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A Thousand Suns
How to stand up. (Castiel & Dean/Castiel, seasons 4-5)
vid  supernatural  Dean/Castiel  v:some-stars 
november 2015 by Pslasher
Number Five Is Alive
Summary: In which there is damnation, redemption, and pancakes. Castiel wakes up human and maybe a little gay.
Spoilers: All of pre-hiatus season four.
supernatural  fic  Dean/Castiel  SamWinchester  r  toread 
january 2012 by Pslasher
Family Business
He put on justice as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation upon his head. / He put on the garments of vengeance, and was clad with zeal as a cloak.

FBI AU with Cas as an assassin. Edited extremely well, so that it doesn't even feel like external footage was used at all.
vid  au  slash  Dean/Castiel  FBI  v:newkidfan  supernatural  angst  Art  artist:aesc  assassin 
april 2011 by Pslasher
Epic Dean/Castiel AU Fic List
Listing of all the AU fics she could find for D/C.
Dean/Castiel  au  fanfiction  LinkList  supernatural 
july 2010 by Pslasher
Let Him Kiss Me With the Kisses Of His Mouth
Dean/Castiel PWP. In a church. Very much in a church. And then some. I mean, I guess you could argue that my Eve/Lilith slash was more sacrilegious,

Ahem. In the immortal words of Eddie Izzard: "Blaspheme! Blasphe-you! Blasphe-everybody in the room!"
slash  supernatural  podfic  nc-17  Religion  Dean/Castiel  AliensMadeThemDoIt  a:pandarus(FayJay)  r:pandarus(fayjay) 
june 2010 by Pslasher
Make of the Man
He realized he was attempting a level of subterfuge for which he was unprepared. It was one thing to walk among humans. It was quite another to pretend to be one.
podfic  supernatural  Dean/Castiel  nc-17  a:Trinityofone 
april 2010 by Pslasher
Fall of Man by obsessive24 - Supernatural, vid, Castiel/Dean
Castiel character, Castiel/Dean. What you don't know won't kill you.
Supernatural  vid  Dean/Castiel  angst  slash  v:obsessive24 
january 2010 by Pslasher
Luv Song by danegen - Misha Collins, vid,
Hey fandom, there goes your boyfriend. Hilarious, cute, sweet, and hilarious! Sort of Misha/Jensen and Misha/fandom.
Supernatural  vid  MishaCollins  meta  Fandom  slash  Crack  Dean/Castiel  RPV  v:danegen 
january 2010 by Pslasher
Heaven Is A Place On Earth by rhoboat - SPN, vid, Dean/Castiel
OMG crack SPN! It’s Dean/Castiel set to stadium rock! I totally loved it, every gorgeous, absurd bit.
vid  Supernatural  Dean/Castiel  Crack  v:rhoboat 
january 2010 by Pslasher
Once More, With Feeling by xela_fic - Supernatural, fic, Dean/Castiel
Sam is de-aged and it's up to Dean and Castiel to raise him. So when I started this, I thought it was going to be a fairly 'serious' Dean struggles to raise Sam and Castiel helps kind of thing. And then Castiel was petty, and ridiculous, and I think someone smacked him with the crack!stick. Hard. Hopefully this doesn't offend you too much, dear recipient.
slash  Supernatural  Dean/Castiel  fic  Crack  R 
october 2009 by Pslasher
LJ comm for the pairing/characters.
Supernatural  Dean/Castiel  community 
september 2009 by Pslasher

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