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Waiting For Someone Who Needs Me
Summary: Harry huffed in frustration. His feet pigeon-toed as he took a step forward. “None?” he asked with a hint of desperation. “You have nothing that you need?”

Louis shook his head. “Listen. I’ve a million things that I want, like for the Donny Rovers to get to finals and for our band to do well and to write better songs and for my mum to be able to pay off her mortgage, but I don’t need any of those things. There’s a difference.”

AU: Harry is a genie, and Louis doesn't think he needs anything.
pairing:harry/louis  title:w  author:g  author:graceling_in_a_suit  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:musician!louis  character:genie!harry  challenge:wordplay  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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Down Comes The Night
Summary: Harry Styles is a not-at-all-magic resident of 23rd Century London in possession of a very weird cat, an occult store, and the budding friendship of an attractive homeless man named Louis.

There's a miracle afoot.
pairing:harry/louis  title:d  author:g  author:graceling_in_a_suit  rating:pg-13  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  genre:hurt/comfort  character:witch!harry  character:cat!louis  character:homeless!louis  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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Beautiful & Strange
Summary: Over the top of Niall’s cackles, Louis heard Zayn say: “I think it’s…. A spaceship.”

Louis and Niall turned to him in bafflement. Zayn put his hands up in surrender. “What! It’s clearly floating, so it’s not a rock, and it’s not made of wood or plastic or metal.”

Louis didn’t even bother telling him that, no, of course it’s not a spaceship, this isn’t the x-files.

OR: A story in which Harry is an alien looking to be found, and Louis does the finding. (And vice versa.)
pairing:harry/louis  title:b  author:g  author:graceling_in_a_suit  rating:nc-17  w/c:40-45k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  genre:soulmate!fic  character:alien!harry  character:scientist!louis  pdf  epub 
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I Won't Let You Forget
Summary: When Louis is eighteen years old, he meets his soulmate.

He was to wait six years to meet him again; this time, for the first time.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:g  author:graceling_in_a_suit  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  character:musician!harry  character:songwriter!louis  challenge:wordplay  pdf  epub 
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Knight Changes
Summary: Louis has a promise to keep and a curse to break for a man in a bog. Niall, Liam, and Zayn are along for the ride. The real friends are the dragons we slay along the way.
pairing:harry/louis  title:k  author:g  author:graceling_in_a_suit  rating:r  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  genre:crack  character:cursed!harry  character:knight!louis  challenge:1dridiculousfixexchange  year:2019  pdf  epub 
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I Wanna Be Alright With My Baby Tonight
Summary: Harry Styles' university football team (Go Queers!) is on a losing streak, and so is his love life. Louis Tomlinson—a fellow trans man and the team's new co-captain—might just be able to help with both.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:g  author:graceling_in_a_suit  rating:r  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!louis  character:athlete!louis  character:trans!louis  character:student!harry  character:trans!harry  pdf  epub 
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(That's Just) The Way I Am
Summary: There was no way Harry would want to bring anyone out for an introductory trip like this. The fighting between himself and his father was sure to be be worse than usual and father still hadn’t accepted Harry’s pansexual identity. Harry wasn’t dating anyone at the moment, but at this point he almost wished he were dating a man just so he could incense his father.

The door jingled, pulling Harry’s attention away from the window and to the man who had just walked into the cafe.

Now that was exactly who Harry should try bringing home. The man was dressed in ratty black skinny jeans and what was obviously a self cut tank top that used to be a Stone Roses t-shirt. His black chucks had holes in the canvas, indicating exactly how old they were, and his maroon beanie wasn’t in much better shape.

The more Harry studied the man’s smoky eyeliner rimmed eyes and the lipstick he had swiped on to match his hat, the more Harry started hatching an idea. What if Harry really did bring this man home?
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  character:tattoo.artist!louis  challenge:1dfanworksforcharity  pdf  epub 
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World Will Open Its Arms, The
Summary: Harry scrubbed at the countertop. It wasn’t even dirty, but it was three in the morning and the girl who was supposed to relieve him over an hour ago never showed. He was now on hour ten of his shift and his feet hurt and his back ached and he was trying not to cry, thanks to more fucking judgmental alpha truckers who could smell it on him.

Of course they could. He practically lived at the diner. The entire place reeked of it.

Unbonded pregnant omega.
pairing:harry/louis  title:w  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:mpreg  character:omega!harry  character:waiter!harry  character:alpha!louis  challenge:wordplay  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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How I Feel Inside
Summary: From the time they were young, Louis, Harry, and Niall all knew their secondary genders. Louis was alpha, Harry was omega, and so was Niall.

Louis was the oldest and also an early bloomer. The day before Thanksgiving at the hormonally insane age of thirteen, he had needed Harry. He always did, but then he was humping a shirt Harry had left behind at their last sleepover while he popped his first knot.

Louis = Alpha. Check.

Harry’s presentation was far more talked about. He was sixteen and sure he was coming down with the flu in the middle of gym class when Louis came barging in. Harry was confused, but as soon as he smelled Louis, he dropped fully into his first heat in the middle of the gymnasium.

Harry = Omega. Check.

Niall was different, though. He always had been. He didn’t mind it, he took great pride in it usually. But then they had graduated and he still hadn’t presented. Maybe he was just a late bloomer. But maybe he wasn’t an omega at all.

So, Niall = Beta. Check.

