The Eudora™ Email Client Source Code | Computer History Museum
Best email client ever. Too bad they didn't survive to make a *nix or Mac OS X version.
email  history 
21 hours ago
html - Is there a content element in HTML5? - Stack Overflow
"A <content> element was proposed but rejected for HTML 5. Such is the peril of trying to teach draft specifications."
BART Crimes - Making Public Information Public
"This site is about Making Public Information Public. BART has been a little strange about sharing public information lately. This site is here to make it easier to access that information"
sanfrancisco  unitedstates  publictransport 
Where is the Red Hat of FreeBSD? Isn't there a comparable company? If so why? : freebsd
Granted it's on Reddit, but otherwise an interesting thread. Consensus seems to be iXsystems and NetApp, kinda.
freebsd  bsd 
4 days ago
John Nance | Author, Public Speaker, Aviation & Healthcare Expert
My favourite aviation expert and pilot, often seen on Mayday/Air Crash Investigations. He's even an author, time to check his stuff out.
aviation  safety  experts  television  novels 
10 days ago
Rubenerd.com review. Is Rubenerd legit and safe? Rubenerd reviews and fraud and scam reports.
"We found that Rubenerd is safe for children and does not look fraudulent. We would describe it as legit." ... good to know!
rubenerd.com  reviews 
10 days ago
STARBUCKS: 'We Will Offer More Plant Based Options'
Someone using my Starbucks image from Tanglin Mall in Singapore. Looks way different now.
10 days ago
10 Funny Networking Memes
Hey, at least someone liked my bad networking memes!
networking  memes  ospf 
10 days ago
File:Two of four CFM 56 engines of a DC-8 72.jpg - Wikipedia
The CFM56s look so out of proportion compared to the pencil-like DC-8!
toblog  dc8  aviation 
10 days ago
GitHub Acquisition: Developers Flee to Bitbucket and GitLab after Microsoft Takeover
"Users are jumping ship after news of Microsoft's GitHub acquisition, with concerns about the company's influence and shaky history. GitLab has seen a tenfold increase in the number of daily repositories."
git  news 
10 days ago
An FUQ for the GDPR | Linux Journal
"The same day—25 May—should be marked green for everyone who has hated the simple fact that harvesting personal data from everybody on the internet has been too damned easy for too damned long for too damned many companies, and governments too."
privacy  europe  docsearls 
10 days ago
Switching power supplies for the C64 and 128
commodore  commodore128  commodore64 
17 days ago
Notion - Free Tiling Tabbed Window Manager
"most tiled window managers are 'dynamic', meaning they automatically resize and move around tiles as windows appear and disappear. Notion, by contrast, does not automatically change the tiling." Nice!
tiling  windowmanagers  bsd  freebsd  linux 
17 days ago
I am so f***** old - Album on Imgur
Dial up, Netscape Navigator, Geocities, ICQ... *wipes tears*
nostalgia  1990s  internet  netscape  icq  dialup 
22 days ago
Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim: ‘When it is denied to you, freedom is a torture’ | World news | The Guardian
"The former Malaysian deputy leader, pardoned and released from jail, talks exclusively about his hopes for his nation"
news  malaysia 
22 days ago
Kyoto Municipal Subway Figures | MyFigureCollection.net
So cool! Clara and I noticed these everywhere in Kyoto
japan  publictransport  trains  moe  cute  anime 
23 days ago
xkcd: Traffic Lights
There was a set of lights in Melbourne like this when I was growing up there. My dad grumbled each time.
xkcd  comics 
5 weeks ago
No Filter – Jane Kim – Medium
Best take down of a potential hit piece writer I've ever read.
journalism  ethics  politics  unitedstates 
5 weeks ago
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