Request: Misha/Vicki, Jensen/Misha, accidentally voyeur
Misha is notorious for sending the wrongs links to things but this one takes the cake. He accidentally sends a home made porn video of him and Vicki where Vicki teased him so well he was practically crying by the time she rode him. It was supposed to be a family video or gishwhes promo.

Jensen was going to turn it off any second now...
:spn  rps  pairing:misha/vicki  pairing:jensen/misha  voyeur  voyeur!Jensen 
14 days ago
Request: Azazel!John/Dean, Meg!Sam/Dean, bottom!Dean, non-con, incest kink
Dean is raped by his possessed father and brother on two separate occasions: Devil's Trap and BUABS. The demons mess with his head by telling him they're acting out his family's darkest fantasies. Dean forces himself to move on after the rapes but can't. Demons lie but sometimes they tell the truth...
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/john  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:dean/azazel  pairing:dean/meg  possession  Azazel!John  Meg!Sam  bottom!Dean  top!John  top!Sam  top!Meg  top!Azazel  noncon  incest 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Sam, Castiel, optional Dean, Wingfic, Wing Grooming, Soul Manipulation
Castiel's Grace was stolen by Metatron and his wings badly damaged in the fall. Even with another angel's stolen Grace burning within his vessel, his wings are slow to heal and he's been too focussed on helping Sam heal and recover from Gadreel's possession to take care of himself properly.

Sam is still angry at Dean for letting Gadreel trick his way in and finds it easier to focus him attention on Castiel than on how conflicted this betrayal of Dean's makes him feel. He notices when broken and damaged feathers start appearing from seemingly nowhere when Castiel's around, and he remembers how badly damaged Gadreel's wings had been in the brief glimpse he'd gotten.

Sam also remembers that souls are a power source to angels, and how one of the first things Lucifer had done when he took control of Sam was tap into that power to fix up his own Hell-damaged wings.So Sam knows a few tricks about how to use his soul like an angel uses their Grace, and he likes and trusts Cas a whole lot more than any other angel... though convincing Castiel to manifest his wings so Sam can help properly may be a bit of a challenge.

Can be gen or Sastiel, but something with Castiel being shy and trusting with Sam and Sam being kind and tender as he tries to give back some healing to this angel who is as much family as his brother.
:spn  fps  genfic  pairing:none  wing  grooming  manipulation 
14 days ago
Request: Sam/Dean, unrequited, non-con, rescue
One-sided Sam/Dean. Sam drugging Dean (could be canon age or older Sam and younger Dean, depends on author) to touch/fuck him. I don't want completely dark Sam, just a morally ambiguous one. He feels bad for doing that to his brother but it feels so good and Dean belongs to him so he can't stop. Sometimes Dean notices something wrong the morning after and feels confused/scared.

Protective!John finds out and rescues Dean
:spn  underage  fps  pairing:sam/dean  noncon  kink:rescue 
14 days ago
Request: danneel/omcs, jensen, gangbang, non/dubcon
Kinks (ran out of room): gangbang, noncon thats more like dubcon, DP, spitroasting, voyerism, humiliation

danneel loves getting fucked, by her husband, and when he's not around she uses toys until thats not enough, so she goes behind husband's back and hooks up with random guys. Jensen finds out and organizes a gangbang to "punish" her but she enjoys it too much
:spn  rps  pairing:danneel/omc(s)  cheating  gangbang  pairing:jensen/danneel  dubcon  noncon  doublepenetration  spitroast  voyeur  humiliation  punishment 
14 days ago
REQUEST: OMC/Dean, bottom!Dean, virginity kink, slight manipulation
Dean's got a huge virginity kink, as in him losing it. There's one problem: he hasn't been a virgin in any which way in a very long time. But only ever doing one night stands has its perks: Dean occasionally lies to his male hook-ups that it's his first time with a guy and puts on a little show, making a big deal out of it. Up to the author if the hook up of the night buys what he's selling or not.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/omc(s)  bottom!Dean  virgin  virgin!Dean  manipulation 
14 days ago
Request: Bobby/Sam, castration, abo, bodymod, dubcon
Bobby's never seen the need for a set of balls on an omega, or a dick longer then needed to aim with. Sam's too spunk drunk to wonder why they're at the Omega clinic.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/bobby  castration  alpha/beta/omega  bodymodification  dubcon 
14 days ago
Request: Jared/alien plant, tentacles, noncon, mpreg?
Alien botanist Misha decide earthling Jared is the perfect propagation aid for his prized vine.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/omd(s)  tentacles  noncon  mpreg  au 
14 days ago
Request: Sam/Dean/Cas, Sam/Dean, human pets
Some of Castiel's siblings see his friendship with the Winchesters and feel that he's a bad pet owner. Since to them, humans are beneath angels, sure you can have them as pets and care for them, or even love them, but they're not your equals, and should be treated correctly for the human's sake, as well as that of the angels forced to deal with them.

So they distract Cas with some case off earth, promising to look after his pets while he's gone. Then once Cas is gone, they grab Sam and Dean, and put both Winchesters in a human training program, set out to train them into proper pet behavior. Obeying angel commands, teaching them to respect their betters, learning them to roll over and be available sexually whenever Castiel needs them, and learning to like it. (Sam has a lot harder a time with the obedience bit than Dean does)

(in reality, Cas is gone for no more than two earth days, but in the dimension where Sam and Dean were kept it's been literally decades, which is the time it took to properly break and train them.)

In order to train them, they weren't allowed to wear clothes, forced to eat and drink out of a bowl on the floor, made to wear collars, and punished whenever they disobeyed even the most ridiculous order. With rewards given for proper behavior, being affectionate, and so on.

Cas at first is horrified at what was done to his humans. But he can't help but deny that it's nice to have Dean snuggle up to him, now that he's no longer burned by his previous inhibitions, or to have Sam more calm and less burdened by his past mistakes.

He'll do what he can to deprogram them (eventually), but he's not gonna break Sam's heart by telling him he can't fuck his brother, esp. when Dean is practically mewling at the idea of having Sam inside of him. Nor is he going to ignore Dean's lips that now seem even more made to be fucked, than they did before
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean/castiel  pairing:sam/dean  dehumanization 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Abaddon, pegging, humiliation, exhibitionism
Abaddon domming the hell out of defiant!Dean in front of other demons. Dom!Abaddon and unwilling!sub!Dean.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/abaddon  pegging  humiliation  exhibitionism  domme!Abaddon  sub!Dean  dubcon 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, Cas/others, blowjob and cockwarming while getting fucked by a group of men
Cas and Dean are in a relationship but sometimes Cas just needs to be used and so he and Dean have found a way to try and make it work. Dean sets it up at a club where they will have an area in the corner of the room to use. Dean will sit on a chair, cock out for Cas to suck while Dean approves and allows men to fuck Cas' ass. The one rule is that while Cas is being fucked he must show his thanks to Dean by sucking his cock. Dean wears a cock wring to make sure he doesn't cum too often to take care of Cas.

