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(That's Just) The Way I Am
Summary: There was no way Harry would want to bring anyone out for an introductory trip like this. The fighting between himself and his father was sure to be be worse than usual and father still hadn’t accepted Harry’s pansexual identity. Harry wasn’t dating anyone at the moment, but at this point he almost wished he were dating a man just so he could incense his father.

The door jingled, pulling Harry’s attention away from the window and to the man who had just walked into the cafe.

Now that was exactly who Harry should try bringing home. The man was dressed in ratty black skinny jeans and what was obviously a self cut tank top that used to be a Stone Roses t-shirt. His black chucks had holes in the canvas, indicating exactly how old they were, and his maroon beanie wasn’t in much better shape.

The more Harry studied the man’s smoky eyeliner rimmed eyes and the lipstick he had swiped on to match his hat, the more Harry started hatching an idea. What if Harry really did bring this man home?
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  character:tattoo.artist!louis  challenge:1dfanworksforcharity  pdf  epub 
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Things That Aren't True
Summary: When Louis takes a job as the palace pet-minder on a whim, he never expects to get a best friend out of it in the form of Prince Harry.

A year later, someone has written a tell-all and is using it to blackmail the royal family. Louis never expects that their observations will change his life forever.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:pg  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:prince!harry  challenge:royaltydirection  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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Took Me By Surprise
Summary: Louis Tomlinson and his best friend Bridget had a daughter when they were very young and he was on the brink of becoming the next MLS star. Until he blew out his knee.

A decade later, he's the head anchor of the American version of Match of the Day and is raising the coolest nine-year-old on the planet, who happens to be obsessed with Harry Styles - popstar, musician, and all-around household name.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:athlete!louis  character:daddy!louis  challenge:flickercollection  challenge:1ddickprints&greysweatpants  pdf  epub 
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These Sparks We Light
Summary: When Louis' eyes catch on a beautiful man across a crowded room at The Script concert, he becomes instantly infatuated and announces he wants to marry a guy like that. His date for the evening doesn't take too kindly to his monumental life decision.

Harry, on the other hand, is simply enjoying a concert when he sees a man with beautiful blue eyes - on the arm of someone else - look as though he wants to approach him. The nerve of some men. Harry doesn't need that kind of "only out for a fling" charmer in his life, so Harry soundly rejects him without even saying a word.

Why then, can he not stop thinking about him?

Life takes many twists and turns, but eventually, everyone ends up exactly where they belong.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:60-65k  genre:au  character:model!harry  character:musician!louis  pdf  epub 
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This Winter's Day
Summary: Dear Mr. Harry Edward Styles,
We regret to inform you of the passing of your cousin Lord Edward William Seaward, the Viscount Merston. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.
Messrs. Pratt, Rutherford, and Spaulding

Louis is Harry's stablemaster, and when he falls ill and his mother turns to Harry to help her try and find someone he can settle down with, it's only natural that Harry suggests himself.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:historical  character:rich!harry  character:sick!louis  challenge:hlwinterficfest  year:2017  pdf  epub 
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Time Is Now, The
Summary: Louis is mid-one night stand when he finds out he's going to be an uncle in a matter of minutes.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:r  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
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Tiny Exaggeration
Summary: Louis is frustrated that they've been dating for months and still haven't taken their relationship to the next level. Sometimes the foolishness of the past lingers in the present. Louis wants that to change.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:first.time  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  challenge:wordplay  year:2019  pdf  epub 
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Tell Me That You Want It 'Cause I Already Know
Summary: Who knew all it would take was some good ole porn for Louis to discover his friend, Harry, is a wolf and for it to awaken an urge that would bring them together in a way he hadn't anticipated.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:werewolf!fic  character:werewolf!harry  character:alpha!harry  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Take What's Mine
Summary: Years after he is kidnapped, his life altered forever, Louis goes through the motions in a way that barely feels like living. Harry is a wild card, a forbidden fruit that Louis swore off of before he even had a chance to experience it. Maybe, in the end, Harry holds the key to being reborn. Louis just has to be open to the idea first.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  character:hurt!louis  character:omega!louis  character:accountant!louis  character:alpha!harry  character:intern!harry  pdf  epub 
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To Change How You See And What You Believe
Summary: Harry and Louis are best friends who just happen to fall into bed with each other sometimes, it's not a big deal. After a drunken night of discussing their kinks, they wake up naked together. They don't remember what happened, but they've done it before and they'll probably do it again, but five months later, a surprise changes everything.

or an I didn't know I was pregnant au
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:mpreg  character:reporter!louis  character:yoga.teacher!harry  challenge:hlmpregficexchange  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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Talk Dirty To Me
Summary: They were both naked. And that seemed, again, like a catastrophically bad idea, but here they were anyway. Naked. In the dark. Only a few feet apart.

It hadn’t even been a discussion. The minute Harry flipped the lights off, they’d both shucked out of their clothes as if they’d been on fire.

“Alright darling,” Louis said, his hand wrapped loosely around his own cock. “Just remember, start slow. Lots of descriptions. Light on the hygiene, heavy on the compliments. You’ve got this.”

As if Harry were about to compete in some kind of athletic game.

Or the one where Harry is absolutely terrible at dirty talk so he asks his best friend to teach him. And the one where Louis knows it's a catastrophically bad idea but agrees anyway.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:b  author:briamaria  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  challenge:31daysofsmut  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
That Mouth of Yours
Summary: “Did I–” Louis panted around the sexiest moan Harry thought he had ever heard (at least since the last time Louis moaned–which was about 5 minutes ago). “Did I ever tell you about that guy that I let rim me at one of Liam’s parties in college?”

Something dark and furious unfurled inside Harry, making him pull away from the sweet oblivion that was Louis’ arse. “Wh–” He wiped his mouth off on the back of his hand. “What?”

Louis shot a smirk over his shoulder. His hair was a mess and his face was flushed and his eyes were glazed over but he was still himself–still teasing. Still a menace beneath angelic blue eyes and a soft voice. “Just some guy. Never got his name.” He turned his head back toward the pillows, giving a slight shake of his arse in Harry’s face.

Not that that wasn’t distracting or anything.

