Request: John/Dean/Sam/pastor Jim - cum eating, object insertion, anal plugs
John and the pastor take turns coming into Dean and Sam, lovingly blowing large loads into John's young sons. Then they plug up Dean and Sam's holes with beef jerky and hotdogs and take Dean and Sam into truckstops where truckers pay to remove and eat come flavored beef jerky and hotdogs, and suck come straight out of their holes.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Vampires, orgies, violence
Dean in the episode he is turned, tells a vampire that he will 'show him [what killing people is like] himself'. Dean has some down time before Sam and Samuel get there, so he has to keep the vamps distracted.

He weaves a story of killing humans, just waiting for a distraction so he can start hacking and slashing. But the vampires get into it- REALLY into it, and start using it as foreplay, acting out little details and begging Dean for more, until Dean eventually gets pulled into the sex.
15 days ago
Request: Dean/Sam - food kinks
Sam wants fruit juice. So Dean provides. Dean takes overripe strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and places them between his own thighs and squeezes them to make juice that Sam licks up. Dean finally places the berries between his ass cheeks, right up against his hole and squeezes the berries. Would love to have Dean orgasm and cum on his fruit covered ass as Sam licks up everything. Sam can be as young as the writer wants. Dean really likes putting things against/in his ass and clenching his ass.
15 days ago
Request: Jared/Jensen/others, birthday cake, cum
It is Jensen's birthday(< 18 years). On his birthday, Jensen's delighted about the vanilla cream sponge cake Jared has got him. Jared is an older cousin/uncle, etc. Jensen and Jared fuck the large cake together, their cocks plowing through the soft, heavy cake, balls cradled by the icing. Would love to have Jared paint Jensen's hole with cake or fuck Jensen while sitting on the cake. Or maybe have Jared feed Jensen cum covered cake.
15 days ago
Request: Sam/Dean, talking penises, frottage
Sam and Dean are shocked one morning when they wake to find their penises can talk. It's probably due to something magical they ate, or got hit by some spell. Anyway, it turns out their dicks are quite hot for one another, and have been yearning to be together for some time now. Sam and Dean, thoroughly embarrassed, do their best to ignore their cocks. But it's difficult, especially since their dicks are hard, constantly stretching out to reach each other, and keep up a steady stream of dirty talk. Eventually all four of them agree that it's best to just let this happen. So Sam and Dean strip the rest of the way and walk over to each other, finally letting their horny dicks be together in blissful harmony.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Sam/Cas, background Dean/Cas, shared sub!Cas, shower sex
Cas sleeps in Dean's bed every night, but in the mornings, he always serves Sam in the shower.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Benny/Dean, size kink
Benny has a huge cock, and he is used to his partners being awed, but shying away from anything more than a handjob. Much to his surprise, Dean loves sucking and riding him hard, and still asks Benny to fuck him again even though he can barely stand afterwards.

Extra love if it hurts and Dean gets off on that as well.
15 days ago
Request: Sam/Dean, revenge sex, mpreg
After waking up after their first night together, Sam is shocked and annoyed to discover that he's pregnant.

To get back at Dean for doing this to him, he fucks Dean back, making sure to cum inside him as deep as possible to try and knock him up in return.
15 days ago
Request: Dean/Sam, 69 rimming, sex spell?
Dean and Sam wake up naked on the forest floor and have the strangest urge to rim somebody and get rimmed in return.

So they start rimming each other at the same time. After a time they get more desperate and heated, and it becomes a competition - whoever can make the other cum first - with just their tongue - wins.
15 days ago
Request: Sam/Dean, in-denial!Winchesters, balls
Dean and Sam start fooling around with each other, but they keep telling themselves it's ok, because they're both super straight. They do all kinds of things, and Dean reassuring Sam "It's not gay unless the balls touch".

But then one time they're fucking doggy style, and their balls, swinging low between them, start clapping together loudly with each thrust, shattering the thin lie they used to protect their masculinity. They freeze, and after an awkward chat, they decide the don't care if they're gay, and decide to continue on, getting off on every mighty slap of their balls together.
15 days ago
Request: Sam/Dean, bets, blowjobs
Sam and Dean make a bet, and the winner gets his dick sucked by the loser.

It's a double whammy - neither wants to suck the other off, but they both really want to see the other sucking their dick.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Benny, chastity, rough sex, bloodplay
Back from Purgatory, Benny is struggling to keep his bloodlust in check. Until Dean has the idea to put him in a cock cage and keep the key... Benny hates every second of it, but has to grudgingly admit that it helps.

And they both enjoy that, whenever they meet and Dean releases him for a night, Benny gets to take his pent-up frustration out on his friend with some brutally rough sex.

Extra love for dom!bottom!Dean and Benny drinking Dean's blood while they fuck.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Cas/Dean, bareback, comeplay
Cas has a fascination with coming in Dean's ass and then playing with his messy, dripping hole. (With fingers, toys, or whatever else floats your boat.)

Optional, but I'd love some dirty talk and/or humiliation.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/all. Office slut. Humiliation. Dub-con
Dean Smith is a VP at a big company. One day he’s called to the CEO's office where all the other VP’s is present too.

The CEO shows a video on the big screen of Dean bend over his office table getting fucked. The video has sound and Dean is clearly very submissive in the situation. Begging for cock, answering humiliating questions and so on. Dean is mortified!

The video is recorded with a phone held by the man fucking Dean. You can’t see his face but the yellow shirt makes it clear that it must be someone from the IT department. When the video is over Deans CEO tells him that there is a great risk that the company will be sued for sexual harassment, because Dean is ‘yellow shirts’ boss. The CEO forces Dean to tell them who ‘yellow shirt’ is so they can get him to sign some legal papers and not sue the company. Dean reluctantly gives them Sam Winchesters name.

When the CEO tells Benny Lafitte, one of the other VPs, to go get Sam Benny makes a joke about getting sued himself if he walks around right now. Benny is hard from the video. The CEO tells Dean to crawl to Benny and give him a blow job. Everyone is surprised and shocked!

But the CEO argues that Dean is responsible for all this mess and that he must fix it. Long story short, Dean becomes the office slut!

This is non-con in the real world. But I would prefer it written as dub-con! Dean reluctantly gets very turned on by it all. Also he continues his work at the company and none of the other employees are aware of what goes on between the CEO, the VPs, and Dean.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Alastair, mpreg, rape, forced pregnancy
I'd like Alastair to kidnap a young Dean (12-14) and keep him in his basement, raping him repeatedly. Eventually Alastair breeds him (up to author if it's abo or not). After the baby is born, Alastair lets Dean out and tells everyone that Dean and the baby are his sons and that his ex-wife tragically died in childbirth. He makes Dean call him daddy in public.

Cas is whatever - a neighbor, a concerned school counselor - who figures out what's going on. Maybe he figures it out while chatting with Dean or maybe he does a little digging because things seem hinky. But Cas is a bit of a creeper, too, and he manipulates Dean into letting him fuck him. Up to author what happens to Alastair (jail, death, whatever) but I want Dean and Cas together and preferably for Cas to breed him during his next heat.