Dean didn't think he'd really be all that into it, Cas the the exhibitionist but there was a possessive pride that came with deciding who would fuck Cas and showing off his fucked out hole. Between men Dean doesn't let Cas have a break unless he signals that he needs one, he plays with Cas' hole and cock until the next man comes up for a turn. By the end Cas is completely fucked out, he can't even walk and Dean takes care of him until he's strong enough to stumble to the impala where Cas spends the ride back snuggled in Dean's lap with his mouth around his flaccid cock.
:spn  fps  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  blowjob  cockwarming  gangbang 
14 days ago
Request: Cas//others, BMOL, capture, dehumanization, prostate milking, prayers, rescue
OF course the BMOL have found uses for capturing angels ever since they lost their wings. Castiel is captured and taken to the compound where there are a small handful of other angels. They are kept in cages, bound on their hands and knees with their broken wings manifested in the material plane. The BMOL don't pluck the feathers they just collect the ones that naturally fall out (their not monsters), and every other day they extract grace from their vessel with a needle. Also once a day they milk the one in male vessel's prostates and collect the semen. Woman vessels they leave alone after getting a sample of eggs. Part of it is just to test the samples to see if vessels are irreparably changed by hosting an angel but it is mainly to show complete ownership of the angels. Cas does his best not to be affected though Dean's intermittent prayers of worry, frustration and occasionally anger that Cas isn't calling him chip at Cas' emotional state. Cas loses hope when one day MAry is shown the facility and he knows that she recognizes him but she doesn't do anything except card her fingers though a tuft of his feathers while she watches Ketch extract the sample of grace through a needle.

A few days later Mary tells Dean about the angel project but, she's not upset about it and is a bit shocked about how enraged Dean becomes. Still she agree to help Dean raid the compound. Even though Cas has heard Dean's fierce prayers that reminded him so much of purgatory he's shocked when he sees Dean storm in, he tries to act unaffected by the events but Dean sees through it all and insists on bringing him back to the bunker and take care of him.
:spn  fps  pairing:castiel/omc(s)  captivity  dehumanization  milking  kink:rescue 
14 days ago
Request: Sam/Dean, it's a terrible life, amnesia!sam
Zachariah only restores Dean’s memories to punish him for not signing up for Team Michael. Dean persuades Sam Wesson to come with him- it’s not like he’s going to let his baby brother hunt alone or accidentally say yes to Lucifer. Dean only tells him the bits he needs to know (either he chooses not to for Sam’s happiness or Zachariah blocked the memories).

Sam of course has a huge crush on his new friend Dean, and playfully flirts and tries to seduce him. After all, there's a reason he had dreams about Dean and the man rescued him from the world's most boring i.t. job right?

If there’s penetrative sex, bottom Sam or switching pretty please.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  pairing:sam-wesson/dean-smith  amnesia 
14 days ago
Request: Cas/Sam, abo, alpha!Cas, any consent level
When Castiel becomes a human he discovers he is an alpha- or more accurately, he finally understands what humans mean when they say someone smells good enough to eat. He knows Dean doesn't allow any alphas to sniff around Sammy (either wincest or codependent bros is good), and after his time in hell, Sam cannot get pregnant. Cas finds a way to get him alone and test out his new knot.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/castiel  alpha!Castiel  omega!Sam  alpha/beta/omega 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Sam, It's a Terrible Life, shipping
While looking online for ghost hunting tips, Dean stumbles across the supernatural books, and he finds it an amusing coincidence that their names match. Dean gets really into them, reading fanfic and such and finds himself shipping wincest.

And then he gets his memories back.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam-wesson/dean-smith 
14 days ago
Request: Dean, the Stynes, hurt!Dean, medical kink (kinda), Protective! Sam and Cas
In "The Prisoner" Instead of getting free and killing the Stynes Dean isn't able to escape and they do a ton of nasty experiments on him (shocking him, cutting him up, poisoning him to see how the Mark reacts, whatever. The author can choose exactly what happens as long as we get to see what they're doing to Dean at least in part).

Dean is fading, and the pain is making him come to his senses a bit. Partly he thinks he deserves this, but he doesn't want to become a demon again, so he hopes they won't kill him. Bonus points if he prays to Cas for forgiveness and genuinely regrets everything he's done since he's had the Mark.

Just when he's about to die, Sam and Cas come in and take out the Stynes and rescue Dean. Cas is able to heal most of his wounds, but he's still shaken up. Would love to see them taking care of Dean back at the bunker, and Dean saying he's sorry for everything and essentially saying he's up for their suggestions on how to cure the Mark.
:spn  fps  genfic  pairing:none  hurt!Dean  medicalplay  protective!Sam  protective!Castiel  hurt/comfort 
14 days ago
Request: Sam/Dean/Castiel, Bottom!Dean, Omega!Dean, Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Castiel, mpreg, feminization
Canon Dean is an independent omega who is bonded to his two alphas. However, after he gets pregnant during his heat his alphas begin to treat him differently e.g. feminizing him, expecting him to be more traditional and not wanting him to leave the bunker much. So, naturally Dean is freaked out. Especially when he begins to like it and can no longer trust his body not to control every aspect of his life.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean/castiel  bottom!Dean  omega!Dean  alpha!Sam  alpha!Castiel  top!Castiel  top!Sam  feminization  mpreg  alpha/beta/omega  au 
14 days ago
Request: OMC/Dean, bottom dean, manipulation, creepy?
Up to anon how but a creature that comes from under the bed has his eyes on Dean. So when Dean goes to sleep in his room in the bunker, he starts having this wired, awesome sex dreams with a handsome OMC coming from nowhere in his room.
The first few nights it's just kissing and teasing but after a while Dean is more than willing to do whatever the OMC wants. Dean turns into a huge slut for his cock and the taste of his cum. The sex is amazing and their encounters become more frequent.
One morning he wakes up aching all over and Dean realizes that those aren't really dreams and that the OMC is real. However he is under his spell and doesn't want to kill it or tell about him to Sam or Cass. The OMC is pleased by it and that same night he crawls from under his bed, fucks Dean and takes him away under the bed to be his mate.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/omc(s)  bottom!Dean  manipulation 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Sam/Dean, exhibitionism, incest
I would like to see Sam and Dean being together and being completely open about it - the fact that they're brothers and all. They'll be like "I am Sam and this is my much handsomer brother Dean" and then ten minutes later they're making out on the couch or fucking in the car. People are scandalised (and maybe a little bit turned on because who wouldn't be). Sam and Dean are doing it on purpose and getting off on the reactions.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  exhibitionism  incest 
14 days ago
Request: J3, J2M, J2? - Double Anal Penetration
Don't care how or why, I just would like to see Jensen having his ass fucked open by two cocks and loving it. Be it by two people or Jared and a Toy.

Jared a must, the other person or toy up to author.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen/jdm  pairing:jared/jensen  doublepenetration 
14 days ago
Request: merJared/JDM, noncon, mpreg
JDM catches merman Jared above the water line and forces his tail to split so JDM can claim him.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jdm  noncon  nothuman  mpreg  creature!Jared 
14 days ago
Request: Charlie/Sam or Charlie/Dean - fuck or die, sex pollen, dub-con
Charlie gets herself into a fuck or die situation. She still has enough to time to put some thought into who she's going to chose. But unfortunately there's no way around it (reason being some ancient ritual, a spring goddess etc.), because it requires the traditional setting instead of two women.

So ... who does Charlie chose? Sam? Dean? Both? How does she feel during the act and afterwards?

All kinks are fine
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/charlie  pairing:dean/charlie  fuckordie  pollen  dubcon 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Benny, bloodplay, painplay
Just... anything with Dean and Benny having rough, violent sex, please?
:spn  fps  pairing:dena/benny  bloodplay  painplay 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Cas/Dean, dom!Cas, hole-training, fisting, humiliation
Cas trains his sub to take a fist. Actual fisting optional, but I would love lots of prep and dirty talk from Cas about opening Dean up and forcing him to take it. (No actual non-con, because Dean could safe-word out if he needed to, but I'd love to see him humiliated and a little scared, as well as turned on by Cas's words.)

Extra love for Cas fucking Dean's loose hole (either after fisting him, or with threats how he'll definitely do it next time) and commenting in detail on how sloppy it feels. Maybe even inserting fingers or a toy while his cock is already in Dean, or spanking him for not being tight enough.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  dom!Castiel  sub!Dean  fisting  humiliation 
14 days ago
Request:Dean/dogs,Sam/dogs, training,fisting, mpreg
John carefully stretches Sam, so he can help out and be a 'good little bitch' like Dean.

