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to ship or not to ship
An explainer about the terms “ship” and “slash”
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september 2016 by Pslasher
Slash shock, shamelessness, and a rec.
So, remember slash shock? That weird feeling you got when you read that first story about Frodo and Sam, or Kirk and Spock, doing... things.. to each other, that feeling compounded of equal parts This is strange and wrong and dirty and This makes so. much. sense and more more more more more?
fandom  fanfiction  slash  meta 
january 2016 by Pslasher
This community is for fans of the slash relationship between Damon and Stefan Salvatore and/or Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in the CW tv series of The Vampire Diaries. Also lists a few other sites. Please feel free to post fics, media, images, articles or meta that focus on the relationship between the brothers and/or Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, but please be aware this community has a slash focus, so any material posted should meet this requirement.
TheVampireDiaries  community  slash  Damon/Stefan  fanfiction  IanSomerhalder/PaulWesley  rps  FromDelicious 
april 2013 by Pslasher
nrrrdy-grrrl: help wanted
"I'm looking for folks on my flist who'd be willing to let me ask them some questions about slash in the 1990's or ealier. I've begun research for a piece about trends in slash and adult fan fiction, particularly the transition from zines etc to the internet." Very interesting replies, with good history about early (70s-80s) and 90s fandom. Links to nrrrdy-grrrl's DW and LJ posts are in the comments.
fandom  research  slash  history  FromDelicious 
april 2013 by Pslasher
pouxin - My Research Project: Further information, and opportunity for discussion - please come and chat!
This questionnaire is designed to explore women’s production and consumption of homosexual (male) erotica, pornography, and (sexually explicit) slashfic.
ToDo  slash  Survey  Research 
march 2013 by Pslasher
tvd-slash: The Vampire Diaries Slash Community
Welcome to The Vampire Diaries slash community! Glad to have you. Our Purpose: To provide a place where authors and readers can connect and enjoy slash fanfiction about the characters from The Vampire Diaries, both in their television incarnations and their book incarnations. There will also be occasional challenges and events.
TheVampireDiaries  slash  community  fanfiction  FromDelicious 
march 2013 by Pslasher
Two Masters
Xanthe continues her 24/7 series by introducing Tony to Skinner and Mulder. Excellent character development, and very hot sex. Summary: Tony decides that he wants more from Gibbs than headslaps. But can Gibbs be persuaded to love again, and is Tony prepared to confront the demons from his past and learn how to trust? Extract: "You can belong to me, or to the past - but not both. You can't serve two masters."
a:xanthe  fic  nc-17  Xfiles  NCIS  slash  bdsm  BDSM-heavy  Gibbs/Tony  series:24/7  spanking  5star  FromDelicious 
february 2013 by Pslasher
Never a Forever Thing
This is set during the 700 years John was in stasis. Does anyone really think that Rodney wouldn't have programmed something to keep John's mind occupied so it wouldn't atrophy? There are some minor spoilers for The Prodigal in the form of dialogue and the knowledge that John and Rodney are indeed twelve year old boys trapped in the bodies of forty year old men. I also took some dialogue from the end of The Last Man.
a:logans_girl73  fic  SGA  slash  bdsm  Top!Rodney  McKay/Sheppard  toread  stasis  FromDelicious 
february 2013 by Pslasher
The Giraffe Notes - Podfic
The impossible love story of a mouse and a giraffe featuring a crush that last a decade, a very grateful movie star, the fine art of falling in love over the internet, a possibly naughty tattoo, three awesome friends, cats, nerves, and a spectacular first date.
r:lunchy_munchy  podfic  slash  TheSocialNetwork  a:jeyhawk  nc-17  ToTag 
december 2012 by Pslasher
Lost in Waiting
"You can’t have it both ways, Colonel. If you haven’t had any relationships, either you’re having the occasional one-night stand or you’re not having sex at all.”
The one where John is a virgin and Rodney just can't let it go.
a:LaceyMcBain  fic  angst  FirstTime  Virgin!John  slash 
december 2012 by Pslasher
Face Value
"Yes, I think one telepath per Atlantis is enough," Elizabeth said. One too many, she murmured internally.
