Black Design – Get your hands dirty!
Black Design demystifies the design process for early stage startups. We translate relevant design know-how to free actionable tools for founders.
design  process  startup  business  time-saving 
20 days ago
standardnotes/web: A safe and private place for your life's work. This is the Standard Notes web app. | https://standardnotes.org
Standard Notes is a simple and private notes app available on most platforms, including Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. It focuses on simplicity, and encrypts data locally before it ever touches a cloud. This means no one can read your notes but you (not even us).
notes  management  organization  Open-Source  webapplication  mac  windows  linux  ios  android 
20 days ago
Free Domain Name Management Tool | DNMin (Beta)
DNMin can automatically retrieve all relevant domain related data (like registrar, server IP address, expiry, created and last updated dates, name servers, Alexa ranking, Page Rank), and notifies instantly.
domain  notification 
20 days ago
Gapminder Tools
Making the world understandable based on reliable statistics.
webapplication  statistics  analytics  visualization  world 
20 days ago
brentsimmons/NetNewsWire: Feed reader for macOS.
It’s a free and open source feed reader for macOS.

It supports RSS, Atom, JSON Feed, and RSS-in-JSON formats.
Open-Source  feed  rss  reader  mac  application 
20 days ago
A modern, convivial and free music server
music  server  hosting  Open-Source  webapplication  audio  player 
5 weeks ago
LabGopher :: Great server deals on eBay
LabGopher extracts information from active eBay listings to help you easily find the right hardware for your needs.
ebay  hardware  server  search  searchengine 
5 weeks ago
nunux-keeper/keeper-web-app: Nunux Keeper web app
Nunux Keeper allow you to collect, organize, and display web documents.
website  backup  Open-Source 
6 weeks ago
Custom internal tools have the same building blocks. Retool gives you those building blocks, so you can build them much faster.
api  service  time-saving  business 
6 weeks ago
ToothFairy: Bluetooth utility for Mac
Connect AirPods (or other Bluetooth headphones) to your Mac with a single click or keypress.
mac  menubar  application  sound 
6 weeks ago
juliankrispel/react-text-selection-popover: Selection based Text UI made easy
This module provides a way to render a popover/tooltip style component when text is selected.
react  webdevelopment 
8 weeks ago
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