Sam no younger than 10 please.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/omd(s)  underage  pairing:sam/omd(s)  fisting  mpreg  kink:training 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Crowley/Dean, dirty pictures
Crowley takes pictures of Dean naked, masturbating, and being fucked by Crowley (and maybe in bondage, blindfolded and/or with toys as well?) -- for his own amusement, as well as for blackmail purposes and to send to Dean later to make him all flustered.

Consent level of taking the pictures entirely up to author (I'm thinking Dean would have some reservations!), but the sex needs to be fully consensual.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/crowley 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Cas/Dean, D/s, sub!Dean, disobedience kink
I'd love to see sub!Dean enjoying an in-depth masturbation session after being explicitly forbidden to touch himself, knowing that he will be punished harshly for his wilfulness, and turned on all the more for it.

Alternatively, Dean could let another male character (preferably Benny or Crowley, but could be a stranger, too) fuck him, knowing full well that Cas will be livid and take him to task for it.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  D/s  sub!Dean  dom!Castiel  masturbation  punishment 
14 days ago
Request: J2, barbed cock, abo, dubcon
Alpha werecats find their mates early, so they can be trained to take a barbed cock without major injury. Jensen didn't find Jared until he was already an adult.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  barbed  alpha/beta/omega  dubcon  werecat 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Cas, Sam/Cas, sub!Cas, sharing, objectification
Cas is Dean's sub, but Dean is an awesome big brother and always happy to let Sam have a go when he needs some relief, as long as he asks for permission first. Asks Dean, that is, not Cas...

Would love to see lots of dirty talk and detailed negotiation about what ways Sam is allowed to use Cas's body *, but without Cas having any say. He could safeword out if necessary, of course, but doesn't because he loves serving both boys.

(*e.g. asking for a turn with his ass, but Dean only allows oral because he wants to fuck Cas later and doesn't want him sloppy, but Sam manages to convince him to allow it if he doesn't come inside; or could be kinky stuff, with Sam asking for permission to spank or choke Cas, etc)

Dean and Sam only have sex with Cas, but are completely unashamed about discussing sexual stuff. Maybe they even undress and fondle Cas in front of each other? (E.g. Dean showing off Cas's new nipple rings or his plugged hole to Sam.)
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:sam/castiel  sub!Castiel  dom!Dean  objectification 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, endverse, drugs, somnophilia, some angst
Dean goes in to check on Cas, the angel is completely knocked out, naked on his bed, obviously having cum on himself and passed out. Dean decides to clean and cover him up and then leave as if he'd never been there. But, when wiping Cas clean Cas squirms and moans a bit and Dean lingers. Cas fucks anyone so why can't Dean fuck him (of course Cas fucks everyone because he can't have Dean). To Dean Cas never wakes completely but he can definitely wake up and just be too high to do much more than enjoy and mumble. Dean's not a dick, in fact while fucking him he lets himself talk to Cas like he never can when Cas is awake, like ya know, a love confession.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  endverse  drugs  somnophilia  angst 
14 days ago
Request: John meets Castiel, AU, Alive John, Rescued from Hell!Dean
So John somehow meets Castiel. Dean still goes to hell, but maybe John is actually alive. How would he react to an angel?

Up to the author of the hows and whys. Try to be as close to canon John as you can.
:spn  fps  pairing:none  genfic 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Cas, Sam, Dean - birthday, surprise party
Sam and Dean pick a date to designate as Castiel's birthday. Why should he miss out on having a day of fun and presents? They don't tell him, and resort to lots of skulduggery and spy like shenanigans to get the bunker ready for a party. Dean bakes a cake, Sam goes shopping for gifts, the whole nine yards.

But Sam also translates a book of poems he thinks Cas will like into Enochian. Cas can read any language, but Sam figures it'd be nice for him to have something in his own.

Cue cute TFW family celebrations.
:spn  fps  pairing:none  genfic  fluff 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Cas, Winchesters - curse effect, h/c, TLC
Cas shields the brothers from the effects of a magical trap with his newly healed wings. The magic locks them - temporarily - into being permanently corporeal. Worse, it starts to rain and Cas's wings become water logged. This makes them heavy, and they start to pull and tug at his muscles.

Dean and Sam have to dry them off, then Sam gives Cas a massage to ease out his sore muscles.
:spn  genfic  fps  pairing:none  curse/spell  hurt/comfort 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Dean, Cas, Sam, Mary - transformation, cute
Mary comes back from a hunt to find that her boys have all been turned into dogs. They're still them - they recognise her, and they've clearly been trying to read books and find a cure. Research shows the curse will wear off shortly, but in between now and then she'll have to look after all three of them.

Bonus for finding the three of them curled up around each other in a giant puppy pile; Dean still lying between his brothers and the door; Sam turning his nose up, initially, at the dog chow Mary gets for them. Cas using his Grace to get Dean extra dog treats when Mary isn't looking.
:spn  fps  pairing:none  genfic  transformation  fluff 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Cas, emotionally!hurt Cas, unrequited love, angst
Dean is worried when phrases in Enochian start appearing and then disappearing on Cas's body. Cas plays it down, refuses to let Dean try to translate them. He spends more time in his room, and even Sam is worried sick at this point.

But it's only when Cas is hurt protecting them, and Dean, Sam and Mary are stripping him to treat his wounds while he's out cold, that Dean sees the 'tattoos' in all their glory. And for long to enough to translate them.

Turns out that after Dean didn't say 'I love you' back, Cas give up trying to communicate his feelings. But his Grace won't be silenced and it's responsible for the Enochian appearing on Cas's body - 'I love you'. 'I would fight through Hell again for you'. 'I'm sorry I told you, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable', etc.

Each one is like a bullet to the heart, when he realises how much Cas has been silently suffering through this. He resolves that when Cas wakes up he's going to do more than tell Cas he does love him - he's going to show him.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  hurt!Castiel  angst 
14 days ago
Request:Sam/any, abo, knotting, gangbang
With the bunker providing a solid home base, Sam goes into heat for the first time since Stanford. Good thing he's surrounded by Alphas...
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/any  alpha/beta/omega  knotting  gangbang  heat  omega!Sam 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Any. diapers, humiliation, bottom!Dean
No infantilism (unless it's for teasing material and people mocking him by treating him as a baby because of the diapers) just Dean in diapers and the experience as humiliating as possible for him.


- cursed!Dean and Sam having teasing material over his big brother

- Dean lost a bet and Sam wanting to embarrass him/since he's acting like such a baby, put Dean in diapers

- soulless!Sam forcing Dean

- someone else changing Dean and Sam watching or vice versa

- someone walking in on Sam changing Dean in public

- people noticing Dean's diapers

- women wanting to hook up with Dean disgusted when they noticed the diaper

- hunters laughing about the great baby Dean Winchester

- Castiel changing him

- angels/demons humiliating him

Could be no established relationship before but if there's sex, please only bottom!Dean. If possible, I'd like for Sammy to be there too to make it more humiliating for Dean because he used to change Sam's diapers.

(this is the filthiest thing omg sorry /w\ but I really want someone to write this please, and thank you!)
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/any  diapers  humiliation  bottom!Dean 
14 days ago
Request: Sam/Dean. diapers, humiliation, bottom!Dean
John puts 17 - 20 year old Dean in diapers for whatever reason but not sexual please (punishment or curse) He does this while 13 - 16 Sam is there and watching so it's more humiliating for Dean. At this age Sam's all bitchy and would take anything to have one over his proud big brother and this is his perfect chance. Afterwards, he can fuck Dean or not.