Feel free to add as many kinks as you like. Only squick is watersports and scat, everything else is open season. Would like Dean really hating sex with Alastair and still feeling wrong with Cas, at least at first. Pain and crying during sex is awesome.
15 days ago
Dean/OMC, soulmate, manipulation, bottom Dean
Everyone has a mark that matches that of their soulmate.
However there is a creature, a soulmate stealer, that is like a siren: his body fluids are highly addictive and it can "steal" someones soulmate.
After a solo hunt Dean is in a bar and he falls prey of the creature. They have sex.
The soulmate stealer fucks Dean, making sure to cum deeply inside him so the effects of his powers last longer. The sex is amazing and Dean loves to bottom and the taste of his cum.
The soulmark slowly change to match that of the OMC. Dean barely register what is happening to him. The creature wants Dean too and for the first time he thinks he has finally found the perfect mate so he exchange with Dean the claiming bite that will make Dean his forever.
When John and Sam comes to find Dean, they are already gone.
15 days ago
Request: Demon!Dean/Cas, possible Cas/hellhounds, dubcon everything, transformation, dehumanization
Demon Dean is tired of Crowley parading around his hounds, perfectly trained to answer only to Crowley. There is a casual threat in there, not that the beasts could do lasting physical damage to Dean but it isn't a secret to Crowley that Dean's memories of the hounds still haunt him. Dean decides he needs his own pet, and he knows just where to get it. He finds Cas who is sick and weak as a kitten from the foreign grace. That just won't do, he promises to fix Cas and hunts down the last of Cas's grace. A gift, he can't stand to see his friend in pain. But before he gives it to Cas he does a spell that will encourage the grace to transform Cas. He transforms Cas into a new beast, a fallen angel and big cat hybrid. While Cas is recuperating and changing Dean spends time with him, praising him, thanking him for always standing by Dean. Petting him and feeding him. Dean takes excellent care of Cas while Cas tries to get through to Dean.

Would prefer that Dean celebrate the finished transformation by fucking his new pet. Cas is still himself inside and can talk though it's harder to do so. And after a thorough fucking while he mewls and claws at the ground he becomes as loyal to Demon Dean as he had been to the Righteous Man. His master and owner that takes such good care of him.

Bonus things:
Dean looking over Cas like he's a pedigree, loving that he still has blue eyes. Commenting that since Cas' cock is barbed he'll never get to fuck Dean now (not that he had planned on letting him anyway) maybe alluding to allowing Cas to be a stud if he earned it and/or threatening to castrate him if he betrayed Dean or tried to fuck someone without Dean's permission.

Dean training Cas to obey commands even before Cas knew what Dean had planned for him. Cas questioning things and acting up at times but also being a sucker for praise and no matter how demonic Dean is he still cares deeply for Cas.
15 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, abo, drugs, dominant omega, submissive alpha, both are 18+
Cas is an alpha that doesn't have any dominance instincts. It's left him ridiculed and a virgin and he just can't take it anymore. He gets his hands on an alpha stimulant illegal drug, gets you high, horny and aggressive. He's going to take it and he's going to go out and get laid and then move on with his life. So it's Friday night, he takes the drug and navigates his way through campus towards his friends. But everything is fucked up, scents are overwhelming, some extremely good and some extremely bad. His nose has him stumbling into Dean Winchester, an omega he's seen around campus a few times.

Dean sees that's something is up, this alpha is pawing at him and obviously loopy but Dean doesn't feel threatened. He tells his friends he'll meet up with them and assuring them he can handle the alpha. Some of them scoff and say they don't doubt it, that he's a broken alpha and anyone could handle him. Dean just tells them to fuck off and convinces the alpha to take him back to his dorm. Cas is excited, thinks the drug is working so well he didn't even have to leave the campus.

Of course back in the dorm Dean just wants to settle the alpha down and then leave. Until he sees the alpha bare his neck and some other submissive actions. Dean tells Cas to sleep it off and he'll be by in the morning. Cas just thinks that it didn't work and Dean won't be back, they're never back. Dean stays with him and the sleep through the night. The next day after some talking Dean takes Cas' virginity. He's possessive and dominant and Cas soaks it all up, for once not feeling broken.
15 days ago
Request: Dean/Cas, abo, animal traits/instincts
There are two classes of animal hybrids, the predators and the prey. They have the same subgenders as humans do but because of their animal traits most are treated as such, owned as pets, kept in zoos etc, though fucking them isn't considered beastiality. Most people own prey animal hybrids, they are cuter, more docile and open to affection. Omega prey hybrids are exceptionally prized for households. The people that own predator hybrids always want alphas and betas, they keep them as guards and such.

So there Cas sits, lonely and unadoptable because he's an omega and a predator, not a cute little simpering prey omega that'll roll over for anyone. He is lithe and alert, and although he's lonely he will not allow just any human to become his "master".

Then Dean comes in looking for a companion that can handle the life of a hunter. He sees Castiel and it's like he's won the jackpot with the best of both worlds. Cas never thought anyone would consider what he is a good thing but the way the alpha looks at him, like he isn't a thing, he isn't broken. Well, he can only hope that the alpha takes him out of this cell.
15 days ago
Request: Jared/other, pornography. punishment, spanking
Jared's boyfriend needs some quick cash and convinces Jared to get punished for a hard-core corporal punishment fetish film. The director believes in complete realism for the scenes.
15 days ago
Request: Ruby/Alastair, non-con, captivity, revenge, slavery, sex spells, humilation
Preferably somewhere between 4x10 and 4x12, Alastair captures Ruby once again and looks for payback for what she did, he uses a spell to make her physically and verbally obedient to his demands and wants while mentally all Ruby can do is watch as Alastair uses the spell to violate her in ways that keep escalating in terms of sadism. It's all I want outta this prompt, writers are encouraged to get as dark as they can/want.
15 days ago
request: dean/abaddon, public humiliation, non-con
bello would love dean to be somehow captured by abaddon where she wants to break him down and humiliate him as much as possible. she fucks him with a strap-on in front of other demons to exert her dominance hitting his prostate so he'll have to enjoy it for more humiliation then force him into a diaper, and force changing him in public while all the demons laugh, make fun of him etc. dean would be very humiliated but he would try to hide behind his bravado which actually makes abaddon want to do more humiliating things for him. maybe she can lend him to other demons but i think abaddon would be selfish to keep her toy. or she can let hellhounds fuck him , etc

thank you and i hope someone writes this prompt tldr abaddon humiliating dean a lot
15 days ago
Request: (OMC/Gabe)(Sam/Gabe), Non-con, rescue, aftercare, recovery sex
I don't care the situation as long as it's not a/b/o.

I just want Gabriel to be brutally raped. Then once it's done, Sam stumbles upon the scene. He maims or kill the rapist and scoops up a terrified Gabriel. He takes him to a nice motel and cleans him up. Gabriel's so damaged and scared but he needs to feel a cock in his ass because he feels so empty but he's so scared and hurt.

So, Sam treasures him and makes gentle love to him.

Get as graphic as you like. No restrictions on kinks. Completely open to multiple fills.
15 days ago
Request: (sam/Gabe) or (Dean/Cas), scat, pet play, constipation, spanking
Either or both pairings works. Angels as the pets.

While in their pet state of mind, the angel has to eat and go to the bathroom. They're only allowed to go outside and while on a leash. So, they eat their dinner and then their Winchester takes them out on the lawn to empty the angel's bowels.

The only problem is, the angel's constipated. He squats and grunts, trying to get it out. It takes a lot time and a lot of straining, but they finally empty their bowels.

Meanwhile, their owner's all like: "Awww! Look at my pup/kitten (depends on which angel)! Trying to take a dump! You shitting bricks, boy?"

Once the angel's done, their Winchester hoses them down. the angel is then spanked for being bad and keeping their owner out in the yard so long.

+After sex is highly encouraged but not required.
15 days ago
Request: Dean/OMC, Dean/non sentient monster(s), dehumanisation, castration, extreme underage
John is dealing with some massive threat to a town. Some kind of natural disaster that seems to be coming out of nowhere. Only the more he looks into it, the more he realizes is that the threat the town's in, isn't supernatural, it's a natural disaster that's been held off for the past century.

He finds out that the issue is that the town's founders made a deal with faeries for their very survival, and that of everyone in the town. The problem is, that every generation, the town has to offer one male child to the faeries, in exchange for that child, the town will be spared for another generation. If not, the town, everyone in it, and everyone that was born in the town, and their descendants, will die due to lack of payment, since they only exist by the benevolence of the deal.

