Democracy is Not a Supermarket – Anand Giridharadas – Medium
Such a great speech. “The burden of citizenship is committing to your fellow citizens and accepting that what is not your fault may be your problem.”
ideas  politics  writing 
17 days ago
The Paranoid Style in American Politics | Harper's Magazine
From Forest Gregg: “if the electorate is more or less good, then how do we understand when our government does things that are bad? One venerable solution is to identify an enemy, foreign or domestic, that is conspiring to subvert the will of the electorate. Richard J. Hofstadter, "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" is the article to read about that.”
history  politics  writing 
18 days ago
Jeff Atwood | Civilized Discourse... But How? | Heavybit
Really great talk on nudging people towards civil discourse online (in the Discourse app).
talks  lecture  video  software  culture  behavior  usability  design 
august 2017
gjcarneiro/yacron: A modern Cron replacement that is Docker-friendly
Python-based Cron replacement.

- "Crontab" is in YAML format;
- Builtin sending of Sentry and Mail outputs when cron jobs fail;
- Flexible configuration: you decide how to determine if a cron job fails or not;
- Designed for running in Docker, Kubernetes, or 12 factor environments:
- Runs in the foreground;
- Logs everything to stdout/stderr;
- Option to automatically retry failing cron jobs, with exponential backoff.
python  software  tools  opensource 
july 2017
For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less – Hacker Noon
Not so much working *less,* but rather on a more strict, regular, traditionally professional schedule, which means less need for everybody to be best buds or do non-work things together, and therefore less need for a new employee to be like existing employees. Feels like it's on the right track to me.
business  culture  diversity  management 
july 2017
One Weird Trick to Lose Size – Halide
A brief but very practical and useful overview on reducing the size of iOS apps.
development  ios  programming  performance  optimization  guide 
june 2017
Manually preloading associations in Rails using custom scopes/SQL
*Really* useful article on custom scoping/loading/preloading for associations in Rails.
ruby  rails  development  programming 
june 2017
Obstacles to the Adoption of Secure Communication Tools
Really interesting qualitative research paper on how and people use what secure messaging tools.
research  paper  usability  security 
may 2017
Type Systems for JavaScript
Good overview (in presentation slide-deck form) of the particulars and differences between Typescript and Flow (with bits on Elm, too).
javascript  programming  presentation  slides  typescript 
may 2017
log-update (NPM module on Github)
Log by overwriting the previous output in the terminal. Useful for rendering progress bars, animations, etc.
development  software  library  opensource  javascript  npm  nodejs 
may 2017
How We Publish Satellite Data on the Web — Development Seed
Good piece on publishing and archiving data for broad public use.
satellite  public  data  archiving 
may 2017
Five Factor Testing - Custom Web & Mobile Development Company | DevMynd
"[To have] tests (and a testing process) that actually work for us, we need to reconnect with the underlying needs that originally drove us to write tests. Surprisingly, they aren’t really written down anywhere. Maybe it’s just assumed we know what they are, but I listed them out enough times for people to think I should just write a blog post and send them that. So here you go."
programming  testing  development 
may 2017
Using ARIA
Good point-by-point guide from W3C
development  programming  webdev  html  accessibility  guide 
may 2017
Advice for Progressives from America’s Radical Feminist Governor
It’s going to require more than you’re bargaining for. Activism will change your life.
from instapaper
may 2017
better-exceptions (Python library)
Prints beautiful, fancy, helpful exception messages on the console. Pretty amazing.
programming  development  python  tools  opensource  library 
march 2017
pdir2: Pretty dir() printing with joy (Python library)
- Attributes are grouped by types/functionalities, with beautiful colors.
- Support all platforms including Windows(Thanks to colorama).
- Support ipython, ptpython and bpython! See wiki for more information.
- The return value of pdir() can still be used as a list of names.
- You can search for certain names with .s() or .search()
opensource  software  tools  library  python  programming  development 
march 2017
ARIA Widget Checklist: For Screen Reader Testing - SSB BART Group
Pretty good checklist of ARIA attributes, expected behavior, etc that various types of custom controls should have.
programming  development  webdev  checklist  guide  accessibility  html 
february 2017
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