markets/jekyll-timeago: Ruby library to compute distance of dates in words. Originally built for Jekyll.
A Ruby library to compute distance of dates in words. Originally built for Jekyll, as a Liquid extension.
jekyll  plugin  time 
4 days ago
A simple, free resource for finding International standards for paper sizes
design  layout  overview 
10 days ago
Sip for Mac
The best way to collect, organize & share your colors.
colors  colorpalettes  mac  application  design  organization  management 
11 days ago
Google no country redirect
This is a hack for your laptop. If you've ever traveled to a different country and used google.com, then you may have noticed that you were sent to the local Google homepage for that country. For example, if you're traveling in France, you will automatically be redirected to the google.fr page. I find this to be annoying because Google will often return search results in the native language (French in this example). The solution is to set your homepage to google.com/ncr, which stands for “no country redirect.” You will no longer be redirected to the local version of Google, regardless of where you are in the world.
travel  hack  google  hints 
14 days ago
Socially-Transcribed Transcripts
podcast  learning 
21 days ago
National Transportation Noise Map
Road and Aviation Noise in the United States
gis  maps  moving  nyc 
28 days ago
Wiki.js | A modern open-source Wiki software
An open source wiki app built on NodeJS, Git and Markdown. It will run on Linux, Windows, or macOS servers, saves all content to Markdown files, and automatically syncs with a Git repository. Comes complete with a nice editor with Markdown highlighting, access control and authentication options, and a built-in search engine.
git  javascript  markdown  wiki  Open-Source 
4 weeks ago
Privacy - Forget Your Credit Card
Get a new virtual card for every transaction
banking  card  privacy  service 
5 weeks ago
Home - Bazel
Build software of any size, quickly and reliably, just as engineers do at Google.
google  build  development  Open-Source 
5 weeks ago
css/csso: CSS minifier with structural optimizations
CSSO (CSS Optimizer) is a CSS minifier. It performs three sort of transformations: cleaning (removing redundant), compression (replacement for shorter form) and restructuring (merge of declarations, rulesets and so on). As a result your CSS becomes much smaller.
css  webdevelopment  performance  Open-Source  optimize 
8 weeks ago
Access Amazon’s Alexa from Mac, iOS, and Android
amazon  voice  application  mac  ios  android  time-saving 
8 weeks ago
Free Camping Near You | Go Camping for Free!
Whether you just need to know where to camp nearby or you want to plan a free camping road trip, we've got you covered. You can simply use your smart phone's GPS to find camping near you or even use our trip planner to plan your route from coast to coast.
free  travel  usa  sleep  map 
8 weeks ago
Allstays | Campgrounds | RV Parks
Publisher of Camp & RV and Truck & Travel
usa  travel  sleep  free  hints  list 
8 weeks ago
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