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I Wanna Love (Like You Made Me Feel)
Summary: By the time Harry and Louis are eighteen years old, they've known each other all four years of high school. Through those years, they never have a real chance to spend time together just the two of them. The summer after graduation gives them that chance, and it changes just about everything.

Ten years later, Louis returns home feeling like a failure after losing his job and not knowing where to go next. He never expects to run into Harry again, much less rekindle their friendship. Could this finally be their chance to finish what they started all those years ago, or did they really miss their chance at love?
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  challenge:four  pdf  epub 
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If I Could Reach The Stars (I'd Give Them All To You)
Summary: The clock really wants him to touch it. Louis can tell.

The glass feels strange under his hand, softer than glass should feel. He pushes himself into a stand and reaches as high as he can. The second hand grazes his fingers as it passes, tick tick ticking on its way to the next minute.

He pushes the hand backwards—just ten seconds or so.




Louis sits in front of the clock.

There's a boy, and he grows up with a clock that can turn back time.

His name is Louis.

(Semi-compliant Canon Au)
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:g  author:graceling_in_a_suit  rating:g  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  challenge:wordplay  pdf  epub 
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I Won't Let You Forget
Summary: When Louis is eighteen years old, he meets his soulmate.

He was to wait six years to meet him again; this time, for the first time.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:g  author:graceling_in_a_suit  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  character:musician!harry  character:songwriter!louis  challenge:wordplay  pdf  epub 
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I Wanna Be Alright With My Baby Tonight
Summary: Harry Styles' university football team (Go Queers!) is on a losing streak, and so is his love life. Louis Tomlinson—a fellow trans man and the team's new co-captain—might just be able to help with both.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:g  author:graceling_in_a_suit  rating:r  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!louis  character:athlete!louis  character:trans!louis  character:student!harry  character:trans!harry  pdf  epub 
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I Just Wanna Give You Love
Summary: Graham Norton appeared on the screen introducing his guests and out of nowhere, everything in Louis’ world was turned upside down.

Louis gasped as he intently took in the man on the screen, smiling and waving from his seat beside Sir Ian McKellen.

“Oh my God,” Louis said before it all sank in as to what it meant. “Holy fucking shit!”

“Louis William, you watch your mouth,” Jay said. “What has got into you?”

Feeling like a madman, his palms to his cheeks, Louis couldn’t help the tears of surprise, relief, and fear as he turned to his mum. “What colour are his eyes? What do you call that colour?”

“Louis, are you telling me that the man on the screen, Harry Styles, is your soulmate?”

Or the one where the world is in black and white until you meet your soulmate, but Harry is world famous and Louis is...well...not.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  character:musician!harry  challenge:1dfanworksforcharity  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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I've Always Liked The Fireworks
Summary: When alphas and omegas reach the age of twenty-one they are required to attend a Proving Day ceremony. Omegas watch as alphas do their best to compete in events, show off their skills, and prove how good a mate they can really be.

The whole thing is a bit ridiculous, but Louis Tomlinson has always dreamed of finding his mate. He's got two unsuccessful Sheffield Proving Days under his belt and decides to go for the much more competitive one in Manchester. His goal is to play his best, leave it all out on the pitch, and hope that one of the omegas watching just happens to be his mate.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:pg-13  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:alpha!louis  character:athlete!louis  character:omega!harry  character:photographer!harry  challenge:hlabo  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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I Still Find You Lovely
Summary: Reason #37 - Because They Have Air-Conditioning and You Don't

The more he thinks about it, the more he can imagine himself in some bloke’s bed, sweat-free and soaking up the air-conditioning, maybe even curled up under the duvet because he's actually a little cold. The prospect of a reprieve from the heat is even more alluring than the prospect of getting laid. Which may or may not be saying a lot.

“That’s… actually not a bad idea…”

In which Harry goes to a bar in search of a bloke with an air-conditioned flat.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:athlete!louis  character:fashion.designer!harry  challenge:50reasons  year:2017  pdf  epub 
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I'm Sure It Happens To All Alphas
Summary: “It’s okay. I’m sure it happens to all alphas at some point,” the omega beside him said which only embarrassed him even more.

The thing was that this was not how Louis expected their first time together to play out. Especially after he’d been fantasizing about it for so long.

But let’s jump back to the beginning.

or Louis has trouble popping a knot
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:alpha!louis  character:omega!harry  challenge:wordplay  pdf  epub 
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If You Want More, Then Here I Am
Summary: Louis believed in soulmates, he just didn’t believe he had one. He believed all omegas had an alpha, but didn’t believe he would find his. He was okay with that, really. If his alpha was in Antarctica playing with sled dogs Louis was happy, as long as his alpha was happy.

Louis looked towards the kitchen where Harry was cooking dinner. Harry never wavered in his doubts. Ever since they were both young and in grade school he was always certain that he had a soulmate and that he would someday find his omega. Even if he had to move halfway across the world, Harry said that he would find him.

Or the one where Harry and Louis are soulmates, but they can’t quite seem to get on the same page.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:#  author:2tiedships2  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  character:actor!louis  character:omega!louis  character:intern!harry  character:alpha!harry  pdf  epub 
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I Want You S'more
Summary: “I think Harry’s like a wanna-be alpha,” Louis stated as he handed over Niall’s nachos.

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“I mean, as the alpha in this, um, possible platonic friendship, I’m supposed to be the one initiating any flirting. In a platonic way. I’m supposed to be the one taking care of the omega and sending off calming pheromones.”

“For argument’s sake, are you living in the eighteenth century? Maybe even nineteenth century?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Mate, it’s the twenty-first century. Sure, most alphas insist on taking the lead and taking full control over their omega. Like, they’re always wanting to be the one to comfort and take care of the omega. Which is cool and all. But can’t it be the other way around? Or at least compromise?”

Louis shoved a couple nachos in his mouth to avoid responding.

Or the one where the least alpha-y alpha and the least omega-y omega show that secondary genders aren’t set in stone and sometimes it works when you kinda share that.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:#  author:2tiedships2  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:office.worker!louis  character:alpha!louis  character:chef!harry  character:omega!harry  pdf  epub 
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I Wanna Be More Than Friends
Summary: He hadn't meant to scent Harry. They were best friends and that was it. Scenting best friends wasn't exactly socially acceptable.

"Lou," Harry whispered.

Louis jumped at his name and sat up straighter to provide a bit of distance between himself and Harry.

"You can't scent me, Lou," Harry stated.

Which of course Louis couldn't scent him. They were best friends.

"I mean," Harry continued. "I wouldn't mind exactly, but if I can't scent you, I don't think you should scent me."

"What do you mean you can't scent me? I mean, I get it because we're best friends but..."

"I mean I can't smell you, Louis. I fucking can't smell you. I can't smell anything, okay?"

