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Can I Have Your Attention, Please?
Summary: Forty-five minutes later found Nick dancing and singing along to the awful hold music that played as he still waited in queue to speak to someone as he made himself some avocado toast. Luckily, in the time he’d had waiting for a human to speak to, he’d been able to scrape together two work outfits that would hopefully be enough to tide him over until he got his own luggage back.

“Someone needs to fucking answer the phone!” Nick sang loudly and off key to the jazz music playing out of his phone’s speaker. “I want my own shampoo back,” he continued as he swung his head around and twirled with the avocado back to the fridge. “I don’t like Fifi’s bodywash and her moisturizer makes me break out!”

Staring to full on shimmy back to his perfectly made toast, the call disconnected and left the kitchen ringing in the silence.

“Bollocks,” Nick sighed.

...or the one where Nick develops a crush on the man whose bag he accidentally grabs at the airport. It is obviously just a coincidence that the man shares a first name with the pop star whose Instagram Nick lusts after as well.
pairing:louis/nick  title:c  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:musician!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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Great Minds (They Think Just the Same)
Summary: This entire thing was going to be an utter failure. Why had Louis agreed to this? Why had he allowed Harry to convince him it was a good idea? He didn’t know anything more than the basics about being a DJ, and while he wanted to learn, he’d hoped he could get a bit more instruction. He’d had a bit back in 2012, but Louis also thought it would be more hands on than just the few verbal instructions Nick had given him before he kicked off the show.

Nick Grimshaw, whom Louis absolutely one hundred percent refused to call Grimmy, was sitting across the table from him, bopping about looking adorable in his headphones as he laughed at tweets and texts that were coming in. Too bad he was a dick.

Or the one where in an attempt to get the Breakfast Show back to the number one morning show in the country, the BBC brings on Louis as a co-host with Nick. They only thing is they don't really get along... until they do.
pairing:louis/nick  title:g  author:l  author:lululawrence  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au!louis!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2018  pdf  epub 
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It Couldn’t Get Better They Say
Summary: When Louis Tomlinson releases his new single "Miss you" he is set to appear on Nick Grimshaw's morning show. Nick has a long time crush on Louis and maybe, just maybe, Nick can gather the courage to say something this time. What if Louis song is inspired not about a general situation, but maybe about a certain radio show host that he himself has had a crush on for a while.


Should be laughing, but there’s something wrong - How about we'll make it right?!
pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:h  author:happilylouie  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:musician!louis!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
All The Silver Moons
Summary: Nick wakes up in a strange hotel room and is apparently visiting Louis on tour. Which is really weird, because Louis doesn't like him and they've never hung out without Harry as a buffer. And clearly Louis thinks they're *together* together and Nick hasn't the faintest idea what's going on.
pairing:louis/nick  title:a  author:y  author:yesisaworld  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
It’s Like I’m Shootin' With Broken Arrows
Summary: Road trips are fun if you're going with someone you can connect with. Riding on the highway with the radio on, eating junk food, taking selfies and making meaningless conversations, bantering about directions...

That's not exactly the case with Nick and Louis. There might be less connecting and more bickering.

or, Nick and Louis miss the last plane, and they have two days to get to France. Traveling together might be the worst and best decision in their lives.
challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:s  author:saori  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
If This Is To End In Fire
Summary: Apocalypse makes it sound a lot more glamorous than it actually is.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
What About Us?
Summary: Ducking his head he mumbles out, “One of them might have passed out but her friend caught her before anything bad could have happened. Anyways! Don’t change the subject!”

“What subject?” Anton drops himself gracefully into Liam’s lap, holding onto his shoulder to steady himself. “Who kicked Harry’s puppy?”

“He’s mad that Tommo and Grim are practically fucking on the dance floor.”

“They are not! They’re friends, barely friends. They only can stand each other because of me.”

Twin unimpressed looks came across the other two’s faces. “I’m going to pretend that it’s the drinks that are making you act like that, Styles, because the man I know wouldn’t say such a thing about one of our best friends.” Liam waved Harry off when he opened his mouth to protest. “You dated both of them, Harry. You broke both of their hearts.”  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
Not That Good Of A Person (But I Might Be For You)
Summary: “Do you fucking mind?” Louis asked tensely, glaring at Nick.

