Fraud and Abuse Prevention
Backed by a 100% SLA
Arkose Labs solve multimillion-dollar fraud problems for the world’s most targeted businesses with zero friction to users
3 days ago
Flare Audio - Sleeep earbuds
Sleeep® is a new sleeping earplug designed with our ground-breaking technology. We block sound using metal, rather than absorb sound like traditional foam earplugs. There are two models; Sleeep®, which comes in Natural Aluminium and Silver Pink and Sleeep® PRO, which is available in titanium.
Both models come with our improved range of super-soft and durable memory-foam tips (Earfoams®).
sound  noise 
4 days ago
Submit Hub
Why people use SubmitHub

-SubmitHub makes it easy to contact music bloggers, Spotify playlisters, record labels and more
-We give you all sorts of statistics and ways to filter who to send your music to
-Editors at Spotify and Apple Music follow our bloggers and playlisters to discover the best new songs
-The feedback you receive on your songs can be helpful
-A blog post can help gain new followers and also gives you something to add to your "résumé"

How it works
1. Upload your song
Use a link from SoundCloud, YouTube or upload an MP3

2. Choose blogs
Use genre filters to find outlets who will like your style of music

3. Submit!
Blogs and labels typically respond within hours
9 days ago
Indie Shuffle
At Indie Shuffle, we believe humans are better than robots when it comes to music discovery.

Think about it. How many of your favorite bands were recommended to you by a friend? That’s why we’ve assembled a team of international writers to bring you the best music, including indie rock, hip hop, electronic, and everything in between.

It’s music discovery powered by real people. Consider us your new best friends :-)
music  curation  reviews 
9 days ago
Five Books
The best books on everything
5 weeks ago
DesignOps: The Questions You’re Probably Asking Yourself Now
Their overall goal is to keep the design team healthy, running smoothly and efficiently. To achieve that, they take care of a few different aspects of a team:

Workflow: how the design work flows within the company
Tools: what they need to get the job done
Governance: who needs to see the work, and when
Infrastructure: what the team needs to work more efficiently
Budget: how much running that team costs, and why
Headcount: how many people are needed, with which skills
Pipeline: projects coming up and how well staffed the team is
Retention: how to make people want to stay
Education: what skills are missing and how to learn them
Evangelization: help the org understand the value of design

Organization. Clear understanding of design processes in various shapes and sizes. Soft skills, like negotiation and empathy. Clear understanding of what it takes to create solid design work (as well as an aligned definition of what “solid design work” means).
developer  design  startup 
7 weeks ago
Meet Publii, a new Static CMS with GUI to build
an extremely safe, fast and stylish website.
Publii is a static-website-building tool for every skill level, from beginner to developer.
cms  wordpress 
7 weeks ago
We are a multidisciplinary team of makers who are creating the musical instruments of the future.
More about ROLI
7 weeks ago
5 psychological biases used in marketing
- The effect of causality
We’re wired to see cause and effect everywhere, even if we know, or should know, that events aren’t connected. Everything that proposes cause and effect sticks in your brains for longer.

- The confirmation bias
“Our mind works in a vaguely similar way. It seeks, finds, and delivers information that confirms or amplifies the beliefs we already have. This is less expensive (in terms of self-preservation and energy) than to get confronted with new ideas, process them, and reconstruct one’s worldview (or deeply held opinions on the best yogurt) every time. This is called the confirmation bias.”

- The hindsight bias
The hindsight bias ensures that you judge everything by its outcome. For example, there’s a low-risk surgical intervention in which an unpredictable accident occurred. The jury will be prone to believe, after the fact, that the risk was bigger than it actually was, and that the doctor who ordered it was to blame.

- The Endowment Effect (i.e. the Ownership Effect)
In marketing the endowment effect is used often and effectively. Take free coupons, free trials, test drives and products with some free balance. This creates a sense of ownership right from the start. You become the person who uses the service, drives the car, etc. You’re not willing to give that up.
psychology  marketing  bias 
9 weeks ago
Lyvly is a members community that brings people together in great homes.
rental  home 
10 weeks ago
Hunter Email Finder
Bulk Email Finder
Enrich a list professionals with email addresses with the most advanced email-finding tool.
growth  hack  hacking  email 
july 2018
A visual introduction to machine learning
In machine learning, computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. These techniques can be used to make highly accurate predictions.

Keep scrolling. Using a data set about homes, we will create a machine learning model to distinguish homes in New York from homes in San Francisco.
july 2018
100+ Google SEO Success Factors, Ranked
Factors that actually improve your traffic and rankings, and how to leverage them.
june 2018
Build amazing chatbots with tools you know and love.
Stealth is an open source Ruby framework for conversational voice and text chatbots.
june 2018
Faites réparer votre vélo
chez vous, au bureau. Partout.
Le déplacement est toujours gratuit. Réservez en 3 clics !
bicycle  bike 
june 2018
Phantom Buster
Ready-made cloud APIs that boost your marketing
growth  hacking 
june 2018
Remote year
Keep your job. See the world.
Leave the planning to us.
Remote Year brings together groups of inspiring professionals to travel, live, and work remotely in different cities around the world for a year or four months.
remote  working 
june 2018
Fat Lama
Borrow stuff you need.
Lend stuff you don't.
may 2018
Omni is a new way to own and access things

Rent what you need now, store what you'll want later
may 2018
Sharpen.design Generator
1,046,808 possible design prompts to challenge you to think outside the box.
may 2018
Built for designing.