Beautiful look at telepathy.
a:minnow1212  SGA  fic  telepathy  McKay/Sheppard  r  slash 
december 2012 by Pslasher
The Rodney Multiplex
John becomes psychic and can *see* the beauty of Rodneys mind. I do so love psychic fics.
slash  SGA  fic  McKay/Sheppard  telepathy  a:nessalynna 
december 2012 by Pslasher
The IOA wants to replace John, but never fear, Rodney has a plan.
SGA  McKay/Sheppard  fic  ForcedMarriage  nc-17  humor  slash  a:mmmchelle 
december 2012 by Pslasher
Reach out and touch me
Metaphorical shooting of unicorns in a homoerotic context (that covers it, more or less)
Merlin  slash  vid  Arthur/Merlin  v:solanyxe 
december 2012 by Pslasher
Rolling in the Deep
"And I will always be there, old friend." Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, from beginning to end.
Gorgeous and moving.
vid  Xmen  Xmen:FirstClass  slash  angst  v:arefadedaway  Eric/Charles  FromDelicious 
november 2012 by Pslasher
Back from the Well
Summary: Atlantis has been raided and her people are trapped on a primitive world where technology is forbidden and they are forced to work as slaves.

Characters: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard/Carson Beckett (and various combinations thereof). Elizabeth Weir. Radek Zelenka. Colonel Caldwell.
a:xanthe  fic  SGA  toread  nc-17  hurt/comfort  McKay/Sheppard/Beckett  slavefic  slash  FromDelicious 
november 2012 by Pslasher
Short Time Series
In prison for attempted larceny and highway robbery, Dom (Fast and the Furious) gets stuck with a one eyed celly who tells some pretty strange stories.
a:lit-gal  fic  FastAndFurious  BuffyVerse  Dom/Xander  Dom/Brian  nc-17  bdsm  crossover  slash  FromDelicious 
november 2012 by Pslasher
Take Clothes Off As Directed
"You can't make a sub the military commander of Atlantis," Ford said.

[This story, an unauthorized homage, won't make a lot of sense without the original inspiration and source material by Xanthe, found Here: .]
a:helen  BDSMlifestyle  fic  SGA  slash  McKay/Sheppard  au 
september 2012 by Pslasher
Just Do It - Entertainment Weekly talks about 'shippers' and fanfiction
Entertainment Weekly talks about 'shippers' and fanfiction. An interesting article, which didn't present us totally as weird freaks to be laughed at. There was a tiny bit of the 'weirdness factor', but not nearly as much as some articles. They presented the topic pretty well, with some very interesting interviews, both with fans and industry execs.
fandom  InTheNews  fanfiction  fanvids  Essay  TheVampireDiaries  supernatural  StarTrekTOS  startrek  slash  femslash  het 
may 2012 by Pslasher
Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat
Original Slash rec: Captive Prince Sweeping epic with LOTS of slow build, ust, and world-building.

amen is a warrior hero to his people, and the truthful heir to the throne of Akielos, but when his half brother seizes power, Damen is captured, stripped of his identity and sent to serve the prince of an enemy nation as a pleasure slave.

Beautiful, manipulative and deadly, his new master Prince Laurent epitomizes the worst of the court at Vere. But in the lethal political web of the Veretian court, nothing is as it seems, and when Damen finds himself caught up in a play for the throne, he must work together with Laurent to survive and save his country.

For Damen, there is just one rule: never, ever reveal his true identity. Because the one man Damen needs is the one man who has more reason to hate him than anyone else...
OriginalFic  slash  action  toread  books  from twitter_favs
may 2012 by Pslasher
Tainted love
It's Damon/Stefan slash to Tainted Love - I think that sort of sells itself. Also, extremely well edited, with a fantastic constructed reality scene. *kisses fingertips* Perfecto!
