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Some Time Around Midnight
Lee knows that Kara will break him in two.

Absolutely awesome.
Bsg  vid  Starbuck/Apollo  Kara/Lee  v:bop_radar 
september 2017 by Pslasher
A Thousand Suns
How to stand up. (Castiel & Dean/Castiel, seasons 4-5)
vid  supernatural  Dean/Castiel  v:some-stars 
november 2015 by Pslasher
Wildest Dreams
Someday when you leave me, I bet these memories follow you around. Literally, in some cases. (A multifandom Women In Refrigerators vid.)
vid  multifandom  Feminism  meta  v:kaydeefalls 
october 2015 by Pslasher
Gimme More

Description: Male & female striptease and other hot scenes from various tv shows & movies. Inspired by Magic Mike. Some bits NSFW but nothing too explicit. Basically, butts.
vid  multifandom  v:dreamer1104 
october 2015 by Pslasher
This Charming Man
A Sherlock fanvid. Lestrade study -- whether you read it as gen, Sherlock/Lestrade, or John/Sherlock/Lestrade, I leave entirely up to you. Spoilers through Reichenbach Fall.
SherlockBBC  vid  v:trelkez  Lestrad 
october 2015 by Pslasher
Star Trek Sex
I can't tell if this is the original poster or not, but I think not. That might be here:
vid  StarTrek  v:MajorGrin 
september 2015 by Pslasher
Around the Bend
Women and cars and motorcycles - sexy and full of friendship.
vid  v:danegen  multifandom 
september 2015 by Pslasher
On the Prowl
Warning: Content Undisclosed (but this is a self portrait by sisabet and sweetestdrain so... yeah). (Pslasher will say there is graphic violence. Some very trigger stuff)
Where is our line?
vid  multifandom  v:sisabet  v:sweetestdrain  dark!fic 
september 2015 by Pslasher
i got it
Hilarious, full of their weird little interactions.
j2  vid  humor  v:MelissaLynn 
january 2015 by Pslasher
Mind Palace
Just having some fun with Sherlock's brain and all his deductions. :)
SherlockBBC  vid  toread  v:HRS1812 
april 2014 by Pslasher
his room is cold now
This is my take on the post-Richenback time for John.
SherlockBBC  vid  toread  v:KatrinDepp 
april 2014 by Pslasher
ᴛᴏ ʙᴜɪʟᴅ ᴀ ʜᴏᴍᴇ
Tʜɪs ɪs ᴀ ᴘʟᴀᴄᴇ ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ I ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ғᴇᴇʟ ᴀʟᴏɴᴇ
Tʜɪs ɪs ᴀ ᴘʟᴀᴄᴇ ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ I ғᴇᴇʟ ᴀᴛ ʜᴏᴍᴇ...
vid  SherlockBBC  v:xKeepCalmAndCarryOnx  toread 
april 2014 by Pslasher
Stayin' Low!
This is an awesome vid for the series.
Alien(Movies)  vid  v:hollywoodgrrl 
december 2013 by Pslasher
It's You
A sort of post-season 3 Elena vid. While Elena is unconscious and transitioning, she's thinking back through the people who have affected her human life - how she has been surrounded by people who protected her, taught her, and guided her, even if they were hurting her. But despite these people, in the end it was her who was in control of her choices. It was her alone who decided what was worth living and dying for. And through all the heartache and struggle, she learned how to be strong. Now that she's a vampire, she has all the weapons she needs to fight anyone who threatens her or her loved ones.
vid  TheVampireDiaries  ElenaGilbert  v:e_transitions 
december 2013 by Pslasher
The Misfit that is Damon Salvatore.
TheVampireDiaries  vid  DamonSalvatore 
december 2013 by Pslasher
I Could Have Been You
Inspired by the last episode of Season 3, where we find out that, despite Elena's statement that things could have been different if her and Damon had met first, they actually DID meet first. So it's a Damon POV vid showing how he COULD have been in Stephan's position, and Stephan could have been the one watching from outside. The lyrics sort of say it all: "I could have been you. You could have been me. One small change, it shapes your destiny..."
TheVampireDiaries  vid  v:e_transitions  Damon/Elena  Elena/Stefan 
december 2013 by Pslasher
History Repeating
Storyvid recapping the relationship of vampire brothers Stefan and Damon, looking at the intense sibling rivalry that has dominated their lives for a century and a half as they battle for the attentions of their creator, Katherine, and years later, her human descendant, Elena. As supernatural forces bring unsuspecting players together, it becomes clear that the horror happening in present day Mystic Falls ultimately all leads back to the events of 1864. (June 10th, 2010)
TheVampireDiaries  vid  v:dreamrequiem  DamonSalvatore  StefanSalvatore  ElenaGilbert  KatherinePierce 
december 2013 by Pslasher
Addicted - Vidders
Damon falls in love like he's going to die from it (and other people will, too).
TheVampireDiaries  vid  Damon/Elena  Damon/Katherine 
november 2013 by Pslasher
"Do ya feel my body burn whenever you are near? A thing I do, a fool for you, will I ever learn?" A relationship study vid about Elena, coming to terms that there are vampires and more to that, her boyfriend is one of them.

