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Such a Good Feeling (To Know You’re Alive)
Warnings: BDSM, sex work, humiliation, exhibitionism, masturbation
Summary: “I guess I just wanted to be the center of attention for a while. Have someone tell me how great I am while I take a little break from life.” Kurt goes to a professional Dom for a nice gentle scene of simple orders and praise.
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: ~7500
a:likearumchocolatesouffle  fic  Glee  Prostitution  Humiliation  Exhibitionism  masterbation  PraiseKink  toread  bdsm 
october 2014 by Pslasher
Some comments about sex trafficking, and links for education
I’m a sex worker, I like being a sex worker, and I am an activist for the rights of sex workers. As part of that, I would like to see a world where no one is forced to do sex work. That does happen sometimes, and it's bad. But forced sex work is not the huge and scary problem some people would like you think it is. It is not okay that it happens at all, but it simply does not happen NEARLY as often as anti-sex workers say it does.
sex  Prostitution  Resource 
september 2013 by Pslasher
Five TImes Gerard Pays For It (And one time he doesn't) - Podfic
Summary: This story is a cliché rentboy fic wherein Gerard (the customer) falls for Frank (the service-provider) and can’t figure out how to go from paying-for-sex to ‘dating’ or if that’s even possible. Added to the mix are Gerard’s perpetually low self-esteem, Frank’s neuroses, and both boys’ epic communication-fails. Will these two ever manage to get out of their own way long enough to see that they’re meant for each other? With a little bit of help from a meddling younger brother, they just might.
bandom  podfic  Frank/Gerard  nc-17  au  Prostitution  a:RubyTuesday5681  r:takola 
february 2013 by Pslasher
Brian and the Frat Boys Series
Brian wants into a frat, but he's terrified they're going to learn his deepest darkest secret.

"This is one hot little series, though also a little fucked up."
FastAndFurious  NCIS  TonyDiNozzo/BrianOConner  bdsm  BrianOConner/Others  gangbang  spanking  ChastityDevices  DirtyTalk  TemperaturePlay  Prostitution  Plushie  OutdoorSex  fic  a:lit-gal  HumiliationKink  FromDelicious 
november 2012 by Pslasher
Jensen isn’t a hooker. For real, he’s not. Jared occasionally stays at the Hotel Indigo. He missed the memo.
j2  fic  nc-17  Prostitution  Hooker!Jensen  toread  a:raeschae  a:vamphile 
july 2012 by Pslasher
Kant's Dove
Summary: In a dystopian paradise angel Inquisitor Samuel and rogue human Dean are uneasy allies. Together, they could knock their world from its foundations, but both of them have secrets to keep.
Features angel!Sam and hooker!Dean, drug use, profanity, blasphemy, and some damn fine maple pancakes.
I should add that, in the course of this story, there is an explosion which results in multiple deaths. It's described peripherally, but there are moral issues involved, and I would feel uncomfortable if I did not so warn.
a:tryfanstone  r:crinklysolution  podfic  Prostitution  Hooker!Dean  supernatural  au  nc-17  dean/sam 
november 2011 by Pslasher
Holsters, Hookers and Handcuffs
Jensen's a New York City detective working an undercover assignment when he meets Jared, the hooker with a heart of gold and the body that won't quit.
a:kashmir1  r:pennyplainknits  podfic  j2  Prostitution  au  Cops  nc-17  Hooker!Jared 
january 2011 by Pslasher
Nosce Te Ipsum - Podfic
Summary: Jensen’s been living in the Empire for over eight years and he’s just now realising he has a problem. When a solution presents itself in the form of a shaggy-haired guy holding a cup of coffee, will he accept an offer he really can’t afford to refuse? Depictions of a society where prostitution is accepted in a religious sense.
j2  podfic  long  au  History  a:rei_c  pg-13  Prostitution  r:cath 
december 2010 by Pslasher
Tired of This Town Again
“Are you about to ask what a guy like me is doing in a place like this?” Very hot prostitution fic.
Prostitution  fic  StarTrek2009RPS  ChrisPine/ZacharyQuinto  NC-17  BlowJob  PublicSex  a:the-deep-magic 
january 2010 by Pslasher
do i seem bulletproof to you? - Podfic
When he can't find any acting work, Jared takes a job as driver and bodyguard to Jensen, who is an extremely expensive prostitute with a bad habit of attracting crazy people.
slash  RPS  Podfic  J2  a:fleshflutter  nc-17  au  Prostitution  angst  recced  r:cath  Hooker!Jensen 
december 2009 by Pslasher
Something Borrowed, Something Blue - Podfic
When Jared desperately needs a date for his brother's wedding, he hires an escort. Jensen's the perfect fake boyfriend, except pretty soon things get a little too real. Based on The Wedding Date.
J2  slash  Podfic  RPS  a:belyste  r:maryaminx  nc-17  Prostitution  au  recced  Hooker!Jensen 
december 2009 by Pslasher
Hooker 'verse by nilchance - J2, fic, Jensen/Jared
Jensen's first night of hooking doesn't go as expected. Extremely hot, excellent BDSM writing.
slash  J2  RPS  fic  NC-17  Prostitution  D/s  Jensen/Jeff  WIP  supernatural  Hooker!Jensen 
september 2009 by Pslasher
Diplomatic Efforts by ninhursag - Star Trek 2009, fic, Kirk
Kirk turned tricks when he was younger, so when it becomes apparent that some seducing is needed, he 'volunteers'. Spock is uneasy in the beginning and tries to reason with Kirk. And we all know how that goes. Dark!fic, noncon, really angsty, hints at Kirk/Spock/Uhura. Really supportive Spock and Uhura.
StarTrek2009  fic  Kirk  Dark!fic  angst  NonCon  NC-17  Kirk/Spock/Uhura  threesome  hurt/comfort  Prostitution 
june 2009 by Pslasher
Command Structure
John hires Rodney for the night. Past fic, before Atlantis. Very heavy BDSM, very well done.
SGA  McKay/Sheppard  Slash  bdsm  fic  kink  PastFic  Prostitution  Feedbacked  nc-17  a:KatReitz  a:Tzigane 
may 2008 by Pslasher
The Things That Money Can't Buy by bertybertle - SG1, fic, Jack/Daniel
This story is partially inspired by the film ”Indecent Proposal”. Daniel is still an archaeologist, but Jack is now a multi-millionaire captain of industry. A chance meeting sparks off a chain of events that makes them question both who and what they are.
SG1  au  fic  smut  jack/daniel  NC-17  Prostitution  earthside 
april 2008 by Pslasher

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