But then a month into the fall semester of their senior year, Niall disappeared.
pairing:harry/louis  title:h  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:alpha!louis  character:omega!harry  challenge:wordplay  pdf  epub 
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Can I Have Your Attention, Please?
Summary: Forty-five minutes later found Nick dancing and singing along to the awful hold music that played as he still waited in queue to speak to someone as he made himself some avocado toast. Luckily, in the time he’d had waiting for a human to speak to, he’d been able to scrape together two work outfits that would hopefully be enough to tide him over until he got his own luggage back.

“Someone needs to fucking answer the phone!” Nick sang loudly and off key to the jazz music playing out of his phone’s speaker. “I want my own shampoo back,” he continued as he swung his head around and twirled with the avocado back to the fridge. “I don’t like Fifi’s bodywash and her moisturizer makes me break out!”

Staring to full on shimmy back to his perfectly made toast, the call disconnected and left the kitchen ringing in the silence.

“Bollocks,” Nick sighed.

...or the one where Nick develops a crush on the man whose bag he accidentally grabs at the airport. It is obviously just a coincidence that the man shares a first name with the pop star whose Instagram Nick lusts after as well.
pairing:louis/nick  title:c  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:musician!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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I Just Wanna Give You Love
Summary: Graham Norton appeared on the screen introducing his guests and out of nowhere, everything in Louis’ world was turned upside down.

Louis gasped as he intently took in the man on the screen, smiling and waving from his seat beside Sir Ian McKellen.

“Oh my God,” Louis said before it all sank in as to what it meant. “Holy fucking shit!”

“Louis William, you watch your mouth,” Jay said. “What has got into you?”

Feeling like a madman, his palms to his cheeks, Louis couldn’t help the tears of surprise, relief, and fear as he turned to his mum. “What colour are his eyes? What do you call that colour?”

“Louis, are you telling me that the man on the screen, Harry Styles, is your soulmate?”

Or the one where the world is in black and white until you meet your soulmate, but Harry is world famous and Louis is...well...not.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  character:musician!harry  challenge:1dfanworksforcharity  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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Great Minds (They Think Just the Same)
Summary: This entire thing was going to be an utter failure. Why had Louis agreed to this? Why had he allowed Harry to convince him it was a good idea? He didn’t know anything more than the basics about being a DJ, and while he wanted to learn, he’d hoped he could get a bit more instruction. He’d had a bit back in 2012, but Louis also thought it would be more hands on than just the few verbal instructions Nick had given him before he kicked off the show.

Nick Grimshaw, whom Louis absolutely one hundred percent refused to call Grimmy, was sitting across the table from him, bopping about looking adorable in his headphones as he laughed at tweets and texts that were coming in. Too bad he was a dick.

Or the one where in an attempt to get the Breakfast Show back to the number one morning show in the country, the BBC brings on Louis as a co-host with Nick. They only thing is they don't really get along... until they do.
pairing:louis/nick  title:g  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au!louis!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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Set Your Heart A-Whirl
Summary: Harry comes home for his family's big Christmas party and learns something surprising about his past.
pairing:harry/louis  title:s  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  challenge:secretsanta  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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One Minute To Midnight
Summary: Louis Tomlinson is at the height of his game in Boston's financial scene. He's got the instinct, and he's got the guts to take calculated risks that make everyone around him a lot of money. Everything is going well until the day after he gets promoted when he wakes up forty years older than his actual age.

Two years later he's adapted to his new life as a retiree, but he's lonely and desperate for company closer to his real age during the rigorous holiday party season. He gets some questionable advice from Niall and turns to the Seeking Arrangement app where he finds Harry Styles, a local actor he's been a fan of since they had an undergraduate class together. But what happens when a few dates here and there isn't enough?
pairing:harry/louis  title:o  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  character:businessman!louis  character:actor!harry!harry  challenge:1dfanworksforcharity  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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Drop To Hold You
Summary: After the end of the Second Wizarding War and the ensuing diplomacy between Muggles and the Wizarding world, the long-defunct Merlin College at Oxford opened it's doors again.

The ultra-competitive programs at Merlin require a rigorous application process. None more than the Auror training program. Louis finally manages to get in with his best friend Liam after a few false starts, only to be faced with the most beautiful, distracting man he could ever imagine.
pairing:harry/louis  title:d  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:pg-13  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  genre:college!fic  character:student!harry  character:wizard!harry  character:student!louis  character:wizard!louis  challenge:potterdirectionficexchange  round:2  year:2019  pdf  epub 
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After Dark, After Light
Summary: Harry Styles is the laird of Clan Edwards who is just trying to keep his clan afloat when they get word that the Mackenzies have been cutting a swath through the Midlands and beyond, and their sights are set on the northern Highlands next. In an attempt to garner extra protection for his clan, Harry sets out to mend his father's past wrongs and ally with their neighbors to the west, Clan Sutherland.

Louis Tomlinson is the mysterious commander of the Sutherland army sent back with Harry on orders from his laird to help shore up Clan Edwards' defenses. As the winter draws nearer by the day, the two are thrown together to prepare for the invasion that they expect as soon as the ground thaws.
pairing:harry/louis  title:a  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:70-75k  genre:au  genre:historical  character:soldier!louis  character:king!harry  challenge:onedirectionbigbang  round:2  year:2019  pdf  epub 
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Introduction To Dynamics
Summary: Louis Tomlinson is the outspoken omega in the 'Introduction to Dynamics' course Harry wishes he didn't have to take. He's nearly certain to present as a beta, after all. Things will be simple for him.  no.pdf  no.epub  larry  challenge:hlabo  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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Buried Like Treasure
Summary: Prince Harry Styles is very private. He chooses to keep himself out of the public eye but feels lonely and isolated while surrounded by people in his hectic royal life. When he finishes his dissertation, he decides to take a solo holiday to one of the royal family's properties in the Swiss Alps.

