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A community for all vidders to share their knowledge of software and techniques. Pleased with your editing software? Write a review! Got a list of top tips? Tell us! Seen some cool effects you want to try yourself? Discuss them here. Stuck on anything? Ask!

We encourage everyone to both ask and answer questions - as mods we are not experts, we just want to create a place for friendly discussion. We'd also like to include tutorials on everything from video editing techniques, special effects, audio editing to titles so please contribute!
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october 2015 by Pslasher
FrontPage - Vidding Tech Wiki Beta
This is a currently work-in-progress wiki for collecting guides and useful information for Vidders on how to make their vids.
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december 2013 by Pslasher
thingswithwings | definitions of art make my skin crawl.
RT : thingswithwings says all the things I think about vidding and our god awful copyright laws:

Right now a thing that is happening is that the OTW is fighting for DMCA exemptions for vidders, especially the right to break DRM on copyrighted materials. This is an important part of the fight against DMCA in general and the fight for remix culture, fair use, and new art forms as well. The lawmakers already came back with a statement that they're just not sure why vidders would need digital footage (ie, why not use low-quality footage taken from the internets, rather than breaking DRM on a DVD or blueray disc or iTunes download?) and stating that they didn't feel one of the vids presented, in particular, had its own narrative/message - in other words, that it didn't make the cut in terms of showing sufficient "originality." Originality is a big fucking deal in American copyright law.
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march 2012 by Pslasher

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