typography - When should I not use a ligature in English typesetting? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange
Basically expounding on the idea that you shouldn't necessarily use ligatures across morpheme boundaries, because it can reduce readability. Compare the "ft" ligature in "fifty" vs. "halftime". Ultimately this also depends on readers' skill & on typeface specifics, so some judgement is required.
typography  ligatures  readability 
7 days ago
Improving Facebook's performance on Android with FlatBuffers - Facebook Code
FlatBuffers is a data format that removes the need for data transformation between storage and the UI.
That allows a cleaner architecture based around data flow & one-way bindings (the article calls it “Flat Models”). It's a simpler architecture to reason about & also much faster.
flatbuffers  programming  facebook  mobile  android  performance  datastructures 
7 days ago
What Is A Social Justice Warrior (SJW)? — by Roosh V
I'm honestly kind of surprised that an essay by Roosh V could be this accurate. The sexism that runs through much of his writing is there, but minimally, & he totally nails the analysis.
sjw  censorship  essay  politics  insight 
7 weeks ago
Richard Pearse
A bunch of info on Richard Pearse, a kiwi who build planes around the same time the Wright brothers did. Depending on what level of control you demand to claim "flight", he actually flew some months before they did.
richardpearse  history  flight 
10 weeks ago
100 Years of Turbulence — by Maciej Cegłowski on Idle Words
A story about how patents didn't help the Wright brothers at all.
history  patents  flight  essay 
10 weeks ago
SportRyder's Wheel Alignment Method
Motorcycle rear wheel alignment made fairly easy.
motorcycle  maintenance  howto  clever 
11 weeks ago
'Forever strangers': the North Korean defectors who want to go back — The Guardian
I don't understand why they're not allowed. It seems like a prideful decision more than a principled or pragmatic one.
korea  politics  sad  nationalism  society 
11 weeks ago
Brunette Japanese student sues over school's order to dye hair black — The Guardian
The intersection of dress codes, zero tolerance in schools, & Japanese xenophobia.
japan  racism  dresscodes  zerotolerance  litigation 
11 weeks ago
Japanese firm fined token sum after woman died from overwork — The Guardian
It's actually a historic win, because not even a token fine has ever been imposed before.
japan  work  employment  death  business 
11 weeks ago
Canceling Student Debt Would Stimulate the Economy—and Voter Turnout | The Nation
“We shifted the cost of education to individuals and simultaneously required anyone who wanted a job to get a degree and to finance that degree with student debt…. [A]ll we’ve managed to do is shift the cost of job training from employers to workers while wages stagnated.”
debt  education  usa  politics 
october 2018
Palestinian Who Claimed To Be a Jew Jailed For Rape By Deception - ABC News
Fucking bullshit crime. How unsurprising that it's a Palestinian who got done for it, though.
october 2018
The Battle Over Pronouns Coming to a College Near You — by Daphne Patai for Minding The Campus
This may look to some like respect for individualism, but it is in fact group coercion. There’s no demand here for tolerance, only for obeisance.

The Humpty Dumpty reference at the end is brilliant.
politics  language  culture  academia  essay  sjw 
july 2018
Why confront the ugly lie of Islamic State with a tacky fake? | Stephen Bayley for The Spectator
Of course, every sentient being deplores the brainless destruction of the picturesque ruins described by the Comte de Volney and adored by Rose Macaulay, but patient restoration of Palmyra is as futile as correctly remembering an evaporating dream. Certainly, it’s gratifying to nullify the destructive work of Daesh’s explosives with drones and 3D printing and complex resins, but why confront the ugly lie of Islamic State with a tacky fake? There’s a nobility in ruins that technically perfect copies can never rediscover. Palmyra is a universal idea, not an archaeological site in the Syrian desert. The deplorable new ruins add to Palmyra’s meaning, a message written in the sand.
history  philosophy  copyright  architecture 
july 2018
The problem with British mosques | The Spectator
The incongruent architecture, cultural baggage and gender inequality must go—Ed Husain explains why British mosques need to adapt to the reality of the modern West
religion  architecture  uk  culture 
july 2018
It’s dangerous and wrong to tell all children they’re ‘gender fluid’ | Coffee House
Gender cannot be at real risk because it is anchored in an immutable reality. What is on the cards is oppression, socially engineered dysfunction and the loss of individual freedom. And it is so-called Conservative politicians who are helping wave the red flag of revolution.
gender  politics  uk  censorship  fascism 
july 2018
The UK's plan to deny terrorists 'safe spaces' online would make us all less safe in the long run — by Molly Land for The Conversation
Governments have of late been quite keen on censorship laws that are too broad, counter-productive, & often too reliant on private policing.
censorship  government  politics 
july 2018
Move Dash Forward (Quick and Dirty) - Yamaha FZ-07 Tech Tips - MT-07 FZ-07 Forum
I like the heavily modded but ramshackle look of his bike. Really nice.
yamaha  mt-07  modding 
march 2018
Creating a Properly Made Icebath
For calibrating a thermometer. From the ThermoWorks website. Thermapen
thermometer  temperature 
january 2018
The Comfort Food Diaries: Whipped Cream Is All That Matters | Serious Eats
"Daniel, can I put some whipped cream on that slice of pie for you?" a sane, rational person asks me at some gathering. "Yes, please!" I say, unambiguously, enthusiastically, and then ask for a little more, without shame. Deep down, though, I feel the shame of something else. It's the shame of knowing I don't want just "a little more" whipped cream. I want all the whipped cream.
food  funny  cream 
january 2018
10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask On a First Date — by Lara Witt for Everyday Feminism
Loads of real, important issues, but the delivery & overall worldview are incredibly intolerant & absolutist. It's bizarre how hypocritical some fourth-wave feminists can be.
feminism  sad 
december 2017
Progressive Linting – K. Adam White
Don't start linting a large existing project all at once; only lint files you've changed, & get git & npm to help.
programming  software  development  git  linting  standards 
december 2017
Antisocial Coding: My Year at GitHub — by Coraline Ada Ehmke
Really interesting. Not sure what to think of the situation except that it sounds like some people at GitHub really got their panties in a knot over Coraline's manner & beliefs. Kinda funny given that *she's* the SJW. Not funny at all given that they fired her over it.
management  politics  github  sjw  sad 
december 2017
An open letter to the W3C Director, CEO, team and membership | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The EFF has resigned from the W3C over the W3C's pathetic handling of EME/DRM.
copyright  drm  eff  w3c  politics 
december 2017
The Two Pillars of JavaScript — by Eric Elliot
A talk given at O'Reilly's Fluent Conference: JavaScript and Beyond, 2013. Learn about the limitations of classical inheritance, and the power and flexibility of prototypal OO that exists natively in JavaScript.
javascript  programming  functionalprogramming  prototypalinheritance 
december 2017
Searching for a fiancee (Christian)
An author of a Christian book searches for a fiancee