Or the one where Harry’s an alpha with no sense of smell, Louis’ an omega who isn’t allowed to scent his best friend, and that’s all they’ll ever be. Obviously.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:#  author:2tiedships2  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  character:barista!louis  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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I Know How To Whisk (But Teach Me Anyway)
Summary: Louis scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. “I don’t understand. Unmated alphas don’t just go into a rut out of nowhere. Unless…”

Louis grabbed onto Niall’s arm in desperation. “Am I a homewrecker? Does Harry have a mate? Oh my God, was he not flirting? Did the change in his scent not have anything to do with my smell yesterday? Did I just make that up!?”

Louis let go of Niall and dropped his face in his hands. “I knew it was too good to be true.”

“You’re an idiot,” Niall stated. Louis looked up to find Niall rolling his eyes. He snapped his laptop closed and moved to stand up. “I need to get some work done. Why don’t you stay here and think back to ABO dynamics 101.”

With that Niall hopped off the couch and headed to his room. He stopped and turned to Louis before he made it to the hall and said, “Oh, and Lou. You may want to reconsider your outlook on soulmates.”

Louis yelled after him. “Soulmates aren’t a thing, Niall!”

Or the one in which banana bread just might make Louis change his mind about soulmates.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:#  author:2tiedships2  rating:nc-17  w/c:30-35k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  character:omega!louis  character:alpha!harry  character:baker!harry  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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I Didn't Fall For You (You Fucking Tripped Me)
Summary: These days Louis tends to steer clear of dating alphas. He’s dated too many knotheads in his time, and he’s ready to just focus on school and his friends and his pet monitor lizard, of course.

Too bad the alpha next door won’t take a hint and stop using the worst pick up lines of all time on him. He’s really got to stop laughing with him--and talking to him and walking to class with him and letting him bring him coffee and tea and gifts for his lizard and watching Netflix together and...
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:a  author:allwaswell16  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  challenge:1ddickprints&greysweatpants  year:2018  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
If I Loved You Less
Summary: Beautiful omega Louis Tomlinson is set to make his come out in London society and determined to find a mate in his first Season. With the help and protection of his oldest friend, Lord Niall Mendes, he takes Society by storm.

Being a wealthy and titled alpha means Lord Harry Styles has grown used to avoiding unmated omegas...until now. This Season he finds himself at every Society event just for a chance to speak with the omega with the flashing blue eyes.

Louis has the aristocracy at his feet and all the suitors he could hope for, but his secrets may ruin his chance at a love match.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:a  author:allwaswell16  rating:nc-17  w/c:35-40k  genre:au  genre:historical  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  challenge:hlregencyvictorianficchallenge  year:2018  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
In Your Black Heart (Is Where You'll Find Me)
Summary: Louis Tomlinson has been lying for five years. His crew sees him as a pirate, a Captain, and an alpha; only two of those are the truth. He was content to let the illusion go on forever, but an omega named Harry Styles just had to join his crew and get his warm-vanilla stink all over Louis' best laid plans.

Or: the story of The Captain and The Carpenter.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:g  author:graceling_in_a_suit  rating:nc-17  w/c:35-40k  genre:au  genre:historical  character:omega!harry  character:omega!louis  challenge:1dgaybo  year:2019  pdf  epub 
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I Would Follow You (To the Moon and Back)
Summary: Everyone has baggage, some people sleepwalk, some have obsessive exes, and others turn into anthropomorphic wolf-like monsters that destroy furniture and run rampant in the forest. Perfectly normal.

Or the one where Harry and Louis have been dating for six months, Harry is a werewolf, and it's a full moon. This time they're going to get it right.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:d  author:dick  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  genre:werewolf!fic  character:werewolf!harry  challenge:bottomlouisficexchange  year:2015  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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I Like Digging Holes
Summary: As soon as the video loaded, Harry practically choked on his tongue. It was a video of Louis writhing on his bed, moving his mouth to something. It was probably a song they had played, because he had tagged Harry specifically saying, “Thank you for my Morning Jam!” in bold white text.

All of that was great, but Harry really couldn’t get past the fact that Louis was topless, his tanned and tattooed torso looking like it was glowing as he sang along to whatever song it was.

“Harry,” Zayn said, snapping his fingers. “Oh my God, what is going on over there?”

Harry looked up from his phone, wide eyed with his cheeks burning. He truly had no idea if they were live again or not. He’d lost complete sense of his surroundings and time thanks to Louis’ erotic video. Harry knew he hadn’t meant it that way...or at least, he assumed Louis hadn’t...but it didn’t change the fact it absolutely was.

“You’re back on in five,” Liam said. “Pull yourself together, Harry.”

Or the one where Harry and Zayn host the Breakfast Show and Louis is a popular YouTuber who catches Harry's attention.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:r  w/c:5-10k  genre:au!harry  character:youtuber!louis  challenge:1000feelings  pdf  epub 
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I Don't Mean to Frustrate
Summary: Louis didn’t always feel like he had to hide. His family had known he would likely present as an omega from the time he was young and, despite the fact that male omegas were rare and had all the usual prejudices against them plus some, his loved ones were always caring and supportive.

Looking back on it, Louis sees quite clearly that had things gone differently, had three very specific scenes in his past played out with even a slight adjustment, he would likely be living his life as a happy and out male omega. Dwelling on that too often wasn’t good for him, though, because the fact was, they had happened. The outcome had been what got him where he was today: in the middle of a world tour feeling absolutely exhausted and needy, but not being able to tell anyone, not even his bandmates.

Or the one where Louis is an omega pretending to be a beta, but what happens when Harry, his (pining) alpha best friend, learns his secret?
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:r  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:alpha!harry  character:musician!louis  character:omega!louis  challenge:hlabo  year:2017  pdf  epub 
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I Will Care For You
Summary: “Afton, I just don’t know what I’m going to do,” Harry whined. “I’m going to adopt her, but I have no idea how to take care of her when I’m here as much as I am and I can’t really afford to raise a child on fewer hours. My family can only help so much, but I’ve already been relying on them too much this past week.”

“Oh, Harry. Just get yourself a nanny.” Afton threw out the suggestion and Harry sat up. How had he not considered that?

“How much do you need to pay a nanny? If I cut some expenses, I might be able to handle that, if they lived in. Would they expect more of me, since I’m an unmated alpha? Like, they wouldn’t think I’m some dodgy alpha looking for a nanny to become a bondmate or anything, would they?”