TheVampireDiaries  slash  Damon/Stefan  nc-17  vid  v:rea_silvia  5star  Violence  Sex 
may 2012 by Pslasher
Woke Up Married
"Archie, we got married at--at Elvis's Chapel O' Love and Rainbows. And you're fine with that?"
a:celli  fic  AmericanIdol  Cook/Archuletta  r  toread  Vegas  Marriage  slash  rps 
march 2012 by Pslasher
DADT, Damyata, Dayadhvam
He was aware of the controversy surrounding the application of DADT policy to an international expedition—and an international expedition to another galaxy at that—but in the end, it didn’t matter. Everyone got the chip, or they didn’t go.
a:trinityofone  fic  slash  SGA  McKay/Sheppard  au  DADT  toread 
march 2012 by Pslasher
The Holiday
Summary: A modern day AU based heavily on the movie, “The Holiday”, done for the jim_and_bones’ Reel_Love Challenge. Jim Kirk is a documentary film maker who didn’t even notice his lover had moved out, while Spock gets dumped by his long-time girlfriend. On a whim, they swap homes for the holidays and find more than they bargained for.
a:weepingnaiad  a:abigail89  a:2starry_gals  startrek2009  slash  het  Kirk/McCoy  Uhura/Spock  fic  toread 
march 2012 by Pslasher
nonisland | Star Trek fic on the Archive of Our Own (AO³):
graphs showing categories [gen/het/slash/femslash/etc.], ratings, and frequencies of most popular ships by sub-fandom on the AO3.
startrek2009  startrek  StarTrekTOS  StarTrekTNG  StarTrekVoyager  meta  slash  femslash  Gen  het  Graphs 
january 2012 by Pslasher
st_xi_kink_meme: PART TWELVE
Kinkmeme prompt: Spock/McCoy, where Spock finds it irresistible when McCoy's accent and dialect goes south (um. pun kind of intended?), so he takes steps to make him as incoherent as possible as often as possible. McCoy's nobody's fool, so he tosses in a good ol' Southernism right there on the bridge sometimes, just to enjoy the payoff later.
startrek2009  slash  fic  toread  Spock/Bones  Bones/Spock  accents 
january 2012 by Pslasher
Transformative Works and Cultures
Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC) is a Gold Open Access international peer-reviewed journal published by the Organization for Transformative Works.

TWC publishes articles about popular media, fan communities, and transformative works, broadly conceived. We invite papers on all related topics, including but not limited to fan fiction, fan vids, mashups, machinima, film, TV, anime, comic books, video games, and any and all aspects of the communities of practice that surround them. TWC's aim is twofold: to provide a publishing outlet that welcomes fan-related topics, and to promote dialogue between the academic community and the fan community.
fandom  fanfiction  slash  AcademicJournal  academics  Discussion  otw 
january 2012 by Pslasher Yaoi Research |
Yaoi Research is dedicated to the scholarly discussion of m/m romance in all its aspects. If you create, enjoy, and/or study m/m romance in any of its forms and would like to contribute well-informed descriptive or analytical writing to the site, please contact us. Commentaries, research notes, reviews, analyses, and opinions are welcome.
Website  slash  yaoi  Resource  research  academics  AcademicJournal 
january 2012 by Pslasher
Though My Soul Has Set in Darkness
Sequel to We Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly to be Fearful of the Night
Summary: Chekov has recovered from a year spent in captivity after an away mission gone wrong; he’s repaired relationships with his friends and built a new love with a certain surly ship’s doctor. A new undercover mission could offer Chekov closure, but other crew members object to putting himself in danger again. Chekov knows he’s strong enough to face his fears, but can he convince those closest to him that this mission is worth the risk?
a:brighteyed_jill  fic  startrek2009  slash  slavefic  Violence  noncon  dubcon  angst  hurt/comfort  Undercover  Mccoy/Chekov 
january 2012 by Pslasher
Tempt Not a Desperate Man
“Sam, let’s get this straight. I kill things. Things with horns and fur and teeth, for Christ’s sake. There is no way I’m hauling my ass into that forest to trim some goddamned hedges that make people bang.”
Author's Notes: Um, basically, this is a sex!pollen fic, because every fandom should have one, and I haven't read one in this one yet.
supernatural  fic  dean/sam  nc-17  sexpollen  slash  a:sn-slash 
january 2012 by Pslasher
Stop Whispering - podfic
Jillian Stokes thinks it's a good idea to retrieve a few things from Nick's townhouse. Post episodic fic for Grave Danger; spoilery.
