Claims of Voter Fraud Roil North Carolina House Race
Good rule of thumb: if the Republicans are accusing the Democrats of doing something, the Republicans are doing it.
GOP  NC  Fraud  Elections  Voting  Republicans 
10 days ago
The Website That Shows How a Free Press Can Die - The New York Times
Fox News's relationship with Trump is totally different; they are the source of a lot of the propaganda.
Media  Journalism  Hungary  Corruption 
14 days ago
Sports Stadiums Can Be Bad for Cities - The Atlantic
There are few societal leeches like American professional sports leagues.
Sports  Entertainment  Taxes  NFL  NBA  MLB  Football  Basketball  Baseball 
14 days ago
The scientists who make apps addictive | 1843
Call me crazy, but even things that are beneficial should not be designed to be addictive.
Design  Ethics  UX  UI  Psychology  Skinner  Addiction 
22 days ago
Study: US has spent nearly $6T on war since 9/11 | TheHill
“In addition to spending, the study estimates the total death toll in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan related to U.S. military operations since 9/11 at between 480,000 and 507,000. The number includes U.S. military personnel, Pentagon civilians, U.S. contractors, allied forces, civilians, opposition forces, journalists, humanitarian workers and others.”
Military  War  Iraq  Afghanistan  Syria  Pentagon 
25 days ago
Mississippi GOP Sen. Hyde-Smith calls voter suppression 'great idea.' Campaign: 'Obviously' joking.
The Republicans have been playing the same “joke” since the passage of civil rights legislation.
GOP  Republicans  Voting  Elections  Suppression 
25 days ago
In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception - The New York Times
The racist television clown turned out not to be such a great nuclear arms negotiator. Surprising.
NorthKorea  Nuclear  Trump 
27 days ago
US Budget Deficit 2018: $100.5B In Oct, 60% Increase Over 2017 - Bloomberg
The Republicans are the party of fiscal discipline and I'm a river dolphin.
Budget  Deficit  GOP  Republicans  Taxes 
27 days ago
Thousand Oaks parents: ‘I don’t want prayers. I don’t want thoughts. I want gun control.’ - The Washington Post
“Last year in Las Vegas, he survived as his friends were shot all around him, only to come back to our home and be murdered in our hometown.”
Guns  Violence  NRA 
4 weeks ago
Thelio - System76
I like the wood! It's nice to see a computer manufacturer take a different approach from Apple's metallic minimalism.
PC  Linux 
5 weeks ago
‘Welcome to the white man’s world,’ cop told Latino teens after allegedly beating them - The Washington Post
Teenage dipshits steal an unmarked police vehicle and go for a joyride. Officers apprehend them and proceed to beat them bloody, threaten their lives and that they will plant drugs on them. Some cops shouldn't be cops.
Police  Abuse  Violence  Racism  Massachusetts 
5 weeks ago
White House concerned Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke violated federal rules - The Washington Post
I don't think they are concerned that he violated the rules. They are concerned that he got caught.
Corruption  Ethics  Zinke  Interior  Trump  Cabinet 
5 weeks ago
Facebook exodus: 44 percent of American users ages 18-29 have deleted app
This is why they are going to increase how many ads there are on Instagram and look at ways to monetize WhatsApp.
Facebook  Privacy 
6 weeks ago
Fake Jews – Talking Points Memo
“Only it wasn’t a rabbi, or at least not one who would be recognized as such by American Jews.” Pence only likes Christian Jews.
Pence  Religion  Judaism  Idiocy  GOP  Republicans 
6 weeks ago
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