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From Jazz Dance
If Weegee were to have made a film at a jazz dance, I think it would look much like this one.
dance  film  jazz  music  photography 
december 2017 by M.Leddy
Recently updated
The Times now has a photograph that is unmistakably of Big Joe Turner.
jazz  music  photography 
march 2017 by M.Leddy
Which Joe Turner?
A photograph in the New York Times: of the singer Big Joe Turner, or of the pianist Joe Turner?
jazz  music  NewYorkTimes  photography 
march 2017 by M.Leddy
Billie Holiday, 1957
Photographs of Billie Holiday by Jerry Dantzic, taken during Holiday’s week-long engagement at the Sugar Hill nightclub in Newark, New Jersey, April 1957.
BillieHoliday  jazz  music  photography 
march 2017 by M.Leddy
Harlem 1958 interactive
From the New York Daily News, an interactive version of Art Kane’s famed photograph Harlem 1958 .
Harlem  jazz  music  photography 
august 2016 by M.Leddy
On Louis Armstrong’s birthday
I think of Armstrong as a bodhisattva showing us all the way to enlightenment.
jazz  LouisArmstrong  music  photography 
august 2016 by M.Leddy
Janis Joplin in Sing Out!
When I first saw this stamp, I felt a shock of recognition: I knew the photograph right away. It appeared in the September / October 1970 issue of Sing Out! (“The Folk Song Magazine”)
music  photography 
september 2014 by M.Leddy
Bert Stern (1929–2013)
With Aram Avakian, he created the film Jazz on a Summer’s Day (1959), a documentary about the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival. It makes 1958 look like the coolest year in history.
film  jazz  music  photography 
june 2013 by M.Leddy
A new site from the creator of Blackwing Pages.
music  pencils  photography 
may 2012 by M.Leddy
Michael P. Smith, photographer
Photographer of New Orleans culture and music
blues  jazz  music  photography 
august 2010 by M.Leddy
Legends of Jazz Photography
Photography exhibition in L.A.: Claxton, Gottlieb, Leonard
jazz  music  photography 
april 2010 by M.Leddy
The Burt Britton Collection
Auction of self-portraits by actors, artists, athletes, musicians, photographers, and writers
art  music  photography  writing 
september 2009 by M.Leddy

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