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Our ‘bite-size’ clips (5-15 minutes each) will make you a sexual superstar…with all kinds of new sexy skills up your sleeve and plenty of inspiration for your bedroom play! Includes free videos.
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february 2017 by Pslasher
A sex toy shop that sells all kinds of interesting stuff. It also has lots of useful resources to check out.
toread  bdsm  Sex  Resource 
may 2015 by Pslasher
Some comments about sex trafficking, and links for education
I’m a sex worker, I like being a sex worker, and I am an activist for the rights of sex workers. As part of that, I would like to see a world where no one is forced to do sex work. That does happen sometimes, and it's bad. But forced sex work is not the huge and scary problem some people would like you think it is. It is not okay that it happens at all, but it simply does not happen NEARLY as often as anti-sex workers say it does.
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september 2013 by Pslasher
Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships: Christopher Ryan, Cacilda Jetha: 9780061707810: Books
In this controversial, thought-provoking, and brilliant book, renegade thinkers Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá debunk almost everything we “know” about sex, weaving together convergent, frequently overlooked evidence from anthropology, archaeology, primatology, anatomy, and psychosexuality to show how far from human nature monogamy really is. In Sex at Dawn, the authors expose the ancient roots of human sexuality while pointing toward a more optimistic future illuminated by our innate capacities for love, cooperation, and generosity.
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february 2013 by Pslasher
Tainted love
It's Damon/Stefan slash to Tainted Love - I think that sort of sells itself. Also, extremely well edited, with a fantastic constructed reality scene. *kisses fingertips* Perfecto!
TheVampireDiaries  slash  Damon/Stefan  nc-17  vid  v:rea_silvia  5star  Violence  Sex 
may 2012 by Pslasher
Arctic Light - Incredibly nosy TMI poll
So ... I made a comment elsewhere that got me thinking about sex in fanfic, and then I started having one of those "... am I the only one?" sort of ponderings, and so I made an extremely nosy TMI poll about it. If you don't read explicit fanfic, this will probably not be at all interesting to you.
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february 2012 by Pslasher
Write sex scenes? Got questions? Read sex scenes? Got answers? Fantastic! This community is for you.

If you've ever wondered if you'll get flamed for using the word "cunt", or what the difference really is between oral sex on a cut or uncut penis, this is the place to ask.

If you're sick and tired of reading bad sex scenes and would love to put your expertise to good use, then this is the place to do it.

Join, ask, and answer. There's no such thing as a stupid question here, and answers will vary depending on personal taste.
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july 2011 by Pslasher
Blog of a rigger. Lots of discussion and pics of rope bondage. Plus he puts on a rope bondage podcast.
Bondage  blog  rope  *  podcast  Sex 
july 2010 by Pslasher
Insatiable Desire
Sex, slavery and BDSM blog. Rayne often posts.
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june 2010 by Pslasher
Jt's Stockroom: Bondage Gear, BDSM Equipment, Sex Toys, BDSM Toys
JT's Stockroom is the original internet source for quality sex toys. We've been selling sex toys, bondage gear and restraints on the internet since 1988, catering to both the kink curious novice to the extreme bdsm player. Our online catalog features 3000+ adult products, including a large selection of bondage restraints, BDSM & electro sex, chastity, leather and latex fetish wear, books, dungeon furniture, ball gags, vibrators, strapons, harnesses, and other sex toys.
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june 2010 by Pslasher
Let's talk about (writing) sex by eponine
Some discussion about writing sex, and lots of reasourse links for the slash writer.
slash  Sex  Resource  Writing 
may 2010 by Pslasher
Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex by Pat Califia
Pat Califia has been writing angry, sex-positive essays and politically charged erotica since the late 1970s. The bulk of her many nonfiction pieces is collected in this reprint of a book first published in 1994, providing a lively, informal history of the sex wars of the '80s and '90s
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april 2010 by Pslasher
Minotaur: Sex tips for slash writers
Very detailed tips and thoughts for slash writers, discussion of anatomy, positions, and different acts. Contains EXPLICIT PICTURES on some of the pages.
slash  Sex  Writing  Resource 
february 2010 by Pslasher
"Solitary Sex" and Novel Reading (just think of what future histories will do w/slash!) by ithiliana
Meta on reading and sex: This entry is for cathexys, though, the reference to reading and masturbation (hee hee hee).
Fandom  Sex  meta  ToRead 
february 2010 by Pslasher
FutureSex: How will "it" be done in 2233?
Extensive meta discussion on sexual attitudes and contraception and disease in both Star Trek and our RL future.
StarTrek  meta  Sex 
august 2009 by Pslasher

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