John desperately tries to find a way out, without having to sacrifice a child, especially knowing that now that he's been in the town, both him and his children will be hit by the blessing being removed, since technically they were protected by it, from the moment they entered the town.

Dean finds out about the deal, and can't bear to see anything bad happening to Sam, so he goes to the faeries and sacrifices himself to them. (Dean being between 8 and 11)

Once the offering is started, it can't be stopped, or changed, so John has no choice but to stand and watch as faeries surround his son, and Dean disappears

Once he arrives in the faerie world, faeries push him along, remove his clothing, put a collar on his neck, and he's pretty much treated as if he's a not too bright pet. He's bathed, cleansed, both inside(aka given an enema) and out... Just when Dean is already feeling fully humiliated, he gets taken to a vet to be clipped. (aka castrated) Since a penis and balls are seen as not just unsightly, but in the way for a bitch to carry and give birth to pups. Dean is horrified when he realizes what's about to happen, but the vet and his/her assistants, kindly but firmly keep him from fighting back.

He's given some kind of magical treatment that not only heals his body as if he never had a ball or a dick in the first place, and will change his insides and out so that he'll be able to give birth, if his owner chooses to breed him. (regardless of the species he'll be bred with)

Afterwards they're sold to faeries or other supernatural species living in the realm.

Dean's new owner has plans to breed Dean with some of his other (non human)'pets'. As a bitch, the magic in Dean's collar will keep Dean from aging as soon as he turns 14.

I want the owner to be kind, but very firm, and ready to discipline Dean if he's 'disobedient', until he obeys orders and behaves like a proper pet. Humans are seen as animals, and treated as such. They're spoiled, but very much in a way that a dog would be.

Bonus if the stud Dean is bred with, isn't human, but is instead some kind of were or other kind of monster. They just use humans as bitches, because humans are very receptive to their magic, and pets bred from humans become easier to handle, and more likely to be obedient to their owners. And Males because they're more likely to survive the change into pets.

Bonus if after a little over a decade or two 'boyking' Sam comes into the faery realm to get Dean back, and takes Dean with him as his pet. Because nobody takes his brother away from him.
15 days ago
Request: Dean/John, cursed John, sextoy Dean
John and Dean were hit with a spell during a hunt, and ever since, John is sexually obsessed with Dean.

Dean no more than 13.

He starts training Dean to please him sexually, uses him as a cockwarmer, and keeps Dean tied up at his feet when he's not in use. Sam is made to look after his brother, and keep him ready for their father, but is punished if he even tries to get his brother away from John. (since in John's mind, even Sam is seen as a threat trying to take his favorite toy away from him)

For Dean's side of the curse, he literally needs John's come to survive. He can't eat food, or drink water that isn't at least slightly mixed with John's come. It takes them a while to figure that out, since at first John is using Dean so much, that there isn't a moment he doesn't have John's come somewhere in or on his body.

Bonus points if this is treated seriously, Sam and Dean both see what John does as bad, but they have no way of fighting it, especially when they find out how the curse hit Dean.
Bonus bonus points, if the boys eventually find some way to transfer at least parts of the curse, so that Sam's come has the same effect that John's has. And that lets them get away from John.
15 days ago
Request: Cas/Sam/Dean - anal play, dildo
Castiel loves putting things up his ass, or grinding his butt against vibrating objects but is embarrassed about his fetish. Sam and Dean find out one day (maybe they see Castiel humping a washing machine or find him straddled over a motorcycle with its engine left on). They see him, ass frotting against something, eyes closed in pleasure. So they decide to tease him by accidentally on purpose making him rub his ass on objects, or placing vibrators and dildos against the crease of his ass, teasing him until he gives and confesses his fetish. Then they make him come. Please be creative about the types of things Cas finds to rub off on.
15 days ago
Request: Jared/Jense/others - preg, lactatation, cum-eating, large cock
Jensen (is a woman) and is young Jared's teacher in a remote village. Jared is a young, virile boy who is smart, precocious and sexually attracted to his teacher. He has a large cock and is nicknamed "horse" by his peers. Once Jensen finds out why and sees his cock, she wants it in her. He knocks her up and no one in the village knows that Jared is the daddy. She gets pregnant multiple times. She pulls him to her house on the pretense of extra tutoring and lets him suckle her milk as he watches his kids feed from her breasts. Jensen carries milk in her breasts for long after the kids have grown up. Would love to have Jared fuck her as the (older) kids are suckling on her breasts. Maybe Jared goes to a college nearby so he can come by and still fuck his teacher, and feed his growing kids cum straight from his cock and teach his sons and daughters to please their mommy while he is away. Would love descriptions of the various sex acts they perform.
15 days ago
Request: Jensen/Jared, arranged marriage
14 year old Jensen is sold in marriage to King Jared as part of treaty negotiations. Jared is an adult. Preferably set in a modern like world.

When Jared realizes just how young Jensen is, and when he sees how scared Jensen is, no matter how physically attracted he might be to Jensen, he is repulsed by the idea of taking advantage of what he considers a child.

He arranges for Jensen to have a room of his own, gets him tutors so he can continue his education, and though he is kind, he tries to avoid him, so he won't be tempted.

Though at first Jensen is happy that at least he won't have to have sex with a stranger, after a while he starts worrying that Jared will divorce him, or replace him with a more suitable partner, leading to an end of the treaty with his country if he won't get pregnant within the next few years.
He's still scared of sex, but he tries to seek Jared out, to at least get to know his new husband, no matter his fears.

Just want a slow build up, where eventually they do start a sexual relationship, preferably not before Jensen is at least 16.
15 days ago
Request: younger!Dean, Sam, non-con prostitution
Aldult Sam holds down a young Dean (around 12) and spreads his legs as various customers pay to fuck Dean's holes. Dean should be crying and resisting the whole time.
Dean can be de-aged or always younger. ABO welcome too.
15 days ago
Request: cheerleader Jensen, gangbang
Cheerleader Jensen's high school team lost a big game to a rival team, and the winning team gets to pick one cheerleader to fuck in front the losing team. Unfortunately Jensen was the one chosen (again).
Jensen can be a boy or girl.
15 days ago
Request: MCs/Jensen, werewolves, gang rape, spitroast
Young Jensen (around 12-14) was in the woods in the winter, and was chased down by a massive wolf. The wolf pinned him down and instead of eating him, the wolf torn off his pants and fucked him hard. Jensen passed out from the pain.
When he woke up, he was naked, tied up and in a warm cave. Turned out the wolf is a were or shapeshifter, and he has taken Jensen to his pack's den as a sex pet. There were already some other boys in the cave, naked and being fucked by big wolf cocks. The pack all took turns enjoying Jensen's holes, and since he was very pretty and cried even more prettily, he became the pack's favorite sex toy.
Big big bonus for Jensen kneeling and crying, hands tied behind his backs, as one were in human form fucks his lush mouth, and another were in wolf form fucks his ass at the same time, as others eagerly waited for their turns.
15 days ago
Request: Demon!Bela/ Sam and/or Dean
We know what happens when you sell your soul to a crossroads demon; when your contract is up, you're dragged off to hell by hellhounds. And once there, the torture eventually converts your human soul into a demon.

Bela was dragged off to hell in Season 3; 10 years later, she's topside again, but this time as a demon. The Winchesters don't recognize her at first in her stolen body, but once they figure out who she is, some old scores need to be settled. Dean had promised to kill her over the times she'd screwed them over, and there's a bit of an unresolved sexual tension triangle between them - she certainly wanted to have at least a one night stand with Dean, and Sam had at least one erotic dream about her. But now that she's in a new body (and a demon) all bets are off.

