Unicode property escapes in regular expressions
The spec for unicode property escapes in JavaScript. This lists all the unicode property names.
programming  development  regex  javascript  specification  reference  webdev 
6 days ago
Four Days Trapped at Sea With Crypto's Nouveau Riche
“In 10 years of political reporting I’ve met a lot of intense, oddly dressed people with very specific ideas about what the perfect world would look like, some of them in elected office—but none quite so strange as the ideological soup of starry-eyed techno-utopians and sketchy-ass crypto-grifters on the 2018 CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise.”

This article is wonderful.
culture  bitcoin  cryptocurrency  good  writing 
6 weeks ago
Direct  & Indirect Methods of Baking Bread
Super useful, but more technical info on biga.
bread  baking  cooking  reference 
8 weeks ago
HTTP/2 push is tougher than I thought - JakeArchibald.com
Lots of really good tips on HTTP/2 push in here. And many links to browser bug trackers :P
webdev  http  tips 
8 weeks ago
Python library for building interactive CLI elements.
python  opensource  library  tools 
9 weeks ago
Web management for scrapyd
python  opensource  tools  library  scraping 
9 weeks ago
Camelot: PDF Table Extraction for Humans
“There are both open (Tabula, pdf-table-extract) and closed-source (smallpdf, PDFTables) tools that are widely used to extract tables from PDF files. They either give a nice output or fail miserably. There is no in between. This is not helpful since everything in the real world, including PDF table extraction, is fuzzy. This leads to the creation of ad-hoc table extraction scripts for each type of PDF table.”

“Camelot was created to offer users complete control over table extraction. If you can’t get your desired output with the default settings, you can tweak them and get the job done!”
python  programming  development  opensource  library  tools  pdf 
12 weeks ago
Extracting knowledge: Social science, environmental impact assessment, and Indigenous consultation in the oil sands of Alberta, Canada - ScienceDirect
“A critical overview of consultation, impact assessment, and traditional land use research as these methods of extracting knowledge intersect in the oil sands region of northern Alberta.”
paper  eis  environment  development  justice 
october 2018
Negotiating ownership and agency in social media: Community reactions to Amazon’s acquisition of Goodreads | Albrechtslund | First Monday
This paper presents an in-depth study and a discussion of Goodreads users’ reactions to the acquisition of the popular social network site for readers by Amazon in 2013. The purpose is to provide an empirical and critical examination of the negotiations over agency and ownership evident in the discussions ensuing the acquisition.
paper  anthropolgy  business  community  ownership 
july 2018
Mythical Unit Test Coverage
“Ericsson evaluated the adequacy of its unit-test-coverage criterion. The evaluation revealed that high unit-test coverage didn’t seem to provide any tangible help in producing defect-free software.”
paper  pdf  testing  development 
july 2018
Telecommunications, Global Competitiveness, and National Security — May 16, 2018 Statement Before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology
Not too long, and really good overview of current issues in Chinese technology regulation in 2018. “My testimony today reflects my experience as an analyst of Chinese technology policy for more than a decade. I have not only worked with the U.S. government, but also in the commercial sector with leading multinational companies in China. The complex structural challenges posed by China’s approach to technology and industrial policy require a deep understanding of both the commercial and strategic security dimensions of our trade and investment relationship.”
business  technology  government  china  regulation  pdf 
june 2018
trekhleb/javascript-algorithms: Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings
“Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings.” Neat!
programming  development  javascript  algorithms  guide 
may 2018
The Birth of the New American Aristocracy - The Atlantic
A good invective on economic inequality, class, and stability in society.
economics  politics 
may 2018
Front End Frameworks - are they accessible
Good overview of a variety of accessibility issues in various common widgets on the web.
webdev  development  programming  html  css  javascript  slides  lecture 
may 2018
Invisible Labor and Digital Utopias
“I want to make it clear that the problems we face with digital labor and digital utopias are not necessarily simply about the digital but rather about systems and structures that have long been in place.”
open  opensource  utopia  futurism  essay  lecture 
may 2018
The Fast and Slow of Design
Applying Stewart Brand’s “pace layering” concept to design systems and software.
business  design  process  governance 
may 2018
Migrations: the sole scalable fix to tech debt.
“Migrations are both essential and frustratingly frequent as your codebase ages and your business grows: most tools and processes only support about one order of magnitude of growth before becoming ineffective, so rapid growth makes them a way of life… As a result you switch tools a lot, and your ability to migrate to new software can easily become the defining constraint for your overall velocity.”
programming  software  development  engineering  management 
april 2018
Change of Scenery - Imgur
Really cool painted scenes, good for wallpaperin’.
art  images  wallpaper 
april 2018
The Good Room – Frank Chimero
“It seems our alone time with technology should truly be alone time, and that halfway socializing is a source of disappointment, not pleasure.”
beautiful  writing  lecture  essay  culture  design  technology 
april 2018
Robin Rendle
“Design teams aren’t explicitly rewarded for reusing designs the way engineers know they should write DRY code, so introducing inconsistencies feels like productivity.”
design  systems  webdesign 
march 2018
Python & Async Simplified - Aeracode
A really good high level overview of Python 3 asyncio.
python  programming  development  guide 
february 2018
Mastering ActiveRecord and Arel
Excellent guide to Arel & ActiveRecord. Wish it was not in presentation form, though.
ruby  rails  guide  presentation  slides  programming  development  database 
february 2018
Principles of Environmental Justice
Delegates to the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit held on October 24-27, 1991, in Washington DC, drafted and adopted 17 principles of Environmental Justice. Since then, The Principles have served as a defining document for the growing grassroots movement for environmental justice.
activism  manifesto  environment 
february 2018
DSHR's Blog: It Isn't About The Technology
Extremely cogent and smart analysis of distributed web technologies against the current culture/economy/environment of existing major internet/tech monopolies and how it’s not actually a technological problem, and effort focused there is unlikely to bear real fruit.
development  technology  distributed  web  economics 
february 2018
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