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CSS Gradient
CSS Gradient is a happy little website and free tool that lets you create gradients for the web.
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5 days ago by MrMartineau
Design and frontend news. Curated daily.
5 days ago by MrMartineau
JavaScript Libraries for adding offline support to web apps
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19 days ago by MrMartineau
Responsive Components
Philip Walton's demo site of the strategy outlined in the article Responsive Components: a Solution to the Container Queries Problem
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21 days ago by MrMartineau
30 Seconds of CSS
A curated collection of useful CSS snippets you can understand in 30 seconds or less
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21 days ago by MrMartineau
Things on iOS: The Complete Guide to Automations and Workflows
With Things 3.4 on iOS, Cultured Code has added significant features that allow for new levels of automation and workflows for Things on iPhone and iPad. In this guide we'll cover all the ways you can use these to your advantage, plus give several examples and workflow downloads.
22 days ago by MrMartineau
The Hacker Classics
The stories that occasionally surface on Hacker News when someone goes diving into the stacks. It includes every HN post with a date like "(1999)" in its title that has earned more than 40 votes.
22 days ago by MrMartineau
A Soft Murmur
Ambient sounds to wash away distraction
4 weeks ago by MrMartineau
Top Medium Stories
Discover the best Medium stories of all time. The list is updated daily and filterable by year.
7 weeks ago by MrMartineau
Flixable is a Netflix search engine that offers a complete, searchable and browsable list of all the movies and TV shows that are currently streaming on Netflix in the UK
7 weeks ago by MrMartineau
Researching UI in Games, Cinema and anything else thats interesting.
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7 weeks ago by MrMartineau
AMP letter
Open letter to Google on the state of AMP
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8 weeks ago by MrMartineau
polka: A micro web server so fast, it'll make you dance!
Polka is an extremely minimal, highly performant Express.js alternative.
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8 weeks ago by MrMartineau
Wes Bos' CSS Grid video course
Learn all about CSS Grid with Wes Bos in this free video series!
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8 weeks ago by MrMartineau
nivo provides a rich set of dataviz components,
built on top of the awesome d3 and Reactjs libraries.
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8 weeks ago by MrMartineau
Follow the alternate routes to discover 12 possibles through an interactive #webgl #threejs experience.
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8 weeks ago by MrMartineau
JS Manners
JS Manners is a tool to score scripts that 3rd parties (people or companies outside your dev team) provide for you to put on your page. These scripts can save you a lot of time and provide neat features on your site, but they can also be security risks, cause performance problems, and make debugging a nightmare.

Call it the 'YSlow for widgets' if you will.
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10 weeks ago by MrMartineau
All the Conditional Renderings in React
Conditional rendering in React is no witchcraft. In JSX - the syntax extension used for React - you can use pure JavaScript. In JavaScript you should be familiar with if-else or switch case statements. You can use it in JSX as well, since JSX only mixes HTML and JavaScript.
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