MacType - The way texts should be
This is incredible. It makes Windows usable!
fonts  windows  windows7 
3 hours ago
Aust-Telemark - Wikipedia
That's not what I was expecting it to be
norway  europe  wikipedia 
7 days ago
Xen Windows PV Drivers 8.2.0
Xen has official PV drivers now, hashtag boom. Used the ejb builds before.
xen  virtualisation  windows  windowserver  drivers 
10 days ago
Flasks For Men: A Guide To Enjoying Spirits Anywhere – EuroMenTravel
I have no use for one of these things. Maybe its one reason why I want one so much!
beverages  design  art 
13 days ago
A. D. Hope - Wikipedia
As featured on Doctor Blake Mysteries...
poetry  australia 
13 days ago
AIX for PS/2 Index
"A source for things that you need to install AIX 1.3.0,  HERE wink, wink, nudge, nudge!"
aix  ibm  unix  retro  ps2  nostalgia  operatingsystems  1980s 
15 days ago
The Observation Deck » The sudden death and eternal life of Solaris
Bit of open source bluster here, but hard to fault on the details. Also very well written.
solaris  opensolaris  illumos  oracle  sun  news 
18 days ago
Text::CSV - comma-separated values manipulator (using XS or PurePerl) - metacpan.org
And finally, this worked great for parsing the CSV customer data I then sent to Zendesk. Beaut!
perl  cpan  csv 
18 days ago
Net::Zendesk - search.cpan.org
Zendesk interface for Perl. Does exactly what it needs, which is great if you're stuck using Zendesk.
perl  zendesk 
18 days ago
Try::Tiny - Minimal try/catch with proper preservation of $@ - metacpan.org
Alternative to TryCatch that has lots of deps and Moose constrains (which may or may not be an issue). I can vouch for it for small projects, works a treat.
perl  cpan 
18 days ago
LTEでビジネスがこう変わる! | パソコン個人向け | Panasonic
Constantly on the go and stressed? LTE will make you the envy of every other laptop user!
hardware  panasonic  laptops 
20 days ago
PowerEdge C6145 | Dell United States
Work got one of these back in the day. 96 cores in a 2U chassis, with a trillion 2.5" drives. Wow.
hardware  dell  servers 
23 days ago
Org-mode - Wikipedia
This is the kind of thing that would convince me to move from Vim to emacs. Looks friggen awesome.
emacs  markup  outlines  lists  extensions 
25 days ago
File:Kafo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
You'd expect to see this as a logo in a 1990s cafe :)
design  retro  nostalgia  coffee  icons 
25 days ago
Misconceptions About Selflessness - Jack Kornfield
"Others confuse the notion of emptiness with inner feelings of apathy, unworthiness, or meaninglessness that they have carried from a painful past into spiritual practice"
meditation  self  ego 
4 weeks ago
Project Wingman Alpha by RB-D2
The graphics for this flight simulator look amazing
flightsims  world  aviation  games 
4 weeks ago
Shangai in 1987 and 2017
And I thought Singapore had changed in that time, wow
china  shanghai  cities  asia  design  architecture 
4 weeks ago
google/guetzli: Perceptual JPEG encoder
Could have sworn I bookmarked this before. May finally have a Google thing I use regularly again.
compression  jpeg  images  google 
5 weeks ago
Homebrew Bundle with Ansible – Mr. F – Misc development topics
Interesting idea, and you can dump config rather than keeping a list
mac  ansible  automation 
5 weeks ago
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