A little drool slipped out of Harry’s mouth.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:awriterwrites  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
Things Never Change
Summary: Harry is about to graduate from college with a degree in Library Science, Louis is an antiques dealer. They meet and fall in love. Special appearances by Niall, Liam, and all of the lovely ladies from my group chat.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:f  author:fullonlarrie  rating:nc-17  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  character:student!harry!louis  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
Till The Sun Fell Down
Summary: This is a short time stamp about the first time Louis and Harry meet at the AMAs to celebrate Fall At My Door's first birthday!
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:f  author:fullonlarrie  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:actor!harry  character:musician!louis  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
There Now, Steady Love
Summary: Nick's just had his heart broken, Louis is surprisingly careful with it.

Or, the one where Nick's a small time radio DJ & Louis's a single dad trying to make it as a musician.
pairing:louis/nick  title:t  author:j  author:jiksa  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au!nick  character:daddy!louis  character:musician!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
Those Summer Nights
Summary: Nick’s whirlwind summer romance ended when he left his dad’s beach house. Now it’s the first day of senior year, and Nick needs to avoid both the most popular boy at school and his friends’ probing questions.
pairing:louis/nick  title:t  author:y  author:yesisaworld  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:highschool!fic  character:student!louis  character:student!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
Truth in Your Eyes
Summary: "...I found it half spilled over by the loveseat not too long ago.” Louis eyed him imploringly with a slight curl to his lips. “My mate gave it to me as a gag gift. He bought it during his gap year from some novelty shop in Belfast. I never did get to try it. I was always sort of intimidated by the label.”

Louis twisted the bottle in his hand, revealing the label written in gold, and only now visible to Harry’s sober eyes. 

Truth Serum.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:s  author:summerwine  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:student!harry  challenge:bottomlouisficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
Take Me Higher Than I've Ever Been
Summary: Harry is pretty simple. He goes to work everyday, comes home, then watches Netflix with his cat. And if he happens to have a tiny little crush on his coworker, then that’s just his own business.

[Or the one where Harry and Louis work together and Louis starts to notice Harry back. Featuring a wedding, a sassy cat, and first times.]
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:c  author:crimsontheory  rating:nc-17  w/c:50-55k  genre:au  genre:first.time  character:office.worker!harry  character:office.worker!louis  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
This Is Halloween, Everybody Make A Scene
Summary: When Louis takes his son trick-or-treating in a stormtrooper costume, little does he know by the end of the night he will end up gaining a Luke Skywalker, a Chewbacca, and a Rey. He doesn't mind the additions, and if Rey's very hot dad wants to come along as well, he doesn't mind that too much either.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:allwaswell16  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:daddy!harry  character:daddy!louis  pdf  epub 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
That's What You Get (When You Let Your Heart Win)
Summary: Anne's eyes stayed focused on her son, who was staring at his friend's retreating back with a dopey expression. She shook her head and followed Louis. Dumb, her son was dumb.


Louis has been in love with Harry -his best friend- since they were kids. It's been seven years since Harry told him that he loved him too, as a friend. They now share a flat, and a dog named Pongo. Harry's a playboy and Louis bakes to relieve stress. He also has an expensive pair of headphones to drown out the noises that come from Harry's room every night.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jacinth  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
To Be A Muse May Be Enough
Summary: When Zayn came to him with a job, Louis never expected to be sat in a studio, wearing lipstick and reading a book about Death whilst being plugged with a vibrator. Did he also mention he's being filmed by the fittest photographer he's ever seen?

a.k.a the hysterical literature AU i can't believe hasn't been written yet
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:u  author:unpoetically  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!louis  character:photographer!harry  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
Thin Line, A
Summary: "Our mums think we're infatuated with each other you halfwit," Harry pointed out. "murder over tea and biscuits isn't an option...sadly."


Three years after the breakdown of their lifelong friendship, Louis and Harry find themselves faking a romance when Louis lies to avoid being set up by his mum. As it turns out, Harry is unsettlingly good at pretending to be in love with him and Louis can't help but wish those adoring looks were real.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jacinth  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:highschool!fic  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
(Take Me Home) Country Roads
Summary: “Sir, I can help you. Just let me — “ He tried moving closer but the eldest child blocked his way. He backed off, putting his hands out in a passive gesture. “I’m a physician. I can help,” he tried again.

The man shook his head vehemently, passing the cup back to his grandchild. “Tol’ ya. Don’t need ya.” All of the fire had gone out of his voice, leaving behind a frail, sick old man with barely any breath to talk.

“I have medicines...I could make you comfortable…” Louis’ voice was still small, but pleading.

“Mountain Mama cares for wha’s ailin’ me. Don’t need no fancy city doctors.”

Louis blinked at the man, still shaking from the coughing spell. Mountain — well, fuck. That backwoods, uneducated scam artist…

“Of course he is,” Louis said curtly.
OR a Northern Exposure AU featuring Louis as the big city doctor, Harry as a natural healer, Niall as a secretive barkeep, Liam and Zayn head over heels for each other but they don't know it and a lot of hurt, comfort and moonshine in between.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:awriterwrites  rating:nc-17  w/c:85-90k  genre:au  character:doctor!louis  character:nurse!harry  challenge:1dreversebang  year:2017  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
Too Soon
Summary: It wasn't as though Louis Tomlinson hadn't been in the tabloids about his diva-like behaviour. Tantrums, mood-swings and temper were all mentioned in those articles. But what it all boiled down to was brattishness. Louis Tomlinson was a brat and now Harry had to photograph him.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:angkeats  rating:nc-17  w/c:65-70k  genre:au  character:musician!louis  character:photographer!harry  pdf  epub 
october 2017 by Space.Clown
Twist of Fate
Summary: A chance encounter with an opinionated cat seems likely to change Louis's life.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:p  author:phdmama  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:doctor!harry  character:lawyer!louis  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
That's Not My Name
Summary: He froze for a second, because he hadn’t expected to be hit with such an intense gaze. Green eyes beneath a beanie and loads of curly hair made Louis miss a beat before coming back to himself.

“Uh, hi. Sorry. Can I take your order?”

The boy (man?) gave a shy smile and said, “Just a caramel macchiato, please. Grande.” Louis nodded as he scribbled onto the cup and punched it into the register.

As the boy held his phone to the machine to pay, Louis asked, “Name please?”

“Oh, uh, Marcus.”

Louis scribbled Marcus on the cup and handed it off, but not before giving the boy a smile and nodding over to where he’d be able to pick up his drink. Louis watched him a bit longer than he probably should have, then forced himself to move on.