Semi-retired thief Louis Tomlinson has been pulled in for one last job: steal a painting from an uninhabited mansion. Neither one of them expects a natural disaster.
pairing:harry/louis  title:b  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:40-45k  genre:au  character:prince!harry  character:thief!louis  challenge:marcelficexchange  round:1  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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I've Always Liked The Fireworks
Summary: When alphas and omegas reach the age of twenty-one they are required to attend a Proving Day ceremony. Omegas watch as alphas do their best to compete in events, show off their skills, and prove how good a mate they can really be.

The whole thing is a bit ridiculous, but Louis Tomlinson has always dreamed of finding his mate. He's got two unsuccessful Sheffield Proving Days under his belt and decides to go for the much more competitive one in Manchester. His goal is to play his best, leave it all out on the pitch, and hope that one of the omegas watching just happens to be his mate.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:pg-13  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:alpha!louis  character:athlete!louis  character:omega!harry  character:photographer!harry  challenge:hlabo  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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Things That Aren't True
Summary: When Louis takes a job as the palace pet-minder on a whim, he never expects to get a best friend out of it in the form of Prince Harry.

A year later, someone has written a tell-all and is using it to blackmail the royal family. Louis never expects that their observations will change his life forever.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:pg  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:prince!harry  challenge:royaltydirection  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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Took Me By Surprise
Summary: Louis Tomlinson and his best friend Bridget had a daughter when they were very young and he was on the brink of becoming the next MLS star. Until he blew out his knee.

A decade later, he's the head anchor of the American version of Match of the Day and is raising the coolest nine-year-old on the planet, who happens to be obsessed with Harry Styles - popstar, musician, and all-around household name.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:athlete!louis  character:daddy!louis  challenge:flickercollection  challenge:1ddickprints&greysweatpants  pdf  epub 
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These Sparks We Light
Summary: When Louis' eyes catch on a beautiful man across a crowded room at The Script concert, he becomes instantly infatuated and announces he wants to marry a guy like that. His date for the evening doesn't take too kindly to his monumental life decision.

Harry, on the other hand, is simply enjoying a concert when he sees a man with beautiful blue eyes - on the arm of someone else - look as though he wants to approach him. The nerve of some men. Harry doesn't need that kind of "only out for a fling" charmer in his life, so Harry soundly rejects him without even saying a word.

Why then, can he not stop thinking about him?

Life takes many twists and turns, but eventually, everyone ends up exactly where they belong.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:60-65k  genre:au  character:model!harry  character:musician!louis  pdf  epub 
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When I Run Out of Road
Summary: It's 1932 when Harry Styles sets off on an adventure to the African continent and the most popular new travel destination: Nairobi. He has reservations at the best club in town and plans to stay for a few weeks. What he doesn't expect is to meet and get to know a wonderful family along the way.

The Deakins are sponsors of the Royal Ballet, traveling with the company to see them perform in Nairobi for the first time. They take Harry under their wing, treat him like part of their family, and change his life in ways he never imagined.
pairing:harry/louis  title:w  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  genre:historical  challenge:larryabroad  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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Lend Me Your Hand
Summary: Society has long since decided that the soulmarks everyone is born with are entirely unfashionable. They're just another way for people of a lower class to scam their way into marrying above their station.

Lord Louis Tomlinson, Viscount Loring, on the other hand, has always believed that he will find his soulmate one day. Despite preparing for a match his whole life, he is entirely unprepared for the arrival of Gemma Styles' younger brother.

Harry Styles has been traveling and away from society for over a year. Coming back, he intends to spend time with his sister, and slowly reacquaint himself with life in town. He doesn't need to wait around for a soulmark to determine how his life will play out.
pairing:harry/louis  title:l  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:60-65k  genre:au  genre:historical  genre:soulmate!fic  challenge:hlregencyvictorian  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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Crystal Ball On The Table
Summary: Harry Styles is just an ordinary witch from an old-fashioned Boston family trying to survive in her regular job as the fiction manager at a local bookstore and café. Her magic isn't exactly something she advertises when looking for potential new girlfriends, so when Louis Tomlinson arrives in her life like a breath of fresh air, she tries her best to hide how strongly her magic is reacting to Louis' presence.
pairing:harry/louis  title:c  author:q  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:girl!harry  character:witch!harry  character:bookstore.clerk!harry  character:girl!louis  challenge:1dfanworksforcharity  pdf  epub 
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This Winter's Day
Summary: Dear Mr. Harry Edward Styles,
We regret to inform you of the passing of your cousin Lord Edward William Seaward, the Viscount Merston. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.
Messrs. Pratt, Rutherford, and Spaulding

Louis is Harry's stablemaster, and when he falls ill and his mother turns to Harry to help her try and find someone he can settle down with, it's only natural that Harry suggests himself.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:quickedween  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:historical  character:rich!harry  character:sick!louis  challenge:hlwinterficfest  year:2017  pdf  epub 
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Love Me Please
Summary: Louis hates Harry, which is fine because he would really rather prefer to avoid him at all costs.

