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If you like fannish music videos (vids, a.k.a songvids, fanvids), this is the place for you. Vidders and vid-watchers are equally welcome -- you don't have to make vids to join, you just have to like them.

Open to all fandoms and all vid genres (slash, het, gen, constructed reality, etc). Anime fans are welcome, as are VCR vidders.
fanvids  community 
october 2015 by Pslasher
Just One Yesterday
"if heaven's grief brings hell's rain,
then i'd trade all my tomorrows,
for just one yesterday"
supernatural  fanvids  v:ccmrose 
september 2015 by Pslasher
Team Free Will
"burn everything you love then burn the ashes..."
supernatural  fanvids  v:Deductism 
september 2015 by Pslasher
Winchesters' Thrift Shop
One man's trash, that's another man's come up.
supernatural  fanvids  humor  v:deirdrecee 
september 2015 by Pslasher
Critical Commons
Fanvids hosted on the Critical Commons website.
january 2014 by Pslasher
podcath | On Permission in Fandom and other Fannish Etiquette
The changing community etiquette around fanworks of fanworks.
meta  podfic  fandom  fanvids 
december 2012 by Pslasher
cesperanza: The Missing Link
Meta on SPN, the female characters on SPN, female characters in western media as a whole, angst manpain and hurt/comfort as genres. Meaty meta, for all it's short.
meta  supernatural  fandom  Feminism  fanvids  ToWatch  FromDelicious 
november 2012 by Pslasher
bestthingever | Recent Entries
You're a fannish butterfly! You can't be tied down! You need to be free!

But then... you miss all the good stuff.

Bestthingever is not a rec comm where you look through your bookmarks and recommend your all time favorites. It's a comm for the avid fan to rec the latest incredible thing they came across and can't wait to share with everyone. It's for new fanworks only, and the holycrapawesome ones at that.
rec  multifandom  fanfiction  fanvids  community 
august 2012 by Pslasher
Slashcast is a multi-fandom podcast made by fans of slash for fans of slash, with meta discussions, current GLBT news, fandom squee, and insider interviews with creators of fan works. We discuss topics of an adult nature (we'll say we are a hard R) and so our podcast is intended for listeners who are 18 and over.
podcast  multifandom  HarryPotter  LGBT  fandom  rec  FandomPrimer  fanfiction  fanvids  Art  podfanfiction 
july 2012 by Pslasher
Just Do It - Entertainment Weekly talks about 'shippers' and fanfiction
Entertainment Weekly talks about 'shippers' and fanfiction. An interesting article, which didn't present us totally as weird freaks to be laughed at. There was a tiny bit of the 'weirdness factor', but not nearly as much as some articles. They presented the topic pretty well, with some very interesting interviews, both with fans and industry execs.
fandom  InTheNews  fanfiction  fanvids  Essay  TheVampireDiaries  supernatural  StarTrekTOS  startrek  slash  femslash  het 
may 2012 by Pslasher
Obsidian Wings: Remix at the Super Bowl
A blog which states that Madonna emulated Luminosity's Vogue fanvid in her half-time show.
fandom  fanvids  InTheNews 
march 2012 by Pslasher
fan-flashworks: An all-fandoms multi-media flashworks community
The goal of this challenge is to produce all kinds of new fanwork, to encourage play, practice and experimentation.

By fanwork, we don't mean just fanfiction, though we love and appreciate that (so much!). We want to provide a venue for all fannish creativity, be it vids, art, podfic, icons, bento, flowcharts, arts and crafts, baking or anything else you can think of.
fanfiction  fanvids  Art  podfanfiction  community  challenge  multifandom 
february 2012 by Pslasher
rare-pair: Minority Pairings Community
This community is for minority pairings, who either don't have a fandom of their own, or whose fandom is very small. It's primarily a slash community, but rare het pairings will also be allowed. Allows fic, vids and art.
RarePairing  community  multifandom  fanfiction  fanvids  Art 
january 2012 by Pslasher
Captain James T. Kirk Rec Post
Now the point of our beloved contest is to generate more new fiction for the characters but we would like to take an opportunity to recognize and respect the lovely fiction, video, and art that already exists.