“Shut up, Harry,” Afton demanded. If she wasn’t a beta, Harry almost felt like she might have put some alpha timbre into her voice with that line. Either way, he did shut up to listen to her as she continued. “Reach out to Louis. He’s our usual sitter and he’s lovely. He’s come on some hard times, too, so you could probably convince him to work for you for cheap, especially if you’re having him live with you too.”
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:r  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:alpha!harry  character:nurse!harry  character:daddy!harry  character:omega!louis  character:daddy!louis  character:nanny!louis  challenge:hlabo  year:2017  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
april 2018 by Space.Clown
It Couldn’t Get Better They Say
Summary: When Louis Tomlinson releases his new single "Miss you" he is set to appear on Nick Grimshaw's morning show. Nick has a long time crush on Louis and maybe, just maybe, Nick can gather the courage to say something this time. What if Louis song is inspired not about a general situation, but maybe about a certain radio show host that he himself has had a crush on for a while.


Should be laughing, but there’s something wrong - How about we'll make it right?!
pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:h  author:happilylouie  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:musician!louis!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
It’s Like I’m Shootin' With Broken Arrows
Summary: Road trips are fun if you're going with someone you can connect with. Riding on the highway with the radio on, eating junk food, taking selfies and making meaningless conversations, bantering about directions...

That's not exactly the case with Nick and Louis. There might be less connecting and more bickering.

or, Nick and Louis miss the last plane, and they have two days to get to France. Traveling together might be the worst and best decision in their lives.
challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:s  author:saori  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
I'm so Lucky That It's You
Summary: Louis is a world famous pop star, Harry is his boyfriend of two years, and his team is pressuring him to come out before he's ready.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:c  author:crimsontheory  rating:r  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:musician!louis  challenge:hlspringexchange  year:2016  pdf  epub 
january 2018 by Space.Clown
I'll Be Your Pride
Summary: Louis needled Nick into riding the Ferris wheel with him so he wouldn't have to ride alone. Of course, they get stuck at the top and Louis has to help Nick through his paralyzing fear of heights.
pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:y  author:yesisaworld  rating:g  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
It'll Be
Summary: Louis has always wanted children and he decides he's done waiting for love to come first. However, after adopting a baby girl just days after she's born, he quickly realizes how hard parenting is. Louis hires Harry to be his Nanny, and it all works out great. Until Louis falls in love with him.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:s  author:styleandsin  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:nanny!harry  character:daddy!louis  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
If It Hurts To Breathe, Open The Window
Summary: Louis looks wonderful himself, in a muscle shirt reading The Stone Roses and showing off all his own ink. His jeans are tighter than Harry’s, and there are dark circles under his eyes and his hair is tatty and wild, and there’s a sex bruise on the bend of his elbow Harry didn't give to him. (In which Harry is a rock star, Louis is a tattoo artist, and one night stands are never really just one night.)
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:e  author:eversincewefellapart  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:tattoo.artist!louis  character:musician!harry  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
I Had A Bad Girl In My Room, Tats All On Her Skin
Summary: Written for this prompt: "Harry hands always-a-girl!louis the blunt they've been shotgunning for the past hour, flips the bill of his snapback backwards, and goes down on her til she comes twice."
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:e  author:eversincewefellapart  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  character:girl!louis  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
I Can See Stars In Your Eyes
Summary: AU where Louis works at Bath And Body Works and Harry goes in to buy some new bathing products after a rough day and they start flirting and things happen.

The next time Harry goes to the shop, Louis' bent over, organizing a shelf of lemon hand cream (good for mosquito bites) that got knocked over. Harry sneakily stands behind him, not enough to be noticeable, but enough to see Louis' bent-over bum is right at level with his crotch. Interesting.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:e  author:eversincewefellapart  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:student!harry  character:clerk!louis  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
I'm Wide Awake and So Alive
Summary: He ignores him, though, pushing himself and Beckham to the end of the aisle and bumps into someone, sending them to the floor with a loud 'oof'. Too late, Beckham barks a warning before sniffing the injured party, but Louis. Louis freezes.

He knows that lanky frame sprawled on the floor, even though it's broader and longer than he remembers, and the hair's longer than he remembers it being. But he knows this person.

And he wants to be anywhere but here, at the end of the canned veggie aisle of his local grocery, staring down at someone from his past, as that someone gets a soothing lick from his dog.

Louis got into a car accident his senior year and wound up permanently in a wheelchair. Instead of telling his high school sweetheart Harry, Louis ran as far from his problems as he could. A few years later, he's doing better about himself and being in a wheelchair. Until he runs into his high school sweetheart in a rather unorthodox way. Harry's excited to see him again, but Louis isn't.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:p  author:patdkitten  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:disabled!louis  challenge:hlspringexchange  year:2016  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
I'll Make This Feel Like Home
Summary: Harry woke up a little disoriented, head pounding and ears ringing with the sunlight bright against his eyes. He squeezed them shut, but it did little help as spots danced in front his closed eyelids. He felt the contents of his stomach rise up and he knew he would be ditsy if he were standing. Why did he ever drink?
Harry rewound back his memory a little. He wasn’t all that drunk last night but he got bad hangovers anyway. He remembered getting out of his shift dressed as a vampire, solemnly swearing to himself that he wouldn’t drink. Then why did he do so?

Basically this is the next morning.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:r  author:rainbowsandlove  rating:pg  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:vampire!fic  character:vampire!louis  prequel/sequel/verse  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
I Could Do Without a Tan On My Left Hand (Where My Fourth Finger Meets My Knuckle)
Summary: Harry and Louis wake up after what was apparently a crazy night of drinking and making promises that are meant to last forever. Somewhere within that night, the two decided that it would be best to get engaged and agree to make each other happy for the rest of their lives... the only issue... they aren't dating, and neither one knows how the other truly feels about them. Cue bad hangovers, shamefully reliving the night through voicemail's, embarrassing confessions and a happy ending.

Featuring Niall and Liam as supportive best friends, Anne as a caring mother, and Gemma and Lottie as typical teasing sisters.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:f  author:futureisforgiven  rating:g  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  challenge:hlficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
In This Life I Shall Have Joy
Summary: Assigned to be Mormon missionary companions together in Cortez, Colorado, Elders Styles and Tomlinson find a little more joy in their service than they anticipated.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:p  author:polka_stripes  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:first.time  character:missionary!louis  character:missionary!harry  challenge:1dreversebang  year:2017  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
I'll Make This Feel Like Home
Summary: It’s nerdy, much nerdier than anything Harry would have engaged in back home. Perrie and Ed are singing some song from West Side Story and Stan is just giggling along, and it’s almost weird how weird Harry doesn’t find it. Liam and Niall would be running as fast as they could from this interaction, but somehow, Harry finds himself giggling along as well.

Maybe it’s because no one in this group seems like they should belong in this group, but Harry feels like he fits right in. He feels more himself than he has in weeks when Louis plops down beside him for a couple moments and throws out another title to add to their movie marathon. Even though he can’t contribute to the conversation about musicals and he has no idea whether The King and I or Oklahoma is more important, he never feels like an outsider.