I would be open to various scenarios. One suggestion is that she pick up Dean in a bar/restaurant, perhaps posing as a waitress again. He doesn't know who she is, and so goes home with her quite willingly (not thinking to check for demonic possession). Afterwards, her identity is revealed, and Sam now has plenty of ammo to throw in Dean's face over having slept with a demon (since Dean always gave him a hard time about Ruby, and he's *supposed* to recognize signs of demonic possession). That is, until she picks a different body and hooks up with Sam, too. And then they fight over which one of them gets to kill her.

No particular kinks necessary; I would just like Demon!Bela to be as in-character as possible.

[Since this story will require Bela to be possessing another human being, any scenario that involves sex scenes will have to be marked noncon.]
15 days ago
Request: Childhood of John Winchester
An apparent contradiction in the show: In the ‘In the Beginning’ episode of Season 4, Dean meets his parents in 1973. A passerby says “Say hello to your old man,” to John Winchester; implying that John's father is alive and knows people in Lawrence, Kansas. In Season 8, Sam and Dean meet Henry Winchester, who vanished in 1958 from Normal, Illinois; apparently leaving John Winchester fatherless from a young age.

Your challenge - a potential fix-it! John’s mother moved to Kansas and remarried, so that a living step-father was referred to in 1973. The boys' maternal grandmother is a relative we've never met, so what was Mrs. Winchester like? How did she view the apparent desertion of her husband? It can't have been easy being a single mother in 1958. What prompted the move to Kansas? We know that John joined the Marines and fought in the Vietnam war, but basically nothing else about his younger years. If he did have a step-father, what did he think of the man? And what happened to that step-father later? Is there a reason Sam and Dean didn't seem to know their grandmother?

You have free reign to do whatever you like here - this character is a blank slate, and she can be whomever you would like her to be.
15 days ago
Request: Male Fairy/Dean, Transformation, Feminization, Mating, Body Mod, Breeding, Huge Cock
Dean is taken by fairies. They tell him that he is destined to be mated to one of them, and that they'll bring about his true form. It turns out that female fairies all start life as male humans. Dean's cock, while large for a human, is a typical clit for a female fairy. Male fairies' cocks are much, much thicker and a minimum of porn star long.

Dean tries to resist the rituals the fairies cast on him, but there's nothing he can do to stop them. Sparkly wings sprout from his back. His chest grows into a nice pair of tits. His ears get pointed. His hips widen out to accommodate the womb that grows inside of him. He can either grow a vagina or have his asshole become dual purpose or both if you want.

Any more feminization you want to do (face, disappearing balls, shrinking cock) is fine with me. Just no surgical castration. If Dean's junk turns into a straight up pussy, I'd prefer it be because of magic.

With every change to his body, Dean's attraction to the male fairies grows. By the time the ritual is done, he's eager to be claimed, fucked, and bred by his mate, wholly accepting his true body and place.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Anna/Dean, mentioned Anna/John, sexual abuse, cunnilingus, blowjobs, handjobs, possible H/C
To stop Sam from being born, Anna went back in time to seduce John while Dean was a toddler in order to break up his marriage to Mary so they wouldn't be together to conceive Sam. Mary didn't meet her husband's mistress, but John couldn't look Mary in the eye anymore and had to confess it to her, leading to them separating. Anna continued to be John's mistress and manipulate him to keep him from trying to go back to Mary, and also befriended Mary and offered to babysit Dean while Mary looked for jobs because she still wanted to have Dean as her lover too. For her "special playtime" with Dean when babysitting, Anna likes to lie back on Mary's bed and have little toddler Dean eat her out and suck her tits. She'll also lick and fondle Dean's penis and balls until his cock gets hard enough to get her off when she draws him in-between her legs and has him fuck her. Even with Anna giving him increased energy and stamina, Dean's always exhausted by the time Anna's satisfied and sleeps like a rock for a long time afterward. Mary is happy her rambunctious kid seems so well-behaved and well-rested for Anna with his dad missing. In truth, Dean is traumatized but hiding it from his mom at Anna's instruction.

Author's choice if Mary and/or John find out and confront Anna to save Dean, and/or if present!Team Free Will (plus or minus Sam) still come back in time to stop Anna. If so, please include hurt/comfort for poor Dean!
15 days ago
REQUEST: Anna/Sam, mentioned Anna/Dean, size kink
Dean is super well-hung and Anna loves having him inside her when they hook up. Leaving him sleeping in the Impala after fucking though, she becomes curious about if Sam's cock is bigger than his brother's and goes to Sam to find out, waking him up and fucking him too while still wet with Dean's semen (Sam just thinks she's really wet), Sam unaware she's already slept with his brother, and Dean sleeping through it all. Author's choice on if Sam is as big/even bigger than Dean, or if he's actually very small and insecure about it.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Bela/Jo, toys, public, orgasm denial
Bela is really a great thief, but she uses her powers for eeeeevil. She keeps stealing Jo's panties whenever they have sex and it's really annoying. Even more annoying is when she'll somehow slip a vibrator into Jo without Jo noticing until Bela flicks it on and off at random in public in fancy places Bela likes to take her to, making Jo squirm without letting her cum. "Dear, don't be indecent, we're at a five-star restaurant. Do try to avoid leaving a slick on the seat."
15 days ago
REQUEST: Bela/Rufus, blowjob, facial, masturbation
Rufus lied to Dean about how he IDed the woman who came to barter with him as Bela Talbot. Really, he needed a DNA sample to make sure, and with the way she was eyeing him, he came up with a good idea of how to get one: Bela on her knees sucking him off. He ends up cumming all over Bela's face, then goes and jacks off to collect all her saliva off his dick for a DNA test. Maybe Bela's waiting for more when he gets back...
15 days ago
Request: j2, jensen looks young and small, sizekink
Jensen has the so called highlander syndrome. He is 29 but looks like he 13. He is gay and lonely because he wants a lover and boyfriend who want him for who he is and not someone who only want sex because he looks like a kid. He wants a normal n7ce guy not some pedophile.
Jared sees jensen in a park having a blind date and the guy is trying to grope and kiss jensen because he smaller. Jared first thinks he is rescuing a child from a pervert.

Please sizekink because jareds may like his partners older but he also has a certain type in his girls and boys
15 days ago
Request: castiel/Dean or Sam, dom/sub, humiliation
Castiel looks like your average, kinda weird but ok guy, quiet, reserved, etc. At the office.
His boyfriend seems like a nice guy, and to everyone around them they're a normal couple.
What people don't see are all the words written on castiel's body in black Sharpie- words like slut, whore, etc., that Sam lovingly writes onto cas' skin, and that cas wears with a sense of humiliation/shame and arousal.

Bonus points for other scenes of humiliation where the people around them have no idea what's going on (eg., Sam makes cas do or say something humiliating at a meeting/dinner, but it's a reference to something only the two of them get/find humiliating).
15 days ago
Request : Dean/Cas, John/Cas, possible ABO, harem
John (alpha) is some kind of leader/a king/sultan/etc. and he has a harem. His favourite "wive" is Cas (omega). He can be a human, an angel, or anything you want. Trouble arises when Dean, John's first born, fall in love with his dad's lover. As long as the story has an happy ending and that, if there's sex, Cas bottoms, you can take the story wherever you want.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Meg/Crowley(demons), Meg/Cas- noncon, torture, captivity, rescue & healing
Set after Meg is captured at the end of Season 7, for the whole year Cas and Dean are in Purgatory she is being tortured by Crowley and his demons. They do everything imaginable, beat her, use all kinds of tools and rape her.

And then Cas finds her again, and rescues her from the demons. At first she's unsure of how to feel about this angel who she'd always had an odd relationship with to begin with, and isn't really sure how he feels about her.

But as Cas cares for her so kind and gentle, tending her wounds, she can't help but realize she's completely fallen in love with him.

