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GitHub - Munter/subfont: Command line tool to optimize your webfont loading. Aggressive subsetting based on your font use, self-hosting of Google fonts and preloading
Command line tool to optimize your webfont loading. Aggressive subsetting based on your font use, self-hosting of Google fonts and preloading - Munter/subfont
webfont  subset  typography  performance  cli  tool  woff2 
8 weeks ago by Rude
Renner* - a Futura inspired typeface with variable font support and a pay-what-you-like policy
typography  typeface  variable  font  free  from twitter
july 2018 by Rude
The Type Snob – The Design Team
Back in 2014, I was a graphic designer who had just moved to San Francisco to become a UX designer. Before that, I had worked with different multinational conglomerates (well, more like dive bars…
learn  article  typography  ui  design  tips 
november 2017 by Rude
Design Facts
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learn  typography  graphicdesign 
march 2016 by Rude
PragmataPro coding font designed by Fabrizio Schiavi
Absolutely love PragmataPro, if only supported OpenType features…
typography  programming  code  font  opentype  from twitter
march 2016 by Rude
I just found this open source coding font face in my read later list
free  code  opensource  typography  font  ligatures 
october 2015 by Rude
Bjrtypo is a super nice font showcase
typography  showcase  gallery  free  opensource  commercial  fonts 
september 2015 by Rude
Font Magician is a PostCSS plugin that magically generates all of your @font-face rules. Never write a @font-face rule again. Just use the font and font-family properties as if they were magic. /*…
fonts  plugin  postcss  @font-face  google  hosted  local  typography 
july 2015 by Rude
The next generation font manager for Mac
We really need your help to launch this project, if you want to support us, just click below buttons to share with your friends! Tweet Lightweight Font Manager RightFont offers many features to help…
macosx  fonts  typography  software  app 
may 2015 by Rude
Nihon font is really impressive, unreadable, but impressive
font  ligatures  opentype  typography  japan 
september 2014 by Rude
Such a nice set of Sketch plugins #typography #align #color
sketch  color  extension  plugin  align  guides  typography 
may 2014 by Rude
Learn Lettering | classes by seanwes
Learn Lettering thorough lettering education. From typographic fundamentals to professional practice
typography  edication  learn  learning  lettering  class  design  resources  video  tutorial 
march 2014 by Rude
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