Or, Harry is new to Plymouth and has had a rough start, but Louis won't rest until he makes it start to feel like home.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:s  author:suspendrs  rating:pg-13  w/c:40-45k  genre:au  genre:highschool!fic  genre:first.time  character:student!louis  character:student!harry  pdf  epub 
november 2017 by Space.Clown
In Midnights, In Cups Of Coffee
Summary: “Sorry about the sugar,” Louis says, backing toward his own flat. “Bundle up before you go out.”

Harry smiles so sweetly then that Louis can’t imagine he’ll even need the sugar, if the muffins aren’t sweet enough just because they were made by him. “Thanks,” he says, eyes lingering a little longer on Louis before he lets himself back into Gemma’s apartment, and then Louis is just standing in the hallway by himself.

Or, Louis is overworked and cold, Harry is stressed out, and they might be in love.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:s  author:suspendrs  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:student!harry  character:barista!louis  pdf  epub 
october 2017 by Space.Clown
I'll Take Your Pain
Summary: It’s kind of romantic when Harry thinks about it, feeling all the pain of the person he’s supposed to love for the rest of his life. Sure, it’s rather inconvenient when he’s in class and his soulmate gets kicked in the balls, or when he’s sleeping and his soulmate knocks his head or his knee off something. It’d be nice if the function helped them to find each other, but Harry supposes he can live with knowing that they’re destined to run into each other someday. 

Or, soulmates have the ability to feel each other's pain, and Harry finds his after getting his arse waxed. (Or, the soulmate au crack fic I can't believe I actually wrote.)
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:s  author:suspendrs  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  pdf  epub 
october 2017 by Space.Clown
In All Its Imperfections
Summary: From: Louis Tomlinson
To: Undisclosed Recipients


I’ve asked the front desk and you lovely folks are the ones who are on the same level as me in the car park. I found a to-do list today that looked somewhat important because it has lines of poetry scribbled at the bottom that seemed like they might be for a card project. The stationary has a moose in a canoe at the top of it (and he is quite adorable). Let me know if it’s yours!


“Oh. My. Fucking. God,” Harry whispered, his eyes darting over the sentences again willing them not to make sense. They did, they did make sense. “Oh. My. Bloody. Fucking. God.”

The next thing he knew he was on the floor, staring at the ceiling, with a very concerned Liam hovering over his head.

"What happened, mate?" Liam asked.

Harry just pointed to his computer.

Liam bent over Harry’s desk to read the email. “What? This isn’t bad. Is that your to-do list? Did you finally come up with the inside text for those cards?”

“Leeyum" he groaned. “It’s what’s on the list.”

“Oh,” Liam paused for a beat. “Is it dirty stuff?”

Harry nodded.

There was more silence. And then, "Dirty stuff with Louis?"
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:b  author:briamaria  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:writer!harry  character:artist!louis  pdf  epub 
october 2017 by Space.Clown
I Ain't Leavin' Without Your Love
Summary: Anne puts her hand on Harry’s bicep and looks at him, obviously concerned. “Are you alright, m’love? What is back there that’s had you distracted all night?” 

There is no way Harry is getting into this discussion with his family, especially not in the middle of the dining room, so he just shrugs it off. “Nothing, mum,” he promises, “just thought I recognised someone. It’s nothing.”

Later that night, they have family game night in Anne and Robin’s room. Harry loves it, really; it’s a tradition that he cherishes, especially now that he sees his family so rarely. It’s just hard for him to focus. There’s a guy somewhere in this resort, a really, really handsome guy, and he may or may not be wearing Harry’s hoodie.

How is he going to find him? And more importantly, did that guy really take his clothes?

Or, a holiday AU in which Harry goes to St. Ives for Gemma’s wedding and his baggage gets lost at the airport, only for him to find a stranger at his resort who is definitely wearing his clothes and definitely won’t admit it. The little shit.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:c  author:callmemal  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:teacher!harry  character:producer!louis  challenge:1dreversebang  year:2017  pdf  epub 
october 2017 by Space.Clown
I Come Alive When I Hear Your Voice
Summary: Harry let out a satisfied sigh and sat back in his cushioned office chair. He looked down at his laptop and tapped his fingers against his bottom lip in contemplation. He was fairly pleased with what he’d finished so far on his latest project; he just needed to fine-tune some bits and then send it off to his management for their approval. He sent his coworkers an e-mail giving them commenting rights on the document for any constructive criticism they might have, and cringed when his stomach let out an unholy gurgle.

Aka: Harry the mute songwriter falls in love with the single dad working at the bakery down the street from his studio.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:t  author:thepriestthinksitsthedevil  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:songwriter!harry  character:mute!harry  character:baker!louis  character:daddy!louis  challenge:hlsummerficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
october 2017 by Space.Clown
If I Don't Have You (There'll Be Nothing Left)
Summary: “What is his problem?” Louis demanded as he stalked around Niall and Ed’s kitchen. They were gonna have a pow-wow and figure out what was going on with Harry.

“Maybe he can’t pop a knot?” Niall suggested.

“Ew,” Liam said.

“Doubtful,” Louis said. “He seemed perfectly fine up until his friend pulled him off of me. Also I may have called him a knothead earlier in the night and he didn’t make a single comment to me about it.”

AKA Louis thought after meeting Harry at a party everything would fall into place. If only life worked out that nicely.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:s  author:sadaveniren  rating:nc-17  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!harry  character:alpha!harry  character:student!louis  character:omega!louis  challenge:hlexchange  year:2016  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
If the Surface Begs You Home
Summary: Harry is a mermaid from the underwater kingdom of Mercadia who is a little too fascinated by life above the surface. He's kicked out of his home after he winds up pregnant, and has to figure out how to make his way in the world.

Louis is the darling of the small neighbouring seaside village who came home after university to take over their local library, and can't seem to stay away from the mysterious pregnant mermaid his friends introduce him to.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  genre:mpreg  character:merman!harry  character:daddy!harry  character:librarian!louis  challenge:hlmpregficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
I Always Get Lucky With You
Summary: When Louis complains that he’s been single too long, Niall decides to help him out by signing him up for Gaydar, a “dating” app. What happens when a great guy messages him?

Just remember, not everything you read on the internet is true.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:p  author:phdmama  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:waiter!harry  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
I'll Always Have One More Try
Summary: “Well I should get to my next class…” Louis looks around at everyone else doing the same.

So Harry decides to bite the bullet. “Yeah, um, but yeah, I was just wondering if you have any interest in going out on friday?”

Besides the tiny flinch of his eyebrows he doesn’t look that fazed by the question. “None, actually,” he says, adding a small smirk before walking away.

Which is… valid.

