Useful service for verifying if an email domain is legit.
email  spam 
5 days ago
パソコン・デジもの日記 | P4P800 Deluxe がメインパソコンに
Someone in Japan with the same Gateway 2000 case I got, and did an ATX backplane mod too.
gateway2000  mods  hardware  vintage  retro 
8 days ago
Scuzz Inc: Commodore Amiga Retro
Lots of great vintage computer images, and a tad bit of weirdness.
vintage  retro  commodore  amiga 
8 days ago
FOAF-a-matic -- Describe yourself in RDF
A real shame this never caught on. Now we're stuck with Facebook.
foaf  rdf  xml 
8 days ago
Structured Data Testing Tool
About the last Google tool I still use.
google  rdf  schema  foaf  xml  xhtml  html 
8 days ago
MooseX::SingleArg - No-fuss instantiation of Moose objects using a single argument. - metacpan.org
"MooseX::SingleArg - No-fuss instantiation of Moose objects using a single argument."
moose  perl  programming 
12 days ago
『 AUBE / 黎明 』(instrumental) - YouTube
I've been playing this on a loop at the office all morning. ♡
music  japanese  instrumentals  electronica 
12 days ago
Bob Nygaard - Wikipedia
I'm relieved this guy exists. "Bob Nygaard (born 1961 or 1962) is an American private investigator (PI) and member of the National Association of Bunco Investigators; he specializes in the investigation of psychic fraud."
wikipedia  didyouknow  pseudoscience  psychology 
12 days ago
linux - Removing vg and lv after physical drive has been removed - Server Fault
"That did the trick. It's too bad LVM is such a leaky abstraction." Or in my words "I wish the client had just used FreeBSD and ZFS"
lvm  linux  harddrives 
12 days ago
Managing USB Mass Storage Devices - Oracle Solaris 11.1 Administration: Devices and File Systems
Found myself having to look this up to fix stuff yesterday. rmformat -F for physically formatting USB drives
usb  solaris  documentation 
12 days ago
Programming Perl, 4th Edition - O'Reilly Media
I didn't even realise there was a 4th edition! Current up to Perl 5.14, with a preview of Perl 5.16. This may need to go on the blog.
perl  programming  oreilly 
12 days ago
Role up! Role up! (but keep hold of your Moose and make your meta immutable) | Technical Blog by THE YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP
"Summary: Stick `__PACKAGE__->meta->make_immutable;` at the bottom of every Moose class unless you really know what you’re doing. It makes your code safer (and faster)."
perl  moose 
12 days ago
Apps of a Feather
This is worrying. Hope Twitter come to their senses.
twitter  api  software  tweetbot 
12 days ago
lvdexport | eBay
Some fascinating Soviet-era iconography and signs
ebay  soviet  russia  russian  design  graphics 
21 days ago
DOS Driver Page - www.dosdriver.de
Happy to see this guy still around. Good collection of vintage sound and graphics drivers, and emulation tips.
virtualisation  hardware  vintage  retro  drivers 
21 days ago
Kue - Wikipedia
Damn it, I want to eat all of this!
indonesia  food 
24 days ago
Catweasel Floppy Controllers
"Catweasel is a universal floppy disk controller that uses unmodified PC diskdrives."
amiga  dos  atari  vintage  controllers  ide  fdd 
24 days ago
6502 Home Computer | grappendorf.net
This is so cool, a Commodore 64-esque machine from first principles.
retro  vintage  commodore  mos 
24 days ago
OpenBSD vmm enabled | Hacker News
This is why we can't have nice things: "However, it is still a boring type-2 hypervisor, just like bhyve, vmware or kvm; no real progress whatsoever."
vmm  openbsd  bsd  virtualisation 
5 weeks ago
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