Or the one where the cute boy coming into the coffee shop gives Louis a different name every time...for over a month.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:student!louis  character:barista!louis  character:student!harry  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
This Chancey Rendezvous
Summary: Upon quick inspection, Harry learned all of the texts in addition to the missed call were from his mum. Fantastic.

I’m at this adorable children’s footie match this morning for the charity I told you about the other day and one of the coaches is adorable, H. I’m considering giving him your number.
He’s definitely your type, Harry. He loves kids! And he’s gorgeous!
Oh my God. H. He has the NICEST bum!
I just saw he has an infinity rope tattooed on his right wrist. It would go perfectly with your anchor. I give you permission to hold hands on the first date to see if it would line up just right.

Harry was getting more interested in this child loving charity footie coach with tattoos and a nice bum as the texts went on. Finally he scrolled down and saw her most recent text.

I gave him your number. xx

Well. Alright.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:teacher!louis  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
That's How I Know
Summary: Louis Tomlinson has just landed his dream job, coaching soccer at Augustus University. When he moves into a new house near campus, he meets his very fit new neighbor, English professor Harry Styles. Although their first meeting leads to an instant mutual dislike, the more Harry gets to know Louis, the more he likes what he sees.

Or the one where Harry’s African grey parrot spills his dirty secrets to his very hot neighbor.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:allwaswell16  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:teacher!harry  character:coach!louis  challenge:hlsummerficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
Try To Impress
Summary: Hufflepuff pure-blood Niall tries to impress Nerdy Cute muggle born Zayn at the new Hogwarts Scify/Fantasy Club. Cue lots of pining, menacing Louis and cute fluff!
pairing:niall/zayn  title:t  author:h  author:hilarry13  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:wizard!niall  character:wizard!zayn  challenge:potterdirectionficexchange  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
Tall Tales For Summer
Summary: Harry knows something is up when his mum insists on throwing him a birthday party in the summer. He's even more suspicious of her intentions when he notices the guest list is all male.

(Or, modern nobility AU where Harry's mother is trying to set him up without his knowledge.)
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:t  author:turnyourankle  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:noble!harry  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
Til My Breathing Stops
Summary: “What´s wrong?” Niall asks, suddenly all rigid. He remembers, once again, how much Bressie insisted on getting a hotel. How he told Niall that he wouldn't be going out for drinks with him after the gig, because he needs to get back to Ireland the next day. Niall's been hoping it's not poorly covered avoidance, or something worse. A lump forms in his throat, the first sliver of worry licking at the pit of his stomach.
pairing:niall/bressie  title:t  author:n  author:notverypunkofme  rating:r  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:musician!bressie  character:musician!niall  challenge:nessiesummerfanworkfest  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
Twelfth Night
Summary: Queen Anne holds a masquerade ball to try and find matches for both her children on Twelfth Night. While anonymity reigns, Prince Harry spends the ball getting to know a handsome stranger.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:pg  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:historical  character:prince!harry  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
'Til I Tasted You
Summary: Louis is Harry Styles' biggest fan. It doesn't matter that Harry is famous for being a food blogger and Louis can't cook to save his life.

At least, until Harry offers to give Louis a cooking lesson. Then it matters just a teensy bit.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:k  author:kiwikero  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!harry  character:chef!harry  character:student!louis  challenge:hlfamous/notfamousficexchange  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
There's No Antidote For This Curse
Summary: New York City, 1924. Harry Styles is an Auror working for MACUSA. Louis Tomlinson is an investigative reporter for the Daily Prophet in London. They haven't seen each other for years, but when bodies start showing up in Central Park, Louis travels to New York to cover the story. The two work together to uncover the killer, and uncover a few other secrets along the way.

The snap of a breaking twig made Harry jump, pointing his wand in the direction the noise had come from. “Who’s there?” he called, hoping he sounded more authoritative than afraid. “Come out where I can see you, and keep your hands where I can see them.”
“Relax.” The voice was casual, unconcerned. “It’s just me.” More twigs snapped underfoot as a shadowy figure emerged from the darkness. “Hullo, Harry.” Louis grinned as he strolled into the beam of Harry’s wand. “So MACUSA decided to show up to work after all.”
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:livelaughlovelarry  rating:pg-13  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:wizard!louis  character:journalist!louis  character:wizard!harry  character:auror!harry  challenge:potterdirectionficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
june 2017 by Space.Clown
Tea and a Blowjob, In That Order
Summary: “A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell,” Harry says primly, unfolding his napkin over his lap with an exaggerated gesture.

“Maybe not, but you’ve sure got a penchant for blabbing once you’ve had your arse beat,” Cara says.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:f  author:fanshae  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:student!harry  character:accountant!louis  pdf  epub 
may 2017 by Space.Clown
Taken Over By The Feeling
Summary: After almost a year of increasingly troubling behavior, Louis agrees to let his sister live with him. It's a last resort before more drastic measures are taken by their mom.

Harry Styles runs Given A Chance, a program for troubled and disadvantaged teens out of the bakery he owns. He offers the kids in his program what he believes they need to start on a different and better path for their lives.

Louis learns all too quickly that Harry's goodwill does not extend to him. Only because he happens to remind Harry of an ex he'd rather forget. It's not the smoothest of beginnings, but in the end Louis' own issues might be the real problem.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:w  author:whyidontknow1  rating:r  w/c:50-55k  genre:au  character:baker!harry  character:counselor!harry  character:editor!louis  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
may 2017 by Space.Clown
This Is The Start Of Something Beautiful
Summary: This wasn't what Harry thought it would happen when he took his daughter to see Santa at the local mall. He didn't anticipate that he'll leave with his head full of blue eyes and sharp tongue and his phone programmed with certain elf's phone number. He didn't think it would happen but maybe it was meant to be.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:c  author:cherrie  rating:r  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:daddy!harry  character:lawyer!harry  character:student!louis  challenge:wewishyoualarrychristmasficexchange  pdf  epub 
april 2017 by Space.Clown
Them Butterflies
Summary: To sum it all up - Louis is beautiful. Breathtakingly so. And Harry can’t find it in himself to even question the fact that he thinks so. Louis is mesmerising, nearly magnetic with all the energy bouncing off of him. Harry doesn’t know what to make of it, but he knows he doesn’t want this night to end.

