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Ancient Greek Color Vision | Serendip Studio
(1). Homer calls the sky "bronze" and the sea and sheep as the color of wine, he applies the adjective chloros (meaning green with our understanding) to honey, and a nightingale (2). Chloros is not the only color that Homer uses in this unusual way. He also uses kyanos oddly, "Hector was dragged, his kyanos hair was falling about him" (3). Here it would seem, to our understanding, that Hector's hair was blue as we associate the term kyanos with the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli, in our thinking kyanos means cyan (4). But we cannot assume that Hector's hair was blue, rather, in light of the way that Homer consistently uses color adjectives, we must think about his meaning, did he indeed see honey as green, did he not see the ocean as blue, how does his perception of color reflect on himself, his people, and his world.

Homer's odd color description usage was a cultural phenomenon and not simply color blindness on his part, Pindar describes the dew as chloros, in Euripides chloros describes blood and tears (5). Empedocles, one of the earliest Ancient Greek color theorists, described color as falling into four areas, light or white, black or dark, red and yellow; Xenophanes described the rainbow as having three bands of color: purple, green/yellow, and red (6). These colors are fairly consistent with the four colors used by Homer in his color description, this leads us to the conclusion that all Ancient Greeks saw color only in the premise of Empedocles' colors, in some way they lacked the ability to perceive the whole color spectrum.
ancient  greek  homer  color  language  grade_A 
5 days ago by Marcellus
Fairy Tales Could Be Older Than You Ever Imagined | | Smithsonian
cf. wondering if tales about Trolls, Ogres, and Giants could be even more ancient folklore re: Neanderthals, Denisovans, etc.
History_of_now  mythology  grade_A 
23 days ago by Marcellus
Everything you need to know about the Green New Deal | Popular Science
The Green New Deal is non-binding—its passage wouldn’t itself create new laws or programs. It would be up to lawmakers—and pressure from their constituents—to approve legislation that would put the 10-year plan in action.
Still, with 67 co-sponsors and many democratic presidential candidates showing their support, the groundbreaking measure is poised to reframe how we talk about addressing climate change—and how we might avoid the worst-case scenario that we’re currently hurtling toward.
AOC_Alexandria_Ocasio-Cortez  Politics  green  green_energy  greenhouse  grade_A  2019 
5 weeks ago by Marcellus
That Time it Rained for Two Million Years
Carnian Pluvial episode 232-234 mya
Wrangellian Eruptions - 5 million years of volcanoes (raised temperatures 3-10'F) led to 2 million years of increased rainfall, cf. Pacific Northwest. This led to annual flooding and a huge expansion of conifers and other trees. Dinosaurs were well equipped to eat tall plants (teeth, stones in stomachs), and went from 5% of fossil record to 90%.

HON: Evidence of dry period can be seen in swaths of red sandstone in sediment layer, followed by rocks (from flooding)
History_of_now  dinosaurs  paleontology  biology  grade_A  videos 
8 weeks ago by Marcellus
The moon’s craters suggest Earth hasn’t erased lots of past impacts | Science News
History of now - Snowball earth, moon, craters,

The lack of ancient impact craters on Earth (older than 650 mya) was presumed to be due to erosion, plate tectonics.

New evidence from lunar craters suggest otherwise. The bombardment rate between 650mya and 290mya was low and picked (hence few craters on Earth), with an uptick in bombardment around 290 mya (evidence of which does survive on Earth).

