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Ko-Rec-Type, Part No. 3
A neater and more discreet fix than what could be had with correction fluid, aka Liquid Paper, aka Wite-Out.
Museum-of-Supplies  typewriter 
4 weeks ago by M.Leddy
No mistakes
I asked my mom, What did you do to correct mistakes? In the 1950s she was an executive secretary. I was hoping to hear some story of office supplies in pre-Wite-Out days.
family  typewriter 
june 2019 by M.Leddy
Twin State Typewriter
J.D. Salinger went there for ribbons and repairs.
Salinger  typewriter 
july 2018 by M.Leddy
Typewriter ribbons
Henry, surrealist? Not really: he has just passed Notions, a store with hair ribbons in the window.
comics  Henry  typewriter 
april 2018 by M.Leddy
Using a typewriter after years and years away. What most surprised me was that without even thinking or looking I was hitting the margin-release key to fit extra characters at the end of a line. Typing on a typewriter must be the new riding a bicycle.
april 2018 by M.Leddy
California Typewriter
California Typerwriter (dir. Doug Nichol, 2016) is a new documentary
film  typewriter 
september 2016 by M.Leddy
Recently updated
A conclusion about a Nancy panel.
comics  JackKerouac  Nancy  typewriter 
september 2016 by M.Leddy
A show of hands: who remembers working out footnotes with a typewriter?
BeverlyCleary  dowdyworld  typewriter 
july 2016 by M.Leddy
Typewriter repairers
Not all those who repair are men.
typewriter  usage 
december 2015 by M.Leddy
Typewriters and handwriting
“Could handwriting be going the way of typewriters?”
handwriting  typewriter 
december 2015 by M.Leddy
Life at Gramercy Typewriter Co.
“There’s going to come a time where there are so few people repairing these things that they’re just going to have to say, that’s the end of it.”
february 2015 by M.Leddy
Bob Montgomery, typewriter repairman
“I’m catering to people who are willing to pay $125 for a machine that was obsolete fifty years ago.”
december 2014 by M.Leddy
A very special guest (TNYT)
Had I looked at my stats more carefully, I would have realized that something was up: The New York Times has an obituary today for typewriter repairman Manson H. Whitlock.
NewYorkTimes  typewriter 
september 2013 by M.Leddy
Manson H. Whitlock (1917–2013)
The typewriter repairman Manson H. Whitlock died earlier this week at the age of ninety-six.
august 2013 by M.Leddy
Tom Hanks types
Tom Hanks writes about life in the dowdy world of typing.
dowdyworld  typewriter 
august 2013 by M.Leddy
“Coming this fall, a new film with Bérénice Bejo and cinematography by Guillaume Schiffman.”
film  typewriter 
july 2013 by M.Leddy
Manson H. Whitlock in the news
“Manson H. Whitlock, ninety-six-year-old typewriter repairman, has suspended business while he attends to a medical problem.”
june 2013 by M.Leddy
A typewriter film
“A film about a machine and the people who love, use and repair it”: The Typewriter (In the 21st Century).
film  typewriter 
april 2013 by M.Leddy
A Manual for Writers of Dissertations
“This sixty-one-page manual is the predecessor of A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, now in its seventh edition.”
books  typewriter 
december 2012 by M.Leddy
Chinese typewriters and predictive text
“The idea of a typewriter set up to produce with greater ease the ‘ready-made phrases’ (as George Orwell would call them) of political ideology is eerily fascinating.
language  politics  typewriter 
november 2012 by M.Leddy
Faux classic typewriter
Caveat emptor. Or Caveat hipstor.
march 2012 by M.Leddy
I envy Mary Richards
“I have been watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Me-TV, and I must confess: I envy Mary Richards.”
technology  telephone  television  typewriter 
january 2012 by M.Leddy
Olivetti exhibit
“Olivetti: Innovation and Identity showcases the Italian company’s groundbreaking approach to product design and promotion.”
october 2011 by M.Leddy
Typing in India
Commercial typists in India
technology  typewriter 
july 2011 by M.Leddy
Old Typewriter
A photograph by Todd McLellan, available as a print from 20x200.
photography  typewriter 
april 2011 by M.Leddy
Used typewriter ribbon
“Used typewriter ribbon being sealed in locked cabinet, during Academy Award voting.” A 1972 photograph from Life magazine.
photography  typewriter 
april 2011 by M.Leddy
Digital natives and typewriters
“[A]s someone who remembers Eaton’s Corrasable Bond, the tedium of centering titles, the far greater tedium of retyping whole pages after dropping a line in transcription, and the sheer racket, I feel no nostalgia for the typewriter as an object of use.”
analog  dowdyworld  technology  typewriter 
april 2011 by M.Leddy
Olivetti again
“Time Life Inc. photographer Michael Rougier, taking pictures of passing people trying outdoor typewriter at Olivetti Fifth Ave.” A 1955 photograph from Life.
dowdyworld  photography  typewriter 
march 2011 by M.Leddy
Q.: “Where are you going to get a typewriter?”
Photograph of the sample Olivetti typewriter standing outside the Olivetti showroom, NYC
dowdyworld  typewriter 
march 2011 by M.Leddy
Namaste, typewriter
The Indian government abandons the typewriter
june 2010 by M.Leddy
The quick brown fox . . .
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. On film.
words  typewriter 
august 2009 by M.Leddy
NYPD typewriters
Still in use! With carbon-paper forms!
dowdyworld  typewriter 
july 2009 by M.Leddy

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