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War and Reintegration – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
>The textbook success story is the de-Nazification of Germany after WWII. Only a very small fraction of the people who participated in actual killings were ever brought to trial; most people simply went on with their lives, living in the extremely uncomfortable world where you never knew which of the people you dealt with on a daily basis had a horrific past. But despite this, German society not only did not disintegrate, it thrived, rapidly turning into a pillar of the “community of nations.” >There are too many failures for there to be a textbook example.
>Essentially, people need the opportunity to exit the life they were living during the previous violence. If this opportunity is unavailable, they can fall back on what they know.
>The military has been encouraged to develop strong discipline, both to maximize its effectiveness as a fighting force, and to maximize its ability to integrate into society; police departments have been encouraged to develop extreme autonomy among individual officers, especially in their use of violence, in order to maximize people’s obedience.
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