“You know, I thought naming your old ship after a greek goddess was some quirk of yours,” Nick started then gestured towards the book that Louis placed on his shelf. “But clearly, you have a thing."

“You make one more comment I will abandon you on a dying planet,” Louis said, turning back to his bag of things. He heard Nick scoff behind him before he left and let the door slide shut. Louis closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm himself down before he went back to fix up his space.

The one thing Louis wanted was for Nick to leave him alone, but that clearly wasn’t going to happen.

or the one where nick and louis hate each other until they don't and there's a spaceship.
pairing:louis/nick  title:n  author:n  author:neonmoonlight  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:captain!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
Your Crooked Sleep Beside Me
Summary: Louis Tomlinson is unexpected.

In which Louis comes on the Breakfast Show and Nick starts to fall for him.
pairing:louis/nick  title:y  author:n  author:nicalyse  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au!nick  character:musician!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
Go On, I Dare You
Summary: Nick and Louis are camp counsellors that have spent their past few summers working at an American summer camp, eager for the paid trip abroad, but far less keen on one another. On the final day of camp last summer though, they ended up drunkenly hooking up, but never spoke about it again. Nick's still not entirely sure what went down and why Louis bailed on him, but it's okay. He's just going to ignore it. Ignore Louis, which shouldn't be too hard considering that's what he's been doing for the past few years already anyway. This summer is going to be just like all the others, honestly, nothing's changed...

An American summer camp AU, featuring two stupid boys who keep getting their wires crossed, a host of other familiar faces, all the old school band t-shirts and a camp that should probably keep a better check on their counsellors.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
Know You Know You Got It Bad
Summary: “I heard you on the radio.” Louis says. Okay, definitely not what he expected to hear.

“Yes, I am on five days a week, sometimes more.” Nick replies. Seriously, what is up with this kid?

“No no. That’s not what I meant.” Louis shakes his head and sighs heavily, as though Nick is the one being cryptic. “I heard what you said. To Fifi.” Louis pauses, but Nick takes a cue and stays quiet. He has a feeling that the more he talks, the longer this thing is going to draw out. Suddenly Louis is getting close, really close. Like, so close that Nick is wondering if Louis is about to kiss him. He doesn’t of course, he’s moving to talk into Nick’s ear. Which, Nick isn’t going to lie, affects him almost as much as a kiss might. The boy is fit. “About the chains and whips.”

Now it’s Nick’s turn to blush and fumble

Or Where a glib comment on the radio leads to one very interesting few weeks for Nick.
pairing:louis/nick  title:k  author:t  author:taggiecb  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  character:musician!louis!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
Cigarette In My Left Hand, Whole World In My Right Hand
Summary: Harry's had some really bad ideas before, starting with the time he got pissed and jumped into the Thames stark naked, but this might take the fucking cake. Offering up Louis as a viable option for a model for Nick's last photography project is ludicrous at best and a disaster waiting to happen at worst.
challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pairing:louis/nick  title:c  author:w  author:wearetheluckyones  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:photographer!nick  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
Some Velvet Morning, Years Too Late
Summary: A better adult probably would have changed their emergency contact information once they had convinced said contact that they wanted nothing to do with them, but Louis had never been very good at proper adult things. Besides, it’s not like he thought he’d ever need it.

Or: Louis wakes up in the hospital with unfinished business at his bedside. Turns out Nick has some unfinished business, too.
pairing:louis/nick  title:s  author:t  author:tintedglasses  rating:pg-13  w/c:35-40k  genre:au!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
Now That You're Here, I Never Want You To Leave
Summary: “You like him,” He sing-songs, tugging off the pasta container’s lid.

“Go fuck yourself.” Nick tells him as he finds plates, no actual bite behind his words. “Did you get the extra garlic bread? You ate it all last time.”

“You gonna ask him out?” Harry asks, taking the two foil wrapped garlic breads from the bag and putting them on the counter.

“I’m gonna give you the same answer I gave you last time you asked me that.”

“You’re into him, he’s into you, what’s the big deal?” Harry asks, frowning, accepting the plate Nick hands him and dumping half the container of bacon and feta gnocchi onto it, and half the container of penne arrabbiata next to it. “You should just ask him out. There’s no harm in trying.”