A 10 Things I Hate About You AU where Lottie’s mum tells her she can't date until Louis does, so to get around said rule, she convinces and pays Harry Styles to date her brother.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:a  author:annewithane  rating:pg-13  w/c:30-35k  genre:au  genre:highschool!fic  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  challenge:hlficfest  year:2017  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
I Found A Love
Summary: Louis adjusted his suspenders a bit and picked up the next book when someone cleared their throat behind him, making Louis jump. He spun quickly around, hand on his chest and just barely remembered to not drop Diana Gabaldon’s newest thousand page hardback that would definitely have done damage to Louis’ feet.

Standing in front of him was someone who looked like he had just walked out of a motorcycle commercial. He had his hair pulled up in a bun, was wearing what looked to be an expensive as fuck leather jacket over a ratty Rolling Stones t-shirt, and were those sparkly boots? Louis wasn’t quite sure how to take him, but he certainly had a presence. He was also likely confused about his location and was clearly about to ask where the DVD section was.

Or the one where Louis is a nerdy English major who may just run into his happily ever after while working his shift at the local library.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:student!louis  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
If It's Meant To Be (It'll Be, It'll Be)
Summary: “So, anyway. I’m done here and on my way to the airport. I think I’m expected to be there in the morning, around ten. I’ll let you know when I’m getting close.”

“Sounds good.” Harry pulled back from the window and threw himself onto one of the beds. Once he got comfortable, he steeled himself and then went for it. “It’s been too long this time, Lou,” he finally whispered. He watched as Louis bit his lip and nodded slowly.

“I know,” Louis agreed, just as quiet in return. “We have to swear to never go this long without seeing each other again. Two months is just...unacceptable. I’m gonna go now, but I’ll see you soon. ‘Kay?”

“Yeah. See you. Be safe,” Harry said, far too fondly for his best friend. He couldn’t help it though. It was how he always had been and probably always would be.

They hung up and Harry threw his arm over his face.

“I am so in love with him,” he whined to himself. “Fuck.”
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:model!louis!harry  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
If You Find Yourself Here
Summary: Harry accidentally wanders into Louis' apartment.

They've never met.

pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
I Wasn't Looking When I Stumbled Onto You
Summary: In retrospect Louis could see how the pap got the idea. He admitted he saw Harry quite a lot, but he swears they never arranged it. He was only a med student and Harry was a movie star it was ridiculous to think they were dating. Right?
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:c  author:cherrie  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:student!louis  character:actor!harry  challenge:hlficfest  year:2017  pdf  epub 
september 2017 by Space.Clown
I Tried To Do Handstands For You, But Every Time I Fell For You
Summary: “You know what, Niall? You’re right. I’m thirty-one; my life is only just beginning.” Harry says, already in a better mood. “Okay, guys, hit me; what should I do?”

Niall looks around and then stares Harry dead in the eyes and says, “You should go to an orgy.”

“What?” Harry says, a little too loud. The science teacher at the coffee machine, Vanessa, Harry thinks her name is, gives them a weird look but decides better than to ask and goes back to her coffee.

or Harry is a lonely kindergarten teacher who goes to an orgy only to meet the love of his life and has conversations with his three best friends about orgies in the teacher's lounge.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:s  author:shitucute  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:teacher!harry  character:daddy!louis  challenge:hlvalentine'sdayficexchange  pdf  epub 
august 2017 by Space.Clown
I'd Give Up Everything Just Ask Me To
Summary: They don't usually exchange Christmas gifts, but this year is different. This year, Louis knows exactly what he wants to put under the tree to make his boyfriend smile. He just doesn't know how he's going to get it.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:r  author:rearviewdreamer  rating:g  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  pdf  epub 
august 2017 by Space.Clown
I'll Be There
Summary: Louis is less than thrilled to find out his roommate has coerced his nemesis to check on him whilst he's sick in bed. However, Harry seems to take great pleasure in taking care of Louis. Maybe this green smoothie drinking, hot yoga instructing, hair in a bun wearing, pretentious art history studying wanker isn’t so bad after all.

On Monday, Louis thinks Harry's a twat. By Friday, he's thinking of reasons for him to stay.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:a  author:allwaswell16  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  character:sick!louis  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
If You Let It Be Something
Summary: “The only reason–” George suddenly can’t contain his laughter and needs to take a moment to collect himself. He doubles over for a few long seconds, then straightens up again to wipe an imaginary tear from his eye before continuing. “Oh, lad. The only reason that potion would cause someone to nearly propose marriage is if they were already embarrassingly in love with you.”
pairing:niall/zayn  title:i  author:z  author:zcinmalik  rating:pg-13  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:wizard!niall  character:wizard!zayn  challenge:potterdirectionficexchange  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
I've Been Thinking 'Bout It All Day
Summary: When he heard about the job opening, from his nosy Aunt of course, Harry was ecstatic to go down there and talk to the shop owner. Her name is Perrie, and she and her best friend Louis opened the shop together not too long ago. Harry remembers the pair well from when he was in school.

or, Harry gets a job in Perrie and Louis' potion shop. He wasn't planning on the huge crush he develops on his boss.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lsforever  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:wizard!harry  character:wizard!louis  challenge:potterdirectionficexchange  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
It's Simple Genetics (I'm the Y to his Y)
Summary: "Remember that one-in-fifteen-thousand gene anomaly thing?"

"It's what makes me beautiful," Nick says sagely, miming flipping his hair.

Or: more mpreg verse.
pairing:harry/nick  title:i  author:s  author:sunsetmog  rating:r  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:mpreg  character:musician!harry  character:daddy!harry!nick  character:daddy!nick  prequel/sequel/verse  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
I'm On the Hunt Now (I'm After You)
Summary: Omegas haven’t been able to shift into their wolves for two hundred years. That is, until Louis Tomlinson changes everything. AU where Alpha Harry and Omega Louis have a lot more than falling in love to deal with after The Mating Ceremony.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:a  author:afangirlfantasy  rating:nc-17  w/c:55-60k  genre:au  genre:werewolf!fic  genre:soulmate!fic  genre:mpreg  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
In This Light
Summary: Harry gets a position on the school yearbook staff, which is fine until he falls in love with Louis Tomlinson through the lens of his camera.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:k  author:kiwikero  rating:g  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:highschool!fic  character:student!louis  character:athlete!louis  character:actor!louis  character:student!harry  character:photographer!harry  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
I Could Do Without A Tan On My Left Hand
Summary: The five times Harry's blind dates go horribly wrong and the one time it goes horribly right.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:f  author:fookinglousers  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:photographer!harry  character:writer!louis  pdf  epub 
july 2017 by Space.Clown
I Don't Miss You At All
Summary: Louis goes on tour, and Nick definitely does not pine. [SEQUEL TO: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better Than You]
pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:a  author:aliferuined  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:musician!louis!nick  pdf  epub  prequel/sequel/verse  FAVORITES 
june 2017 by Space.Clown
I'm Making Eggs
Summary: Louis makes breakfast. Nick thinks Louis is breakfast.
pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:p  author:purple_pixie143  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
june 2017 by Space.Clown
It Happened like a Firefly's Light
Summary: Harry stood there in the moonlight with his arms wrapped around Louis as the older lad swayed them in front of the building’s door, not sure what to say to him, how to explain himself. But at the same time all Harry could think was that friends don’t do this, two people working together can’t do this. At this point though he couldn’t care less about what he was told he couldn’t do. So before he let go of the man in his arms and without thinking he dipped his head and gently pressed his lips to Louis’ cheek, making the older lad freeze before he grinned softly to himself.

