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Anxiety Prevention for Movies, TV, Book and Video Games
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11 weeks ago by MrGuilt
Markdown Guide
The Markdown Guide is a free and open-source reference guide that explains how to use Markdown, the simple and easy-to-use markup language you can use to format virtually any document.
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august 2018 by MrGuilt
Calendars! Time calculations! Fun!
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june 2016 by MrGuilt
How to Tie a Bow Tie
Alton Brown can explain anything
september 2015 by MrGuilt
The Epic Refill Reference Guide: Rollerball, Gel and Ballpoints
Mike Rohde of Sketchnoting fame hacked a Pentel Energel refill (normally a Pilot G-2 sized refill) to fit into his Retro 51 by trimming the end of the refill to be the right size. If you’re willing to experiment, other refills might also survive this sort of hack. I’ve hacked the end off a few refills in my time to make them fit as well. Just grab a craft or utility knife or a sturdy pair of scissors, line up the old refill and the new refill and snip. Voila.
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january 2015 by MrGuilt
Stain Solutions
We have put together a comprehensive list of stain solutions. Each solution contains the supplies you will need and the preferred method for cleaning the stain. You can browse through the list below or use our search toolbar.
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october 2014 by MrGuilt
Molasses amounts converter
| Nutrition facts | Convert to units and culinary measures.
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november 2013 by MrGuilt
Photography Laws « AmbientLight
Photography is mentioned in very few Canadian laws.  Where it is mentioned, it is usually referenced as “negatives” or “photographic plates”, technologies which are now rather dated.  There are lots of other laws, which do apply to photography, even if they don’t mention it by name, sometimes in interesting ways.
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june 2013 by MrGuilt
Terms of Service; Didn't Read
The statement “I have read and agree with the Terms of Service” is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that. As a crowd initiative, ToS;DR rates the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of websites and services from a user rights perspective, with labels ranging from a very good class A to a very bad class E.
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august 2012 by MrGuilt
Pelikan stain doctor
Suggestions for cleaning Pelikan inks. Pretty darn nifty! You might be able to extrapolate it for other brands.
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june 2012 by MrGuilt
Nikon D7000 User's Guide
This lengthy article will make you an expert Nikon D7000 operator. It also includes a lot of tips, tricks, and the settings I prefer to use. If you like the photos I make, this could be as simple as setting your U1 and U2 modes as I set mine, and snapping away.
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december 2011 by MrGuilt
Know Your Spots
How to tell apart cheetahs, leopards and jaguars. - The Big Cat Blog
Cats  felidae  cheetah  jaguar  leopard  reference 
july 2011 by MrGuilt
Version Download
Download popular, old versions of your favorite software!
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october 2009 by MrGuilt
HTML Playground, html, css reference by example
Handy way to see HTML tags, and see them in action. A real one-stop-shop
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june 2009 by MrGuilt
TV Show Music
What song was playing on that show....
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june 2009 by MrGuilt
Photography tips and techniques: articles and guides from
Learn Photography: How to Take Photographs; Cameras, Lenses, Film
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june 2008 by MrGuilt
Bert P. Krages Attorney at Law Photographer's Rights Page
The Photographer’s Right is a downloadable guide that is loosely based on the Bust Card and the Know Your Rights pamphlet that used to be available on the ACLU website.
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june 2008 by MrGuilt
Sunny 16 Rule
Settings absent a light meter
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may 2008 by MrGuilt
The Nikon User Community
photography  reference  blog 
may 2008 by MrGuilt
Digital camera reviews, digital SLR Tests, photography news and all things digital imaging.
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may 2008 by MrGuilt
CreativeTechs Tips: Mac OS X Shortcuts! A Tiny Guide.
A complete listing of Mac OS X shortcuts in PocketMod format
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january 2008 by MrGuilt
Fixed HP 2575 3210 paper feeder -
How to fix the "dreaded" gray roller, causing printer feed issues
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december 2007 by MrGuilt
X.Org Wiki - XDarwin
Info on X11 in Leopard, fixing stuff like GIMP
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november 2007 by MrGuilt
Get the Skinny on that ZIP. Demographics by zip code
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october 2007 by MrGuilt
Convert YouTube Videos for Your iPod
Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to copy video files off and convert them for an iPod Video . This trick will work on either Mac or PC using Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.
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may 2007 by MrGuilt
General Microsoft Trademark Guidelines
The name Microsoft is synonymous with high-quality computer software and hardware products and services. Microsoft trademarks are extremely valuable because they represent the standards of excellence and consistent quality associated with Microsoft. This
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may 2007 by MrGuilt
Mac OS X Kernel Panic FAQ
Spinning beachballs which some people may confuse for kernel panics are rarely related to kernel panics! Resolving kernel panics may take steps which require you have a backup in place first. If you don't have a backup, look over backup FAQ before proceed
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april 2007 by MrGuilt
Tweaking Tiger's UI Insider Termianl
There is a huge amount of hidden settings for Mac OS X and its applications that aren't accessible from preferences dialog boxes or the System Preferences. Applications such as Tinkertool and Mac Pilot allow you to access some of these, but the real flexi
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march 2007 by MrGuilt
gCensus: Free online GIS
gCensus is an effort to make geographic data freely and easily accessible to the public, without the need for expensive GIS software packages.
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march 2007 by MrGuilt
Bits about Bytes: Is my Mac using too much memory???
I happened to look at a resource monitor widget I had in my Dashboard, and was immediately concerned that I was only showing around 100 Mb free RAM. Concerned that I had some kind of memory leak going on I started digging around to find out where the "bug
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march 2007 by MrGuilt
AFP548 - launchd in Depth
Best launchd tutorial I've happened accross
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january 2007 by MrGuilt
launchd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
launchd is a unified, open source service management framework for starting, stopping and managing daemons, programs and scripts. It was introduced with Mac OS X v10.4/Darwin v8.0, and is licensed under the Apache License. Dave Zarzycki is credited with d
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january 2007 by MrGuilt
Complete List of MacBreak Weekly Recommended Mac Applications
I have compiled a list of all the MacBreak Weekly Applications they talk about on the show. This list includes Applications, Plugins, and a few sites. If you want to know more about MacBreak Weekly, head over to I will keep this list updated when
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january 2007 by MrGuilt
Hacking Email: 99 Email Security and Productivity Tips
The 99 tips in this article make up the best in email practices. From how to ethically use the ‘BCC:' to what attachments will make your mobile emailing compatible with everyone else's, this list covers everything you need to know about emailing.
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november 2006 by MrGuilt
OS X Daily » Ten OS X Command Line Utilities you might not know about - Mac Apps, Tips, Tricks, and everything else related to Mac OS X
The Mac OS X command line interface is home to thousands of programs that the average user doesn’t know exists. Leveraging years of hard work by the GNU foundation and others in the open source community, Apple designed a wonderful OS that doesn’t “
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november 2006 by MrGuilt
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