Or, the one where Louis's a drummer, Nick's a radio DJ, and Louis's dogs are menaces.
pairing:louis/nick  title:n  author:w  author:wearetheluckyones  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au!nick  character:musician!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
february 2018 by Space.Clown
Sky At Night, The
Summary: There’s a little piece of paper on his bedside table, torn from the bottom of a notepad.

Insomnia Alliance, it says, in Louis’s chicken scratch handwriting. 9pm-7am, then the telephone number.

Or: Louis can't sleep, and Nick's the one who answers the phone in the middle of the night.
pairing:louis/nick  title:s  author:s  author:sunsetmog  rating:r  w/c:10-15k  genre:au!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
january 2018 by Space.Clown
You Can't Take The Sky From Me
Summary: “Alright,” Nick says eventually. “You can stay till our next stop. But it’s not gonna come free.” Louis stiffens. He’s got money, sure, but he’s worried that that’s not the kind of payment Nick is looking for. “Oh, don’t look so scared,” Nick says, though. “We’re not stopping till we’re in the next system. Can you work?”

“Oh,” Louis says, relieved. “Yeah, I can do pretty much anything.”

“Great, well, welcome aboard the Pig Dog,” Nick says, extending a hand out for Louis to shake. Louis takes it, decidedly not thinking about how it’s larger than his own and also very warm and quite soft, and instead cocks his head.

“Wait, your ship is called the Pig Dog?”

[Or: the one where Louis stows away and gets more than he bargained for.]
pairing:louis/nick  title:y  author:m  author:mrsenjolras  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:fantasy/  character:captain!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
Give Me One More Night With You
Summary: Louis turns up at Nick’s door on Saturday night, carrying a bottle of wine that he’d picked out at random at a Sainsburys on the way there.

He’d spent ages trying to figure out what you were supposed to wear when you’re going over to somebody’s house so they can thank you for looking after their dog but really you were effectively keeping their dog hostage and you also think that that person is really cute and you’re trying not to be weird about it. His Google search had been, perhaps unsurprisingly, not very helpful.

Or, the one where Pig turns up on Louis' doorstep one day, and Louis has a crush.
pairing:louis/nick  title:g  author:e  author:emmylouwho  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:office.worker!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
There Now, Steady Love
Summary: Nick's just had his heart broken, Louis is surprisingly careful with it.

Or, the one where Nick's a small time radio DJ & Louis's a single dad trying to make it as a musician.
pairing:louis/nick  title:t  author:j  author:jiksa  rating:nc-17  w/c:5-10k  genre:au!nick  character:daddy!louis  character:musician!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
Somebody Hurt You (I Know A Place)
Summary: An unexpected encounter brings Nick and Louis together but before they can tell anyone about their relationship an attack on Louis tears them both apart. Nick struggles to deal with the fact Louis no longer remembers their time together as Louis struggles with his injuries and nightmares in the aftermath of the attack. Together they help one another to heal and learn how to love all over again.
pairing:harry/louis  title:s  author:w  author:writcraft  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:amnesia!fic  genre:first.time!nick  character:musician!louis  character:hurt!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
Those Summer Nights
Summary: Nick’s whirlwind summer romance ended when he left his dad’s beach house. Now it’s the first day of senior year, and Nick needs to avoid both the most popular boy at school and his friends’ probing questions.
pairing:louis/nick  title:t  author:y  author:yesisaworld  rating:nc-17  w/c:10-15k  genre:au  genre:highschool!fic  character:student!louis  character:student!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
I'll Be Your Pride
Summary: Louis needled Nick into riding the Ferris wheel with him so he wouldn't have to ride alone. Of course, they get stuck at the top and Louis has to help Nick through his paralyzing fear of heights.
pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:y  author:yesisaworld  rating:g  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
Do You Smile To Tempt a Lover
Summary: Nick Grimshaw is entranced by Louis, his very beautiful, very cheeky new coworker at The National Portrait Gallery. He watches him day after day, wondering what he’s furiously typing on his laptop over lunch. With a little help from the very bored barista in the gallery cafe, Nick finds himself growing closer to Louis than he ever dreamed possible.
pairing:louis/nick  title:d  author:a  author:allwaswell16  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:accountant!nick  character:writer!louis  character:receptionist!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  year:2017  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2017 by Space.Clown
Mix The Salt And Sugar And Flour
Summary: Once upon a time, Louis and Nick were rude to each other in a restaurant. Louis took it as a sign, Nick blogged about it, and they went their separate ways. Mostly. They get a second chance when Aimee and Ian hire Louis to cater their wedding.
pairing:louis/nick  title:m  author:f  author:fueledbysquee  rating:r  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:chef!louis  character:writer!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Portions For Foxes
Summary: “You know how Tommo is about dares,” Harry says, laughing once, without any humor.

