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Why Is It So Hard To Talk About Fanfiction?
There has been yet another disastrous attempt to capitalize on fanfiction’s increasing visibility because apparently it’s hilarious to make fun of someone’s hobby. An event called “Fanfic Theater with Chris Gore” was announced as part of WonderCon’s schedule and it’s as bad as it sounds; basically the plan was for a bunch of comedians and TV personalities to do a live read of “the weirdest and wildest” fanfiction on the Internet, which is basically just public bullying under the guise of humor. The event has since been cancelled due to the understandable uproar from the fanfiction community, but it’s not the first time fanfiction has been exploited in this way. In fact, it seems to be happening more and more. We could just wait for it to happen again, or we can ask ourselves why people keep talking about fanfiction like this, and how we can change the conversation.
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april 2015 by Pslasher
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