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Alive Inside: How a Houston hospital restores patients with severe brain injuries - Houston Chronicle
Maybe our "Kill everything inconvenient" cukture is misguided?

So, libs will be apologizing for their Terri Schiavo behavior now, right?
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december 2017 by PubliusTX
What bond investors weren’t told about a threat facing Cinco Ranch - Houston Chronicle
MUDS are created by the legislature or the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, typically at the initiative of developers. A handful of "electors" can vote to ratify a district's existence and authorize it to sell hundreds of millions of dollars in bonds. The electors are hand-picked and sometimes live in trailers on the site of the future subdivision, to satisfy a legal requirement that they be residents of the district.

/ it usually doesn't require that much effort - fake slivers of land are "sold" to electors
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november 2017 by PubliusTX
While other programs search for a coach, OU savors the security of Lincoln Riley -
The smooth staffing transition was key. Formal coach in waiting has usually been disastrous. Bob Stoops made it work informally here by stepping away from a playoff caliber team. Hard ever to give Bob Stoops enough praise for what he did at OU over his career, including his last move.
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november 2017 by PubliusTX
One reason the NFL is struggling
This was probably the most entertaining story to come out of the game Sunday night - pretty much the league's marquee matchup of the week.
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november 2017 by PubliusTX
Lincoln Riley should suspend Baker Mayfield - Berry Tramel,
Whole game or one half? Seems to me the same penalty as for targeting would be appropriate. But I'm also a fan of the team, so biased...
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november 2017 by PubliusTX
To evaluate Baker Mayfield try to forget Johnny Football - Waiting For Next Year
When Johnny Manziel was shredding the Big XII with his legs and arm,

// good srticke, but Manziel never olayed in the big 12
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november 2017 by PubliusTX
Bellwether, or Stray? - Henry Olsen, City Journal
If the GOP JUST BEHAVES MORE like the Dems, they may be able to beat the Dems. SMH
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november 2017 by PubliusTX
In which Texas-hating Texan Mimi Swartz rants about the NRA and Texas for New York Times readers
So she hates NRA political donations. What about Planned Parenthood, which is responsible for many times more deaths?
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november 2017 by PubliusTX
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