The only problem?

They're soulmates.
pairing:harry/louis  title:l  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  genre:soulmate!fic  character:student!harry  character:fratboy!harry  character:student!louis  challenge:larrysoulmate  year:2018  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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My Star In The Sky
Summary: Louis and Harry have been best friends since they were kids, despite the fact that society and biology say they should be something more. Everything changes when Louis mistakenly returns to their flat during Harry's rut.
pairing:harry/louis  title:m  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:pg-13  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  pdf  epub 
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Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat
Summary: Harry is 98% sure Louis hates him. So he feels like his bewilderment is justified when the omega offers to help him through his rut.
pairing:harry/louis  title:l  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:30-35k  genre:au  character:omega!louis  character:alpha!harry  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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You And I Found Love, Lost Under The Shade
Summary: The pain is a distraction. It pulls him to the present, forces him to think simply, drags him into the spaces between the letters of the word now. There's no time to think of anything else, anything other than the strange and dissonant mixture of pleasure and pain.
pairing:harry/louis  title:y  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:musician!louis  pdf  epub 
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Bad Love Will Make A Museum Of You
Summary: Harry Styles, who works a few odd jobs to pay for grad school, also stars in porn videos. Whenever he does BDSM, he needs a friend to accompany him for safety reasons.

Thus, he asks his classmate and sort-of friend, Louis.
pairing:harry/louis  title:b  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  character:pornstar!harry  pdf  epub 
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Close To Nowhere
Summary: “I will kill you in your sleep,” Louis threatened as he quickly stepped out of his jeans.

“I don’t think that would work very well baby, seeing as you talk to dead people all the time.”

“I’ll kill you in your sleep and ignore your ghost. And don’t call me that.” 

Louis and Harry are psychics who kind of hate each other. They go to Tennessee to investigate a haunting.
pairing:harry/louis  title:c  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:30-35k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:psychic!louis  character:psychic!harry  challenge:bottomlouisficexchange  year:2018  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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When We Find Love
Summary: “I have a boat,” Louis reasons, turning around to match Harry’s gaze. He looks gorgeous like this, standing on the edge of the wooden dock, the nighttime breeze gently ruffling his hair, eyes dark beneath the sky full of stars. “Is that okay?” 

“You mean like… You want to-“ He gestures between them with a quick flutter of his hands, “-with me, on your boat?” 

Louis nods, trying not to let a crazy grin overtake his face. “Only if you want to.”

Or, the famous/not-famous AU in which Louis lives in a house by the lake and doesn't know Harry is famous.
pairing:harry/louis  title:w  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:35-40k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:actor!harry  challenge:hlmoodboard  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
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Starbucks Lovers
Summary: He pushes the Starbucks door open hard, the momentum slamming it into the trash station on the other side. All eyes are on him as he raises his voice, pulling the phone away from his ear. “ARE THERE ANY GAYS IN THIS STARBUCKS??” his chest moving heavily than normal with frustration.

He looks around, suddenly realizing the scene he has caused in his regular coffee shop, all eyes still on him. A few beats pass and most of the customers turn their attention back to what they had been doing before the interruption.

His shoulders begin to slump as out of the corner of his eye he sees a timid hand start to raise above his head. It might just be the fact that he's sitting by the window, bright sunlight shining through the tinted glass, but his hair seems to shine like a halo, a beacon drawing him in.
pairing:harry/louis  title:s  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  pdf  epub 
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Are You Open Minded?
Summary: College AU where Louis is dared to make a phone call and Harry takes the bait.
pairing:harry/louis  title:a  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:clerk!harry  character:student!harry  pdf  epub 
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Wine Not?
Summary: Louis’ Wine Dive is a bar run by the people for the people. Wine Styles is a boutique tasting room that caters to a more highbrow clientele. When their worlds clash on a beautiful Charleston street, one of these owners may find that an ounce of pretension doesn’t stand a chance against a pound of perseverance.
pairing:harry/louis  title:w  author:a  author:abrighteryellow  author:allwaswell16  author:d  author:dinosaursmate  author:k  author:kimmierocks  author:disgruntledkittenface  author:f  author:fallinglikethis  author:fullonlarrie  author:j  author:jaerie  author:justalittlelouislove  author:kiwikero  author:l  author:ladylondonderry  author:r  author:rearviewdreamer  author:t  author:taggiecb  author:q  author:quickedween  author:p  author:phdmama  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
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Swim When It Hurts - Part Three
Summary: Harry never thought he would find himself battling cancer. Louis never thought he would find himself so attached to one of his patients. Neither one of them thought they would find love in such an unlikely place. Maybe things weren't ideal, but finding strength in a new kind of normal together may be just what they need.
pairing:harry/louis  title:s  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:alpha!harry  character:beta!louis  character:nurse!louis  challenge:wordplay  prequel/sequel/verse  pdf  epub 
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Swim When It Hurts - Part Two
Summary: Harry never thought he would find himself battling cancer. Louis never thought he would find himself so attached to one of his patients. Neither one of them thought they would find love in such an unlikely place.
pairing:harry/louis  title:s  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:alpha!harry  character:beta!louis  character:nurse!louis  challenge:wordplay  prequel/sequel/verse  pdf  epub 
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Swim When It Hurts - Part One
Summary: Harry never thought he would find himself battling cancer. Louis never thought he would find himself so attached to one of his patients.
pairing:harry/louis  title:s  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:alpha!harry  character:sick!harry  character:beta!louis  character:nurse!louis  challenge:wordplay  prequel/sequel/verse  pdf  epub 
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I Still Find You Lovely
Summary: Reason #37 - Because They Have Air-Conditioning and You Don't

The more he thinks about it, the more he can imagine himself in some bloke’s bed, sweat-free and soaking up the air-conditioning, maybe even curled up under the duvet because he's actually a little cold. The prospect of a reprieve from the heat is even more alluring than the prospect of getting laid. Which may or may not be saying a lot.

