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Law Day 2012: Richard Dreyfuss - Video
In recognition of Law Day 2012, the Library of Congress hosted actor Richard Dreyfuss for a discussion focused on the Dreyfuss Initiative, a nonprofit organization that aims to revitalize civics education in public schools. For the past seven years, Dreyfuss has been traveling the nation advocating the teaching of civics and the restoration of civil debate in America.

Speaker Biography: Richard Dreyfuss, who has starred on stage and screen for nearly five decades in works ranging from the comedic to Shakespeare, has also spent four years studying (2004- 2008) at St. Antony's College at Oxford University. His role as an aspiring actor in "The Goodbye Girl" won him the Academy award. Many of his films appear on the American Film Institute's most recent list of the greatest 100 films. They include "The Graduate," "American Graffiti," and "Jaws." An Academy Award nominee for best actor, for his role in "Mr. Holland's Opus," Dreyfuss was presented the 2000 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Hollywood Film Festival. He frequently returns to his roots in theater, with starring roles on Broadway and off Broadway in productions like "The Exonerated," a work whose theme underscores his life-long commitment to social justice.
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