“An idiot,” Nick supplies, feeling a bit dazed. “But he’s always like that, so.”

Or, Louis injures himself, and somehow Nick winds up taking care of him.
pairing:louis/nick  title:p  author:p  author:pukeandcry  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:hurt!louis  character:musician!louis!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Tumblr Cats
Summary: Dear neighbor,

This might sound ridiculous, but I thought that you should know that my dog is still madly in love with your cat… and has been for nearly a year! She spends all day on the windowseat in my house, looking across the gap to where your cat sits in the windowsill. It is the happiest time that she has.

Now that there are potted plants there, she is heartbroken. But she keeps looking for your cat everywhere. Maybe when he seemed so easy to find, she took him for granted. Not anymore, though.

Maybe your potted plants could move to another window?
pairing:louis/nick  title:t  author:a  author:aimmyarrowshigh  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Why Do You Kiss Everybody But Me?
Summary: Nick and Fiona make a bet that if Nick can snog every member of One Direction, then Fiona will ask Ian out on a date. Nick agrees to this for three reasons: 1. He never turns down a bet. 2. He's completely plastered. 3. How hard could it be?
pairing:louis/nick  title:w  author:j  author:justyrae  rating:r  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:musician!louis!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
This Must Be The Time
Summary: Nick's never been the kind of boy to have a long-term boyfriend. There's always been other stuff that's been more interesting, stuff that's held his attention more than the boys in his bed. It's different with Louis.

Or: Louis and Nick come out: featuring flashbacks, goats, a determined Harry Styles and one very wet experience on the log flume.
pairing:louis/nick  title:t  author:s  author:sunsetmog  rating:nc-17  w/c:15-20k  genre:au  character:musician!louis!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
This Ain't Love It's Clear To See
Summary: Louis shut the door behind him inside the guest bathroom, and plastered himself against the wall, taking a deep breath. Why was Nick so fucking infuriating? Why did he have to smile at Harry like that and parade around with him and why did everyone have to know? Why did the media fucking care?

And why couldn’t Nick do all of that with him?
pairing:louis/nick  title:t  author:t  author:tardiscrashing  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:musician!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
No Place I'd Rather Be
Summary: The shows for the rest of the week went on pretty much the same way. There was tons of banter, sly little digs at each other, and Louis had managed to achieve the impossible. He had managed to out-sass ShowBot. Nick didn’t even know that was possible.
pairing:louis/nick  title:n  author:l  author:lookslikemynextmistake  rating:r  w/c:1-5k  genre:au!nick!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Hi Hater, Kiss Kiss
Summary: Nick has had a crush on Louis Tomlinson ever since he first saw him perform on the x-factor. Almost four years later, he's finally accepted that their ongoing, unstoppable feud is the only thing the two of them will ever share. One game of Call or Delete with Niall Horan, however, starts to shake this belief.
pairing:louis/nick  title:h  author:m  author:mediawhore  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au!nick  character:musician!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
How Many Ifs Make A Definite? (Or, If You Squint You See Me)
Summary: Niall befriends an entire unit in five days, Harry is awfully sensitive when he's drunk and thinks the world is out to get him, Liam is Captain America, Zayn can't cook but brings lovely casseroles with him anyway.