“Goodnight Lou.”

And before Louis could mutter anything back, before he could ask another question Harry released himself out of Louis' grip and walked towards the door of his building, but not without hearing a quiet “goodnight Haz” behind him.


Harry Styles. It was a name everyone knew, a person the public loved. But he had one impossible task. Write and record his third album in a month. This is where Louis Tomlinson comes in. He wasn’t famous, not by any means. But this songwriter was going to make Harry's album possible. That is if fans, the media and falling in love don't get in his way first.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lhstylinson  rating:nc-17  w/c:45-50k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:musician!louis  challenge:hlsummerficexchange  year:2015  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
may 2017 by Space.Clown
I'll Smile To Hide The Truth
Summary: You were lost in each other, absolutely lost. The world could be burning around you and neither of you would notice. You stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and he spun you around as if you were two five year olds trying to dance for the first time. You dipped under his long arms and he twirled and you were both listening to music that no one else could hear.

It didn’t matter that no one else could hear, because only the two of you existed in that moment. I didn’t exist. The memory of me didn’t exist. It was just giggles and shy glances and the night that wrapped around you and kept your love in its careful hands.

And then he kissed you, right there, just on the edge of the soft yellow glow of the streetlamp and your fingers dug into his long dark curls and your feet went up on tiptoes so that your body pressed into every centimeter of his and you held onto him in a way that spoke promises of never letting go.


Or the "Happier" AU that finds Louis' ex running into him and Harry as a couple
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:b  author:briamaria  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  pdf  epub 
may 2017 by Space.Clown
I Walk the Line
Summary: Professor Louis Tomlinson is the leading researcher in his field. Harry Styles is Louis’ recently hired grad assistant. Sparks fly between them but something doesn’t add up when it comes to Harry, and Louis is determined to find out what.

What happens when everything Louis thought he knew comes crashing down around him? Is he doomed to repeat his past mistakes? Or will he learn to follow his heart and find a way to forge his own path, alongside someone he’s not sure he can trust, but who might just be the best thing to ever happen to him.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:a  author:awriterwrites  rating:nc-17  w/c:55-60k  genre:au  character:teacher!louis  character:student!harry  character:spy!harry  challenge:onedirectionbigbang  round:5  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
may 2017 by Space.Clown
It Hurts my Hands to Hold the Rope
Summary: Harry Styles is a very popular photographer living and working from London, UK in the year 2021. Other than his Labradoodle and Great Dane and those who force their way into his shell, he keeps himself too busy for friends or lovers. He's hardened, shut off a bit because of a past relationship that just can't seem to disappear from his life.

Liam Payne is a very popular musician based in Los Angeles. He's been through a lot and had to do it all alone while in the public eye. He writes mostly about his ex-love, speaks candidly about his struggles and sexuality and is currently ending his world tour for his second album in London, desperate to run into a familiar face.

Or in which Harry and Liam met when they were sixteen and dated for six years until Liam left Harry and their life in London to try and make it in the music business. It's nearly five years later and Liam's sort of stalking Harry but in the least weird way. Harry's over Liam and wishes he'd stay out of his life. Niall's Switzerland and Louis is loyal. Nouis own a pub and have families of their own. Harry owns two big dogs and his own photo studio. Liam just wants his old mates back.
pairing:harry/liam  title:i  author:s  author:seventytimes7  rating:nc-17  w/c:35-40k  genre:au  character:photographer!harry  character:musician!liam  challenge:onedirectionbigbang  round:5  pdf  epub 
may 2017 by Space.Clown
It's A Beautiful Night (We're Looking For Something Dumb To Do)
Summary: In which Nick ends up in Vegas for Harry's half-birthday and leaves with a famous popstar husband in tow.
pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:c  author:carissima  rating:pg-13  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:musician!louis!nick  pdf  epub 
may 2017 by Space.Clown
If A Reason Is What You're Looking For (I'll Be Yours)
Summary: Liam though, the bastard, just fixes the stupid hat he is wearing and swallows another giggle.

"You got married! Last night. I believe one of you decided it was Vegas tradition and now here we are."

“We did not fucking get married.” Louis deadpans and stares from Liam to Nick. “I did not fucking marry that!”

Nick glares back at Louis.

“And I did not marry him. I have standards, unlike others.”

“Go fuck yourself.” Louis flips him off, but he is also feeling panic rise in his body because what the fuck happened last night and what did they do and if they are naked did he seriously have sex with Nick fucking Grimshaw? And married him?

Louis is in Vegas. When he wakes up he isn’t alone in his bed. And apparently not single either. Thank god annulments are an easy thing to get. Well, that is until your management decides you can’t get one but have to pretend that the whole thing wasn’t a drunken mistake but in fact, an act of love.
pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:w  author:weddingbells  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au!nick  character:musician!louis  pdf  epub 
may 2017 by Space.Clown
It's A Date
Summary: Stumbling into the first flower shop he can find, Louis’ huff echoes around the empty store. “I don’t know where you are,” he starts, voice raising as his eyes dart around the various walls of flowers. He feels the rage working up in him again, slamming a 20 pound bill on the counter as he yells, “But I need to passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower.”
Hearing a noise in the back room that sounds like it could be footsteps, he continues angrily, “I have the absolute pleasure of having a roommate that won’t stop fucking his boyfriend in the middle of the night.” Letting out a sigh as he turns around to take a look at the various bouquets, he mumbles, as if to himself, “It’s been days since I’ve slept properly.”
“So that’s who the flowers are for?” A low voice clarifies from behind him, and the sudden sound startles Louis, causing him to almost drop the bouquet he had just picked up.

(Or a Flower Shop AU where Louis needs help from Harry, the florist, to send a strong message to his overly loud roommates)
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:d  author:deniallisstrong  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:florist!harry  pdf  epub 
april 2017 by Space.Clown
I Just Know I Have Found The Place My Heart Belongs
Summary: “Gracie loves faeries, don’t you, little love?” Louis asks, cutting through Harry’s thoughts, and she spares a glance over her shoulder at her father, nodding quickly before looking back at the house and touching it with gentle fingers.