Basically, Dean in diapers and the experience as humiliating as possible for him.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  underage  diapers  humiliation  bottom!Dean  top!Sam 
14 days ago
Request: Mary/Monster dub-con, non-con Voyeur!Ketch
Mary has left the bunker to hunt on her own, she hears about people disappearing
in the woods. She thinks it might be a wemdigo but it is something that had not been an active threat in centuries. It has woken because of all the supernatural disruption. It was hungry, but it already filled that need, now it wants to mate, Mary is perfect for its needs. Ketch was ordered to follow her and observe, that doesn't mean he can't enjoy the show.

Up to the author what it is and so forth.
:spn  fps  pairing:mary/omd(s)  dubcon  noncon  voyeur  voyeur!Ketch 
14 days ago
Request: Mary/Dean, Alpha!Mary, Omega!Dean, turning
Mary left because she is an Alpha while her own sons think she is a beta and John was the Alpha. She knows his housband did something to fool everyone. She feels the need to be the Alpha of her family and can't accept that her sons are both Alphas. They should have been omegas or beta.

When Mary comes back she has a plan for both of her sons.
She had gathered all the ingredients for turning Dean into her omega and the spell to turn an Alpha in a beta. She can't turn both of them into an omega, she could lose one of them .
Turning Sam into a beta it's easy and takes her only a week.
As for Dean she cooks and doses his food with her own cum and drugs used to kickstart the turning process. As she secretly drugs Dean, she makes sure to empower her dominance on him by constantly be in his space, imposing her ideas, caressing him when he accepts them.
When they realize their dynamic is changing it's too late: Sam is a fully beta and Dean has lost all his Alpha traits.
The changes are permanent.
They are shocked and doesn't understand why she did this to them, she uses her Alpha voices to tell them what she is and what should have been their family all along. Sam as a beta accepts her as the Alpha of their pack without too much problems while Dean tries to fight the situation. Mary dismisses Sam as she wants to have a conversation with Dean alone.
Mary comforts Dean, telling him that he should have been an omega all along, manipulating him with her alpha pheromones and touches. While Dean is still shocked she leds him in her room to complete the turning process.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/mary  alpha!Mary  omega!Dean  kink:turning(alpha-to-omega)  alpha/beta/omega  au 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Castiel - wings, vulnerable!bottom!Dean
Somehow, Dean grows wings. He couldn't control his new wings very well and they show what Dean is really feeling (ie: feeling insecure, submissive, scared, anxious, safe, etc.) Dean has no idea but Castiel can clearly see the message Dean's wings are giving and Sam could have an idea too. Other angels can be involved. Dean would be like a hatchling and to them, that means he's vulnerable (especially with his emotions on display like that.)
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  wings  bottom!Dean  top!Castiel 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Male, noisy wet, embarrassed Dean
Dean's hole making noisy, wet squelching sounds as Male fucks him. He's embarrassed about it but Male finds it hot. Also he can call it Dean's cunt.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/omc(s)  humiliation  fingering 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Castiel, mind control, hurt!Dean
A controlled dom Castiel (either by Naomi or Zachariah) and sub Dean have a scene. Dean safewords but Cas ignores it and abandons Dean right after, which is the whole point of the mind control - to break trust.

Please lots of focus on the aftermath of this and the two of them trying to fix what's broken.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  mindcontrol  hurt!Dean  dom!Castiel  sub!Dean 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, abo, forced intimacy, dubcon mating, captivity, manipulation
There is an organization that believes that humans have strayed too far from their instincts and that the world will be better once alphas and omegas remember their roles. After a lot of experimentation they've developed the perfect methods to help selected pairs overcome their modern mentalities and go back to how mates should behave. They open up a retreat for rich and powerful singles that need a place to relax knowing that once the trendsetters fall in line the rest of the world will follow. Castiel is someone from old money and powerful despite being an omega, Dean is an actor. They've never met before and their family has pushed them both to take some time off and destress. They'll spend two month on a remote tropical island. OF course once they get there its much different than whats advertised. The first day is normal but when they all go to sleep with the help of a sedative people are moved around and paired off into what the councillors feel are the most promising pairs. Dean wakes up with Castiel in his bed, both are naked.

There are still cabanas but they are locked inside them, and jumping from the private infinity pool would be suicide. They are given a few days to learn how to cohabitate but when Dean doesn't appear to be dominant enough over Castiel and Castiel isn't relying on Dean and trying to please him they quickly move on to phase two. Cas is taken and an implant is placed in his neck near where a mating bite will eventually go, it triggers a release of hormones to make the omega feel good whenever he listens to his alpha. They are only trying to free their instincts to take full control. Food is only given to Dean so that he has to share his meal with Castiel.

The hormone release is quite powerful for an omega that has suppressed his nature for most of his life, he starts falling into his role and relying on Dean more and more, trying to please him for the rush that comes from it. AS Dean tries to get them out of there or at least through the ordeal and take care of Cas he doesn't realize that he's becoming exactly what their captors want. It's only a matter of time before one of them starts to believe that their captors are right.

They have a tv but the only thing on it is very traditional porn, they each get taken from the cabana from time to time for different purposes, putting them with Dean with other traditional omegas to normalize the behavior for Dean and observe how Cas reacts to the scents and vice versa. Triggering a rut when Dean is still very reluctant and Cas reluctantly offering to help after a few hours and then because of the hormones doubled because of the implant becoming a real knot slut for the duration of the rut.

I'd like for the captors to win, Dean swears to Cas and himself that once they are out this will stop, that he hasn't changed. Cas' implant has been taken out awhile before they leave, no longer necessary but, when they go back home and Dean tries to let Cas be himself he doesn't last long before he's reminding Cas of his place. But, they're happy, the feelings they've developed for each other are real.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  alpha/beta/omega  dubcon  mating  captivity  manipulation 
14 days ago
Request: Jensen/JDM, Jensen/any, Omega training
When Jensen turns out to display as Omega, instead of Alpha, or even Beta, his parents send him to live with his uncle JDM. Jensen knows the guy, he seemed nice enough, when he met the man as a kid, so he figures that it can't be too bad.

Only once he gets to his uncle's place, he realizes that there's a huge difference between the way JDM treats a kid, vs how he treats an Omega. JDM takes away his every privilege, including the right to speak, or wear clothes, until he starts behaving like a proper Omega. Trains him to be fucked, has him castrated by the local vet, and basically treats him like a misbehaving pet who needs to be trained to have manners.

He disciplines Jensen when he talks back, or refuses an order, but praises him constantly when he feels the boy is doing something right, like using the pillows JDM placed on the floor for him, instead of trying to sit on the furniture; obeys orders, or eats from JDM's hands.

Jensen only gets to read, do his art, or be treated even remotely as a human being or do anything he likes, as long as he behaves 'properly' according to what JDM wants of him, which includes bending over to be fucked, whenever, whereever, to whomever or however JDM wants him to.

When JDM finally feels Jensen's training is complete, he takes him to a local Omega outcoming party, where highbirth Omegas like Jensen are displayed before society, to be mated off with Alpha suitors.

Bonus if Jared is one of said potential suitors.
:spn  underage  pairing:jensen/jdm  pairing:jensen/any  omega!Jensen  rps 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Sam ABO world Season 5
Dean and Sam are Alphas in this world.

Sam let the Devil out the cage, Sam is Lucifer's vessel- and the only way to beat the devil is by locking him back in the cage, and the only way for that to happen, is to allow Sam to get possess by Lucifer and Jumping in.

OR is it? Dean was sitting in that Pizza place with Death. Dean was completely against that idea. Death was ready to let Dean walk out with that only hope. But something prompted Death to stop Dean and let him know there is another way...but he warned Dean that he won't like it any better.