Create fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces with as little css as possible.
may 2018
NYC Mesh
Our network consists of Wi-Fi router “nodes”, “supernodes” and fiber spread throughout the city. The network connects directly to the internet backbone, so we do not rely on an ISP. All of our network nodes cooperate in the distribution of data, and the network can also function independently in case of emergencies or internet shutdown.

NYC Mesh is a neutral network that does not block or discriminate content. NYC Mesh does not collect, store, monitor, or log any user traffic or content that passes through our network.

We can connect whole buildings by wireless for speeds between 80 Mbps up to 1 Gbps, or by fiber at 20 Gbps (20,000 Mbps). The buildings we are currently planning include co-ops, a school and housing association buildings. Fiber involves an install fee and a monthly rental. For a quote, email us.
internet  connectivity 
may 2018
Maria Adelaide
Pedro's development agency
design  wordpress 
may 2018
Take control of who has access to your private data

IVPN encrypts your internet activity, shielding you from hackers, ISP's and everyone else who has no business recording what you haven't chosen to share.
may 2018
The ultimate Search Term research tool for YouTube
Get your videos ranked higher in search results and ultimately get more views
Find long-tail search terms to better target what people are looking for on YouTube
Discover search terms to target based on search volume, competition and overall score
video  youtube  seo 
may 2018
Content Marketing ROI: How We Use Attribution Models to Measure Conversions from Content
Limitation 1: Cross Device
Limitation #2: Time Gaps Greater than 90 Days
Limitation #3: Word of Mouth & Colleagues
may 2018
Office Riders
Sélection d'espaces atypiques pour votre réunion, événement, ou production.
Avec OfficeRiders, allez travailler dans les espaces uniques de milliers d'hôtes.
co-working  events 
april 2018
The more affordable coworking space.
Haus creates private members' workspaces for working, meeting and socialising.
Get the space, community, coffee and wifi for only £95 per month.
april 2018
Kamlan Travel
India is a land that spans the breadth of human experience. It is a country of nations, a reality of myths. Wherever you choose to go, you will not be disappointed.
april 2018
Nous sommes Alan, l’assurance santé simple
health  insurance 
april 2018
Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.
design  websites 
april 2018
Keyboard Maestro
Alternative to TextExpander
tool  mac 
april 2018
The Life Issue
We’re all going to die!

Before we get too far into an entire issue about how science and technology are extending, optimizing, and disrupting every stage of human life, let’s get the bad news out of the way: Despite the efforts of humanity’s greatest minds, we’ve yet to find a way of perpetuating physical vitality or individual consciousness indefinitely. As of this writing, it appears that each of us, sooner or later, will die.

It’s the sooner or later, though—the stuff between conception and death—that is a moving target. We’re continuously adapting to technology as technology is adapting to us. Geneticists and biotechnologists are reengineering our bodies. Ubiquitous screens, apps, VR devices, and social media are transforming how we experience the world. We are a species rewritten, so it’s time for us to chronicle how that’s playing out for each generation.

Here you’ll find miracle babies, Ethereum-mining teens, idealistic cyber-soldiers, middle-aged gamers, and swipe-happy seniors. You’ll find scientists, surgeons, and innovators who are creating body-enhancing (and mind-altering) technologies. And you’ll find people making unprecedented choices, showing what it means to live in an age of improvisation.

—The Editors
magazine  future 
april 2018
SEO Siloing: How to build a website silo architecture
-Silo top links to silo categories

-Silo categories link to other category pages and down to pages within that specific category

-Pages within the category link to each other, the category page, and silo top, and never cross-category
april 2018
You need your laptop.phone.camera.tablet.headphones.
We protect it.
InMyBag is super high-speed insurance for your gadgets because life doesn't wait.
february 2018
Assur.com est le premier moteur de recherche d'assurance
february 2018
How to do mass-scale keyword research with data visualization tools - Ryan J Farley
But if you’re trying to compete with the big boys and scale up your content operation, using data visualization can help give you that leg up you need.
seo  marketing 
february 2018
Niche SEO Case Study: The Not-Skyscraper Method Ian Kerins Used to Drive 1.8 Million Unique Visitors to His Blog
tactical method for…

Finding keywords to target
Creating content to rank for those keywords
Cutting the SEO queue by optimizing for Google’s answer box
Building sustainably high traffic to your site over time
february 2018
$10,000 vs. $425 Portrait Lighting: Can You Tell the Difference?
For the $425 shoot, Hall used 3 Yongnuo YN560 III speedlights, which cost just $57 each. 2 of them were modified with a white shoot-through umbrella.
lighting  photoshoot 
february 2018
Established in 1992 we are the World's leader in the design and manufacture of exclusive display systems for prints, posters, framed art and mouldings featuring 100% archival print protectors, print bins, print browsers, floor, wall and table top displayers, display and decorative easels.
january 2018
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