Eventually, he admits he feels the same and wants to show her how much. Meg however, has reservations. After everything Crowley and his demons did to her, she feels ruined, filthy and certainly undeserving of an angel's love. But Cas simply tells her he doesn't care about that and that she is worthy of his love. Thus they move on to some lovely, emotional healing sex.

Bonus points for mentioning how much of a contrast there is for Meg between the demons' abuse and making love to Cas.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Cas/Mick, angel biology, practical study
The BMOL have made an indepth study of angels. Mick has always been something of a scholar, and he's looking forward to seeing how much of their research is accurate.

Up to you if Cas is feeling co-operative or has to be (forcefully) persuade.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Omcs, Cas/Sam/Dean, slavery, non-con
Sam is turned evil by a spell or relic, while Cas is away, and sells Dean to some unpleasant people. Cas has been tentively beginning a relationship with the brothers (no Wincest please, the two of them share Cas) and feels that something is wrong.

He recovers Dean before anything nasty can happen, and saves Sam also. Now he has to help both of them recover from the trauma of what happened. With lots of TLC and snuggles.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Lucifer/Cas, S12 AU, non-con, mpreg
Either by manipulating Cas's vessel while possessing him, or by attacking him later, Lucifer impregnates Cas. Sure, nephilim are great, and all, but the offspring of an archangel and a seraph, even bettter.

Lucifer dispatches Dagon to retrieve and 'care' for Cas, but Cas manages to escape and is very relieved to run into Dean and Sam who've heard what happened and have been searching for him. (I'd love for Dagon to treat Cas much as she did Kelly, manhandling, etc, even though Cas is able to fight back more, it comes to nothing).

The brothers take Cas back to the bunker where they look after Cas and get things ready for the arrival of the fledgling (as Cas isn't human, he'll survive the birth).
15 days ago
Request: Girl!Dean/ hitchhiker, dubcon, groping, fingering, forced orgasm, clothes kink
16/17 year old Dean has her license and a new car that mommy/daddy bought her. She's out cruising and picks up a handsome hitchhiker. Can be OMC or known character. Anyone but Benny or Cas please. Her passenger is very forward and begins touching her while she is driving. Eventually she has to pull over and he takes this as permission to up the game. Dean doesn't outright refuse but she's obviously uncomfortable. The guy pushes and manipulates, tells her she wants it.

Would like her clothes to stay on but twisted and pulled as she's fondled. The guy should play with her first with his fingers and mouth but definitely take her in the end. It can be her first time or not.

Kinks I adore: rimming, fingering, nipple play, ass play, forced orgasms...the more the better :) Humiliation is fine so long as its not completely demoralizing.
15 days ago
Request:Dean/OMC , ABO, turning, non-con
Abo world with Omega treated more like property than people. John pisses off the wrong Alpha, the best weapons and drugs dealer on the black market.
The Alpha OMC has a new experimental drug for a fast turning and he decides to take his payament and his revenge on the hunter by turning John's pretty eldest son into his bitch.
The OMC tricks Dean into coming to his warehouse by telling him he has an order of weapons for his father.
When Dean lows his guard the OMC inject the whole dose of the drug and secure him on a bed. Dean feels excruciating pain and plasure as his dick shrunk and his internal organs rearrange themselves. The changes are fast and Dean craves the Alpha's touch, voice and he needs to be fucked.
Dean fights but he can't help himself, he moans loudly while the OMC is preping his hole with his fingers.
As Dean's body changes, he starts responding more and more to the Alpha's actions.
When the OMC has Dean a writhing, begging mess, desperate for his knot and he smells Dean's slick he knows his prey is ready.
To complete his revenge on John, the OMC sends him a vocal message of Dean moaning in plasure as he is knotted and claimed.
When John finally shows up there is nothing he can do, Dean is already a fully Omega, completely focused on sucking the cock of his Alpha.
15 days ago
Request: girl!Sam/Dean, anal, vaginal fingering
Sam fingers herself while Dean fucks her in the ass so that they can both cum simultaneously.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Ruby, bondage, humiliation, hate sex, noncon
In Hell, Alastair's got a present for Dean: Ruby, stripped naked and put in stocks with her ankles restrained to opposite sides of the post, leaving her bent over with her legs spread and her open ass and pussy on full display. Dean doesn't want to risk Alastair's wrath by saying no to him again, so he starts fucking her.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Bobby/Jo, age gap, secret relationship
After too many encounters with hunters her own age proved disappointing, Jo finds that she prefers her men more... experienced. After meeting Bobby through Sam and Dean, she began hooking up with him in secret, knowing everyone would disapprove (and also accuse her of having daddy issues). As usual, she slips away from Ellen to meet him at a seedy motel so he can treat her the way a woman should be treated in bed.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Charlie/Jo, competitive sex, marathon sex
Charlie and Jo are dating and deeply in love... but also very competitive with each other. It's now spilling over into their sex life, where one starts getting romantic and sexy, the other one responds, and they start trying to outdo each other. Cunnilingus, fisting, scissoring, etc, whatever the author wants. Last woman standing wins.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Ellen, unrequited Jo/Dean, voyeurism, masturbation, incestuous undertones
Dean has a fling with Ellen in her room at the back of the Roadhouse and they're very indiscrete about it (Ellen hasn't had any in a long time and Dean gets wrapped up in Ellen's loud pleasure), hollering and moaning and really making the bedsprings shake. Walls are thin and Jo's next door with her hand down her pants, getting pretty vocal about it herself. She might not realize it's her mom Dean's banging until she's too into it to stop, or she knows from the start but can't help getting too turned on to stop herself. Dildo for Jo would be an added bonus, and extra gold stars if Dean and/or Ellen recognize Jo's voice is the one moaning next to theirs while they're doing the deed. Would prefer attention split even as you can between Dean/Ellen and Jo/herself, but would be fine if fill focuses on one or the other. :)
15 days ago
REQUEST: Dean/Jo, spanking, drunk!Dean
Sam and Dean catch Jo off hunting alone and worrying her mom sick, and they drag her back home. Ellen's not there, but after getting drunk, Dean pulls her over his knee, pulls down her pants and underwear, and spanks her bare handed, getting hard but not notice. Jo tries cover up how much the spanking turns her on, especially with her position on his lap meaning his hard-on is rubbing right against her clit, eventually making her cum and scream out. Dean doesn't realize she came and apologizes for being so "hard" on her.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Lilith/Ruby, masturbation, scissoring, harming
When the brothers steal Ruby's knife and catch her in a devil's trap to go try to kill Lilith and break Dean's contract, Ruby summons Lilith for help out of the devil's trap at the beginning of the episode. And Lilith's happy to do it! ... but first Ruby has to ask her very, very nicely. Ruby's really hurting her feelings with all the nasty things she says about her as part of her cover and Lilith wants Ruby to prove her devotion to her. Ruby puts on a show by stripping down and playing with herself for Lilith's pleasure inside the devil's trap, showing her how much she loves her, and eventually Lilith goes in and scissors her inside the devil's trap (also!! would like description of Lilith/both of them having at least one hand gripping the other's thigh and later getting wild enough that she/they scratch Ruby's/each other's thighs as they're about to cum) before she finally breaks it and lets Ruby out. Katie Cassidy!Ruby and Katherine Boecher!Lilith preferred, pls pls.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Lilith/Ruby/Sam, dubcon, threesome, cunnilingus, dirty talk
When Sam is locked up in the panic room to detox from demon blood after Famine, he starts hallucinating Ruby and Lilith the way he was hallucinating before. Except they're naked and horny as fuck, with Lilith riding Sam's dick and Ruby sitting on his face so he is forced to eat her out as they taunt him and dirty talk him. Katherine Boecher as Lilith and Gen Padalecki as Ruby preferred unless author pictures one of them in the Katie Cassidy incarnation.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Lilith/Sam, Boy King!Sam, altar sex
Lilith isn't the last seal; Sam having sex with her is. After Ruby's finished prepping him and training him into an ideal demonic lover, she brings him to Lilith at the church, where his bride awaits and Sam's stronger demonic urges at the sight of her overtake him, leading to them fucking on the altar while Ruby holds Dean off to stop the consummation. Queen of Hell Lilith is now pregnant with a reborn Lucifer and ruling alongside Boy King Sam.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Mary/Rowena, lactation, fingering
Mary had still been nursing Sam when she died and without a baby to feed, her tits have gotten huge and swollen with milk, very sore and painful. As mother's milk is a special ingredient in spells, Rowena poses as a nurse and talks her into taking off her shirt so she can do a breast examination to help. Rowena purposefully teases and overstimulates Mary's overly sensitive nipples and breasts while doing the hands-on physical, making Mary start lactating, much to her embarrassment. Rowena brings out a milking pail and get down on her hands and knees over it, which Mary very reluctantly does with her tits hanging over the pail. Rowena then starts milking her breasts into the pail while teasing Mary, calling her "my wee little blonde cow", saying she's got the biggest juiciest titties she's ever seen, giving her nipples little pinches, things like that. All the stimulation and talk turns Mary on, which Rowena picks up on and offers to "milk" her down there too, pulling down her pants and fingering her.
15 days ago
repost:Cas/stuffed animals,Jensen/stuffed animals,Cas/Jensen,Incest, Plushophilia, extreme underage