Harry looks up at him, and they share a small smile, Louis making him feel warm, warm, warm. “This is her house, and it’s my favorite thing in my shop,” Harry explains, and Louis crouches slightly so he can see it better.

“’S beautiful,” he murmurs, and Harry smiles appreciatively at him.

Harry looks at Gracie again, blonde hair falling into her face as she inspects the glittery house, and he instinctively tucks her hair back behind her ear. “I’ve never seen the faerie,” he says to her softly, “but sometimes, when it’s very quiet, I can feel her.” He closes his eyes, taking in a breath, just sitting like that for a few seconds for the effect. “That’s how I know she’s watching over me.”

Or, the one where Louis has a quiet little girl, Harry has a toy shop with a magic faerie house, and they were made to fall in love.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:s  author:scagnetism  rating:pg-13  w/c:30-35k  genre:au  character:daddy!louis  character:barista!louis  character:clerk!harry  pdf  epub 
april 2017 by Space.Clown
I’ll Breathe Your Air Into My Lungs
Summary: Harry Styles is eighteen, and he thinks it's about time he meets his soulmate.

or; the one where soulmates are determined by matching charm bracelets
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:b  author:brightbluelou  rating:g  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  pdf  epub 
march 2017 by Space.Clown
I'll Stay With You, For All Of Time
Summary: Harry has plans this Christmas Eve. plans to surprise Louis on his birthday and make sure it's his happiest and most memorable one yet.

{or, Harry tells Louis that he's pregnant with their fourth child in front of their whole family}
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:louislovesharry  rating:r  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:mpreg  character:daddy!louis  character:daddy!harry  pdf  epub 
march 2017 by Space.Clown
Is This Seat Taken?
Summary: A borrowed suit from Zayn, a cigarette and the right attitude, and Louis went from security breach to misplaced celebrity instantly. He could practically see the wheels in the security guy’s head switch from ‘could be dangerous’ to ‘could get me fired’.
L.A was so predictable. 

Louis makes a bet with Zayn that he can sneak into a music awards event without getting caught, and when he ends up posing as a seat-filling member of staff he runs into superstar Harry Styles and sparks fly. Que the music.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lainy122  rating:nc-17  w/c:35-40k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:temp!louis  character:seat.filler!louis  pdf  epub 
march 2017 by Space.Clown
If I Was Your Boyfriend
Summary: Zayn's an up-and-coming R&B musician. Niall's a uni student. It's complicated.
pairing:niall/zayn  title:i  author:c  author:countthestars  rating:r  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:musician!zayn  character:student!niall  pdf  epub 
march 2017 by Space.Clown
In The Arms Of An Angel
Summary: Firefighter Liam Payne poses for a calendar to raise money for charity.
pairing:liam/louis  title:i  author:c  author:countthestars  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:fireman!liam  pdf  epub 
march 2017 by Space.Clown
I'm Not A Princess, This Ain't A Fairy Tale
Summary: “I can’t believe you bought a fucking frog.”

“Shut up, Louis. It’s not just any frog, okay?”

Louis rolls his eyes and flops down onto Liam’s bed. “Right, my mistake. It’s your soul-frog. Are you hearing yourself, Liam? Are you hearing the words coming out of your mouth?”

or; the one where Liam, Louis, and Zayn work in a pet store. Louis and Niall are stupidly in love and Liam is definitely not bitter.
pairing:harry/liam  title:i  author:c  author:countthestars  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:clerk!liam  pdf  epub 
march 2017 by Space.Clown
If I Could Reach The Stars (I’d Give Them All To You)
Summary: Louis goes to bed 13 and miserable. He wakes up 17 years later on top of the world.

(13 going on 30 au)
pairing:liam/louis  title:i  author:c  author:countthestars  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:businessman!louis  character:songwriter!liam  pdf  epub 
march 2017 by Space.Clown
It Starts And It Never Fades Away
Summary: “Niall told me I should put an ad out in order to get a date, and it’s three days before Valentine's Day, so everyone is already gonna have a date, but to get him to shut up, I’m doing this.” Louis turns his computer to face Harry, revealing the word document where he’s typed out the most ridiculous, unappealing, horrifying letter he can think of. “This’ll get Niall to fuck right off, I reckon.”

Or, Louis puts out a flyer to help him get a date he absolutely doesn't want. He gets more than he bargained for.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:s  author:scagnetism  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  pdf  epub 
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(I Can Hear Your Heart)
Summary: Playing by the rules, of time and of Harry, he only has one more sticky note clue to reveal after this before his twenty-sixth birthday is over. Something about that countdown makes him linger over pulling this one off, linger over ending the game. He holds his breath as he pulls the sticky edge away from the cardstock board Harry made, already smiling as he flips it over.