This is the extraordinarily ordinary AU where Harry falls in love for the first time and Louis learns how to fall in love all over again.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:m  author:momentofclarity  rating:nc-17  w/c:65-70k  genre:au  character:social.worker!harry  character:graphic.designer!louis  pdf  epub 
march 2017 by Space.Clown
Tangled Up In You
Summary: Harry blinks once. And blinks again. And says, his voice dangerous: “Niall, did you get me a mail-order bride?”

Because what the actual fuck. It kind of looks like Niall’s just purchased a person. For Harry.

Niall blinks back at him for a few moments, before throwing his head back and howling with laughter. Harry throws a pillow at him. Hard. “No, what the fuck, Harry.”

“A prostitute then?” Harry also doesn't want a prostitute.

“Of course not!”

“A stripper?”


Damn, he’s running out of ideas. He settles for launching another pillow at Niall’s head. Niall bats it away easily, still laughing. “Stop!”

“What did you get me, then?!” Niall must hear the tinge of hysteria in his voice, because he’s pulling himself together, trying to stop himself from laughing.

There’s still a big grin on his face, though, when he says, “I got you a professional cuddler.”

A professional…what. “What?”
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:m  author:missandrogyny  rating:nc-17  w/c:45-50k  genre:au  character:cuddler!louis  character:musician!harry  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
march 2017 by Space.Clown
Then I Saw Your Face
Summary: Louis snatches the picture off the fridge and retreats to the safe haven of his bedroom, stuffing it out of sight in a desk drawer where Niall can’t get his grubby hands on it.
And like. So what if he refuses to throw it out? He needs evidence when he confronts Liam next week, doesn’t he? And so what if he’s spent maybe a little more time than necessary studying the pencil lines, tracing his fingers over the lead until it smears. It’s just. He never thought his face was that interesting. Never believed it could, like, inspire someone to recreate it.

or, the one in which Zayn is an art major and Louis has a hard time letting his guard down.
pairing:louis/zayn  title:t  author:c  author:countthestars  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!louis  character:student!zayn  character:artist!zayn  pdf  epub 
march 2017 by Space.Clown
Then We Talk Slow
Summary: The picture showed Harry smiling widely (with a fucking dimple) at the camera, his glossy brown curls situated artfully around his shoulders. Louis couldn’t see his whole outfit, but it seemed to consist of a pink, floral button-up with most of the buttons undone. Louis could also detect the dark outlines of tattoos on his chest, although he couldn’t quite make out what they were underneath the shirt.
What he could make out was that his own heartrate seemed to have picked up significantly.


This was so not good. Not only had Louis drunkenly sent messages in a deliberate attempt to interact with this man, he was now insanely attracted to him without ever having met him in person.

Maybe Liam was right – drunk tweeting really was a horrible, rotten idea.

A famous/non-famous AU in which Louis banters back and forth with his new record company on Twitter, only to find out that Harry is the man behind the tweets.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:letsjustsee  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:manager!harry  pdf  epub 
february 2017 by Space.Clown
Their Lips Are Lying Only Real Is Real
Summary: “We have a special deal for couples through the next two months,” she was saying. “A free 48-hour movie rental of anything in this redbox, as long as your purchase is $10 or more. And, I have to say, you two are one of the cutest couples I’ve seen throughout this whole sale.”

Louis smiled politely and glanced behind him, opening his mouth to say that he and this stranger weren’t together. Then the words died in his throat. Louis abruptly grabbed the boy’s hand and turned back to the saleswoman, smiling widely.

“Thanks, yeah, we’ve been together for three years.”

The salesperson grinned and started selling the movie thing. Louis could practically feel the waves of confusion rolling off of Tall Fit Banana Boy, so he turned to him and whispered, “Just go with it, they have my favorite movie.”

Or, the one where Louis and Harry pretend they're in love to get a few free movies until suddenly they stop pretending.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:v  author:vanillabeanniall  rating:g  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  pdf  epub 
february 2017 by Space.Clown
Turn It Up Hot
Summary: Epilogue of sorts to "Loving You Is Free", in which Louis returns home from a long business trip and he and Harry delve into the world of BDSM.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:littlelouishiccups  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  character:businessman!louis  character:student!harry  prequel/sequel/verse  pdf  epub 
february 2017 by Space.Clown
Thousand Miles From Comfort, A
Summary: It wasn’t like Louis was Lindsay Lohan or Justin Beiber. He’d had one fucking meltdown and a handful of public drunken accidents. And now he could never screw up ever again. He hit the STOP button on the treadmill and matched his pace as it slowed to a stop.

“It’s not break time yet!” Harry told Louis, tapping his watch with a stern expression. “Come on, you were doing so well! Don’t quit now! Ten more minutes and then you can have a break!”

“I don’t want to be here anymore,” Louis spat. “It’s not anything you did, okay? I just… I don’t know. I can’t do this. I hate playing the stupid media game. That’s what all of this is! There’s no point.”

In which Louis is a closeted gay actor and a recovering addict with a troubled past. Harry is the personal trainer who helps him get his life back in shape.

With Liam as Louis' childhood best friend, Zayn as a famous R&B artist, and Niall as a fanboy.

(aka the trainer au)
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:littlelouishiccups  rating:nc-17  w/c:70-75k  genre:au  character:actor!louis  character:trainer!harry  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
february 2017 by Space.Clown
This Restless Dream
Summary: “Hiii, I called earlier about the dogs?” he asks, taking a few steps closer to the desk where Louis is standing. He’s taller than Louis, with a dimple when he smiles and bright green eyes. There's a cute eagerness about his whole presence. “Do you have any puppies?” He’s a bit like a puppy himself, actually.

AU. Louis works at an animal shelter and Harry wants a puppy. Things don't go quite according to plan.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:afirethatcannotdie  rating:pg  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:shelter.worker!louis  challenge:2017hlpromptchallenge  pdf  epub 
february 2017 by Space.Clown
Think of All The Fun I've Missed
Summary: It's the night of the Annual Christmas party at the magazine Louis works with and not only is he stuck trying to answer a question for his popular advice column instead of drunkenly singing Santa Baby for the umpteenth time, he's trying to find the courage to give his Secret Santa (and the same man he's been secretly in love with for months) their present.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:p  author:patdkitten  rating:g  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:journalist!louis  character:designer!harry  challenge:hlchristmasandnewyearfanfiction  pdf  epub 
february 2017 by Space.Clown
Summary: Curiosity mingled with pity inside of Louis as the man took his tote bag from his shoulder and rifled through it, seemingly looking for change at the bottom. He became a little frantic, unsuccessful in his hunt for coins.