The reason for lack of craters before 650 mya? Snowball Earth ~650mya wiped away evidence of earlier bombardments, not plate tectonics and slow erosion from wind and rain.
History_of_now  moon  Space  astronomy  astrobiology  planets  grade_A 
8 weeks ago by Marcellus
"HISTORY IN 3D" - ANCIENT ROME 320 AD - 3rd trailer "Walking around Colosseum" - YouTube
Excellent CG recreation of ancient room, fly-through of Forum Romanum, Colosseum (and interior), and surrounding areas, e.g. baths of Titus and Trajan, Vicus Fabricius, temple of the divine Claudius, etc.
videos  ancient  Rome  CG  VR  architecture  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA 
8 weeks ago by Marcellus
Periplus of the Erythraean Sea - Internet History Sourcebooks
28. There are imported into this place from Egypt a little wheat and wine, as at Muza; clothing in the Arabian style, plain and common and most of it spurious; and copper and tin and coral and storax and other things such as go to Muza; and for the King usually wrought gold and silver plate, also horses, images, and thin clothing of fine quality. And there are exported from this place, native produce, frankincense and aloes, and the rest of the things that enter into the trade of the other ports. The voyage to this place is best made at the same time as that to Muza, or rather earlier.
ancient  greeks  history  Africa  India  Egypt  trade  grade_A  classical_world 
11 weeks ago by Marcellus
U.S. Exit Seen as a Betrayal of the Kurds, and a Boon for ISIS - The New York Times
“U.S. and Iraqi politicians have been quick to declare victory over the group, using terms like ‘defeated’ and ‘obliterated,’” he wrote in a report last month. “The Islamic State is far from obliterated.”
Syria  Kurds  TheNewYorkTimes  Trump  Turkey  ISIS  grade_A 
december 2018 by Marcellus
The Pigna and the Apollo Belvedere: Two Treasures of the Vatican – The Daily Beagle
During the 18th and 19th centuries, the sculpture became one of the world’s most celebrated sculptures. It was hailed by Johann Joachim Winckelmann as the best example of the perfection of the Greek aesthetic ideal. As a result, during his Italy campaign in 1796, Napoleon Bonaparte looted it and from 1798 onward it formed part of the collection in the Louvre during the First Empire. When Napoleon fell in 1815 the Apollo was repatriated to the Vatican. The Romantic Movement was harsh to the sculpture with William Hazlitt describing it as “positively bad”, John Ruskin also wrote of his disappointment with the sculpture. In 1969 a kind of epitaph was provided by noted art historian Kenneth Clark (1903–1983):
History_of_now  ancient  Rome  Greece  vatican  art  paganism  grade_A 
december 2018 by Marcellus
Roman Money
According to the price of gold, the sesterce today would be worth $3.25, by the price of silver, the sesterce today would be worth $2.00, according to general labor rates, 1 sesterce = $0.50, while prostitute prices would set the PPP value of the sesterce at somewhere between about $15 and about $50. Various commodity prices would suggest a value of possibly $10.00. Differing methods produce a range in the modern value of the sesterce at somewhere between $0.50 and $50.00, seemingly rendering any conversion to modern prices problematic at best.
ancient  roman  history  classical_world  Economics  economy  grade_A 
november 2018 by Marcellus
The New Deal Debunked (again) | Mises Institute
Cole and Ohanian reach the exact same conclusions, but express them in the somewhat convoluted language of the "top economic journals":  "New Deal labor and industrial policies did not lift the economy out of the Depression . . . . Instead, the joint policies of increasing labor's bargaining power and linking collusion with paying high wages prevented a normal recovery by creating rents and an inefficient insider-outsider friction that raised wages significantly and restricted employment . . . . the abandonment of these policies coincided with the strong economic recovery of the 1940s."
FDR  NewDeal  Economics  economy  UCLA  grade_A 
august 2018 by Marcellus
(90) A Day in Pompeii - Full-length animation - YouTube
Video from the Pompeii exhibit, showing the time lapse eruption of Vesuvius as viewed from Pompeii.
videos  pompeii  ancient  roman  Rome  archaeology  grade_A  grade_AA 
august 2018 by Marcellus
Best Gelato in Rome - An American in Rome
Write-up includes reviews and interactive google map of locations.
Travel  Rome  italy  vacations  ideas  Food  grade_A  grade_AA 
august 2018 by Marcellus
The Curious Case of Men and Women's Buttons - The Atlantic
Today, we are fortunate that the Button Differential is mostly a quaint relic of an earlier time. Hints of outdated sartorial dramas, however, remain. American Apparel sells a “unisex” Oxford button-down. Its flap-to-button orientation? A masculine left-to-right.
History_of_now  clothes  clothing  napoleon  knights  medieval  history  grade_A  ideas 
july 2018 by Marcellus
A Dose of Financial Reality - The Simple Dollar