CSI  nick/greg  podfic  a:geekwriter143  r:bessyboo  OutsiderPOV  slash  r  Episode:GraveDanger 
december 2011 by Pslasher
/report, your fannish, slash-focused weekly podcast by Pru & MK, featuring recs, fandom safari, and a lot awesome/terribleness.
fandom  slash  podcast  multifandom  fanfiction  rec  podfanfiction  meta  trope  toread 
october 2011 by Pslasher hosts archives and personal fan pages for all kinds of fandoms.
multifandom  fanfiction  archive  slash  het  Gen  FromDelicious 
october 2011 by Pslasher
Just Ask And I Will Do
The SECOND I witnessed the epic eye sex going on between Harvey and Mike I was hod and the Harvey goes and says "good boy" to Mike and gives all these d/s undertones and I am smitten.
a:veritas-st  slash  WIP  Suits  bdsm  Harvey/Mike  fic  FromDelicious  from delicious
september 2011 by Pslasher
Faraway, So Close
Summary: In the aftermath of a classified mission, Leonard has to pick up all of Chris's broken pieces.
startrek2009  fic  a:skyblue-reverie  Pike/McCoy  angst  slash  nc-17  hurt/comfort 
may 2011 by Pslasher
Speranza's fics that have been recorded as podfics
Listing of all Speranza's fics that have been recorded as podfics. Lots of SGA that I haven't read yet.
podfanfiction  a:cesperanza  sga  slash  mckay/sheppard 
may 2011 by Pslasher
Kirk/Spock/McCoy TOS
Great scenes with the three of them together, the good and the difficult. Uses the AOS theme music.
Kirk/Spock/Mccoy  vid  StarTrekTOS  slash 
may 2011 by Pslasher
Family Business
He put on justice as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation upon his head. / He put on the garments of vengeance, and was clad with zeal as a cloak.

FBI AU with Cas as an assassin. Edited extremely well, so that it doesn't even feel like external footage was used at all.
vid  au  slash  Dean/Castiel  FBI  v:newkidfan  supernatural  angst  Art  artist:aesc  assassin 
april 2011 by Pslasher
The gloryhole of Supernatural fandom.
Anon SPN kinkmeme.
kink  kinkmeme  community  fanfiction  slash  supernatural  RPF 
february 2011 by Pslasher
Small Small World
Jensen Ackles has got the dream job of a former comic book fanboy: the creator of his very own series Small Small World which stars the man who would be perfect for Jensen if only he were real. Little does Jensen know that his world is about to get a whole lot smaller.
fic  Art  BigBang  ReverseBB  j2  slash  a:dragonspell  artist:petite_madame  au  toread  reccer:thalialunacy 
february 2011 by Pslasher
American Idol Podfic - Podfic Master List
Listing of all the AI podfic paraka could find. Includes Seasons 7, 8 & 9. Mostly slash, but some femslash.
AmericanIdol  podfanfiction  LinkList  Cook/Archuletta  Adam/Kris  slash 
january 2011 by Pslasher
Common Grounds
Modern day AU. Leonard McCoy tries online dating. A story of coffee, printing, and the Internet. The one where Jim is a letterpress printer.
au  slash  startrek2009  Kirk/McCoy  fic  nc-17  Uhura/Spock  toread 
january 2011 by Pslasher
Even Angels Fall
AU. A Christmas miracle for the boys, written for avictoriangirl, who made this gorgeous picture. An x-over of sorts with Supernatural (post-show). Or Judao-Christian mythology. However you want to roll.
a:caitri  fic  slash  toread  startrek2009  supernatural  crossover  Kirk/McCoy  nc-17 
january 2011 by Pslasher
The way back turned out to be longer than Rodney had imagined. AU from Trinity. Spoilers for Instinct and Aurora.
a:mithreon  slash  sga  mckay/sheppard  fic  au  angst  toread 
january 2011 by Pslasher
The Harder They Fall
Notes: This story is an offshoot of my Academy 'verse. This story can stand alone, and it has no impact on the main storyline of my Academy 'verse, but it references the events of AAtKM and Crossfire. Technically, it's also in the same line of "offshoot" stories as "In Perfect Trust".