Or, Harry plans twenty-six surprises for Louis' birthday.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:r  author:roseblossom  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:writer!harry  character:writer!louis  challenge:hlchristmasandnewyearfanfiction  pdf  epub 
february 2017 by Space.Clown
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character:baker!jensen  character:baker!louis  character:bamf!jared  character:banker!jared  character:banker!jensen  character:barista!harry  character:barista!jared  character:barista!jensen  character:barista!liam  character:barista!louis  character:barista!niall  character:barista!zayn  character:bartender!harry  character:bartender!jared  character:bartender!louis  character:bartender!zayn  character:beta!jared  character:biologist!harry  character:blind!jared  character:blind!jensen  character:blind!louis  character:body.guard!harry  character:bookstore.clerk!harry  character:bookstore.clerk!jared  character:bookstore.clerk!louis  character:businessman!brian  character:businessman!jared  character:businessman!jensen  character:businessman!liam  character:businessman!louis  character:businessman!zayn  character:care.taker!jared  character:cashier!harry  character:chef!harry  character:chef!jared  character:chef!jensen  character:clerk!harry  character:clerk!liam  character:clerk!louis  character:counselor!jared  character:counselor!jensen  character:counselor!louis  character:daddy!harry  character:daddy!jared  character:daddy!jensen  character:daddy!justin  character:daddy!louis  character:daddy!nick  character:dance.instructor!justin  character:dancer!jared  character:dancer!jensen  character:daycare.worker!harry  character:designer!harry  character:designer!jensen  character:director!jared  character:disabled!liam  character:disabled!louis  character:doctor!harry  character:doctor!jensen  character:doctor!louis  character:dog.walker!jared  character:dom!louis  character:dragon!jensen  character:dragon.rider!llouis  character:fairy!jensen  character:farmer!harry  character:fashion.designer!harry  character:fashion.designer!jared  character:fashion.designer!jensen  character:film.maker!jensen  character:firefighter!liam  character:fireman!jared  character:fireman!liam  character:fisherman!niall  character:florist!harry  character:florist!niall  character:genius!jared  character:ghost!harry  character:ghost!louis  character:girl!liam  character:girl!louis  character:girl!niall  character:girl!zayn  character:governor!harry  character:grocer!jared  character:grocer!jensen  character:guardian!harry  character:hairdresser!jensen!jensen  character:head.hunter!jensen  character:healer!jared  character:homeless!jensen  character:homeless!louis  character:hooker!zayn  character:hotel.worker!harry  character:housekeeper!harry  character:hunter!dean  character:hunter!louis  character:hurt!brian  character:hurt!harry  character:hurt!jamie  character:hurt!jared  character:hurt!jensen  character:hurt!justin  character:hurt!liam  character:hurt!louis  character:hurt!sam  character:hurt!tyler  character:hurt!zayn  character:hybrid!louis!harry  character:intern!harry  character:intern!jensen  character:intern!justin  character:investigator!jared  character:invisible!harry  character:journalist!harry  character:journalist!jared  character:journalist!zayn  character:law.enforcer!jensen  character:lawyer!jensen  character:lawyer!liam  character:librarian!jared  character:librarian!jensen  character:librarian!louis  character:librarian!sam  character:lifeguard!niall  character:linguist!jared  character:lumberjack!liam  character:manager!jared  character:mechanic!jensen  character:mechanic!louis  character:mentally.challenged!jensen  character:merman!harry  character:merman!jensen  character:midwife!harry  character:military!harry  character:military!louis  character:missionary!harry  character:missionary!louis  character:model!harry  character:model!jared  character:model!jensen  character:model!louis  character:model!zayn  character:musician!bressie  character:musician!harry  character:musician!jared  character:musician!jensen  character:musician!liam  character:musician!louis  character:musician!niall  character:musician!zayn  character:mute!harry  character:nanny!harry  character:nanny!louis  character:nurse!harry  character:nurse!jared  character:office.worker!jared  character:office.worker!jensen  character:office.worker!louis  character:omega!harry  character:omega!jared  character:omega!louis  character:pa!jared  character:pa!jensen  character:painter!louis  character:paramedic/emt!jared  character:paramedic/emt!jensen  character:phonesex.operator!harry  character:phonesex.operator!jensen  character:photographer!harry  character:photographer!jared  character:photographer!jensen  character:physical.therapist!jensen  character:pilot!jensen  character:pirate!liam  character:powers!harry  character:powers!jared  character:powers!jensen  character:powers!louis  character:prince!harry  character:prince!jared  character:prince!jensen  character:prince!louis  character:prince!zayn  character:producer!liam  character:producer!louis  character:protector!harry  character:psychic!harry  character:psychic!jared  character:psychologist!louis  character:ra!liam!harry!nick  character:reporter!harry  character:reporter!louis  character:rich!brian  character:rich!harry  character:rich!jared  character:rich!louis  character:robot!jensen  character:robot!liam  character:royalty!harry  character:sailor!harry  character:scientist!louis  character:scuba.instructor!louis  character:seat.filler!louis  character:secretary!jensen  character:security/body.guard!jared  character:shifter!jared  character:sick!bressie  character:sick!jared  character:sick!jensen  character:sick!justin  character:sick!liam  character:sick!louis  character:sick!zayn  character:singer!jared  character:slave!jensen  character:slave!liam  character:slave!louis  character:slave!sam  character:socially.awkward!jared  character:soldier!jensen  character:songwriter!harry  character:songwriter!liam  character:songwriter!louis  character:spy!harry  character:spy!jared  character:spy!jensen  character:stable.boy!louis  character:stripper/hooker!jared  character:stripper/hooker!jensen  character:student!brian  character:student!harry  character:student!jared  character:student!jensen  character:student!justin  character:student!liam  character:student!louis  character:student!niall  character:student!nick  character:student!zayn  character:stylist!harry  character:sub!harry  character:superhero!jared  character:superhero!jensen  character:ta!jared  character:tailor!jared  character:tattoo.artist!dean  character:tattoo.artist!louis  character:teacher!harry  character:teacher!jared  character:teacher!louis  character:tech.guy!harry  character:temp!louis  character:therapist!jensen  character:thief!harry  character:trans!harry  character:trans!louis  character:translator!louis!jared!harry  character:tutor!zayn  character:vampire!harry  character:vampire!jared  character:vampire!louis  character:vet!liam  character:volunteer!jensen  character:waiter!harry  character:wedding.planner!harry  character:werewolf!harry  character:werewolf!jamie  character:werewolf!tyler  character:werewolf!zayn  character:wizard!harry  character:wizard!louis  character:wizard!niall  character:wizard!zayn  character:writer!harry  character:writer!jensen  character:writer!louis  character:writer!zayn  character:yoga.instructor!harry  character:youtuber!liam  character:youtuber!louis  character:youtuber!zayn  DEAD/FLOCKED  epub  FAVORITES  genre:amnesia!fic  genre:au  genre:canon  genre:canon/not-canon  genre:christmas!fic  genre:college!fic  genre:crack  genre:dragon!fic  genre:fantasy/  genre:first.time  genre:forced.marriage  genre:highschool!fic  genre:historical  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:kid!fic  genre:kidnap!fic  genre:mpreg  genre:post5.10  genre:post5.13  genre:pwp  genre:slave!fic  genre:soulmate!fic  genre:superhero!fic  genre:vampire!fic  genre:wedding!fic  genre:werecat!fic  genre:werewolf!fic  no.epub  no.pdf  pairing:brian/justin  pairing:chris/steve  pairing:dean/cas  pairing:dean/sam  pairing:harry/liam  pairing:harry/louis  pairing:harry/niall  pairing:harry/nick  pairing:harry/zayn  pairing:jared/jensen  pairing:jared/misha  pairing:jensen/jdm  pairing:liam/louis  pairing:liam/niall  pairing:liam/zayn  pairing:louis/nick  pairing:louis/zayn  pairing:niall/bressie  pairing:niall/louis  pairing:niall/zayn  pairing:sam/cas  pairing:tyler/jamie  pdf  prequel/sequel/verse  rating:g  rating:nc-17  rating:pg  rating:pg-13  rating:r  round:2  round:3  round:4  round:5  title:i  w/c:1-5k  w/c:5-10k  w/c:10-15k  w/c:15-20k  w/c:20-25k  w/c:25-30k  w/c:30-35k  w/c:35-40k  w/c:40-45k  w/c:45-50k  w/c:50-55k  w/c:55-60k  w/c:60-65k  w/c:65-70k  w/c:70-75k  w/c:80-85k  w/c:85-90k  w/c:90-95k  w/c:95-100k  w/c:105-110k  w/c:110-115k  w/c:115-120k  w/c:120-125k  w/c:130-135k  w/c:<1k  year:2007  year:2008  year:2009  year:2010  year:2011  year:2012  year:2013  year:2014  year:2015  year:2016  year:2017  year:2018  year:2019 

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