“That’s… actually not a bad idea…”

In which Harry goes to a bar in search of a bloke with an air-conditioned flat.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:athlete!louis  character:fashion.designer!harry  challenge:50reasons  year:2017  pdf  epub 
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Lunary Love
Summary: Louis overhears his neighbor crying in the shower, and decides to check up on him to make sure he's okay.
pairing:harry/louis  title:l  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
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Finding Sea, The
Summary: They met at the ocean, in a way. It makes sense for them to fall in love at the ocean too.

Harry is in love with his best friend. They go on vacation together.

- Fort Myers, Florida. -
pairing:harry/louis  title:f  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:pornstar!louis  challenge:larryabroad  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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Brave Love
Summary: Harry breaks up with his boyfriend a day before Valentine's Day and Louis tries to cheer him up.
pairing:harry/louis  title:b  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:waiter!harry  character:bookstore.clerk!louis  pdf  epub 
11 weeks ago by Space.Clown
Always Fearless in Love
Summary: Harry Styles is the international popstar who refuses to remove his lipstick just minutes before a live performance.

Louis Tomlinson is the tragic intern stuck with the job of wiping it off.

Chaos ensues.
pairing:harry/louis  title:a  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:musician!harry  character:intern!louis  pdf  epub 
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Of The Earth
Summary: Harry embarks on a backpacking trip in West Virginia to figure his life out after breaking up with his boyfriend. He meets Louis along the way.
pairing:harry/louis  title:o  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:pg  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  character:backpacker!louis  character:backpacker!harry  pdf  epub 
11 weeks ago by Space.Clown
Undone, Undress
Summary: Louis' new roommate is shy, skittish, and flinches at the slightest sounds. He's an art major who gets drunk on cherry wine, wears lacy lingerie, and shows up late at night covered in bruises that blossom across his skin like flowers.

Obviously something is wrong. Louis just doesn't know what it is.
pairing:harry/louis  title:u  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:130-135k  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  character:student!harry  character:artist!harry  character:hurt!harry  character:student!louis  pdf  epub 
11 weeks ago by Space.Clown
Love Is Like This; Not A Heartbeat, But A Moan
Summary: "He hates this, more than anything in the world he hates this. His title, his rank, his DNA. Unchangeable. Fated.

And then there’s Harry, born to be unobjectively superior to Louis and all other O’s. Unlike other A’s, Harry doesn’t wear his alpha-ness very well. He’s clumsy with it, like walking around in a pair of shoes a size too big. His life is defined by uncertainty and tentativeness, and those are definitely not qualities alphas should have.

Sometimes, when Louis ponders it for too long, he thinks that maybe Harry resents being an A just as much as Louis resents being an O."

In which Harry loves Louis, but Louis has been cold to him ever since he presented as an omega at age fifteen.
Eight years later, Louis approaches Harry with a request, and who is Harry to deny him?
pairing:harry/louis  title:l  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:omega!louis  character:alpha!harry  pdf  epub 
11 weeks ago by Space.Clown
You Are A Lovely Adjective, No Word Ever Enough
Summary: "I love you, Louis thinks now, feeling the words on the tip of his tongue. Willing them to spill out. But he knows that if he spills these treacherous thoughts out loud, Harry will panic. Maybe he'll even run away, like he ran away form The Monster.

I love you, Louis wants to tell him anyway. Wants to whisper it into his hair, kiss it onto his cheekbones, breathe it down his throat.

Instead he chews on his nail and says nothing."

The hurt/comfort AU in which Harry leaves away an abusive relationship, and Louis offers to share his flat.
pairing:harry/louis  title:y  author:a  author:angelichl  rating:nc-17  w/c:55-60k  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  character:hurt!harry  character:bookstore.clerk!louis  pdf  epub 
11 weeks ago by Space.Clown
Time Is Now, The
Summary: Louis is mid-one night stand when he finds out he's going to be an uncle in a matter of minutes.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:r  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Tiny Exaggeration
Summary: Louis is frustrated that they've been dating for months and still haven't taken their relationship to the next level. Sometimes the foolishness of the past lingers in the present. Louis wants that to change.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:first.time  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  challenge:wordplay  year:2019  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Freaks From The Internet
Summary: Harry sells his breast milk to freaks on the internet. Louis turns out to be one of those freaks. He also happens to be Harry's ex.
pairing:harry/louis  title:f  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:mpreg  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Closest It'll Get
Summary: Reason #41: Because He Looks LIke Your Super Hot Cousin and This is the Closest It'll Ever Get to Being Okay

Faking former relationships, mistaken identities and the moral struggle over his first real crush lead to an interesting destination wedding for Harry.
pairing:harry/louis  title:c  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  challenge:50reasons  year:2017  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Hoping to Find the Respect I Deserve
Summary: Harry has starry eyes for the professional world after uni and takes an unpaid internship in a foreign country thinking he'll be on top in no time. It doesn't quite work out that way.
pairing:harry/louis  title:h  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:homeless!harry  character:intern!harry  character:architect!louis  challenge:1000feelings  year:2017  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Just Jump
Summary: Finally, after years of suffering alone, the insurance plan at Harry's new job covered omega heat services. As a grown omega adult, it finally felt like the right time to try it out. And, since taking an entire week of heat leave would really put him behind at work, using a service to shorten it seemed like a responsible decision. At least that’s how he rationalized it. He was nervous about his decision but it was too late. The doorbell rang.

