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15 hours ago
Monosnap - Free Screenshot Tool
Make screenshots. Draw on it.
Shoot video and share your files.
It's fast, easy and free.
mac  screencast  osx  windows  application  screenshots 
15 hours ago
Good Sales Emails
Best sales emails from great companies
email  template  copy  templates  inspiration 
4 days ago
Bringing the benefits of AI to everyone
ai  google  education  learning  documentation 
4 days ago
Roboschool provides new OpenAI Gym environments for controlling robots in simulation. Eight of these environments serve as free alternatives to pre-existing MuJoCo implementations, re-tuned to produce more realistic motion. We also include several new, challenging environments.
ai  development 
6 days ago
A16Z AI Playbook
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a set of computer science techniques that, as Stanford professor Andrew Ng is fond of saying, gives your software super powers.

Building on our Primer on Artificial Intelligence, this microsite is intended to help newcomers (both non-technical and technical) begin exploring what's possible with AI. We've met with hundreds of Fortune 500 / Global 2000 companies, startups, and government policy makers asking: "How do I get started with artificial intelligence?" and "What can I do with AI in my own product or company?"

This site is designed as a resource for anyone asking those questions, complete with examples and sample code to help you get started.
ai  development  documentation 
6 days ago
Legal docs for startups in Germany, for free!
legal  startup  documentation  german 
12 days ago
Shopify/polaris: Shopify’s product component library
Polaris is a React component library designed to help developers create the best experience for merchants who use Shopify.
Open-Source  webdevelopment  react  css  library 
12 days ago
Shopify Polaris
Our design system helps us work together to build a great experience for all of Shopify’s merchants.
design  inspiration  ux  copy  writing  education  learning  ui 
12 days ago
imgix Page Weight Tool • Learn how to improve your site or app’s speed.
Slow-loading images drive users away from your website—find out how to fix them with this free report.
webdevelopment  performance  image  analytics 
12 days ago
JohnONolan/snaptweet: Delete your tweets after 24 hours
I tiny Node app which automatically deletes your tweets after 24 hours, a bit like Snapchat.
twitter  Open-Source 
21 days ago
Calibre - Web performance monitoring
Improve customer experience and sales with powerful performance analytics
monitoring  performance  webdevelopment  service 
21 days ago
Fiddler - Free Web Debugging Proxy - Telerik
The free web debugging proxy for any browser, system or platform
network  security  development  application  proxy 
21 days ago
Wireshark · Go Deep.
Wireshark is the world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer. It lets you see what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level and is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many commercial and non-profit enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions.
network  security  development  application  proxy 
21 days ago
The Scold
Profiles February 29, 2016 Issue Nick PaumgartenShareTweet Mr. Money Mustache, the father of Mustachianism, isn’t perfect. He allows himself occasional luxuries, gets drunk now and then, and admits to two regrettable “five-to-ten-dollar mistakes” in 2015. The first was buying his ten-year-old son, Simon, a mini-Rubik’s Cube, which broke when they tried to take it apart. Junk. The other was putting several slices of leftover mushroom pizza in the same Tupperware container as some plain slices, which Simon, citing the mushroom taint, then refused to eat. There was a thirty-dollar mistake, back in 2010: Mr. Money Mustache built a rig for a storage box attached to the rear of his Scion hatchback, but the heat of the muffler melted a hole in the box. He modified the design, then wrote about it on his blog. The post, called “Turning a Little Car Into a Big One,” was an ode to the ingenuity of his storage box and to the underlying good sense behind owning a cheap, small, fuel-efficient automobile. He left out the bit about the muffler. The central tenet of Mustachianism is “financial freedom through badassity.” As the embodiment of badassity, and the exemplar to thousands of aspirants, Mr. Money Mustache must be as stingy with his counterexamples as he is with his expenditures. He has to be a badass. Mr. Money Mustache is the alias of a forty-one-year-old Canadian expatriate named Peter Adeney, who made or, more to the point, saved enough money in his twenties, working as a software engineer, to retire at age thirty. We’re not talking millions. More like tens of thousands, and then hundreds of thousands, which he and his wife diligently salted away at a time of life when most people are piling on debt and living beyond their means. He calculated a way to make these early paychecks last using a strategy of sensible investment and a rigorous, idiosyncratic, but relatively agreeable frugality. He is, by his own reckoning, a wealthy man, without want, but he and his wife, who have one child, spend an average of just twenty-four thousand dollars a year. Adeney is a kind of human optimization machine, the quintessence of that urge, which is stronger in some of us than in others, to elevate principle over appetite, and to seek out better, cheaper ways of doing things. He presents thrift as liberation rather than as deprivation. Living a certain way is his life’s work. “I’ve become irrationally dedicated to rational living,” he says. He created his Mr. Money Must
life  lifestyle  minimal  business  money 
21 days ago
DT42/BerryNet at producthunt
This project turns Raspberry Pi 3 into an intelligent gateway with deep learning running on it.
Open-Source  ai  development 
22 days ago
atech/postal at producthunt
A fully featured open source mail delivery platform for incoming & outgoing e-mail
email  server  Open-Source 
22 days ago
Does your web browser have a unique fingerprint? If so your web browser could be tracked across websites without techniques such as tracking cookies. Additionally the anonymisation aspects of services such as Tor or VPNs could be negated if websites you visit track you using your browser fingerprint. This service is designed to test how unique your web browser's fingerprint is, and hence how identifiable your browser is.
browser  privacy  security  webapplication 
22 days ago
Airstreaming Reisemagazin by Airstream Germany - issuu
10 Jahre Airstream in Europa - wir zeigen Ihnen die schönsten Plätze!
airstream  travel  inspiration  german  pdf  nature  magazine 
27 days ago
markets/jekyll-timeago: Ruby library to compute distance of dates in words. Originally built for Jekyll.
A Ruby library to compute distance of dates in words. Originally built for Jekyll, as a Liquid extension.
jekyll  plugin  time 
4 weeks ago
A simple, free resource for finding International standards for paper sizes
design  layout  overview 
5 weeks ago
Sip for Mac
The best way to collect, organize & share your colors.
colors  colorpalettes  mac  application  design  organization  management 
5 weeks ago
Google no country redirect
This is a hack for your laptop. If you've ever traveled to a different country and used google.com, then you may have noticed that you were sent to the local Google homepage for that country. For example, if you're traveling in France, you will automatically be redirected to the google.fr page. I find this to be annoying because Google will often return search results in the native language (French in this example). The solution is to set your homepage to google.com/ncr, which stands for “no country redirect.” You will no longer be redirected to the local version of Google, regardless of where you are in the world.
travel  hack  google  hints 
6 weeks ago
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