“Come on, 20p. Twenty fucking pence. Where are you?” The man mumbled.
Pity won out in Louis; he dug his hand quickly in his pocket.

“Here you are, mate.” He handed the man a twenty pence piece.

“Oh, um-” He frowned down at the coin that Louis had placed in his palm. “Cheers, that’s so nice.”

“Don’t mention it.”


Louis lends Harry 20p in Tesco, and Harry is adamant about thanking him properly.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:w  author:waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:businessman!louis  pdf  epub 
february 2017 by Space.Clown
Twenty Four Hour Cafe, The
Summary: “You might want to slow down a bit,” Louis says. The boy looks up at him with wide eyes.

Like, really wide eyes.

Like, maybe he needs to blink more.

“How many have I had?” the boy asks. His voice is deep and ridiculously slow, even as his eyes are the size of the moon and his hands are shaking as he pours the creamer in with barely a glance at it.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:ladylondonderry  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:barista!louis  character:student!harry  challenge:2017hlpromptchallenge  pdf  epub 
february 2017 by Space.Clown
Tis the Season for...Love?
From the Prompt: Harry seems to have it all: A successful career as a pastry chef, a Victorian home in London, and a dedicated boyfriend who he's been with for years.
One day he stops by his boyfriend's apartment to surprise him and finds out that he's not so dedicated to Harry after all. Shocked and too depressed to celebrate, he decides to skip Christmas and on a whim leaves on a plane to New York. In New York he meets Louis…

Or...Louis might just be what Harry's needed all along.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:afangirlfantasy  rating:nc-17  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  character:baker!harry  character:journalist!louis  challenge:hlchristmasandnewyearfanfiction  pdf  epub 
february 2017 by Space.Clown
Summary: "So...someone’s just leaving” Niall asks one day, frowning down at the loaf of bread sitting on Zayn’s coffee table. Zayn shrugs, smiling shyly.

“Apparently yeah.”

“What the hell, no one did that for me when I moved in!” Niall groans


Zayn moves to a new place and begins receiving curious little goods on his door step.
pairing:harry/zayn  title:t  author:w  author:walking_travesty  rating:g  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:editor!zayn  character:baker!harry  challenge:iusedtobeabakerficfest  pdf  epub 
january 2017 by Space.Clown
True Love's Gold
Summary: Gemma starts responding to every single one of Harry’s texts—regardless of subject—with i don’t care, talk to louis. Liam lets Harry complain to him for hours on Skype, pretending he’s not doing other things while Harry whines about his problems. Niall thinks the whole thing is hilarious, texting Harry links to articles titled So, you want your man to propose? and 15 ways to get him ready for the aisle! and follows each of these up with page upon page of laughing emojis. Harry tries everything, literally everything he can think of short of grabbing Louis by tattooed forearm and yelling, “PROPOSE TO ME BEFORE I COMBUST.”

Or, it takes a village to arrange a proposal, but that doesn't mean it's going to go as planned.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:alivingfire  rating:nc-17  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:musician!louis  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
january 2017 by Space.Clown
To Kill The Mess We've Made
Summary: And when he's finally standing, Liam fussing over him, rubbing his hand at the red mark blooming on Harry's forehead, does Harry learn two things:

One, he wasn't actually hit that hard, and Tommo--or Louis, rather--is just as pretty when Harry is staring at him head-on and,

Two, Louis is the Adidas model he's going to be working with on today's photo shoot.

(or: AU where Harry and Louis are both models, and they decide being friends-with-benefits is a great idea. It isn't.)
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:m  author:missandrogyny  rating:nc-17  w/c:40-45k  genre:au  character:model!harry  character:model!louis  pdf  epub 
january 2017 by Space.Clown
Time Is Fleeting
Summary: A retrograde amnesia fic in which Louis couldn’t be happier with his new and improved life. That is, of course, until he finds out just how pathetic his flirting skills still were.

Or, the one where Louis bought an appalling number of History books to impress a boy, Harry is a loveable doofus on a mission to help him create great new memories, and head injuries are both a nightmare and a chance to undo wrongs.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:h  author:harioandlouigi  rating:nc-17  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  genre:amnesia!fic  genre:college!fic  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  challenge:1dhiatuspromptmeme  pdf  epub 
january 2017 by Space.Clown
They Never Quite Leave
Summary: When Liam Payne inherited his great aunt's mansion, he never expected it to be haunted. With the help of famous ghost hunters Harry and Niall, Liam is hoping to evict the ghost and sell the house once and for all.

There's just one problem: Louis has been in that house for a hundred years, and he doesn't much feel like leaving.

Alternatively; come for the ghost sex, stay for the feels.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:k  author:kiwikero  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:ghost!louis  character:ghost.hunter!harry  challenge:hlfamous/notfamousficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2016 by Space.Clown
To Err is Human, To Rim Divine
Summary: This is the cautionary tale about the mistakes we make that lead to love when we decidedly aren’t looking.

Louis made three errors. Three errors that led him to be tied to a bed, magic 8 ball buttplug firmly inside him, with his sadistic arse of a boyfriend teasing him mercilessly. Three errors that he doesn’t actually regret, not even a little bit, but never tell Nick that.
pairing:louis/nick  title:t  author:c  author:conscious_ramblings  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au!nick  pdf  epub 
december 2016 by Space.Clown
Tastes Like Gold
Summary: AU. A lot of musicians dream about making it big and Harry is no exception. He has all the pieces to build a rocket ship to the music industry, but he’s missing the key. The songwriter. Ft. overbearing mangers, stunts, and a grumpy Louis Tomlinson.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:r  author:ravenmyre  rating:pg-13  w/c:70-75k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:songwriter!louis  character:blind!louis  pdf  epub 
december 2016 by Space.Clown
There Is a Light
Summary: Louis and his daughter have had a pretty bad year and things start to change when Harry tries to buy the same doll Louis intended to buy for his little girl for Christmas.

Two girls.
Two fathers.
Two families, meeting and becoming exactly what the other needed during the holidays.

