better-exceptions (Python library)
Prints beautiful, fancy, helpful exception messages on the console. Pretty amazing.
programming  development  python  tools  opensource  library 
4 weeks ago
pdir2: Pretty dir() printing with joy (Python library)
- Attributes are grouped by types/functionalities, with beautiful colors.
- Support all platforms including Windows(Thanks to colorama).
- Support ipython, ptpython and bpython! See wiki for more information.
- The return value of pdir() can still be used as a list of names.
- You can search for certain names with .s() or .search()
opensource  software  tools  library  python  programming  development 
5 weeks ago
ARIA Widget Checklist: For Screen Reader Testing - SSB BART Group
Pretty good checklist of ARIA attributes, expected behavior, etc that various types of custom controls should have.
programming  development  webdev  checklist  guide  accessibility  html 
8 weeks ago
What to know when buying a groupset | CyclingTips
It's sponsored content, but it's really is a good simple guide.
biking  repair  parts  guide 
11 weeks ago
Sesame-Crusted Fish With Butter and Ginger Sauce Recipe - NYT Cooking
“This recipe came out of a 2005 kitchen cage match between Mark Bittman and the chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, in which Bittman, the home cook, sought to cook Chef Vongerichten's food more simply and perhaps just as deliciously. Judging by the quality of this particular dish, he succeeded.”
recipe  cooking  food  fish  bittman 
january 2017
One red paperclip - Kyle MacDonald: one red paperclip
The first in a series of trades, starting with a paperclip and ending with, I think, a house.
january 2017
Objective-C Value Objects · objc.io
Really well done, clear, and detailed overview of all the basic object protocols you might want to implement for value objects in Objective-C.
programming  development  objc  objective-c  guide  reference 
january 2017
Snow Pack Conditions (California DWR)
Official data and charts on California snow pack conditions.
opendata  water  california  government 
december 2016
Dijon Rice With Broccoli Recipe - NYT Cooking
Generally: coating the rice in a dijon mustard/hot sauce/soy sauce combo. Good idea.
food  cooking  recipe  rice 
november 2016
Charlie Bird's Farro Salad Recipe - NYT Cooking
“Hardy cooks the farro in apple cider seasoned with bay leaves and plenty of salt, which renders it good enough to eat on its own… There are many farro salads of this ilk out there. This is one of the best.”
food  cooking  salad  recipe 
november 2016
Savory Gruyere-Olive Bread Recipe - NYT Cooking
It’s a quickbread. Good reader comment: “I used full fat greek-style yogurt instead of hated mayo. Worked great!”
bread  food  recipe  cooking  baking 
november 2016
Winter Tomato Soup With Bulgur Recipe - NYT Cooking
Recommended by Susan. “Inspired by a recipe in Diane Kochilas’s wonderful new book “The Country Cooking of Greece,” this thick, satisfying soup is based on a summer soup made with fresh tomatoes. It looked so comforting that I decided to use canned tomatoes and make a winter version.”
food  cooking  soup  recipe 
november 2016
Shaker Lemon Pie Recipe - NYT Cooking
Pretty interesting—this version also has blood oranges and cardamom. From Tartine.
cooking  baking  food  recipe 
november 2016
Some memories of my grandmother
Charlie Loyd’s short essay on his Grandmother’s life WWII, the roots and naive beginnings of creeping and then rushing fascism.
writing  war 
november 2016
C2 Spanish - YouTube
Pretty well done and useful Spanish learning videos.
language  spanish  video 
november 2016
CSS Hide-and-Seek
using clip-path for hiding content visually but exposing to screen readers.
accessibility  css  webdev 
october 2016
The Muir Ramble Route: Re-walking John Muir's 1868 trip from San Francisco to Yosemite
This web site was created in 2006 and it provides information about following the MRR, a 310 mile walking and/or cycling trail from San Francisco to Yosemite, pioneered by Peter and Donna Thomas, which follows the route John Muir used when he first walked to Yosemite in 1868
hiking  backpacking  travel  sanfrancisco  yosemite  california 
october 2016
Browser Platform Status Tracker
An aggregated feed of updates (for all browsers) to platform features as listed on various platform feature/status pages for browser engines.
browser  webdev  development  tools  html  css  javascript 
october 2016
This is every active satellite orbiting earth
Amazing info graphic. Exactly what it says (well, all the *active* satellites).
space  infographics  information  visualization  beautiful 
october 2016
4 must-know tips for building cross platform Electron apps
Actually a very good look sticker of tacit best practices for Electron. Tip 4 is also a giant pile of tips rolled into one.
electron  development  programming  tips  guides  javascript 
october 2016
Browser Bug Searcher
Search issues across all major browser engines. Potentially super useful.
browser  webdev  development  tools 
september 2016
Beeprint (Python): make your debug printing more friendly
dict: print elegantly with ordered keys
text: auto break into lines, auto clip long text
multi language: supports English, Chinese
outstanding mark to class and instance
compatible with py2 py3
programming  python  library  opensource  tools 
september 2016
working-remotely (lenazun/working-remotely)
Very useful tips and ideas for working remotely, managing remote workers, and evaluating a potential remote position.
productivity  remote  work 
september 2016
40 things I learned in my last job – Medium
A good list and very digestible. Worth returning to regularly.
work  process  development  programming 
september 2016
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