Lucifer is an Alpha, Lucifer can only possess an Alpha Vessel...Death gives Dean a knowing look....Dean gets it but is also horrified by that idea too...but then again an eternity in the cage with no way to ever get out- his little brother torture until the end of time...

Decision made, Dean goes back to team free will who is waiting for him. Dean does show them Death's ring but then pockets it and proceeds to also tell them "there's another way" to beat the devil. He tells them what Death told him

Sam does somehow convince them all that he rather jump in the cage than be turned, after all its his decision right? after a loud argument and finally acceptance from Dean. they proceed with the original plan.

Picture that scene where Dean and Sam are in the impala driving and Sam is giving him the speech of Find Lisa and settle down with her. Sam notice Dean has a faraway look, and he begins talk "you know there is a reason why omegas are rare, because the turning is brutal and any alpha would fight to the death before submitting- that's the trick is getting the other alpha to submit."

Sam is starting to get this nervous feeling-more so when Dean finally pulls the car over into an alcove by the side of the road.

KINK: Alpha Dean, Top Alpha Dean, Alpha Sam, Bottom Alpha Sam, Non- Con, Forced turning Alpha Sam to Omega Sam, Dub-con, Biting, blood mixing, mating bite too, knotting, anal sex, hurt Sam, crying Sam. Although Dean forced turned Sam, he still the big brother comforting hurt crying little brother and Sam does lean into his big brother for that alpha comfort/hug. In the end they’ll figured it just like they always do.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  alpha/beta/omega  season:5 
14 days ago
Request: Jared/girl!Jensen; dubcon; first time
Jared owns a shop -- bookstore, bike shop, music store, or sporting goods -- and his best friend (a woman he dated for a few years and decided to just be friends with -- and stayed in her life to help her with the daughter she had before they met -- they bonded; they trust, etc.). Little Jenny is now 13 or 14 and wants to earn her own money. Her mother doesn't want her to get a real job yet out there in the world of strangers and way too much responsibility for an eighth grader, so she suggests she help Jared out at his shop for a few days a week over the summer.

Jenny decides Jared is hot now and jokes about it with her friends but she's an innocent. She'd never put the moves on him. But when Jared overhears her giggling with her friend over the phone one day, he gets super turned on. He thinks it's wrong, so he tries to shove it down. The next day, Jenny comes in wearing shorts and a cute tank top. He notices her forming breasts, long hair and pretty green eyes in a way that he shouldn't. He finds himself finding reasons to show her things where he has to make contact with her skin -- innocent touches. Jenny doesn't notice much except that she gets shy and blushes.

After about a week of this, he can't take it any more. He decides to tell Jenny that he wants to reward her by closing the shop early and ordering them a special dinner. He tells her to tell her mother she has to work late because her mother told him not to spoil Jenny at the job. He gets wine and seduces her. Jenny is reluctant at first, but she also really likes him. She lets him teach her.

For the rest of the summer, they find ways to be alone and have sex. I think it should be in the back room or small studio apartment that he doesn't use just off the back where they have fun. It should be in the store somewhere at least.

Dubcon; Little teenage Jenny (long haired, innocent); Hot as hell doesn't want to but sooo cannot help it Jared -- He gets almost animalistic while he's finally taking her. Jenny can be surprised at the feelings she's getting, maybe never had an orgasm before.

Keep as is. Have fun!
:spn  underage  pairing:jared/jensen  girl!Jensen  dubcon  firsttime  rps 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, bottom!dom!Dean, Top!sub!Cas
Just some good bottom dominant Dean taking his sub Cas apart and then putting him back together after the scene.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  bottom!Dean  top!Castiel  dom!Dean  sub!Castiel 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, others, sex slaves, public sex
Finding love in unlikely and almost impossible places. Dean and Cas are both sex slaves that are brought to a party by their masters. They are passed around like party favors until they are put on display together as entertainment. They get so caught up they forget others are watching and just enjoy each other.

If you like to take it for longer I'd love for Dean to either convince his master to buy Cas or find a way for the two of them to be free but it's not necessary.
:spn  fps  underage  pairing:dean/castiel  slave  publicsex 
14 days ago
Request: Sam and Dean Season 1 Diaper fetish
Sam loves being wrapped. It's a wonderful secure warm comfy feeling.

He never would have discoverer it, if Jess had not asked (begged and pleaded) for a sorority pledge stunt. After the stunt was over and was release what he thought was hell (24 hrs).

He realized he missed it, and tried to deny the feelings he was feeling- but after a couple of days. To prove it was ridiculous and trying to be discreet; Sam went online and order a small packet. He tried to tape it himself and it was not as snugged or wrapped the right away. He was struggling so much he did not hear Jess come in.

She thought is was cute and adorable and help him out. They both talk, maybe not everyday, but when San felt he needed it. She agree and always help him. They just started this new kink Sam loved and the real reason Sam love it; it reminded him of Dean, when he used to take care of him. But 6 months later, Jess would die because of the demon.

Sam is feeling not just off because of Jess death but because the need/want to be taped up in a diaper is starting to wear on him. But how to tell his "no chick-flick" big brother this new side of him.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  diapers  season:1 
14 days ago
Request:Dean/Cas, ABO, older!omega!Cas, age difference
Dean is the mature, ruggedly handsome alpha everyone swoons over. I don't want him to be written as young or naive, age 30+ at least, but seen as in the prime of his life, perfect age to settle down. Dean could be a business owner, surgeon, scientist, architect, anything but a mechanic (I'm so over that). Rich and successful, everyone thinks Dean's going to marry some perky young omega. (Can include horrible dates/matchmaking disasters/exasperated family if you like)

Cas is the aloof but sexy 10-15 years older omega Dean falls for. Equivalent of a career driven woman who marries later in life. Seen as the type who will never settle down, is not interested in kids etc. Truth is, Cas was never willing to settle.

Just give me Dean head over heels for bit of an ice queen!Cas, who is actually all kinds of sexy and sensual for the right alpha. Bitchy comments from jealous coworkers/neighbours would be awesome, along the veins of 'why did he settle for that dried up bitch? He'll never get kids from him' and then Dean knocks up Cas with twins on their honeymoon, or whatever.

And Cas very much enjoys younger!Dean's stamina and prowess in the bedroom. Top Dean only, and please don't repost with alterations.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  alpha/beta/omega  omega!Castiel  alpha!Dean  agedifference  au 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Larry, Toys, Bottom!Dean, Voyeur!Sam, Voyeur!Cas, Voyeur!Crowley
The scene with Larry the Bull but there's a huge dildo attached to the seat and the other characters are in the audience. Add as many kinks as you want, my only request is that the fill is not written in Dean's PoV.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/inanimate-object  toys  bottom!Dean  voyeur!Sam  voyeur  voyeur!Castiel  voyeur!Crowley 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/any. Humiliation
Any situation where Dean is humiliated as much as you can. :)
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/any  humiliation 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Sam, phone sex, first time wincest, dirty talk
Dean calls Sam at Stanford to check in on him and teases him over the phone. Sam is affected by his words more than usual- perhaps it's the distance, Dean not being right next to him when it happens- but rather than shake it off, Sam finds his breath getting heavier and his pulse racing.

All the bonus points if Dean ends up talking about how he's gonna fuck Sammy the next time he visits while Sam fingers himself.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  kink:phone-sex  firsttime  dirtytalk 
14 days ago
Request: John/Dean, Bottom!Dean, Riding, Mirror, Size Kink, Belly Bulging
I just wanna read about 15-year-old Dean riding his daddy in front of a mirror and getting off on the size/body type difference between them. Dean being pale and freckled, John tan and hairy and so much bigger than him, how good his cock feels and how deep Dean can take it... 100% consensual and please no references to other types of wincest.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/john  bottom!Dean  top!John  sizekink  bellybulge  fps 
14 days ago
Request: Claire/Dean, Demon!Dean, 10x10, noncon, demon!Dean, Claire is 17
Claire doesn't tip Dean off quickly enough and Dean gets murdered. The mark turns him back into a demon, and his first order of business is to kill Claire's two new friends. And then he's going to have fun with her, because he wants to and she really deserves it.