Christmas/New Years AU in which Harry and Louis are single parents and they meet at an odd encounter at the toy shop and somehow, they end up together, bonded by their little ones.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:p  author:perfectdagger  rating:g  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:daddy!harry  character:baker!harry  character:daddy!louis  pdf  epub 
december 2016 by Space.Clown
Those are the Days That Bind Us (Together Forever)
Summary: The moment their eyes meet, the man’s giving a ridiculous ten-watt grin, dimples popping on either cheek. However, Louis hears a string of shitshitshitshit that obviously isn’t coming from either of their mouths.

Soulmate AU where when two soulmates meet they can hear each other's thoughts for a limited amount of time.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:n  author:nightwideopen  rating:pg  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  genre:hurt/comfort  character:teacher!louis  character:hurt!louis  pdf  epub 
december 2016 by Space.Clown
Take A Chance
Summary: Harry and Louis meet in what is probably the most awkward way they can - singing a duet in the loo.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:t  author:twoshipsdrifting  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:bartender!louis  challenge:hlfamous/notfamousficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2016 by Space.Clown
Thought You Didn't Care
Summary: Nick gets trapped in an elevator. Louis freaks out. Only everyone, including Nick, thinks Louis hates him.
pairing:louis/nick  title:t  author:p  author:purple_pixie143  rating:r  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
november 2016 by Space.Clown
Tour Guide, The
Summary: "Is there a Shirley Temple here?" Louis asked, still looking at his clipboard as he walked into the waiting area just inside the gift-shop at the opening of the bridge.

He looked up, expecting to find a pretty curly-haired little girl with her no-doubt proud beaming father. What he got was-

"That's me." In a deep, slow voice, a tentative hand rising in the air.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:angkeats  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:writer!harry!louis  pdf  epub 
november 2016 by Space.Clown
This Wicked Game
Summary: An AU in which The Bachelor is gay, Louis is a contestant, Harry is the bachelor, everyone drinks a lot of champagne, the entire world gets to watch them fall in love, and no one plays by the rules.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:c  author:cherrystreet  rating:nc-17  w/c:70-75k  genre:au  character:dentist!harry  pdf  epub 
november 2016 by Space.Clown
Take It Off, Baby
Summary: Five articles of clothing Harry can't wait to take off Zayn, and one he wants to put back on.
pairing:harry/zayn  title:t  author:s  author:stormdancer  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!harry  character:student!zayn  prequel/sequel/verse  pdf  epub 
october 2016 by Space.Clown
Tonight Is on Your Lips
Summary: Louis is the eldest son of the Earl of Doncaster. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have to deal with matchmaking parents, three century year-old curses, and waiters with green eyes.

But, unfortunately, he does.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:m  author:mmaree  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  character:royalty!louis  character:waiter!harry  character:royalty!harry  challenge:hlsummerficexchange  year:2016  pdf  epub 
september 2016 by Space.Clown
Through The Wire
Summary: “Mate. He’s like. I don’t know how to describe it.” Liam’s voice was on edge, a tremble in it that indicated he was either very nervous or extremely excited; unsure of what to do next. It was probably both.

All Harry could think about was LouisLouisLouis. He needed him so badly his body ached with it. His skin was crawling and his entire body felt explosive, ready to ignite at the slightest touch.

“Ok. Li? This is what you are going to do…” Louis took a deep breath, the intake of air audible through the wire, as he prepared to guide Liam through what was probably going to be the strangest most erotic, and possibly most awkward experience of his life.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:awriterwrites  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:alpha!louis  character:omega!harry  challenge:hlspringexchange  year:2016  pdf  epub 
september 2016 by Space.Clown
These Fading Scars
Summary: There is sunlight glittering over his skin and over the sheets, flickers of various shapes painting a kaleidoscope of bright colours over the contrast of tanned skin. He can’t stop staring, unable to move his eyes from the cut of Zayn’s jaw, the freckle displaced in the hazel of his eye.

Nimble fingers as they slip beneath the duvet, the intriguing tattoos painted along his arms.

Liam is convinced he’s never seen anyone so beautiful, even in his two hundred and twelve years of existence.

Or a Vampire!AU in which Liam falls in love with a human.
pairing:liam/zayn  title:t  author:e  author:englandziam  rating:nc-17  w/c:30-35k  genre:au  genre:vampire!fic  character:barista!zayn  character:vampire!liam  pdf  epub 
august 2016 by Space.Clown
To Build A Home
Summary: He suddenly had a moment of crystal clear clarity and he nodded at Louis.

“I think I’ll give it a try,” Harry said and gave Louis a small smile.

Louis grinned back at him. “Alright. You’ll come with me?”

Harry nodded at him and felt sweet and foolish hope bloom in his chest.


Harry is a werewolf who wanders about aimlessly but being stuck in a cabin with a mage during a storm and helping him find a magical flower changes things for Harry.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:s  author:starryeyedkids  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:werewolf!harry  character:wizard!louis  pdf  epub 
august 2016 by Space.Clown
To Being Neighbors
Summary: It starts off something like this, with textbooks and a noisy apartment complex, but then there’s a kid involved and Harry isn’t quite sure where he went wrong. Or right.
pairing:harry/niall  title:t  author:k  author:kayleejohn  rating:pg-13  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:daddy!niall  character:student!harry  pdf  epub 
july 2016 by Space.Clown
Tongue Like Electric, Eyes Like A Child
Summary: 'He’s not sure why he cares, really. There’s just something about this boy that intrigues him, and not in the whole starstruck, meeting a celebrity kind of sense. Harry is very interesting and Louis feels sad for a moment that he will never really get a chance to know him for real, that in twenty minutes at the absolute most, Harry will walk out of his life for good. It’s a shame.'