“Hi!” The alpha said again and Harry took the hand he offered and shook it firmly. “I’m Louis from Omega Services. It’s nice to meet you.”
pairing:harry/louis  title:j  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:first.time  character:librarian!harry  character:shy!harry  character:omega!harry  character:alpha!louis  challenge:1000feelings  year:2018  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Was It All A Fake?
Summary: Unmated omegas are second class citizens. Expected to provide for themselves yet paid so little that they often are overworked or forced to sell their bodies just to keep from starving. Louis' luck turns around when he meets Harry, the rich heir to a fortune. After their bonding ceremony, things aren't exactly what Louis expected.
pairing:harry/louis  title:w  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:mpreg  character:businessman!harry  character:alpha!harry  character:hurt!louis  character:omega!louis  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Knot Safe For Work
Summary: The world is magical, Louis is a wizard, Harry is a Were, there are spells for lube and supernatural kinks are definitely a thing.
pairing:harry/louis  title:k  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:werewolf!harry  character:wizard!louis  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Tell Me That You Want It 'Cause I Already Know
Summary: Who knew all it would take was some good ole porn for Louis to discover his friend, Harry, is a wolf and for it to awaken an urge that would bring them together in a way he hadn't anticipated.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  genre:werewolf!fic  character:werewolf!harry  character:alpha!harry  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Where Do We Go Now
Summary: Louis goes off to college ready to start a fresh life away from the oppressive alphas of his pack. The odds aren't in his favour when his new dorm mate turns out to be an alpha. Louis hates alphas.
pairing:harry/louis  title:w  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  challenge:hlabo  year:2018  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Out Of The Wild
Summary: Louis has spent most of his life as a wolf in the wild, Harry has spent most of his life as a human in the city. Their worlds collide during the audition process for the hottest new singing competition. What happens next should have expected.
pairing:harry/louis  title:o  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  genre:werewolf!fic  character:werewolf!harry  character:alpha!harry  character:werewolf!louis  character:omega!louis  challenge:1000feelings  year:2017  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Save Some Luck For Me
Summary: Louis arrives at the 2018 Winter Olympics to make history as the first omega to win a gold medal at the games. Harry, his oiled up crush from the Summer Olympics, just happens to show up to sabotage him, but maybe helps him win in the end.
pairing:harry/louis  title:s  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:athlete!harry  character:alpha!harry  character:athlete!louis  character:omega!louis  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Just Bend And We Can Learn To Love Again
Summary: Louis is a single dad of twins just trying to get through each day one step at a time. Harry has his own struggles as a young dad. Maybe Louis' curiosity and nosiness has found just the friend that he needs in his life. Maybe they both just need each other.
pairing:harry/louis  title:j  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  genre:first.time  character:baker!harry  character:daddy!harry  character:teacher!louis  character:daddy!louis  challenge:summertimesadness  year:2015  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Saving's What I Need
Summary: We've all had those moments. A flash of something on the side of the road, a swerve, an instinctual slam on the break pedal. This is the story of the one time Louis' reflexes were just not quite quick enough and the beautiful white dog that was on the other side of the impact. He just doesn't know that beautiful dog is Harry.
pairing:harry/louis  title:s  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:r  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:werewolf!fic  genre:hurt/comfort  character:writer!louis  character:werewolf!harry  character:hurt!harry  challenge:1000feelings  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Summary: Tomlin Networks Presents: OmegaVision starring Louis Tomlinson! The world's first 24/7 reality channel available in over 150 countries worldwide following the life of the first male omega born in over a century. Follow Louis through his daily routine, the ups and downs of growing up or just leave him on for comfort. There are many reasons to tune in but, no matter what yours may be, there's always a part of Louis that is just like you!

Or a Truman Show au that nobody asked for where Louis is Truman and Harry just wants to be his mate.
pairing:harry/louis  title:o  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  challenge:hlabo  year:2018  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Merry Birthday
Summary: Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have unfortunate soulmarks branded onto their skin. The first words their soulmate will ever speak to them are two of the most common greetings, so common that they don't even notice when it finally happens for real.