If you’ve found something absolutely awesome you’d like to recommend please leave it below in a comment
kirk  rec  fanfiction  fanvids  startrek2009 
december 2011 by Pslasher
A fannish YouTube for hosting fanvids and podfic. Multifandom.
multifandom  archive  streaming  fanvids  podfanfiction  FromDelicious 
october 2011 by Pslasher
Welcome to newoldskool, a comm for the fab foursome of Christopher Pike, Number One, Phil Boyce, and Cait Barry.
This comm welcomes any and all fanworks, news, and discussion (get, het, slash, and femmeslash) about the adventures of these characters in TOS, AOS, and the Mirror Universe.
startrek2009  StarTrekTOS  Pike  NumberOne  community  fanfiction  fanvids  rec  PhilBoyce  CaitBarry  Foursome 
february 2011 by Pslasher
Kirk/McCoy Rec List
List of avictoriangirl's fave K/M fics and vids. 
fanfiction  rec  LinkList  slash  startrek2009  fanvids 
january 2011 by Pslasher
The Test - Vid Commentary: Challenge & Profiles
Long, insightful commentary for Heresluck's excellent vid.
fanvids  meta  v:heresluck  a:Killabeez 
july 2010 by Pslasher
Stargate Atlantis Noticeboard
Notices for new fic, vids and art, and discussion.
sga  fanfiction  community  fanvids  Art 
july 2010 by Pslasher
Porn Battle
Website for The Porn Battles, including links for prompts, fills and fills by fandom for each round. The fics are archived on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth. Allows het, slash and femslash. The Porn Battle is a biyearly prompt-style fic community.
multifandom  kinkmeme  fanfiction  fanvids  Art  nc-17  het  slash  femslash  Prompt  challenge 
july 2010 by Pslasher
Sword of Lies
A cracky LJ community for Legend of the Seeker.
LegendOfTheSeeker  community  Crack  pics  fanvids 
april 2010 by Pslasher
Sawedoff_recs: Supernatural recs
Recs for fic, vids, and fan-works of all kinds.
supernatural  rec  fanfiction  fanvids  community  j2 
april 2010 by Pslasher
Orlijah Month
January is all about the hotness from now on! Orlijah Month is all about Orlando and Elijah in every way, shape and form. So what's the deal? Every day in the month of January we will be giving all you writers, manippers, poets, and artists a prompt to create some orlijah love. Take the prompts and run with them! Let your imagination run wild! If you have an idea for a prompt, but have no time to write it that day, no problem! Comment to the prompt whenever you are inspired and have time to be creative. The idea is to breathe some life into the fandom and give all of us Orlijah fans something to look back on and smile whenever the Orlijah fountain goes dry during the year.
OrlandoBloom/ElijahWood  Icon  community  slash  challenge  lotrips  fanfiction  fanvids 
february 2010 by Pslasher
rugbytackle: Sean B/Viggo And Then He Rugby-Tackled Me!
Manly men passionately rugby-tackling one another and being blond together! This community is devoted to Sean Bean / Viggo Mortensen slash. Stories about the pairing and/or their characters, quotes from interviews, fic challenges, images (including manips), icons, vids, and other silliness are all welcome!
slash  Viggo/Bean  community  Icon  fanfiction  fanvids 
february 2010 by Pslasher
Scape Sisters
Farscape videos, including Poison.
Farscape  vidder  fanvids 
february 2010 by Pslasher
Star Trek Holiday Meme
Holiday Meme for Star Trek, includes RPF. Hosted by blue-scribbles.
StarTrek2009  Holiday  meme  StarTrek2009RPS  Art  fanfiction  fanvids 
november 2009 by Pslasher
Star Trek threesome community. Accepts TOS, Reboot and RPF.
StarTrek2009  StarTrek  StarTrek2009RPS  community  threesome  fanfiction  fanvids 
october 2009 by Pslasher
Star Trek BigBang
Big Bang yearly fic, vid and fanmix community. Authors, mixers, and artists come together in a whirlwind of stories, soundtracks and art, and the entire Star Trek fandom (that's a hell of a lot of trekkies) get to watch those brave souls make it or break it. The Star Trek Big Bang Challenge is not picky in any way, so all Star Trek versions, both young and old, are welcome here.
StarTrek  StarTrek2009  fanfiction  community  BigBang  fanvids  Art  long 
july 2009 by Pslasher
Xanthe's fan fic and vids
The author of Coming Home and General & Dr. Sheppard
Slash  SGA  BDSM  kink  Author  5star  a:Xanthe  fanfiction  fanvids 
october 2008 by Pslasher
Essential Links for Slash Readers
Tons of links for different slash fandoms, extensive and checked for broken links every so often. Includes some vid links.
Slash  LinkList  rec  lotrips  Supernatural  RPS  Firefly  DarkAngel  Bsg  StarTrek  sga  SG1  Torchwood  fanfiction  fanvids 
april 2008 by Pslasher

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