Harry stumbles into Louis in a kebab shop at two in the morning, and nothing will ever be quite the same again.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:anonymous  rating:pg-13  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:student!louis  challenge:hlsummerficexchange  year:2016  pdf  epub 
july 2016 by Space.Clown
That's What You Get For Waking Up In Vegas
Summary: When Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles' lives go to shit they both have the brilliant idea to escape it all and head to Las Vegas for a much needed break from the real world. It's not until they wake up the next morning with hazy memories and cheap plastic rings on their fingers that they realize their troubles have only just begun.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:f  author:r  author:fallinglikethis  author:rearviewdreamer  rating:nc-17  w/c:55-60k  genre:au  character:businessman!harry  pdf  epub 
july 2016 by Space.Clown
Torn On The Platform
From the prompt: AU where harry and louis are strangers but they always get the same train to work in the morning and one day harry falls asleep on louis’ shoulder. louis wants to be annoyed because harry just broke a least seven rules of tube conduct but he looks so soft and peaceful that he just lets him sleep and wakes him ever so carefully when it’s his stop. it happens again and again until it becomes a regular thing where louis will let harry snooze and then gently nudge him awake, hand him the cup of coffee he took from him so it wouldn’t slip and spill everywhere and send him off with a “have fun at work, love” and after the tenth time harry isn’t even embarrassed anymore.

Cue changing work schedules, missing each other for the first time in weeks, panicking because “i don’t even know his name, why didn’t i ask for his name”, dramatic waiting on platforms and finally bumping into each other again when they least expect it.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:c  author:conscious_ramblings  rating:r  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  character:a&r!louis  character:assistant!harry  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
july 2016 by Space.Clown
There Was A Reason I Collided Into You
Summary: You see, it's a thing now for them, but they don't even realize it. A constant routine of meeting up at the elevator in the mornings, talking about whatever comes to mind so god forsaken early in the morning and then repeating the routine again at night with the bonus of groceries (which means amazing, mouth watering leftovers at Louis' door the next morning) or a sweaty Harry in blinding neon sneakers that remind Louis of a highlighter.

It's a thing and even if neither realize it, they appreciate every morning and evening they get to see each other.


AU where Louis and Harry are neighbors who meet in the elevator of their apartment one morning and it becomes a routine for them. Louis pines a lot. Then one day, Harry doesn't show up at the elevator like he usually does, and well, Louis might panic.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:s  author:sockslwt  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:bookstore.clerk!harry  character:journalist!louis  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
july 2016 by Space.Clown
Tastes Like You, Only Sweeter
Summary: “Oops."

Louis raises an unimpressed eyebrow. “Hi.”

“You're Louis. Niall talks about you all the time.”

Louis makes a noise in the back of his throat. “And you're loud as hell, making cookies in the fucking kitchen at arse o’clock in the morning,” the boy winces again, green eyes shining in guilt at the older boy. “This is the first I'm hearing of you.”

“It's Harry, actually,” he says good naturedly, dumping the dirty flour in the trash and turning to the sink to wash his hands. “But I like that nickname, too.”
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:a  author:aniloquent  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  pdf  epub 
june 2016 by Space.Clown
Summary: Harry doesn’t believe in matrimony and Zayn thinks the promise of forever is a lie; a wedding is a good place to meet.
pairing:harry/zayn  title:t  author:p  author:purpledaisy  rating:nc-17  w/c:30-35k  genre:au  character:photographer!harry  character:teacher!harry  character:artist!zayn  character:businessman!zayn  pdf  epub 
june 2016 by Space.Clown
Twisting The Kaleidoscope Behind Both Of My Eyes
Summary: Harry's cute and curly and blind, Louis's not, they meet at a wedding, and then out for yogurt.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:h  author:hazandboo_write  rating:pg  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:blind!harry  pdf  epub 
june 2016 by Space.Clown
Things You Say Don't Drive Me Away, The
Summary: Louis thinks the boy who works at the bakery, with the big glasses and sweater vests, is pretty cute.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:ladylondonderry  rating:g  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:baker!harry  pdf  epub 
june 2016 by Space.Clown
There's a Power in What You Do
Summary: Harry moves to a new town under mysterious circumstances.

Louis leads a small pack of werewolves there.

It's all very convenient, really.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:ladylondonderry  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:werewolf!fic  genre:highschool!fic  character:werewolf!harry  character:werewolf!louis  challenge:1dwinterficexchange  pdf  epub 
june 2016 by Space.Clown
To Put A Little Sunshine In Your Life
Summary: Zayn's a Brooklyn boy who follows his maybe-ex-girlfriend to San Diego. it turns out a whole lot lovelier than he could have hoped.


“Look at this little family,” Harry murmurs.

“You big softie,” Louis says, but his voice is so steeped in fondness that Zayn can almost taste it, and he feels warm in a way that has nothing to do with the crush of bodies around him. He cranes his head a little and Niall meets him halfway, anticipating it, grinning as their eyes meet and reaching a hand up to grip comfortingly at the back of Zayn’s neck. Yeah, his gaze says, you belong here. We want you here. I want you here.