Additional kinks welcome, especially: dirty talk, object insertion, watersports, humiliation, forced orgasm, spanking.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/claire  demon!Dean  season:10  noncon  fps  dirtytalk  objectinsertion  watersports  humiliation  forcedorgasm  spanking 
14 days ago
Request: Sam/Dean, sensory deprivation, hurt/comfort
Sub!Dean, sensory deprivation. Something happens (maybe something attacks Sam) so he's unable to release Dean. When he gets back, Dean's a crying mess and lost in headspace. Lots of aftercare ensues. :D
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  sensorydeprivation  hurt/comfort 
14 days ago
Request: John/Dean, Omega!Dean, Alpha!John, heat sex, rimming, size, gentle!John
Cliche where John helps Dean through his first heat and claims him but with the twist that he's really gentle almost worshipful about it. It's still painful for Dean to take his father's grown man-sized cock when he's never even had fingers inside him before but he's determined to make John proud and ends up loving it. Emphasis on Dean being sore but needy and in love. And John trying his best to make it enjoyable for his omega. I also like loving dirty talk and crying!Dean.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/john  omega!Dean  alpha!John  heat  rimming  sizekink  fps 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Bobby, Dean/John, Bottom!Dean, infidelity, barebacking, possessive!John
Dean and John are in an established relationship- One day John does something to really piss Dean off so Dean retaliates by seducing Bobby and getting him to fuck him. When John discovers them he beats Bobby up and reclaims Dean by fucking him bare while Bobby watches

(Dean is taught to use a condom with everyone but John)
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/bobby  cheating  bareback  possessive!John  bottom!Dean  top!John  top!Bobby  fps 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Castiel. Noncon
In the alley scene, usually fics portray them having enthusiastic rough sex. I would like an alternative where it's non-con (which it really is because Dean doesn't give consent and usually fics just fly over that)
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  noncon 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Hannibal, hell issues, daddy issues
Dean has to go to therapy (either because he's investigating a cannibalistic monster or because Sam is forcing him to) and ends up opening more than he should to his psychiatrist, who reminds him eerily of Alastair.

Hannibal is fascinated.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/hannibal  :hannibal  crossover  hell  daddykink  cannibal 
14 days ago
Request: Dean, Demon!John, Hell
What if the demon responsible for breaking the righteous man hadn't been Alastair but John who was dragged back into hell following the events of 2x22?
:spn  genfic  demon!John  hell  pairing:none 
14 days ago
Request: Claire, Werewolf!Claire
The BMOL cure doesn't work and Claire tries her best to live as a werewolf.
:spn  genfic  werewolves  creature!Claire  fps 
14 days ago
Request: Cas, Zachariah, Gabriel, Hurt!Cas, torture, Protective!Gabe
Mainly I just want to see Gabriel showing that dick Zachariah that no one messes with his little brother. Like maybe Zach captures Cas, and tortures him and is all, 'no one in heaven cares whether you live or die anymore because you're fallen and a traitor' but then Gabe comes to his rescue and takes Zach out.

No pairings please, just whump and brother feels :)
:spn  genfic  pairing:none  hurt!Castiel  protective!Gabriel  torture  fps 
14 days ago
Request: Sam/OMC(s), watersports/gangbang, bondage, non-con
John makes Sam miss an important soccer game to go on a hunt. The rest of his teammates are furious and corner him in the locker room showers after practice. They get the drop on him and tie him to one of the benches, then take turns pissing in his ass and mouth. Sooner or later one of the kids gets the bright idea to fuck his mouth, and everything gets out of hand from there. Feel free to add DP or fisting if you really want. All I ask is that you leave Sammy a gaping, fucked-out, pissed-on mess, but no serious damage please!
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/omc(s)  watersports  gangbang  bondage  noncon  fps 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Sam/Castiel, one-sided Castiel/Dean, wingkink, soulmates, hurt/comfort
Sam can see Castiel's wings. He's always been able to see them from the first moment he met the angel in the motel room, though he couldn't see Uriel's wings at all. With Castiel calling him "boy with the demon blood" and hearing that the angels were (supposedly) going to smite the town, he forgot to mention it at all until after Samhain was dead and he and Dean were back in the Impala heading for their next job. He's confused, and a bit worried, but privately puts it down to the remnants of Ruby's blood in his system before he burned it out killing Samhain and figures he won't see them again. (It doesn't explain not seeing Uriel's wings, but it's not like Uriel's the angel that Sam owes his big brother's return to.)

But then Castiel keeps showing up, and Sam starts noticing how the angel's wings tend to be more demonstrative of his moods and emotions than his borrowed human face or voice, and he notices how they seem to be opening and yearning... towards Dean.

Dean, meanwhile, can't see Castiel's wings at all. The closest he's come is seeing those shadows back in the barn, and he's kind of curious about them, and more than a little worried that Sam - who's been hurt by every breed of supernatural creature they've ever encountered - can see them, but only Castiel's. So, being Dean, he decides to ask Castiel what it means for a human to be able to see a specific angel's wings... while Sam is in the room, listening as Castiel explains that humans who can see a specific angel's wings are meant to be that angel's true mate, and watching as Castiel's wings go into overdrive making offerings and overtures to Dean. Cue Sam leaving the room in a hurry and Dean having to apologetically explain to a bewildered Castiel that he can't see the angel's wings-- Sam can.

What happens immediately after this revelation is up to the filler: Sam gets attacked by demons, Sam gets attacked by angels, they go on a hunt and Sam gets injured, whatever you like. But Dean has to end up calling Castiel to come heal Sam, and Castiel arrives in time to hear Sam protesting that Dean shouldn't bother Cas for him, and when Dean asks why Cas shouldn't be called to help his soulmate Sam responds that it's not like Cas wants him at all, he doesn't even like Sam. Because he can see Castiel's wings and Cas now realizes he's seen every offer his wings made to his mate's older brother. Whether or not there were any similar offers made towards Sam that Sam missed because he was looking down or away is up to the filler, but Castiel now realizes that he's hurt his true mate very badly without realizing it and he has a lot of work to do to make it up to Sam and make his mate realize that he does want him.

I very much want Sastiel endgame, with lots of cuddles and wing grooming and Sam being wrapped up in Castiel's wings for comfort, and a strong emphasis on how badly Heaven's misjudged Sam because of the demon blood.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/castiel  pairing:dean/castiel  wing  soulmate  hurt/comfort 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, forced transformation, abo, season 4, denial of feelings
In season four the angels are quickly done with Dean's attitude and unwillingness to fall in line. Their (Zach and Michael's mainly) is to turn Dean into an omega. Human's are regular old humans and have never heard of such a thing, abo is an angel thing. Most seraphs and arch angels are alpha, with the exception of Raphael) The power to change someone genetically is something only an arch angel has so when Cas finds out and though he sympathizes with Dean's freak out there isn't anything that he can do. The angels assumed that with Dean's new submissive instincts, especially toward alphas, that they'd get him to fall in line easily. But, Dean's stubbornness is unparalleled. Cas does his best to respect Dean's wishes though he is still on the fence of doubt, he doesn't try to push Dean one way or the other. But, between Cas' mark on Dean and Dean's new biology Cas is having a hard time not thinking of Dean as his.