The minimum wage in the United States has gone up 353% since 1970, and average incomes have gone up approximately 500%. In that same span, however, the cost of basic household goods has gone up 482%, the cost of a four year education has gone up 994%, and the cost of an average home has gone up 917%.
minimum_wage  wealth_inequality  grade_A  Economics  99%  education  housing  statistics 
july 2018 by Marcellus
Pasta with Garlic Butter Caper Sauce - Mouthwatering Gluten-Free Recipe
Remove skillet from heat then add cooked pasta and stir to combine. Let sit for 3-4 minutes to let sauce adhere to pasta - it will thicken up as the pasta cools. Serve with fresh chopped herbs and a crack of black pepper for garnish, if desired.
recipes  pasta  pork  grade_A  GF 
july 2018 by Marcellus
APOD: 2018 July 22 - Planck Maps the Cosmic Microwave Background CMB
Explanation: What is our universe made of? To help find out, ESA launched the Planck satellite from 2009 to 2013 to map, in unprecedented detail, slight temperature differences on the oldest optical surface known -- the background sky when our universe first became transparent to light. Visible in all directions, this cosmic microwave background is a complex tapestry that could only show the hot and cold patterns observed were the universe to be composed of specific types of energy that evolved in specific ways. The final results, reported last week, confirm again that most of our universe is mostly composed of mysterious and unfamiliar dark energy, and that even most of the remaining matter energy is strangely dark. Additionally, the "final" 2018 Planck data impressively peg the age of the universe at about 13.8 billion years and the local expansion rate -- called the Hubble constant -- at 67.4 (+/- 0.5) km/sec/Mpc. Oddly, this early-universe determined Hubble constant is slightly lower than that determined by other methods in the late-universe, creating a tension that is causing much discussion and speculation.
space  History_of_now  writing  ideas  astronomy  astrophysics  grade_A 
july 2018 by Marcellus
The power of seven - Chronicles of chronology
Why there are 7 days in a week. How the Sumerian religious structure became universal.
History_of_now  astronomy  Sumeria  Mesopotamia  ancient  history  grade_A  TheEconomist  grade_AA 
july 2018 by Marcellus
Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria - The Atlantic
You’d get in a lot of trouble, they said, but all you’d have to do, more or less, is write a single database query. You’d flip some access control bits from off to on. It might take a few minutes for the command to propagate.
TheAtlantic  Google  books  copyright  grade_A  education 
july 2018 by Marcellus
No water for poor people: the nine Americans who risked jail to seek justice | US news | The Guardian
“On behalf of the beloved community that struggles for justice and mercy and peace in Detroit – this place where the water goes around,” she said. “Your pastoral leadership and comradeship continue among us as we listen, speak, and act in freedom to confront the powers of death and proclaim the right to the tree of life for all”.
RustBelt  Midwest  water  civil_rights  racism  fascism  kleptocracy  99%  corruption  corporations  grade_A 
july 2018 by Marcellus
The Myth of Working Your Way Through College - The Atlantic
Once upon a time, a summer spent scooping ice cream could pay for a year of college. Today, the average student's annual tuition is equivalent to 991 hours behind the counter.
99%  millennials  Baby_Boomers  Economics  economy  economic_inequality  education  grade_A  grade_AA  minimum_wage  colleges  universities 
july 2018 by Marcellus
Republicans got their prize. Now comes the backlash. - The Washington Post
ecause of partisan gerrymandering and other factors, Democrats could win by eight percentage points and still not gain control of the House, one study found. And the two-senators-per-state system (which awards people in Republican Wyoming 70 times more voting power than people in Democratic California) gives a big advantage to rural, Republican states.
Politics  Trump  GOP  corruption  SCOTUS  electoralcollege  99%  1%  grade_A  statistics  voting  voter_suppression 
july 2018 by Marcellus
Roman women much more independent than previously thought
"When they married, Roman women usually became part of the husband's familia, which in a legal sense put them in the role of their husband's daughter and meant they were subordinate to them as long as he lived."
New prenuptial agreements
However, something remarkable started happening in the first century BC: more and more, marriages were held with new prenuptial agreements. These new agreements meant that the wife stayed part of her father's familia.
If her father were to pass away, she would become an independent head of the family, separate from her husband. The result was that a Roman woman would become head of the family, while her husband did not have any decision-making rights and did not own any property because his father was still alive. It was a reversal of the gender roles, with big consequences. Van Galen's research shows that women started claiming more and more space for themselves.