And then the chicken is burning and Harry yelps like he’s the one being singed and they fall apart as easily as they fell together.
pairing:niall/zayn  title:t  author:k  author:khakis  rating:nc-17  w/c:30-35k  genre:au  genre:first.time  character:surfing.instructor!niall  character:artist!zayn  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
june 2016 by Space.Clown
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character:bartender!nick  character:beta!jensen  character:blind!harry  character:blind!jensen  character:blind!louis  character:bodyguard!jensen  character:bodyguard!liam  character:bookstore.clerk!harry  character:businessman!harry  character:businessman!jensen  character:businessman!louis  character:businessman!zayn  character:camboy!zayn  character:carpenter!jensen  character:carpenter!louis  character:chef!harry  character:chef!jared  character:chocolatier!jared  character:clerk!harry  character:clerk!jared  character:clerk!liam  character:clerk!louis  character:clerk!zayn  character:coach!harry  character:coach!jensen  character:coach!louis  character:comedian!jared  character:costumer!harry  character:counselor!harry  character:cuddler!louis  character:daddy!harry  character:daddy!jared  character:daddy!jensen  character:daddy!louis  character:daddy!niall  character:daddy!nick  character:daddy!zayn  character:dancer!jared  character:deaf!harry  character:deaf!jared!jared  character:dentist!harry  character:designer!harry  character:designer!louis  character:director!jensen  character:disabled!jared  character:disabled!jensen  character:dj!jared  character:dj!jensen  character:doctor!harry  character:doctor!jared  character:doctor!jensen  character:doctor!louis  character:dragon!jared  character:dragon!jensen  character:editor!louis  character:editor!zayn  character:escort!nick  character:fairy!niall  character:farmer!niall  character:fighter!jensen  character:fireman!jared  character:fireman!jensen  character:flight.attendant!harry  character:flight.attendant!louis  character:florist!liam  character:florist!louis  character:gardner!jared  character:ghost!louis  character:ghost.hunter!harry  character:girl!liam  character:graphic.designer!louis  character:grocer!jensen!jensen  character:homeless!jared  character:homeless!jensen  character:hunter!jensen  character:hurt!brian  character:hurt!harry  character:hurt!jared  character:hurt!jensen  character:hurt!justin  character:hurt!louis  character:hurt!niall  character:immortal!jared  character:inmate!louis  character:intern!harry  character:inventor!jensen  character:janitor!jared  character:journalist!jared  character:journalist!jensen  character:journalist!louis  character:journalist!zayn  character:king!jared  character:knight!jared  character:knitter!jared  character:landscaper!jared  character:law.enforcer!jared  character:law.enforcer!jensen  character:lawyer!harry  character:lawyer!jared  character:lawyer!jensen  character:lawyer!louis  character:lifeguard!jensen  character:maid!zayn  character:mailman!liam  character:makeup.artist!jared  character:manager!harry  character:mechanic!jared  character:mentally.challenged!jared  character:mentally.challenged!jensen  character:mentally.ill!jensen  character:model!harry  character:model!louis  character:murderer!louis  character:musician!bressie  character:musician!harry  character:musician!jared  character:musician!jensen  character:musician!liam  character:musician!louis  character:musician!niall  character:musician!zayn  character:noble!harry  character:nurse!harry  character:nurse!jared  character:office.worker!harry  character:office.worker!jensen  character:office.worker!louis  character:omega!harry  character:omega!jared  character:omega!louis  character:omega!niall  character:omega!zayn  character:orderly!justin  character:paralegal!jared  character:paralegal!jensen  character:paramedic/emt!jared  character:phonesex.operator!jared  character:photographer!harry  character:photographer!jared  character:physical.therapist!jensen  character:physical.therapist!nick  character:pilot!jensen  character:pirate!harry  character:pirate!jared  character:pizza.maker!harry  character:pizza.maker!louis  character:policeman!louis  character:politician!jensen  character:presenter!nick  character:president!louis  character:prince!harry  character:prince!jared  character:prince!jensen  character:prince!liam  character:prince!louis  character:producer!louis  character:psychic!jared  character:psychic!jensen  character:psychic!louis!nick  character:ranger!jensen  character:receptionist!jensen  character:reporter!jared  character:reporter!louis  character:rich!harry  character:rich!jared  character:rich!jensen  character:rich!justin  character:royalty!harry  character:royalty!louis  character:secretary!jared  character:shelter.worker!louis  character:sick!brian  character:sick!jensen  character:sick!louis  character:slave!jared  character:slave!jensen  character:social.worker!harry  character:socially.awkward!jared  character:socially.awkward!jensen  character:soldier!jensen  character:soldier!louis  character:songwriter!louis  character:sound.editor!jensen  character:stripper/hooker!jared  character:stripper/hooker!jensen  character:student!brian  character:student!harry  character:student!jared  character:student!jensen  character:student!justin  character:student!liam  character:student!louis  character:student!nick  character:student!zayn  character:stuttering!jared  character:superhero!jared  character:surf.instructor!louis  character:surfing.instructor!niall  character:tattoo.artist!jensen  character:tattoo.artist!louis  character:teacher!harry  character:teacher!jared  character:teacher!jensen  character:teacher!liam  character:teacher!louis  character:teacher!zayn  character:tech.guy!jared  character:tech.guy!liam  character:tech.guy!louis!louis  character:trainer!harry  character:trainer!jared  character:vampire!jensen  character:vampire!liam  character:vet!jared  character:waiter!harry  character:waiter!jared  character:waiter!louis  character:warrior!jared  character:warrior!jensen  character:werewolf!harry  character:werewolf!louis  character:werewolf!niall  character:wizard!harry  character:wizard!louis  character:wizard!niall  character:wizard!zayn  character:writer!harry  character:writer!jared  character:writer!jensen  character:yoga.teacher!harry  DEAD/FLOCKED  epub  FAVORITES  genre:amnesia!fic  genre:animal!transformation  genre:au  genre:canon  genre:canon/not-canon  genre:christmas!fic  genre:college!fic  genre:crack  genre:dragon!fic  genre:fantasy/  genre:first.time  genre:forced.marriage  genre:ghost!fic  genre:highschool!fic  genre:historical  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:kid!fic  genre:kidnap!fic  genre:mpreg  genre:multiple.personality!fic  genre:post2.14  genre:post5.13  genre:pwp  genre:s4  genre:slave!fic  genre:soulmate!fic  genre:sports!fic  genre:vampire!fic  genre:wedding!fic  genre:werecat!fic  genre:werefox!fic  genre:werewolf!fic  no.epub  no.pdf  pairing:brian/justin  pairing:carey/p.k.  pairing:chris/steve  pairing:dean/cas  pairing:harry/liam  pairing:harry/louis  pairing:harry/niall  pairing:harry/nick  pairing:harry/zayn  pairing:jared/gen  pairing:jared/jensen  pairing:jensen/jared/jdm  pairing:jensen/jdm  pairing:liam/louis  pairing:liam/niall  pairing:liam/zayn  pairing:louis/nick  pairing:louis/zayn  pairing:niall/bressie  pairing:niall/louis  pairing:niall/zayn  pdf  prequel/sequel/verse  rating:g  rating:nc-17  rating:pg  rating:pg-13  rating:r  round:2  round:3  round:4  title:t  w/c:1-5k  w/c:5-10k  w/c:10-15k  w/c:15-20k  w/c:20-25k  w/c:25-30k  w/c:30-35k  w/c:35-40k  w/c:40-45k  w/c:45-50k  w/c:50-55k  w/c:55-60k  w/c:60-65k  w/c:65-70k  w/c:70-75k  w/c:75-80k  w/c:80-85k  w/c:85-90k  w/c:90-95k  w/c:105-110k  w/c:135-140k  w/c:140-145k  w/c:145-150k  w/c:160-165k  w/c:180-185k  w/c:190-195k  w/c:250-255k  w/c:360-365k  w/c:<1k  year:2007  year:2008  year:2009  year:2010  year:2011  year:2012  year:2013  year:2014  year:2015  year:2016  year:2017  year:2018  year:2019 

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