Summary: Jim is having trouble coping with his first failure of the Kobayashi Maru. His bigger problem might lie in the fact that he wants to try it again.
Warnings: Intense, hardcore, and potentially triggery. Mind-fuck. If you want spoilers to decide if it's something you can read, feel free to ping me with questions.
Kirk/McCoy  fic  a:mijan  bdsm  nc-17  slash  startrek2009  NonCon 
january 2011 by Pslasher
Kirk/McCoy Rec List
List of avictoriangirl's fave K/M fics and vids. 
fanfiction  rec  LinkList  slash  startrek2009  fanvids 
january 2011 by Pslasher
The Shapes a Bright Container can Contain
After the divorce, the second movie being shot in the hot fucking jungle in goddamned Brazil, all those damned action stunts and then hurting his back—he’s getting so old—all that Karl Urban charm his co-stars chirp about to the paps feels like it’s gone, blasted to smithereens by the photon torpedoes fired in the penultimate scene.

Really angsty, great images of Karl and Chris as friends.
a:blcwriter  fic  slash  startrek2009rps  karlurban/chrispine  nc-17  angst 
january 2011 by Pslasher
Shiny, Shiny
Karl seemed to know how to handle the attention in a way that Chris just couldn’t seem to manage. He was desperate for a smoke, desperate to get out of the fucking suit, desperate to be alone with Karl.
startrek2009rps  slash  fic  karlurban/chrispine  nc-17  RoughSex  a:sangueuk 
january 2011 by Pslasher
Les mots justes (les marques permanentes)
Words and memories leave marks as deep as rings, tanlines, stupid hats and tattoos. It's those moments of pain and pleasure that add up in a love affair-- or whatever you call it-- until it's too much to bear, one way or the other. But some marks can't be erased, and some words, said or unsaid, can't be taken back once the moment is past. What happens as Chris and Karl go from friends to lovers, then nothing-- is their summation of moments all done, or does it add up to something-- come out as words-- worth holding on to?
BigBang  fic  startrek2009rps  karlurban/chrispine  long  toread  a:blcwriter  a:sangueuk  slash  angst 
january 2011 by Pslasher
Jim Kirk's stuck on the side of the road. Will he risk taking a ride with a handsome stranger, and paying the necessary price? Dirty sex with a stranger.
a:yeomanrand  a:shinychimera  fic  slash  startrek2009  Kirk/McCoy  BlowJob  FirstTime  DirtyTalk 
december 2010 by Pslasher
Forget Me Not - ebook
John the servant turns out not to be anything like Rodney would have imagined.
slash  sga  ebook-fanfic  mckay/sheppard  amnesia  drama 
december 2010 by Pslasher
Evolution - ebook
The Enterprise's first mission under the (official) captaincy of James T. Kirk.
a:rhaegal  kirk/spock  ebook-fanfic  startrek2009  slash  ToTag 
december 2010 by Pslasher
Double Occupancy - ebook
Being on the same planet with John Sheppard was aggravating enough, sometimes; being in the same body was an order of magnitude worse.
Set pre-Siege; contains spoilers for season 1 episodes Underground, The Storm/The Eye, The Brotherhood, and The Defiant One. No spoilers for season 2, but the airing of Duet makes this story AU.
slash  sga  ebook-fanfic  a:isis  mckay/sheppard  BodySwap  BodySharing 
december 2010 by Pslasher
Decreasing Radii - ebook
Sometimes the only thing to do is to steepen the bank, lean further into the turn.
a:cathalin  slash  sga  AliensMadeThemDoIt  mckay/sheppard  ToTag  ebook-fanfic 
december 2010 by Pslasher
At The Hour When We Are Trembling - ebook
Summary: When the news comes through to Atlantis, there are about ten blank, unreal seconds where no one believes it’s happening.Post S2/S9 apocafic. The Wraith make it to Earth, and John and Daniel are left to pick up the pieces.