Cas has a sick interest in his young son Jensen. He knows it's sick and terrible and he's determined not to act on it. But he can't help getting hard while watching his innocent son play with his stuffed toys, he takes them everywhere he goes. So over time Cas starts associating the silky soft bunny and big fluffy lamb with his arousal. In order to meet his needs and not touch his son Cas starts rubbing off on his son's beloved toys. At first it's just before he puts them in the washer but it gets out of control to the point where he lets Jen play with them with his dried come on them, and escalates to where he's sneaking them out of Jen's bed at night to fuck against them while thinking about little Jensen.
One night he's taken the lamb to his bedroom, mounted up on it, cock pressed against it's ass, humping hard as he gets closer to coming. Cas is in the home stretch, thinking about his little Jenny's ass when suddenly Jensen walks in, sleepy and upset that he woke up to find his lamb missing. The sight of Jen's sleepy face sets him off, cumming all over the lamb. After he calms down Cas has some questions to answer and some lies to tell. He teaches Jensen how to use his favorite stuffed toys to feel good and it all progresses from there.
Kinks- Plushophilia, incest, extreme under age Jensen, Jensen dry coming, both humping the stuffed toys, Cas rubbing the toys on Jen to make him come, oral sex, anal sex
bonus- dirty talk, Cas feminizing Jensen(calling his asshole a pussy or cunt and calling his nipples tits), nipple play
15 days ago
repost: Dean/Sam, extreme underage, bigger age diff

I just want Dean to be 8-10 years older than Sam and for their relationship/sex to start as young as you dare. It can be sweet and loving or manipulative an dark. It can start from sex pollen, selfish desire, curiosity, or whatever. Seriously go nuts. I just want much older Dean fucking little Sammy.
15 days ago
repost:Jared/Jensen, extreme underage, size kink, belly bulge, dry orgasm

19 year old Jared babysitting his much younger 5-7 year old brother/cousin/nephew/neighbor Jensen when things get sexy. Up to filler how it happens but full on penetration and oral sex please with Jared being super sweet to Jenny while taking what he wants from his tiny little body. Jared talking to Jensen about how good a boy he is and how small he is while using his teenage stamina to cum over and over before eventually working Jensen to at least one baby orgasm.
It can be dubcon but magic-fic-no-pain-sex for Jensen please.
Can be girl!Jensen but still anal sex
15 days ago
repost:Sam/Dean, extreme underage, a/b/o, mpreg, impreg kink, age dif

kinks- extreme underage, mpreg, impreg kink, size difference, size kink, a/b/o, larger age difference

Early bloomer omega Sam (no older than 10 please) is obsessed with getting pregnant. Even though he's only had little practice heats, his hormones are screaming for a baby and he feels empty inside. More importantly he wants to have his alpha brother Dean's(at least 10-12 years older than Sam) baby in him. Sam may be young but he's smart so he researches the crap out of ways to increase fertility and how to entice an alpha. It doesn't hurt that Dean's already wrapped around his little finger and always gives Sam what he want.
End with reluctantly in love and turned on Dean unable to stop fucking the daylights outta little Sammy over and over. The whole time he's fucking him Dean's muttering about how Sam's too little to want this, Sam's body is too little for a cock, for a knot, how Sam is too tiny to have a baby inside.
Would love- scheming Sam, belly bulging, Sam begging to be knocked up, dazed and confused Dean, brothers in love
15 days ago
repost:Jared/kids, extreme underage, dark!Jared, molestation

Jared is the gentle giant who runs the local daycare. He's so sweet and kind, patient and understanding, and unbelievably good with all the kids. No one would never ever believe that funny, dorky, stickers on his face Jared would do anything with their children.
Jared loves his job. Loves having access to children everyday of the week, boys and girls, toddlers to teenyboppers, everyday is a buffet. He uses his charm to coerce, condition, and manipulate them into doing what he wants and keeping it a secret. He loves how his already considerably sized cock looks almost comically huge cupped in tiny hands, pressed against little faces, or oh so carefully worked into impossibly small holes.

Kinks- extreme underage(as young as you dare), size difference and kink, age difference and kink, coercion and manipulation, oral/anal/vaginal sex as well as handjobs and Jared rubbing off on the kids, hung Jared, kid words for the kid's genitals (peepee, willy, kitty, cookie, ect) and grown up words for Jared's (cock, dick), bareback/creampies, dubcon is fine

I'd like for Jared to be nice to the kids but still definitely taking what he wants from their little bodies. I'd also like for Jared's cock to be able to fit inside them without doing any damage(the magic of writing fiction)
15 days ago
repost: Dean/OMD, Sam/OMD, a/b/o, bestiality, knotting, mates

Dean has presented as an Alpha at age 13, couple that with standard puberty and he is a boiling pot of crazy hormones. He's territorial, has mood swings, and a absolute need to fuck. John knows that Sam is Dean's mate but Sam is still too young to take Dean's knot.
So to help his kids he buys 2 aide dogs. A smaller breed to help get Sammy ready for Dean's knot. A larger breed for Dean to practice fucking so that when Sammy's ready Dean will have some finesse.

I'd like for a smaller male dog to fuck 9 year old Sammy and for Dean to fuck a larger MALE dog in the ass. (Since Sam's a boy Dean should practice on a boy)
15 days ago
repost: MC/underage male character, oral sex, dirty talk, extreme underage

Kinks- extreme underage, oral sex, face fucking, large age difference, dirty talk, food kink i guess
Older MC is watching a small boy(any character you'd like, under 10 years old) eating a peach. The juice is getting everywhere: dripping down his little arm, all over his face and mouth, and most importantly soaking his little bitty hands in sticky juice. After watching for a bit Older MC goes over, takes out his cock and guides the small boy's hands in wanking it with peach juice while feeding the boy the rest of the peach. All the while he should be nicely encouraging the boy to get him "good and wet" and "nice and sticky" because that's where his sweet little mouth is going next.
When the peach is all eaten up MC guides the boy's tiny mouth down onto his sticky sweet cock, where he lets the boy lick and slurp at it a bit before taking control and fucking his little face. Up to filler if it progresses to full on sex after that, if it does great!
15 days ago
REQUEST: Cas/Monster or entity, non-con
After Cas pisses him off one time too many, Crowley decides Cas needs a good seeing to. So he calls in a favour and tells a monster/entity how to get into the bunker without TFW knowing, and which room Cas sleeps in, and tells it to give Cas a good fucking.

