Welcome - Kings County Radio Club
The Kings County Radio Club is an organization dedicated to the art and science of radio communications. We help to educate those individuals interested in learning about Amateur Radio as a hobby.
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High-speed multimedia radio - Wikipedia
Using professional grade hardware or modified consumer grade hardware it is possible to operate on 802.11a channels 116–140 (5.57–5.71 GHz) and channels above 165 (> 5.835 GHz). These frequencies are outside of the FCC allocated Part 15 unlicensed band, but still inside of the 5.8 GHz (5 cm) amateur radio band. Modifying consumer hardware to operate on these expanded channels often involves installing after-market firmware and/or changing the "country code" setting of the wireless card. When buying professional grade hardware, many companies will authorize the use of these expanded frequencies for a small additional fee.
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DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - Channel 14 illegal?
Yes.. You are breaking the law. There are trucks that drive up & down the streets with their directional monitoring equipment looking for guys like you..

You WILL go to jail for a long long time.
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Sony CRF-330K Shortwave Radio with cassette recorder
The Sony CRF-330K is a double conversion, quartz synthesized digital receiver. It covers 150-30000 kHz to include longwave, medium wave and all shortwave frequencies. It also receives the FM band. It features ergonomic controls. The digital display only operates on the shortwave frequencies with LW, MW and FM utilizing an analog dial
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january 2017 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Raspi As WSPR Transmitter | Gerolf Ziegenhain
. This has motivated Guido Ten Dolle (PE1NZZ) to implement a WSPR transmitter and to publish the sources under GPL. Within the last days I have made some minor modifications to the WsprryPi sources, built a 30m QRP filter using the ugly method and connected everything to my doublet antenna.
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april 2016 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Rtl_fm Guide: Updates for rtl_fm overhaul
Maybe you have a poor quality wifi link and don't want to send a full 1MS/s data stream around. Here is how to make a quick and dirty mp3 stream that will average 4KB-8KB/sec for voice channels. Other codecs may be swapped in as desired.
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march 2016 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
PiAware - build your own ADS-B ground station for integration with FlightAware ✈ FlightAware
FlightAware offers a free Enterprise Account (USD89.95/mo value) to users who share their data.
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RTL-SDR Tutorial: Decoding Inmarsat STD-C EGC Messages - rtl-sdr.com
Inmarsat is a communications service provider with several geostationary satellites in orbit. They provide services such as satellite phone communications, broadband internet, and short text and data messaging services. Geostationary means that the satellites are in a fixed position in the sky and do not move. From almost any point on earth at least one Inmarsat satellite should be receivable.
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sonia: Magnitude that expresses the level of sonorous sensation produced by an intense sound.

The RWM emits SON[I]A, its first program, since May 2 2006.

SON[I]A aims to be an alternative way to receive the information produced during Museum activities; audio information brought to us by characters who take part in activities in and around the MACBA.
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august 2015 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Detecting the Perseids Meteor Shower with an RTL-SDR Passive Radar - rtl-sdr.com
Amateur radio hobbyist EB3FRN has made a post on his blog showing how he was able to use an RTL-SDR to act as a passive radar and detect meteors from the Perseids meteor shower. To do this he tuned to 143.050 MHz which is the the frequency of the Graves radar, a French space surveillance radar used to spot satellites and detect their orbits. He then used the Baudline software to record the radar signal scatters which occur when a meteor reflects the Graves radar signal.
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december 2014 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Rtl Power: Making pretty pictures with the CLI-junky's waterfall
When most radio amateurs think of a waterfall display, there is a very fixed idea. A chunk of spectrum scrolls down the screen. There is a panel of knobs and buttons to one side. It looks flashy and needs to run on a fairly powerful computer.

Rtl_power is a unix-hacker's approach to the waterfall. Its unique features include:
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Jordan Levine
1 min · New York, NY ·
very sad to hear about EVR. i did some digging in my 'storage ditch' and found a DVD with the first podcast of Veronica's show that i ever heard, from march 19, 2006. it was the first time i heard oppenheimer analysis (and hicks chewing a bone). that show was a turning point for me in more than one respect. i hope she is alright with me sharing it...thanks VV for keeping it cold for this long.
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Priyom.org - Priyom.org
Data used for these schedules are the works of Priyom and ENIGMA2000 respectively. All times shown are in UTC[z]. We acknowledge that all ENIGMA2000 materials are copyright & are reproduced here with express permission of ENIGMA2000. Use of ENIGMA2000 material from this site is subject to certain conditions which can be found by contacting the owners or from the website http://www.enigma2000.org.uk
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Great antenna for software defined radio is really easy to make
The idea discone antenna looks exactly like its namesake; a metal disk attached to a metal cone. Of course with the frequencies the RTL software-defined radio deals with, it’s rarely necessary to build antennas out of sheet metal. The team at TinkerSoc built their discone out of galvanized garden wire and attached it to the input of their TV tuner.
rtl-sdr – OsmoSDR
DVB-T dongles based on the Realtek RTL2832U can be used as a cheap SDR, since the chip allows transferring the raw I/Q samples to the host, which is officially used for DAB/DAB+/FM demodulation. The possibility of this has been discovered by the V4L/DVB kernel developer ​Antti Palosaari.
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Rtl_fm Guide: The long lost documentation
Rtl_fm is a little utility I wrote for the rtl-sdr project. The program was made to fill a gap in software defined radio: all the computers weaker than a Pentium 4. Basically, an Atom processor processor does not have enough oomph to demodulate something as simple as narrow band FM using the standard tools. (Recently a high performance FM demodulator was released, Simple FM but it works only passably on newer Atoms.) So rtl_fm was written with one goal, efficiency, in mind.
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the Itty Bitty Radio Telescope
This is the first lesson of a unit on Radio Astronomy. Suggestions for the complete unit are given in Big Things With Itty Bitty. You will want to come back to the Itty Bitty through the unit on Radio Astronomy.
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GNU Radio Signal Scanner
gr-scan is a program written in C++, and built upon GNU Radio, rtl-sdr, and the OsmoSDR Source Block. It is intended to scan a range of frequencies and print a list of discovered signals. It should work with any device that works with that block, including Realtek RTL2832U devices. I developed this software using a Compro U620F, which uses an E4000 tuner. That product doesn't seem to be available on the US site, but the Newsky DVB-T Receiver (RTL2832U/E4000 Device) has good reviews. The current version of gr-scan is: 2012082301.
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Very low frequency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
VLF signals are often monitored by radio amateurs using simple homemade VLF radio receivers based on personal computers (PCs). An aerial in the form of a coil of insulated wire is connected to the input of the soundcard of the PC (via a jack plug) and placed a few metres away from it. Fast Fourier transform (FFT) software in combination with a sound card allows reception of all frequencies below the Nyquist frequency simultaneously in the form of spectrogrammes. Because CRT monitors are strong sources of noise in the VLF range, it is recommended to record the spectrograms on hard disk with any PC CRT monitors turned off. These spectrograms show many signals, which may include VLF transmitters, the horizontal electron beam deflection of TV sets and sometimes superpulses and twenty second pulses. The strength of the signal received can vary with a Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance. These cause the ionization level to drop in the atmosphere. The result of this is that the VLF signal will reflect down to Earth with greater strength
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