A Christmas soulmate AU.
pairing:harry/louis  title:m  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:soulmate!fic  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  pdf  epub 
july 2019 by Space.Clown
Alpha Seeking Alpha
Summary: Maybe it's taboo, but Louis can't stop thinking about a strong alpha holding him down and filling him with a knot. Louis may be alpha himself yet there's a corner of the internet where he can get what he wants. He finally has the courage to do it.
pairing:harry/louis  title:a  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:alpha!harry  character:alpha!louis  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
Chapter Topic: Is Neutering the Answer?
Summary: Harry is at a loss. He doesn't understand why his new hybrid won't stop trying to break his way through the glass to get outside to the other cats that won't stop taunting him.
pairing:harry/louis  title:c  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:shy!harry  character:hybrid!louis  prequel/sequel/verse  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
Take What's Mine
Summary: Years after he is kidnapped, his life altered forever, Louis goes through the motions in a way that barely feels like living. Harry is a wild card, a forbidden fruit that Louis swore off of before he even had a chance to experience it. Maybe, in the end, Harry holds the key to being reborn. Louis just has to be open to the idea first.
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  character:hurt!louis  character:omega!louis  character:accountant!louis  character:alpha!harry  character:intern!harry  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
Cuddle Up A Little Closer
Summary: Harry's therapist suggests that he should get a pet. Liam might have found the perfect one for him.
pairing:harry/louis  title:c  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:hybrid!louis  character:shy!harry  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
Stay Close, Hold Steady
Summary: Found on the banks of the Mississippi as an toddler, Harry goes on a quest to find his biological family. Louis tries to be supportive, but maybe he just doesn't want to be left behind.
pairing:harry/louis  title:s  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  genre:shifter  genre:first.time  character:alpha!louis  character:omega!harry  challenge:flicker  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
Everything Comes Back To You
Summary: Louis was only seven when he found himself in a hospital bed alone and scared, confused about what was happening. When another little boy climbed into his bed to comfort him, Louis never thought that they would be meeting again later in life. He also never imagined that their roles would be reversed the second time around.
pairing:harry/louis  title:e  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:highschool!fic  character:sick!harry  character:student!harry  character:student!louis  challenge:marcelficexchange  year:2018  round:1  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
I'm Sure It Happens To All Alphas
Summary: “It’s okay. I’m sure it happens to all alphas at some point,” the omega beside him said which only embarrassed him even more.

The thing was that this was not how Louis expected their first time together to play out. Especially after he’d been fantasizing about it for so long.

But let’s jump back to the beginning.

or Louis has trouble popping a knot
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:alpha!louis  character:omega!harry  challenge:wordplay  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
Wilds, The
Summary: The creatures that Louis observed every day weren't exactly human, but yet they were. Researchers had plucked some of them from their secluded island and transplanted them into an enclosure against their will like a bunch of zoo animals. Louis didn't think they were. But he was only paid to do the yardwork, he didn't have any say about the wilds that lived there. That was until an unfortunate accident changed his life forever and made one wild in particular his top priority.
pairing:harry/louis  title:w  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:alpha!harry  character:omega!louis  challenge:wordplay  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
To Change How You See And What You Believe
Summary: Harry and Louis are best friends who just happen to fall into bed with each other sometimes, it's not a big deal. After a drunken night of discussing their kinks, they wake up naked together. They don't remember what happened, but they've done it before and they'll probably do it again, but five months later, a surprise changes everything.

or an I didn't know I was pregnant au
pairing:harry/louis  title:t  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:mpreg  character:reporter!louis  character:yoga.teacher!harry  challenge:hlmpregficexchange  year:2018  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
Going Live
Summary: Harry has only done this cam thing a handful of times when another camboy pops in to view his stream and unintentionally stirs things up a bit.