Sexy, an edge of danger, also sort of soft. Interesting mix.
TheVampireDiaries  vid  v:SecretlyToDream  Elena/Stefan 
november 2013 by Pslasher
Momentum - YouTube
Damon & Elena, S1 spoilers, dark, non-con sex and violence
A darker look at the early relationship they had. Very effects-heavy, I really liked the way it accented their facial expressions.
TheVampireDiaries  Damon/Elena  v:LightningFair  vid 
november 2013 by Pslasher
Vicky, and the tragic story that is Vicky. Excellent editing, it was really interesting to go back and relive this early story.
TheVampireDiaries  vid  v:bop_radar  Vicky 
november 2013 by Pslasher
run fast
A Caroline character study that captures her sweetness, along with her fighting spirit.
TheVampireDiaries  vid  CarolineForbes  FromDelicious  v:gigglemonster  Violence  NonCon  *VidParty 
march 2013 by Pslasher
Not Afraid
Vengeance is a harsh mistress. Excellent character study, with some lovely action sequences.
v:cupidsbow  vid  Colombiana  pg-13  *VidParty 
february 2013 by Pslasher
Va Va Voom
Fantastic vid for the movie, I really enjoyed it.
ALeagueofTheirOwn  vid  v:rhoboat 
february 2013 by Pslasher
Reach out and touch me
Metaphorical shooting of unicorns in a homoerotic context (that covers it, more or less)
Merlin  slash  vid  Arthur/Merlin  v:solanyxe 
december 2012 by Pslasher
Rolling in the Deep
"And I will always be there, old friend." Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, from beginning to end.
Gorgeous and moving.
vid  Xmen  Xmen:FirstClass  slash  angst  v:arefadedaway  Eric/Charles  FromDelicious 
november 2012 by Pslasher
Coin Operated Boy
Sam/Dean, and fandom, and how we feel about them.
supernatural  vid  meta  v:counteragent  fandom 
october 2012 by Pslasher
Rolling in the Deep
"And I will always be there, old friend." Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, from beginning to end.
Warnings: Predictable song choice (I’m so sorry, I had to), spoilers for all four movies, blood, mild violence, concentration camp imagery, shooting, stabbing, choking, brief suggestions of torture, multiple deaths. Such a happy vid!
v:arefadedaway  Xmen  Eric/Charles  vid  angst 
september 2012 by Pslasher
Some Nights
Compelling overview of all three seasons so far. Sorrow, happiness, friends and family, enemies.
TheVampireDiaries  vid  v:Naphie88  Ensemble 
september 2012 by Pslasher
multifandom  vid  v:bironic  5star 
august 2012 by Pslasher
One Vision
One man, one goal, one mission. One team, one dream, one hell of a movie.
v:grammarwoman  Avengers2012  vid  Ensemble 
august 2012 by Pslasher
Whatever you like - YouTube
Classy, sophisticated, black and white, sexy.
Avengers2012  vid  Ensemble  Cast  RPV  RPS 
august 2012 by Pslasher
Somebody That I Used to Know
"that was love, and it's an ache I still remember. Thor has a lot of feelings, okay?"

Great editing, full of gorgeous feels.
v:talitha78  Thor2011  Avengers2012  vid  Loki/Thor 
june 2012 by Pslasher
Warnings: Explosions. So many explosions. Also: LYRICS NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
Vid Summary: We can make an earthquake up in here. Also known as the vid where things go boom on the beat.
v:talitha78  Avengers2012  vid  action 
may 2012 by Pslasher
Tainted love
It's Damon/Stefan slash to Tainted Love - I think that sort of sells itself. Also, extremely well edited, with a fantastic constructed reality scene. *kisses fingertips* Perfecto!
TheVampireDiaries  slash  Damon/Stefan  nc-17  vid  v:rea_silvia  5star  Violence  Sex 
may 2012 by Pslasher
Like A Stranger
Damon/Elena/Katherine/Stefan in any and all combinations. A gorgeous work of art, plus I ADORE this song and it's perfect for them.
vid  TheVampireDiaries  Elena/Stefan/Damon  Damon/Stefan  Elena/Stefan  Katherine/Stefan  5star  v:spuffyproductions88 
april 2012 by Pslasher
Set Fire to the Rain
Title: Set Fire to the Rain
Song Artist: Adele
Fandom: Thor
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Summary: Thor sets fire to the rain. TEEHEE *scampers away*
Length: 2:20
Thor2011  vid  v:talitha78  Loki/Thor 
march 2012 by Pslasher
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
Title: Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
Song Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Fandom: Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard
Pairing: John McClane/Matt Farrell
Length: 3:38
Warnings: Explosions and violence and violent explosions.
vid  DieHard  Mcclane/Farrell  v:talitha78  humor 
march 2012 by Pslasher
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