Read more at:
ancient  Rome  roman  history  classical_world  womens_rights  grade_A  grade_AA 
july 2018 by Marcellus
Stem cells restore function in primate heart-failure study
The researchers followed two treated animals and one control animal for three months, The ejection fraction in the control animal declined, whereas the treated animals continued to improve,. Their ejections fractions rose from 51 percent at four weeks after treatment to 61 percent and 66 percent—essentially normal ejection fractions —at three months.
heart  health  heart_failure  cardiology  research  medicine  personal  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA 
july 2018 by Marcellus
Today in labor history: Nazis destroy unions
Thus, the defeat of Hitler and liberation of Germany from Nazism represented a momentous victory for the working class of Germany and the rest of the world. But the struggle for labor rights continues, as we see daily in our own country.
history  unions  hitler  Nazis  Trump  fascism  grade_A 
july 2018 by Marcellus
Wernher von Braun's deathbed confession re weapons in space | Carol Rosin | Ufology
He said the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics… That was how we identify an enemy.

The strategy that Wernher Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had “killer satellites”. We were told that they were coming to get us and control us – that they were “Commies.”

Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country “crazies.” We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.

The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.

And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. “And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.”
NASA  Nazis  Space  weapons  Military_Industrial_Complex  grade_A 
june 2018 by Marcellus
In America, Naturalized Citizens No Longer Have an Assumption of Permanence | The New Yorker
Question 26 on the green-card application, for example, reads, “Have you EVER committed a crime of any kind (even if you were not arrested, cited, charged with, or tried for that crime)?” (Emphasis in the original.) The question does not specify whether it refers to a crime under current U.S. law or the laws of the country in which the crime might have been committed. In the Soviet Union of my youth, it was illegal to possess foreign currency or to spend the night anywhere you were not registered to live. In more than seventy countries, same-sex sexual activity is still illegal. On closer inspection, just about every naturalized citizen might look like an outlaw, or a liar.
immigration  Trump  fascism  grade_A 
june 2018 by Marcellus
(105) "HISTORY IN 3D" - ANCIENT ROME 320 AD - 3rd trailer "Walking around Colosseum" - YouTube
10min. Perhaps the best fly-throughs of ancient Rome yet. Forum, Colosseum, baths of Trajan and Titus, temple of Claudius, etc.
ancient  Rome  classical_world  3D  graphics  videos  architecture  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA  history 
june 2018 by Marcellus
Roman wall painting styles – Smarthistory
all vignettes, such as sacro-idyllic landscapes, which are bucolic scenes of the countryside featuring livestock, shepherds, temples,
ancient  Rome  history  art  painting  pompeii  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA 
june 2018 by Marcellus
Russia ‘turned’ election for Trump, Clapper believes | PBS NewsHour
James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, says he thinks Russians not only affected the outcome of the 2016 presidential election -- they decided it. Clapper joins Judy Woodruff to discuss his book, "Facts and Fears: Hard Truths From a Life in Intelligence," attacks from President Trump and the challenges of serving in the American intelligence community.
trump  election2016  russia  russia_gate  CIA  grade_a  grade_aa  grade_aaa 
may 2018 by Marcellus
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