Confrontation with a bunch of angels, lost of alpha posturing and trying to force Dean to submit. Cas standing behind the other angels but when Dean's will breaks against his new instincts Cas covers him and fights off the others declaring Dean as his.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  transformation  alpha/beta/omega  season:4  turning  omega!Dean 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, Incubus!Dean, Vamp!Cas, blood play, multiple orgasms
So incubus!Dean where he is kinda like Lucifer. He can tell or get them to tell him their deepest desires and then gives them the best sex of their life and feeds off of that energy but it never harms his partner. And Vampire!Cas who mostly drinks donated blood but occasionally Meg gets him to go out and feed from a person, he never kills them but he always feels guilty leaving them as they suffer from mild blood loss after.

Meg pushes Cas to go out and he goes hunting in the same bar as Dean. Dean smells sweet, there is something off about it but it's smells too good for him to care. Dean doesn't realize Cas is a vampire at first he just notices that he's caught someone's attention and is happy to take him home for the night. Cas isn't a virgin but he doesn't get out a lot, he goes with Dean and they have some great sex, in the middle Cas bites him and drinks deep, he almost immediately orgasms and can't stop drinking and it's like ambrosia coursing through him. Dean throws him off but the damage is done, Cas is essentially bound to Dean.

Dean tries his best not to freak out about someone truly being bespelled by him. It's a heavy responsibility, he tries to explain to Cas just how much his life has changed but through the effects of Dean's blood he's ready to go again. Light blood play, Cas can help but nip at Dean for just a pearl of blood.

Once the rush of the night is over Cas is more or less back to normal but there is just a need for Dean in his life in any way.
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  incubus/succubus  vampire  vampire!Castiel  bloodplay  kink:multiple-orgasms  incubus!Dean  creature!Dean  nothuman 
14 days ago
Request: Meg/Cas, Dean/Cas, manipulation, crazy!Cas, falling!Cas, drugs, cunnilingus, begging
No one realizes how hard it is to hide a crazy angel in a psych ward. Castiel is too powerful, he blows out electricity, heals people with a single boop, teleports. It's too much for Meg so she's always prepared for his moments where he get sucked into his own mind and goes catatonic. She takes out a special syringe and vial and extracts some of the angel's grace. It doesn't take long for Cas to notice the effects. He starts hunting for his grace around the hospital but Meg reminds him that he has to behave or Dean and Sam won't come back for him. The meds he takes start to have an effect and how pliable he becomes makes things so much easier for Meg but now she wants something in return for all of this hard work and she plans to get it from Cas. They play games together, she brings out sex dice like it's another game that they keep in the rec room and tell him it's like simon says.

Just before the boys get the tablet Meg has switched Cas to real drugs, she easily tells him to give her his arm so she can draw grace like the other nurses draw blood from the human patients. Then she gives him meds and makes him pleasure her while she edges him and makes him beg to come. When Cas announces that the boys are returning she gives him back his grace in doses, enough that they won't suspect anything.

When Dean notices that Cas is angry down in the rec hall he asks for forgiveness the way that Meg taught him.
:spn  fps  pairing:castiel/meg  pairing:dean/castiel  manipulation  crazy!Castiel  drugs  cunnilingus  begging 
14 days ago
Request: eventual Cas/Dean, slight Eve/Cas, transformation, compulsion, lactation, six nipples
Eve and Castiel fight and Cas discovers that he is woefully outmatched. Eve plays with him a bit before changing him. He gets six - eight nipples like animal. At first they do nothing but then Eve summons a pack of her children and he feels his flesh swell under each nipple and he's ripping off his shirt before he realizes it. The monsters pin Cas to the floor and suck him dry, he can feel tiny tendrils of his grace being sucked out with the milk but for some reason it seems to strengthen the monsters instead of harm them. Eve watches, praising him when he unconsciously pets a monster or holds them closer. Logically Cas knows he needs to fight but the more they drink the more at peace he feels. Finally they leave and Cas remains sprawled on the floor until he hears the call to duty. He buttons up and tells himself he'll deal with it later.

He forgets about it until he helps Dean and Sam with a vampire nest. He flies off and finds the vamps but before he can kill them he's once again baring his chest and laying on the ground for them. Dean and Sam find Cas like this, it's easy to kill most of the vamps as they're too distracted feeding but the last two are vicious and Cas tries to protect them but he's too drained to really do much. They take him to the panic room and paint sigils that hold Cas in the room. This time Cas' nipples are still swollen and ripe, he tells Dean everything as well as the urge that's now constant.

Dean doesn't know what to do while they all research how to fix Cas Dean stays with him and tries to keep him calm while Cas' nipples are leaking and he knows he needs to feed them. Dean gets him some breast pumps which Cas obliterates and then has him get on his hands and knees and milks him. Cas sags into Dean, thanking him but soon starts trying to convince Dean to drink, trying to slip milky fingers into his mouth, telling him it will make his stronger, etc etc. Dean gives in, curious and a bit desperate to help Cas who's begging at that point. Dean lays between his legs and starts feeding and it's not as bad as Dean thought. Cas is gentle and encouraging. It feels so good to have a mouth latch and to feel pieces of his grace go into Dean. Cas finds himself growing hard and ruts against Dean's stomach while he feeds Dean.
:spn  fps  pairing:dena/castiel  pairing:castiel/eve  transformation  lactation  nipple 
14 days ago
Request: Cas/Dean, extreme underage
When Dean is ~4 his day care teacher, Cas, is arrested when it's discovered he's been molesting and grooming Dean. Ten years later, Dean finds out Cas has been released from prison and goes to meet him, desperate to be fucked by the man who was supposed to take his virginity all those years ago.

Would actually prefer if Dean isn't a virgin though, he's been sexually involved with older men for a while.
:spn  underage  fps  pairing:dean/castiel 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, asexual Cas, abo, heat sex
Castiel (14-16) is an omega and he's asexual but during his heat that doesn't seem to matter and it's very upsetting to him. He's gone through a few heats alone and it's horrible, he hate that he can't ignore the lust and need to be filled. His next heat is coming up and he shyly asks his best friend Dean to help him through it. Dean's happy to help but he's also afraid it will change things between them.

Lots of heat sex and Dean taking excellent care of Cas including Cas's breakdown when he enjoys sex too much with Dean. Love confessions and Dean ensuring Cas that he's okay with never having sex outside of Cas's heats as long as he has Cas.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/castiel  asexual  asexual!Castiel  alpha/beta/omega  heat  fps  omega!Castiel  alpha!Dean 
14 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, locker room, small cock, humiliation, blowjob, overstimulation
Castiel (14-17) has a really small dick, he's really embarrassed by it and does his best to make sure that no one will ever see him naked. Of course one day some boy pulls a prank which ends in Cas naked in the locker room and a lot of the boys making fun of his small dick. Cas feels like crying but he won't give them the satisfaction, it's made worse when he notices Dean watching in the back.

Dean's known that he's a bit of a sexual deviant and ever since his first hard on his been exploring his sexuality. Seeing Cas, the strange but very hot track kid subjected to public humiliation, well Dean feels guilty that he finds it hot. But, when he see the tears in Cas' eyes when they land on Dean, Dean puts a stop to the shenanigans. He gives Cas his towel and sits him down while he gets everyone out of the locker room and finds out where Cas' clothes have been hidden.

While taking care of Cas, Cas shies away from being revealed again and Dean starts talking about how hot his little cock is. He plays with it until it's hard, though not much bigger and then blows Cas and keeps sucking on him even after Cas gets off. Once he's got his hands on Cas he can't seem to get enough and Cas can't believe that the captain of the wrestling team is kneeling between his knees.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/castiel  smallcock  humiliation  blowjob  kink:overstimulation  fps  voyeur 
14 days ago
REQUEST: J2, pornstars, first time, rough sex, mpreg
Jen is a career bottom in the porn industry, maybe known as something of a diva and a size-queen, also that he likes guys who are big enough to manhandle him...it also takes a lot to get him off so most of his onscreen orgasms are faked.