This particular monster has the ability to lull humans into sleep, so Cas fights and screams, but Dean and Sam don't know anything's happened until they wake up the next morning.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Cas/creature, Cas/Crowley, non-con
During their hunt for Lucifer, a cult grabs Cas. Their master is a powerful demon and violating an angel in its name will allow it to escape the dimension it's trapped in.

Crowley doesn't want that. And despite his desire to remain hard hearted where Feathers is concerned, he doesn't want Cas hurt either.

But the ritual has started, and Cas is going to get fucked one way or the other. Crowley disguises himself as a cultist and persuades Cas not to fight him - once it's done he can free Cas and they can go.

Bonus if Cas saves Crowley back, but Crowley has to teleport them back to the bunker so Cas can rest and recover (the Winchesters aren't there, so it's just him and Crowley).
15 days ago
Request: Jensen/omc(s), mind control, body mod, dehumanisation
Earth recently made contract with aliens. The aliens offered work/study opportunities for human students and scientists. Jensen has always wanted the opportunity to get to outer space, so he instantly signs up.

When humans get on board of the space ships, they're given 'vaccination showers' that should protect them from alien viruses.

There's just one thing the aliens don't tell their human 'guests', two a three in ten humans that undergo the shower have a specific reaction to the shower, they become very suggestible, and are temporarily blinded, worse than that, they pretty much lose their free will, and become desperate to please and obey they first person they see after they get a second treatment that let's them regain their sight.

This is not a side effect, it's the actual purpose of the shower. The entire study/work program is a way to find those humans who have this response. They just let the other humans stay on the decoy colony/space station, because it's more likely to get other humans to sign up voluntarily, if they don't realize just what they're signing up for.

The humans who react to the shower are then put on ships to the actual federation of planets, where they get sold as pets, and are of course never heard of again. Humans have no real idea of this, they're just told that these humans are picked for the honor to go to the alien homeworld.

Jensen reacts to the shower, and along with the others who do so, slowly undergoes the horror as his mind and body betrays him, making him more and more petlike. Taming him, as the aliens put it.

To the aliens, humans are pretty much like cats, they just need to be tamed before they are suitable for 'adoption'.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Sam/Castiel, Hurt/Comfort, wingkink, trauma recovery, soul mechanics
Henry Winchester made an off-hand comment about harnessing the power of his soul, indicating that this was something the Men of Letters have done/know how to do. Sam doesn't really think his soul is worth all that much after everything he's done and been through that's ripped into it, but when he comes across a reference in one of the books about "channeling the energies of the soul to heal the bodies celestial", well, it's kind of an open secret how badly hurt Castiel's wings are and if this is a way to help him Sam will take it in a heartbeat. Convincing Castiel to let him try is harder than he thought, however, not because Castiel doesn't want to have any contact with Sam's "tainted" soul, but because Castiel is terrified of causing further damage to the beautiful soul which he has come to admire, cherish and love. Turns out, if both parties are on board and willing and share a positive emotional connection, using Sam's soul to heal Castiel's wings is the easiest and most painless thing they've ever done.

Pre-slash or established is up to filler, as are details of the ritual necessary to channel the soul energies. If the ritual involves sex, enthusiastic consent only, please! Post-healing wing grooming is loved but not required. Please no ABO or dom/sub universe.
15 days ago
John doesn't know that Dean is fucking his kid brother. So when he approaches the motel room one night and hears high pitched moans and animalistic grunting on the other side he does what he assumes Sam did, makes himself scarce for a couple of hours. He has no idea that inside that room his good little soldier isn't fucking some easy girl, he's giving it to Sammy raw and whispering filthy odes of love into his ear.
When John comes back, a couple of glasses of whiskey later, Sam is stretched out on the floor doing his homework and Dean is cleaning the guns on the couch. As he passes the couch he ruffles Dean's hair and makes an off-handed comment about how Dean's latest girl sounds like a whore. He's a little too tipsy to notice how Dean goes stiff and the sound Sam makes isn't a choked off laugh at his brother's expense but a huff of indignation.

Top Dean please and Sam between 12 and 15 years old.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Sam, Dean, forced torture
If Sam really won't say yes to Lucifer, then he is no longer of any use to the angels. So they lock Sam and Dean up in a torture chamber and tell them that if Dean can't get his brother to say yes, they'll kill him. Dean just can't let his little brother die again so he has no choice but to put his training from hell (and all the stuff available in the room) to use.

Feel free to switch Sam and Dean up, or even the whole setting. I'm partial to knives, guns, water and humilliation as torture instruments but anything goes, really, including sexual threats and/or sexual abuse. Just please keep the torturer unwilling, he's being forced/coerced into it.
15 days ago
Request: dean/Gabriel, bakery au, panty kink
When Dean goes out for an extended visit to Sam in California, he isn't expecting to recognize the counter guy at the local bakery as former porn star Gabriel Novak. He finds himself hanging out at the shop regularly, because the pie is awesome.
And maybe because Gabriel is funny and no d of awesome to hang around (and maybe because he was one of dean's favorite stars...)
Then plot device happens and Gabriel learns Dean's lacy little secret.

All kinks welcome.
15 days ago
repost:Dean/Sam, underage extreme, riding, lap sex, dry coming

I just really want 9 year old Dean sittin on a chair/couch and 5 year old Sam riding his big bro's dick, why is up to you. You can make them younger if you want, but not older.
15 days ago
REQUEST: Sam/Dean, Crossdressing, Feminization, chubby!Dean, public sex, nipple-play, dirty-talk
I'd like feminized, slightly chubby Dean (with a small pudge, some man boobs that jiggle when they're having rough sex, a pair that would look sexy in a small bra) to play house wife for Sam, who adores to come home to Dean in dresses, panties and bras.

I'd love if the filler can go as far as Dean wearing a little lipstick and manicuring his toe nails red. Sleeping in silky night gowns, or sexy lingerie. Shaving legs and underarms OK. But no shaving pubic hair. In fact, Sam loves seeing Dean's nest of groin hair beneath sheer lace, peeking from the waistband of frilly, tiny panties or showing when he wears obscenely thin thongs, his treasure trail leading down to silk, satin or lace numbers - he loves the evidence that Dean is all-man underneath all that but doing this for him, and of course, getting off on it.

Lots of passionate wet kissing, dirty talk, breast and ass play.

One or both can also get off on the idea of going out like that in public, with Dean in feminine attire, hanging on to Sam's arm. Sometimes, they drive to the beach, pick a private spot, and Dean would lounge or swim in a skimpy bikini.

I want Dean owing the whole feminization thing, like its second nature, as long as it's only for Sam. He loves doing it for Sam. I don't want to see Dean in long hair though, earrings or too much make up (just a smudge of lipstick or shiny gloss will do). No feminine features; it's the same Dean we know.

I want Dean to still look like Dean beneath all the sexy clothes (save for the manicured toes). No body modification please (NO magic to turn Dean into a girl or any of that).

Other kinks are welcome except for scat, BDSM, bestiality, breathplay or humiliation. NO A/B/O world, Sub/Dom or omega-verse dynamics. No chastity devices or torturous orgasm denial. Just 'regular' in-love, kinky Dean/Sam please.

No mpreg either please. Bonus points if Dean gets a belly ring - the diamond ring adorning his navel and driving Sam crazy with want.

Watersports or omorashi OK, but no peeing on each other please. Dirty talk would definitely be a plus! ;)

ONLY bottom!Dean please, no switch hitting.

I want Dean to be a little chubby, with some extra pounds to soften the edges, and some give, NOT obese or grossly overweight please.

