealand Government Web Toolkit
logic or language questions may be extremely difficult for some users with cognitive impairments, learning difficulties, or those for whom English is a second language.
captcha  recaptcha  accessibility 
may 2017
Why you should never use a CAPTCHA
This has a hilarious example of a CAPTCHA.
captcha  image  evil 
may 2017
Disappeared News: Google compromises Gmail privacy, see if you are affected
Right. I'd forgotten that they posted people's contacts in the old buzz (google plus) without permission. Very bad for journalists and whistleblowers. The bad part of using any system where your data isn't individually encrypted at rest.
gmail  google  privacy  security  evil 
may 2017
When Windows 9x/ME Samba Access Fails
Why does everyone assume we know what Samba, SMB, etc, etc, actually are? Why is local network files sharing not done with FTP? Where's the backgrounder? Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7...
may 2017
Does moving a mail to the IMAP spam folder trains Gmail's spam filter? - Web Applications Stack Exchange
Yes. But it has to be the webmail (gmail) spam folder, not anything thunderbird specific. Will the real spam folder please stand up?
may 2017
Google Groups get site as property not just verified
Lord this is hard. You can add a site to the Google webmaster tools and verify it 'in a general way' but not be able to list or select it. There's another page to add it so that it actually lists. Egads. My head is an exploding pumpkin.
may 2017
http - Is a 302 Redirect to relative URL valid, or invalid? - Stack Overflow
Valid, apparently, under RFC7231.
But isn't the question whether a browser 'gets' it?
Or whether Apache stuffs in the right protocol?
may 2017
SSL FAQ and Troubleshooting - Documentation - cPanel Documentation
Google says use https or drop out of the index. Certificate authorities say us $300 a year for *.example.org, and you can't use example.org, or $200 a year for www.example.org AND www2.example.org and change the cert every time you add a subdomain; hosting companies say pay us $100 a year more plus dedicated IP addresses which may or may not be needed -- are you SURE that HPPS isn't VASTLY more trouble than its worth? It's certainly not secure, since virtually every government and about 10 times that many corporations can mint a phony certificate for YOUR site.
sni  dedicated  ip  ssl  https  glaze  eyes 
may 2017
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