Or Louis and Harry are both camboys for some extra cash and meet each other in an unconventional way
pairing:harry/louis  title:g  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:college!fic  character:student!louis  character:camboy!louis  character:student!harry  character:camboy!harry  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
Post-War BP, The
Summary: The eight year war has left the country's birthrate severely stunted with a lack of virile alphas left to bring it back up. To ensure the survival of the country, the government opens The Breeding Program where young omegas can apply to carry an alpha's child in exchange for benefits. Louis' family is struggling and the BP is one of the only ways to secure a roof over their heads. Harry was drafted at the age of eighteen and spent six years of his life defending a country he doesn't recognize when he returns home. The government made the bed but it's Harry that has to lie in it.
pairing:harry/louis  title:p  auhtor:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:mpreg  character:hurt!louis  character:omega!louis  character:hurt!harry  character:alpha!harry  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
Woke Up Feeling Knotty
Summary: Beta Louis has a kink for knotting and the secret aesthetic porn blog he runs about it is more than proof. When he accidentally finds out his alpha best friend Harry is one of his biggest fans, he knows he has to come clean after everything that has already happened between them. Harry just might be willing to help him out anyway.
pairing:harry/louis  title:w  author:j  author:jaerie  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:first.time  character:alpha!harry  character:beta!louis  challenge:1000feelings  pdf  epub 
june 2019 by Space.Clown
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character:dog.walker!jared  character:dom!brian  character:dom!harry  character:dom!justin  character:dom!liam  character:dom!louis  character:dom!sam  character:dominant!jared  character:donkey!jared  character:drag.queen!jared  character:drag.queen!jensen  character:dragon!jared  character:dragon!jensen  character:dragon.rider!llouis  character:driver!harry  character:driver!jared  character:driver!nick  character:drug.addict!jared  character:drug.addict!jensen  character:dryad!harry  character:economist!jared  character:editor!harry  character:editor!jensen  character:editor!louis  character:editor!nick  character:editor!zayn  character:elf!harry  character:elf!jared  character:elf!jensen  character:elf!louis  character:engineer!harry  character:engineer!jared  character:engineer!jensen  character:entertainer!harry  character:environmentalist!harry  character:environmentalist!jensen  character:escort!brian  character:escort!jared  character:escort!jensen  character:escort!justin  character:escort!louis  character:escort!nick  character:event.planner!jared  character:event.planner!jensen  character:event.planner!louis  character:ex.con!jared  character:fae!jared  character:fae!jensen  character:fairy!harry  character:fairy!jared  character:fairy!jensen  character:fairy!louis  character:fairy!niall  character:famous!harry  character:famous!jared  character:farmer!harry  character:farmer!jared  character:farmer!jensen  character:farmer!louis  character:farmer!niall  character:fashion.buyer!harry  character:fashion.designer!harry  character:fashion.designer!jared  character:fashion.designer!jensen  character:fbi.agent!harry  character:fbi.agent!jared  character:fbi.agent!louis  character:feral!jared  character:fighter!jared  character:fighter!jensen  character:film.maker!jensen  character:firefighter!liam  character:fireman!bressie  character:fireman!harry  character:fireman!jared  character:fireman!jeff  character:fireman!jensen  character:fireman!liam  character:fireman!louis  character:fireman!ouis  character:first.son!jared  character:fisherman!jared  character:fisherman!liam  character:fisherman!louis  character:fisherman!niall  character:fixer!louis  character:flight.attendant!harry  character:flight.attendant!louis  character:flight.attendant!zayn  character:florist!harry  character:florist!jared  character:florist!liam  character:florist!louis  character:florist!niall  character:florist!zayn  character:forest.warden!jared  character:forger!louis  character:fox!harry  character:fox!louis  character:fratboy!harry  character:fratboy!liam  character:frog!harry  character:funeral.director!jensen  character:gallery.worker!harry  character:gallery.worker!justin  character:gamer!jared  character:gamer!jensen  character:gardener!louis  character:gardner!harry  character:gardner!jared  character:genderfluid!harry  character:genderqueer!zayn  character:genie!harry  character:genie!jensen  character:genius!jared  character:genius!jensen  character:ghost!harry  character:ghost!louis  character:ghost!zayn  character:ghost.hunter!harry  character:ghost.hunter!niall  character:girl!harry  character:girl!liam  character:girl!louis  character:girl!niall  character:girl!nick  character:girl!zayn  character:gladiator!harry  character:gladiator!jared  character:god!jared  character:god!jensen  character:god!louis  character:god!zayn  character:golfer!harry  character:governor!harry  character:graphic.designer!louis  character:grifter!harry  character:grocer!harry  character:grocer!jared  character:grocer!jensen  character:grocer!zayn  character:groom!jared  character:guard!liam  character:guardian!harry  character:guide!jared  character:hair.stylist!harry  character:hairdresser!jared  character:hairdresser!jensen  character:hairdresser!louis  character:hairdresser!zayn  character:hairstylist!harry!harry!jensen!liam  character:handyman!liam  character:handyman!louis  character:harpy!jared  character:head.hunter!jensen  character:healer!jared  character:healer!jensen  character:healer!louis  character:hippie!harry  character:hitch.hiker!jensen  character:hitman!jared  character:hitman!jensen  character:hockey.player!sid  character:homeless!harry  character:homeless!jared  character:homeless!jensen  character:homeless!justin  character:homeless!louis  character:homeless!tyler  character:homeless!zayn  character:hooker!harry  character:hooker!liam  character:hooker!louis  character:hooker!zayn  character:host!jensen  character:host!zayn  character:hotel.worker!harry  character:hotelmanager!louis  character:housekeeper!harry  character:housekeeper!jared  character:hr!louis  character:hunter!dean  character:hunter!jared  character:hunter!jensen  character:hunter!louis  character:hunter!zayn  character:hurt!bressie  character:hurt!brian  character:hurt!cas  character:hurt!dean  character:hurt!harry  character:hurt!jamie  character:hurt!jared  character:hurt!jensen  character:hurt!justin  character:hurt!liam  character:hurt!louis  character:hurt!niall  character:hurt!sam  character:hurt!tyler  character:hurt!zayn  character:hustler!justin  character:hustler/conman!jensen  character:hybrid!cas  character:hybrid!harry  character:hybrid!louis  character:ice!skater!jensen!harry  character:immortal!harry  character:immortal!jared  character:inanimate.object!jared  character:incubus!zayn  character:inmate!louis  character:inn.worker!zayn  character:insomniac!louis  character:intern!harry  character:intern!jared  character:intern!jensen  character:intern!justin  character:intern!louis  character:intern!niall  character:intern!nick  character:intern!zayn  character:interpreter!liam  character:intersex!louis  character:inventor!jensen  character:inventor!louis  character:investigator!jared  character:investor!harry  character:invisible!harry  character:janitor!jared  character:janitor!jensen  character:janitor!justin  character:janitor!liam  character:jockey!louis  character:journalist!brian  character:journalist!harry  character:journalist!jared  character:journalist!jensen  character:journalist!liam  character:journalist!louis  character:journalist!nick  character:journalist!zayn  character:king!harry  character:king!jared  character:king!jensen  character:king!liam  character:king!louis  character:knight!harry  character:knight!jared  character:knight!jensen  character:knight!liam  character:knight!louis  character:knitter!jared  character:landscaper!jared  character:landscaper!jensen  character:law.enforcer!jared  character:law.enforcer!jensen  character:lawyer!cas  character:lawyer!harry  character:lawyer!jared  character:lawyer!jensen