Hunter or non-hunter Winchesters are both OK - it could be something they indulge in between hunts, when they're taking a break from the supernatural.

I will most probably end up filling it myself here and on AO3, when I've had some serious headway with the two fics I'm currently busy writing. But tbh, I wanna be surprised and it'd be super nice to see this erotic lit fantasy through someone else's eyes :D :D Also, my fear is that I'll pull another 'Family Secrets' and it'll end up a super long story with more plot and feels than porn. And right now, I want my porn!
15 days ago
Request: Jensen/Jared, human sacrifice, God!Jared
Every year Jensen's town has to pick the most beautiful, most intelligent or in some other way, the best of the children in town. (age seven to ten) This child is then celebrated in a festival, where they are the center of the festival, carried around on a throne, decked out in their finest and so on.

At the end of the festival, said child is then taken to the town temple, where they are left tied to the altar as a sacrifice to the local god.

By morning the child will be gone, and all that's left of them is some blood and the tattered remains of their clothes.

If the town doesn't comply with the god's wishes, if they try and replace one of their own children with a stranger, or some kid that only just moved into town, or if they try and give a child that doesn't fit the gods strict standards, aka that isn't 'the best of the best', the God will punish them severely, and many more children will die. If they do comply, the town will flourish and all in it with benefit. The better the offering, the greater the gifts the god will give the town.

This year Jensen is chosen as the offering. His parents are devastated of course, but they've been dreading the day that Jensen would be chosen since he was born. (in this town, being told that your newborn baby is beautiful is not a good thing)

Jensen tries to stay through throughout the festival, not to make it even worse on his family, but when he's left alone in the temple, he can't help but start crying. When the god appears, aka Jared, he is extremely pleased with his latest offering. He tears Jensen's clothes off, and knots him on top of the altar, bleeding him as he does so. Afterwards he takes the boy with him to his realm.

Usually, he'd then sell on the kid to one of his fellow gods, several of them are always looking for a toy, a slave or even a meal. But this time, Jared decides to keep the kid for himself.

Jensen has to keep Jared's home, be his bedwarmer, get fucked whenever Jared feels like it, knowing that if he displeases his master, that Jared could just have him for a meal instead.

I'd like a focus on Jared's inhumanity, he's not cruel just to be cruel, but he definitely sees humans as beneath him.

Only then Jensen miraculously gets pregnant during one of Jared's breeding sessions, something that has never happened in all centuries/millennia that Jared has been taken offerings.

It changes Jared's attitude, and suddenly he gains an interest in Jensen, at first as the bearer of his child, but then more and more as a person. Only for Jensen it's not as easy to forget all the dehumanization Jared put him through, or all the other children that Jared took and discarded off from Jensen's home.

Turns out one of the other gods hd gotten pissed at Jared's disregard for the feelings of the humans that were supposed to be under his protection, and the charges they offered to him, so she gave Jensen her blessing, in the hope of changing Jared's ways.
15 days ago
Request: Sam/OMD - voyeurism, knotting, dub-con, drunk sex
Sam and his college friends get really drunk and they start talking about embarrassing fantasies they've had. Sam says he always wondered what getting knotted felt like.
Someone, up to the author, takes his question to heart and arranges for him to find out. He's really drunk and loose when it happens to he doesn't get hurt and he actually gets off on it.
15 days ago
REQUEST Dean/Cas, monster!Cas, obsessive behavior
Cas is an incubus who is fixated on Dean. He feels a profound bond between them, and marks him with a handprint. However incubi cannot exist outside of dreams in their true form, they have to use a human as a vessel to interact with the world outside of dreams. Castiel tries on many different vessels, including female ones, to seduce, but finds himself drawn to Jimmy Novak.

Dean dreams of having sex with a monstrous being, with wings and glowing blue eyes. Which is mostly okay, just disturbingly hot dreams hazy upon waking. Until a the handprint appears. And a man with the same blue eyes start appearing everywhere just staring.
15 days ago
Request: J2, A/b/o, angst, humor, erectile dysfunction
A/b/o world; alpha Jared, omega Jensen
The Js have been raised in traditional, affluent households and promised to each-other by their families since childhood. They exchange innocent love-notes and gifts which make their families coo over how good they are for each other. Knowing they will marry/mate each other; neither ever tried for a relationship with anyone else and by the time they are in their twenties and their actual wedding rolls around, both are happy to finally get together.

Problem is, when they tried to consummate the marriage, Jared was unable to get hard. ... given that they were both inexperienced and fresh from the weeklong wedding festivities, they attributed it to ‘stress’... but when they tried again...and again... and again with the same results, they did some covert research and realized that Jared possibly suffered from erectile dysfunction.

Jared, horribly embarrassed to not satisfy his gorgeous husband sexually, began feeling increasingly hopeless: waking in cold sweat from nightmares where Jensen rejected him publicly and announced the reason for the rejection before both their families. Jensen, genuinely fond of his new mate, tried every trick he had ever heard of (and some he had originally laughed at) about arousing alphas in an effort to convince Jared that he was committed to him and that they were in this ‘together’.

Their families found it adorable that they had grown so close so fast, even as the Js struggled with this extremely personal and sensitive problem. Eventually, going as far as to try watching ‘kinky’ porn (where an omega topped his alpha) while going at it... and it gave Jared an idea: if he couldn’t top his husband, his husband could top him!

Jensen, brought up traditionally- was uncertain about doing ‘that’ to an- to his alpha, but at Jared’s insistence did... and it wasn’t what either of them had imagined when they had gotten married, but it wasn’t bad either.

Would love: details/instances about Jensen’s hesitation about sexually dominating his alpha, the Js experimenting/fumbling as Jared tried fingering Jensen. Jared’s mortification at how much he liked the feeling of Jensen inside him... their fumbling lies as they try to hide their unusual (and taboo?) bedroom dynamics and their progress as they each get more comfortable in their roles.
15 days ago
Request: J2, punishment, public, humiliation
J1 must punish J2 severely, publicly. Otherwise, J2’s punishment will be dramatically worse.
15 days ago
Request: Jensen/Jared, seduction, obsession, manhandling, rough sex, top Jensen, bottom Jared
Week after week, Jensen has been coming to this same club. The first time had been after a meeting with a client for a celebratory drink. And that’s when he saw him, dancing, writhing on the dance floor with abandon. Legs that didn’t quit, trim hips and ass, narrow waist, broad shouldered, his arms raised and swinging with the beat. There was a physical strength in that body that Jensen wanted to harness, to own.

Then he whipped around, sweaty strands of hair brushing cross his angular face, lit up with the joy of the moment, his eyes glittering. His lips spread in a wide grin, dimples accentuated the upturned corners. And that’s when Jensen knew that this wouldn’t be just a one-time fuck, he wanted a lifetime.
15 days ago
repost:Dean/OCs, voyeur!Sam, killer!Sam, killer!Dean pedophilia, murder kink, snuff

Contrary to appearances Dean and Sam didn't spent every minute together. Yes they did spend most of their time together, living and working and saving the world. But both had a secret they kept from the other.
Dean had a thing for little kids, for taking their innocence in a way that ruined then. He used them every way he could and then dumped them, always careful enough not to get caught but not at all concerned for them.
Sam had a thing for death, for watching the light go out of someone's eyes. He had no preference for who he killed or even if he killed them, he just loved watching people die. It was the only way he could really get off.
Somehow the brothers learn each others secret and learn that they're even more perfect for each other than they thought.
Sam loves watching Dean fuck his victims, loves watching his brutality and viciousness. Sam touches himself as he watches. Sometimes Dean kills them, sometimes Sam does. The brothers never touch each other sexually, but kiss and cuddle when they're done.
kinks- go nuts, snuff, murder, rape, noncon, dubcon, death, as underage as you want
15 days ago
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