a:frostfire17  ebook-fanfic  sga  slash  JohnSheppard/DanielJackson  ToTag  Apocalypse!Fic 
december 2010 by Pslasher
Post-Nerada, post-Vulcan, post-three-fourths-of-his-entire-class-dying, there's no downtime. For months afterwards everyone is scrambling to make sense of the world. Pavel finds himself adrift with needs he can't ignore, and only one person who can really fill them.
a:xela-fic  fic  slash  Mccoy/Chekov  startrek2009  bdsm  kink  toys  sounding  Bondage  spanking  possessive  orgy  het 
december 2010 by Pslasher
The Doors of Time
It’s not like he doesn’t try to fit in and make friends, he really does. It just seems like nothing he does is good enough for them. If he smiles they blink. If he speaks they stare. And whenever they see him coming they get this panicked look in their eyes like they want to run away and they don’t even know why.
Jensen knows why. It’s the same thing that makes his dad worry and his mom cry. That makes Nana tell his parents he’s going to Hell, not even caring that he can hear her.
It’s what makes him ‘weird’.

One of the most vivid, lyrical and emotional fics I've ever read. Truly brilliant.
au  j2  fic  angst  slash  music  5star  long  a:felisblanco  romance 
december 2010 by Pslasher
reinventing love 'verse
With high school graduation less than two weeks away, best friends Jared and Jensen find themselves scrambling to tie up a few loose ends before they’re forced into adulthood. Jared ropes Jensen into helping him get the alcohol for Sandy's graduation party, and what should be a simple night of partying ends up turning into a series of mishaps and misunderstandings that all come to head when Jensen finally tells Jared the secret he wasn't ever planning on spilling. If high school has to end, they're going out with a bang. (A J2 spin on the movie Superbad.)
a:_mournthewicked  fic  j2  slash  au  angst  toread 
december 2010 by Pslasher
In which Jared manages real estate in Heaven and Jensen works as Hell’s attorney in Death Trials. Extreme ambiguity and a distinct lack of beer push Jared to accept a different kind of job in a hotter, more southern locale. The boys meet. Hi-jinks and grocery-stealing in Hell ensue. Featuring saints on book tours, love on trial, after-life bureaucracy, and sin. Surprisingly not as cracktastic as it sounds.
j2  au  fic  toread  slash  a:tigbit  Crack 
december 2010 by Pslasher
Girls who are boys who like boys to be girls
Really interesting look at slash and all the different aspects that make up the genre. Also compares slash to drag. Very long.
slash  meta 
december 2010 by Pslasher
everyone experiments in college
In an alternate universe, Jared goes to college. Things start ensuing all over the place. The awkward college AU with the amazing turns of phrase. Made me laugh several times.
j2  a:indysaur  fic  slash  au  FirstTime  College  long  toread  humor 
december 2010 by Pslasher
because it's hot, and it's for ME.
Great article about female sexuality and slash. FYI, the second article she links to discusses date rape and may be triggery.
fandom  meta  slash  Feminism 
november 2010 by Pslasher
Situation Normal
Matt is in some trouble, and McClane helpes him out. Great story.
a:petwritings  DieHard  fic  Mcclane/Farrell  nc-17  hurt/comfort  FirstTime  slash  action 
november 2010 by Pslasher
The Walking Wounded
Matt slowly realizes that he's got a *thing* for John and the way his body takes the hurt he goes through in the movie. Pretty strong pain kink. Slow build that has excellent characterization.
a:svilleficrecs  fic  DieHard  Mcclane/Farrell  nc-17  FirstTime  PainKink  slash 
november 2010 by Pslasher
Die Hard fic
"Turns out Lucy isn't an exact copy of her old man. Funny how that happens."
DieHard  fic  Mcclane/Farrell  PWP  FirstTime  slash  a:sociofemme 
november 2010 by Pslasher
Operation Cheer Up Dean
Sam is a dork, and goes on a mission to cheer up his angsty brother. I warn for bodily fluids and gases, kids. Oh, and crack.
fic  supernatural  dean/sam  angst  nc-17  slash  BlowJob  a:lemmealone  toread 
november 2010 by Pslasher
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