BACKPACK - M.R.K.T. Australia
These bags look amazing. Minimal and clean
bags  australia  laptops 
2 days ago
John Kenneth Galbraith - Wikiquote
"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."
economics  quotes 
2 days ago
‘The security people I know at Google are embarrassed by Android’ – BGR
“Google has by far the best security team of any company in Silicon Valley, and the security people I know at Google are embarrassed by Android,” he said this week at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech conference.
security  android  google  phones 
4 days ago
A FreeBSD 11 Desktop How-to » Cooltrainer.org
Definitely one of the more comprehensive guides out there for using the world's greatest operating system as a desktop.
bsd  freebsd  xfce  kde  cinnamon 
5 days ago
Sydney, Australia Travel Guide - YouTube
Best indie travel guide I've ever seen, nice one!
sydney  australia  youtube 
5 days ago
Shop Fitbit Charge 3™ Advanced Fitness Tracker
Sorely tempted to replace my gen-1 Apple Watch with one of these.
fitbit  fitness  watch 
5 days ago
Hatsune Miku Snow Miku Vocaloid Figure
This is one of my all time favourite Miku figs aaaaah!
figures  vocaloid  hatsunemiku 
5 days ago
Tony Abbott faces campaign using tactics that defeated Mirabella in Indi | Australia news | The Guardian
"The Vow president, Louise Hislop, told Guardian Australia the group was created after Abbott’s refusal to engage on issues considered important to constituents, including climate change, plastics pollution, traffic issues, same-sex marriage and mental health services."
politics  australia 
10 days ago
A quiet farewell Lotus 1-2-3, Organizer and Smartsuite
Organiser is still the gold standard for PIMs, as far as I'm concerned.
lotus  organizer  pim  software  nostalgia  retro 
22 days ago
How Singapore Fixed Its Housing Problem - YouTube
Simplifies a lot of things, but 90% home ownership doesn't lie.
singapore  housing  youtube  video  bloomberg 
28 days ago
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