or instance, while experts most frequently report
installing software updates, using two-factor authentication and us-
ing a password manager to stay safe online, non-experts report us-
ing antivirus software, visiting only known websites, and changing
passwords frequently.
google  paper  pdf  security 
august 2015 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
A Physically-Informed, Circuit-Bendable, Digital Model of the Roland TR-808 Bass Drum Circuit - dafx14_kurt_james_werner_a_physically_informed,_ci.pdf
We present an analysis of the bass drum circuit from the classic
Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer, based on physical models of
the device’s many sub-circuits. A digital model based on this anal-
ysis (implemented in Cycling 74’s
Gen ̃
) retains the salient fea-
tures of the original and allows accurate emulation of circuit-bent
modifications—complicated behavior that is impossible to capture
through black-box modeling or structured sampling. Additionally,
this analysis will clear up common misconceptions about the cir-
cuit, support the design of further drum machine modifications,
and form a foundation for circuit-based musicological inquiry into
the history of analog drum machines.
stanford  max  roland  pdf  tr808  drum  machine  synth 
Illuminationen: Trevor Wishart - Audible Design: A Plain and Easy Introduction to Sound Composition
Trevor Wishart - Audible Design: A Plain and Easy Introduction to Sound Composition
This one is a very important book on sound design, including text, diagrams and sound examples.
Published by Orpheus the Pantomime Ltd: 1994

I highly recommend to composers to study th
book  download  pdf  eteext  composition 
main.dvi - shells.sig92.pdf
Modeling seashells
Deborah R. Fowler
, Hans Meinhardt
and Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
Department of Computer Science
University of Calgary
Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4

Department of Computer Science
University of Regina
seashell  geometry  1992  pdf 
The Cost of the “S” in HTTPS
User concern over security and privacy on the In-
ternet has led to widespread adoption of HTTPS, the secure
version of HTTP. HTTPS authenticates the communicating
end points and provides con dentiality for the ensuing com-
munication. However, as with any security solution, it does
not come for free. HTTPS may introduce overhead in terms
of infrastructure costs, communication latency, data usage,
and energy consumption. Moreover, given the opaqueness of
the encrypted communication, any in-network value added
services requiring visibility into application layer content,
such as caches and virus scanners, become ine ective.
https  pdf  http  security  webdev 
march 2015 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Using Memory Errors to Attack a Virtual Machine
We present an experimental study showing that soft memory errors can lead to serious security vulnerabilities in Java and .NET virtual machines, or in any system that relies on type-checking of untrusted programs as a protec- tion mechanism. Our attack works by sending to the JVM a Java program that is designed so that almost any mem- ory error in its address space will allow it to take control of the JVM. All conventional Java and .NET virtual ma- chines are vulnerable to this attack. The technique of the attack is broadly applicable against other language-based security schemes such as proof-carrying code.
We measured the attack on two commercial Java Vir- tual Machines: Sun’ s and IBM’ s. We show that a single- bit error in the Java program’s data space can be ex- ploited to execute arbitrary code with a probability of about 70%, and multiple-bit errors with a lower proba- bility.
Our attack is particularly relevant against smart cards or tamper-resistant computers, where the user has phys- ical access (to the outside of the computer) and can use various means to induce faults; we have successfully used heat. Fortunately, there are some straightforward de- fenses against this attack.
pdf  jvm  security 
february 2015 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
HTML5 Doctor Resources | HTML5 Doctor
An easy-to-understand HTML5 sectioning element flowchart to help you get to grips with some of the new elements in HTML5.
element  html  html5  pdf  reference 
february 2014 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Memory Errors: The Past, the Present, and the Future ?
. Memory error exploitations have been around for over 25
years and still rank among the top 3 most dangerous software errors.
Why haven't we been able to stop them? Given the host of security
measures on modern machines, are we less vulnerable than before, and
can we expect to eradicate memory error problems in the near future?
In this paper, we present a quarter century worth of memory errors:
attacks, defenses, and statistics. A historical overview provides insights
in past trends and developments, while an investigation of real-world
vulnerabilities and exploits allows us to answer on the signi cance of
memory errors in the foreseeable future.
pdf  software  memory 
january 2013 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
American Minimal Music
Unsexy, but serviceable PDF of Wim Mertens' 1980 book 'American Minimal Music'—Riley, Glass, Young & Reich covered.
minimalism  Riley  Glass  Young  Reich  music  pdf 
december 2012 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
A fridge that takes only 0.1 kWh a day?
There is no mistake in the title. This article describes an inexpensive fridge that is 10 to 20 times more energy efficient than an average fridge on the market. It also demonstrates that the biggest limitations are our habits and mediocre attitudes, not technology or cost.
energy  hack  home  diy  design  pdf 
september 2012 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Pdf+ (for Series 60 smartphones)
Pdf+ is a reader for PDF documents, which are also known as Adobe® Acrobat® files. This particular distribution is for Series 60 smartphones such as the Nokia N70,
cellphone  mobile  nokia  pdf  s60  software  symbian  series60 
michael-mccracken.net » Announcing Skim: Stop printing - Start Skimming.
Announcing Skim. Skim is a PDF reading and note-taking app for Mac OS X that is designed to make reading research papers and manuals better. Just like in Preview, you can search, scan, and zoom through PDFs, but you also get some custom features for your
apps  interesting  mac  pdf  osx  software  printing  reader  reading 
april 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
The Band Are Not Quite Right: Psychedelic Music and Surrealism
I'm putting Tim Ellison's book about psych rock on my blog as a pdf! Go read it now!
psychedelic  rock  music  1960s  1970s  dada  surrealism  thesis  book  ebook  etext  free  pdf  theory 
march 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Hasbro Toy and Game Product Instructions
What do you know? Hasbro has PDFs of every game ever online. I found NES Captain Skyhawk (1990) here.
games  pdf  search  toys  useful  toy  instructions  game  rules 
november 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Freedom, Democide, War: An Alternative History Series
"The 6 novels in this series are a what-if, alternative history. Two lovers are sent to 1906 with modern weapons and 38 billion dollars. Their mission is to prevent the rise of fascism and communism, avert the major 20th Century wars..." HAHAHA!!!!
genocide  libertarian  wingnuts  wtf  wacko  fanfic  alernate.history  history  time.travel  stupid  lol  pdf  ebook  text  free  downloads 

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