Or, the one where Louis is in Afghanistan (and falls apart) and Nick is in London (and falls apart).  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
These Nights Never Seem To Go To Plan
Summary: Louis' heart started beating rapidly again as Nick's lips got closer to his. He felt the soft press of lips, his eyes fluttering closed, and he opened his mouth.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Clueless Lou - A Tomlinshaw Love Story
Summary: "Nick is an idiot, he makes crap jokes and he’s silly and he doesn’t care what people think about him, and he watches dumb TV shows and he’s got a stupid laugh. Okay, fine, maybe Nick is a little bit cute. Maybe he’s got soft, soulful eyes which make you want to just protect him forever. Maybe he’s got a handsome, animated face which makes you feel like the sun is shining every time you look at it. Maybe he does know everything I like and exactly how to stop me being sad and maybe when he puts his arms around me I feel safe for the first time since my real dad left us. Maybe…. Oh shit. Maybe I am completely and utterly in love with Nick Grimshaw. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK."  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
...To Reduce The Choir To One Soloist
Summary: Ten years older doesn't necessarily mean ten years wiser, as Louis comes to find out when confronted with the very real issue that he's thirty-two years old and still technically in the proverbial closet.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Your Body Is A Wonderland
Summary: “I did touch your cock, by the way,” he says casually, resting his chin on his hands. “Just because you said not to.”

Nick sighs long sufferingly, as if dealing with a particularly difficult toddler. “I’m really not surprised.”

“You’ve got a nice prick,” he continues just as nonchalantly, as if Nick hadn’t spoken. He perks up suddenly. “Actually, how about you strip off those joggers, I wanna see my cock from an outsider’s point of view.”

AU. Nick and Louis switch bodies. They’re not particularly happy about that development.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Words Will Be Just Words ('Til You Bring Them To Life)
Summary: As it turns out, making Louis laugh is even better than making him angry.

It’s the strangest thought Nick has ever had.

Nick and Louis don't have to share a bed, but they do anyway and it works out better than expected.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
And You Stole My Heart
Summary: Nick is an art curator, Louis is a thief. It goes as you would expect it to, some weird stuff happens.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
My Darling, You're Not Falling
Summary: Louis and Nick have been married for almost six months. It's a secret.

Well, it was.


Louis and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
To Dance Along The Lightning
Summary: Nick was two years and fifty nine days ago and an end that hadn’t hurt. She had no right to fit so perfectly back in Louis’ life like she’d never really left at all.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Backpacks And Lunch Sacks
Summary: Nick has spent the past two years pining after this dumb kid with this dumb Spiderman backpack. He's got dumb hair and a dumb smile and Nick's kind of in love with him. The only problem is Louis is a dumb high schooler and Nick's a teacher, and that makes Louis both dumb and unattainable. Except maybe the only real dumb person is Nick.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Mystery Of Stolen Goods, The
Summary: Louis and Nick are detectives working a cold case together, and somehow they also work out their feelings.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Summary: The one where Nick and Louis hate each other, but like to make out in the courtyard. Nick's parents suck at being parents, parties ensue every Friday night, and Louis pins after Liam basically all his life. The night Liam asks Louis out, Nick decides he has to have Louis. And he does.  no.pdf  no.epub  tomlinshaw  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Less Catfishing, More Cats
Summary: Nick drops his head back, too tired from a long day at the shop to put up a real fight. “I'd rather you used a crap photo. I'd rather this was a joke.”

“Nothing funny about this,” Ian mutters seriously, eyes scanning whatever he's written. Probably something along the lines of almost-but-not-quite fit bloke approaching middle age seeks a warm body to curl up to at night, not picky, terribly lonely and sad.

(Nick's friends sign him up for a dating site against his will. He's going to replace them with cats.)
pairing:louis/nick  title:l  author:a  author:alison  rating:r  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:clerk!nick  character:student!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Wooing For Beginners
Summary: There's a girl at school Louis is dying to impress, but Louis ends up impressing Nick instead.

A sort-of bookshop/high school/Saturday job AU with extra baking and not enough fish fingers.
pairing:louis/nick  title:w  author:s  author:sunsetmog  rating:pg-13  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:student!louis  character:clerk!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
You Are In A Garden, And You Are Astonished
Summary: “In April,” Louis echoes shakily. It’s August now, so if Nick cheated on him in April, then he’s been keeping it from Louis for four months. Louis feels sick; he takes another deep breath.

