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Server side email encryption with Dovecot - blog.onefellow.com
If you are running custom mail server in order to protect users privacy and security it is good idea to encrypt local mailstore. Finally we have good way of doing that (yeah there were trees before, but usually admins want something that is maintained by core team) and it is mail-crypt plugin for Dovecot.
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september 2018 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Creating the perfect GPG keypair - Alex Cabal
If a thief gets ahold of the laptop with your private key on it, it’s pretty much game over. The thief can not only decrypt messages intended for you, they can also impersonate you by signing messages with your private key. Your only recourse would be to revoke your key, but that would mean losing years of signatures on that key and basically creating a massive inconvenience for yourself.
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Applied Kid Cryptography - Abstract
The goal is to find Waldo, a predefined character.We consider a real life cryptographic problem: how to convince people that you know where Waldo is without revealing information about his location.
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