Enter Jared, up and comer, career. They get cat together in a new movie and the instant Jen sees the younger man he wants to jump him, hoping he's proportional everywhere. Of course he is, and he's more than willing to manhandle Jen as much as the elder man wants or needs.

For the first time in a long time Jen's orgasms are real and he revels in the aches and bruises he's left with, wondering how soon he can catch another script where he can co-star with Jared. A few weeks later Jen goes in for a booster on his birth control shot only for the required pregnancy test turns up positive because apparently the sex was so good it triggered a spontaneous ovulation.

How does he find and tell Jared, still practically a stranger that he sex on screen with? How does Jared react? Was Jared pining for Jen the whole time or had he completely moved on?

I prefer a more hermaphroditic AU where the bearer has an extra opening in his perineum (because anal birth is a big squick for me) and lactation is okay but without full breast development.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  pornstar  firsttime  roughsex  mpreg 
14 days ago
Request:AlphaSam/OmegaDean Hurt!Dean Protective!Benny
Each day that passes in Purgatory Dean continues to miss his brother more. But knowing the fact that his Brother (Mate) is fighting to get Dean back just motivates him more to keep on going.
After a whole year of being trapped in Purgatory Dean has finally escaped back into the real world. After saying goodbyes to Benny, Dean makes his way to find his mate.
But sam doesn't answer. Dean calls every type of phone they got but nothing. Dean even tries to reach out for their bond but still nothing.
Dean tracks sam down to find him living an apple pie life with another omega (Amelia).
Dean feels heartbroken and betrayed. Looking at his mating mark and find out it's slowly turning black. (Once Alphas break bonds they slowly kill their omegas)
Dean doesn't want to ruin Sams life, he knows sams better off with a better omega (Cue in self loathing) So he leaves and finds Benny. They hunt together for however long dean has left (1 year or 6 months) Dean can still feel Sam. Every delicate touch and love making he makes with his new mate. To make it even better, the process of his slow death is excruciatingly painful. But he wants sam to be happy.
Sam some how finds out dean is back and drops everything to go back to him. Sam repairs the bond before dean dies. But Benny's got some choice words for Sam.

Super hurt abandoned Dean, careless sam and uber protective Benny. I really want benny to stand up for Dean. Tell him how much Dean talked about him and love him while in purgatory, stuff like that.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  hurt!Dean  alpha!Sam  omega!Dean  protective!Benny  purgatory 
14 days ago
Jared and Jensen have been in a relationship for awhile (if their RL marriages are in the story, they've totally got blanket spousal permission). On weekends (or other non-work days), they sometimes like to spend hours or even a whole day doing BDSM and power exchange stuff (sometimes a few small scenes, sometimes a really long one). They're switches, and Jared is a relaxed dom, more about praise and coaxing, while Jensen is more about rules and punishment, and they're both happy with things working out that way. One day, while not in a scene, they have a good-natured discussion about their different styles and Jensen says something like, "You couldn't be as strict as I am on a bet." And Jared says, "You couldn't take it if I were."

Jensen demands proof and is sure he can take whatever Jared can dish out. Can Jared find his strict side? And does he overload Jensen's limits? Do either of them actually get anything from it...or too much?

Please nothing dark or abusive or relationship-threatening. And if anyone who feels moved to write this wants to bring in Genevieve and/or Danneel as spectators/commenters (but not active participants) that would be a pretty cool bonus, but not at all necessary.
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  bdsm  au 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Sam/Lucifer, first time, beastiality, non con
Sammy has been waiting to give her virginity to the right guy and she's decided to give it to Lucifer. While her family is out of town she goes over to his house, only Lucifer has another plan. He wants his dog to fuck her and take her virginity. When she gets there he plays innocent until she lets him tie her hands and ankles up, then he bends her over and calls his dog in and has him fuck her.
:spn  underage  pairing:sam/lucifer  firstkiss  bestiality  noncon  fps 
14 days ago
REQUEST: Wincest, taboo kink
Sam and Dean both get off on doing dirtybadwrong things the hardest. It's what gets them going, and for a while there, their illicit incestuous affair was more than enough to keep things spicy.

But eventually, the thrill wore off, and they had no other choice but to go dirtier. And badder. And wrong-er. Bonus points if they're not completely unhinged people and feel kind of bad chasing something like that, but the need to get off is stronger than shabby hunter morals.

Possible ideas for their taboo kink: threeway with a married woman, rape roleplay, church sex, bestiality, watersports... anything works, as long as it's considered wrong, and the taboo part is the kink.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean 
14 days ago
Request: J2M, Jared/JDM, abo, mpreg, cum inflation, dub
Lord Morgan declares an interest in breeding his newest omega, so Jensen and Misha fuck Jared into heat and keep him on edge until their master calls for him.
Afterwards, they admire Jared's cum swollen belly and add their own omega cum to it.
Yes to praise and dirty talk at the same time
:spn  rps  pairing:jared/jensen/misha  pairing:jared/jdm  alpha/beta/omega  mpreg  comeinflation  dubcon  au 
14 days ago
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!filled !tofill :spn abuse agedifference alpha!dean alpha!jared alpha!jensen alpha/beta/omega altlink analplay analsex angst au bareback bdsm begging belly bestiality birth biting blindfold bloodplay blowjob bodymodification bondage bottom!castiel bottom!dean bottom!jared bottom!jensen bottom!sam breathplay breeding buttplugs captivity caretaking castration cbt cheating chubby claiming cockring collars/leashes comeeating comeplay comfortsex cominguntouched control crack crossdressing crossover crying cuddling cunnilingus curse/spell cursed!dean d/s daddykink demon!dean dildo dirtytalk dom!jensen domesticity doublepenetration drugged drugs dubcon enema establishedrelationship evil!sam exhibitionism facefucking facial feeding felching feminization fingerfucking fingering firsttime fisting fluff foodplay forcedorgasm fps frottage fuckedout fucking fuckordie gags gangbang genderswap girl!dean girl!jensen girl!sam handjob heat humiliation hurt!jared hurt/comfort impregnation incest infantilism jealousy kidnapping kink:multiple-orgasms kink:no-sex kink:non-a/u kink:non-au kink:objectification kink:omega!dean kink:omega!jared kink:omega!sam kink:orgasm-control kink:pornography kink:rescue kink:riding kink:roleplay kink:seduction kink:spitroasting kink:sub!jensen kink:torture kink:underage-extreme kink:violence kink:werewolves kissing knotting lactation lapsex manhandling manipulation marking marriage masturbation mating medicalplay mpreg nippleplay noncon nothuman objectinsertion oralsex orgasmdenial pain pairing:castiel/omc(s) pairing:dean/castiel pairing:dean/john pairing:dean/ofc(s) pairing:dean/omc(s) pairing:dean/omd(s) pairing:jared/jensen pairing:jared/jensen/jdm pairing:jared/jensen/misha pairing:jared/misha pairing:jared/omc(s) pairing:jensen/harley pairing:jensen/jdm pairing:jensen/misha pairing:jensen/omc(s) pairing:jensen/omd(s) pairing:none pairing:sam/castiel pairing:sam/dean pairing:sam/dean/castiel pairing:sam/dean/john pairing:sam/gabriel pairing:sam/john pairing:sam/ofc(s) pairing:sam/omc(s) possessive pregnancy prostitution publicsex punishment puppyplay restraints rimming roughsex rps season:preseries selflubrication sizekink slave somnophilia spanking theme:christmas theme:halloween theme:reprompt theme:summer threesome top!dean top!jared top!jensen top!sam torture toys transformation underage virgin voyeur watersports werewolves wing wip wip:finished

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