Victor Porton is a fanatical born-again Christian, a mathematician, a kook, & a total fucking autist. Born in Russia, living in Israel, fanatical, with absolutely no self-insight, & a lot of stupid ideas. This is his list of requirements for a fiancée.
funny  sad  autistic 
november 2017
Mass. Trooper Sues Police Leaders After He Was Told To Alter Arrest Report Of Judge's Daughter | WBUR News
State police acknowledge that changes were made to the trooper's initial report but that commanders are allowed to edit police reports.

Typical pigs, looking after their own.
corruption  police  massachusetts  usa 
november 2017
Sew Curved Seams in Silk Charmeuse - Threads
Here is a neat way to sew curving seams in a slippery fabric like silk charmeuse. This technique [...] achieves a narrow, finished seam allowance within the garment, much like a French seam. Unlike a French seam, however, this treatment has you clip and trim one seam allowance before finishing. That allows the seam to curve without twisting or buckling. Smooth!
sewing  techniques 
october 2017
Alter Patterns Using the Seam Method - Threads
An innovative technique for pattern alteration that's simple to understand and easy to do, offering options other techniques don't.

Essentially a technique for ensuring changes are orthogonal.
sewing  techniques  design 
october 2017
Excel Array Formulae - Decision Models
An explanation of how Excel functions handle array inputs.
excel  spreadsheet  documentation 
august 2017
Foundation Single Crochet | Doris Chan Crochet
AKA chainless single crochet: how to start crocheting with a row of crochet instead of a chain.
crochet  techniques 
july 2017
Invisible Seam Reverse Mattress Stitch — by Leonie Morgan on WoolnHook
Invisible seam reverse mattress stitch for joining crochet squares. Photo tutorial for sewing crochet squares together with no visible seam.
crochet  sewing  techniques 
july 2017
466638 - Remove OS X Keychain integration for saved passwords - chromium - Monorail
Removed because Apple broke it. Good job.

Though I prefer 1Password anyway.
security  privacy  bugs 
june 2017
How many ways are there to spell Duane? – Duane Ausherman
106 listed here; Duane is by far the most popular but Dwayne comes in an easy second.
naming  language 
june 2017
Earth-Roamers : Holan Nomada panniers review
TL;DR: these aluminium hard panniers beat the shit out of other luggage, standing up to many crashes & prangs yet still remaining water- & dust-tight.
reviews  motorbike  luggage  panniers 
march 2017
The Bump — The Brooks Review
Apple hid the iPhone 6 camera bump in profile promo shots. As Ben Brooks says, they need to own it.
iphone  design  apple  hardware  camera 
march 2017
Conservatives Brace for Trump's Revenge - The Atlantic
Some conservatives unequivocally opposed his election. Now he’s the president, with all the levers of government at his disposal.

I find the last section, talking to ex-CIA McMullin, especially concerning:
I immediately recognized […] something I’d seen before overseas in places where authoritarians takes power. They try to criminalize their political opposition.
politics  scary  trump  usa  authoritarianism 
february 2017
Police break up massive Norwegian paedophilia ring - The Local
Norwegian police have filed charges against 51 individuals involved in a grotesque paedophilia ring thought to be one of the largest child sexual abuse cases in the nation
pedophilia  crime  police  norway 
february 2017
Florida cop raped 20-yo woman at gunpoint
A Boynton Beach police officer named Stephen Maiorino raped a 20-year-old woman at gunpoint on the hood of his marked police car after offering her a lift. The stupid arrogant fucker left heaps of evidence, too, & for once the police force did the right thing & didn't try to protect him.
police  usa  corruption  rape 
february 2017
Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are using a political strategy that's remarkably similar to that of the Russian Revolution — Anastasia Edel for Quartz
The key to a successful insurrection, Vladimir Lenin wrote three days before the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, was the seizure of the telephone and telegraph. Every Soviet child, including myself, learned this dictum in the fourth grade. In the 21st century, I never thought I'd have reason to reflect on Lenin’s advice again.
politics  history  usa  russia  trump 
february 2017
The Trader Seeking Revenge Against U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara
Trader David Ganek lost his hedge fund Level Global after getting caught up in an insider trading investigation. Now he’s suing.

Basically, it appears as though the affidavit used to get a warrant to raid Ganek's company included a small but significant lie, & Ganek's clients all left over the raid. It does sound like Bharara overreached & Ganek has a legitimate complaint.
finance  legal  nyc  business  police 
february 2017
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