“Well you were gone, and I was alone with Iris and Oliver, and Nina was supposed to pick them up from school one day but she had an emergency, and I couldn’t leave work early. So I asked C-“

“No,” interjects Louis. “No, don’t tell me his name, don’t tell me who he is. I don’t want to know. All I want to know is why, after not telling me for four months, are you telling me now?”
pairing:louis/nick  title:y  author:r  author:restingonhislaurels  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:businessman!louis  character:daddy!louis  character:businessman!nick  character:daddy!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
There's Always Time For Second Guesses
Summary: Louis has never felt more welcomed before, never felt more sure that this is what he wants, definitely never felt like he has a shot at making it. It's the strangest and most exciting feeling in the world.

And then Louis meets Nick Grimshaw.
pairing:louis/nick  title:t  author:d  author:dessertmeltdown  rating:r  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  character:musician!louis  character:presenter!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
And I Will Give Up This Fight (Love In The Nick Of Time)
Summary: Exams were in a week and Lou was, quite frankly, falling to pieces under the pressure of good grades and dealing with the emotional repercussions of a longstanding crush that would not let her free of it’s clutches.

Lou has had a crush on Nick for what seems like forever. Not that Nick even knows she exists.
pairing:louis/nick  title:a  author:l  author:likeanchors  rating:pg-13  w/c:5-10k  genre:au  genre:highschool!fic  character:girl!louis  character:girl!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
A Boy For All Seasons, A
Summary: Over the course of a year, in bits and pieces, Louis and Nick fall in love.
pairing:louis/nick  title:b  author:w  author:words_unravel  rating:pg  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends
Summary: Nick nods, smiling, “Well, you’d better be off, probably got a lot of schoolwork right, kiddo?”

Louis is sure his face is bright red - honestly, he’s just turned seventeen, there’s no reason for this guy to be talking down to him. “Yeah, and you probably need to get back to your walking frame and ‘Golden Girls’ repeats,” he shoots back, pride swelling within him at his own wit.

(or the one where louis and nick are neighbours, and louis finds puppy wandering the streets)
pairing:louis/nick  title:c  author:z  author:zouis  rating:nc-17  w/c:1-5k  genre:au  character:student!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub 
december 2015 by Space.Clown
Changing Tides
Summary: Louis is the crown prince. Nick is the pirate captain who kidnaps him. Accidentally. Things only get more complicated from there.
pairing:louis/nick  title:c  author:w  author:wildestoftales  rating:pg-13  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  character:prince!louis  character:pirate!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
july 2015 by Space.Clown
Need You 100 Percent
Summary: Nick's a single dad who devotes all his time and attention to his son. Louis' the boy who lives down the hall that shows up one night and changes everything.
pairing:louis/nick  title:n  author:j  author:just_in_cases  rating:pg-13  w/c:30-35k  genre:au  character:daddy!nick  character:bartender!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
july 2015 by Space.Clown
Meant To Crush Your World
Summary: When Nick gets home from his walk with Puppy there’s a note taped to his door, a sheet of paper with messy scrawl on it that reads, sorry for nothing. Nick growls, yanking the paper off the door and crumbling it up, throwing it across the hall towards Louis and Harry’s apartment before he disappears into his own, letting Puppy off her leash and getting to work.

Nick will be damned if he’s going to let an overgrown-monster of a child continue to ruin his life.
pairing:louis/nick  title:m  author:a  author:alnima  rating:nc-17  w/c:25-30k  genre:au  character:assistant!nick  character:unemployed!louis  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
july 2015 by Space.Clown
I Could Stand You One More Night
Summary: "Didn't expect to see you," Nick says instead of hello. He's already just in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, hair sticking up all over the place, glasses on instead of contacts. Louis stomach lurches weirdly, but he ignores it and pushes past Nick into his flat. He knows he wasn't followed here, but he's uncomfortable standing outside for too long most days.

"Just got back to London," Louis says. "Haven't seen you for a while." He holds out a kebab in the bag.

Or, Louis and Nick have been fucking for ages, but it's definitely not a thing. They don't even like each other.
pairing:louis/nick  title:i  author:h  author:hllangel  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  character:musician!louis!nick  challenge:tomlinshawficexchange  pdf  epub 
july 2015 by Space.Clown

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