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Mongol Profile
Spoof of a 1988 Dewar’s ad with Henry Threadgill.
advertising  jazz  music 
may 2017 by M.Leddy
Speak, Emenee
Do you remember this commercial?
advertising  childhood  music  television 
january 2017 by M.Leddy
A day at the museums
DuSable, Art Institute, Chicago Cultural Center, Art Institute.
advertising  art  jazz  music 
july 2015 by M.Leddy
Henry Threadgill and Dewar’s
A 1988 ad. And there’s a Mongol pencil.
advertising  jazz  Mongol  music  pencils 
april 2015 by M.Leddy
The Free Design, on the tube
Now in a Delta Airlines commercial.
advertising  music 
april 2015 by M.Leddy
An afterthought
If I were Boing Boing, the title of the previous post might’ve read like so: Hardee’s commercial likens young women, virgins to breakfast meat.
advertising  blues  food  music 
october 2012 by M.Leddy
Duke Ellington, Blackwing pencils, and aspirational branding
“It’s curious that as Moleskine steps back from the abyss of aspirational branding (‘the legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, and Chatwin’), California Cedar has jumped in, head first, without even putting on a helmet.”
advertising  Blackwing  DukeEllington  music  pencils 
march 2012 by M.Leddy
Learn at home! From 1934.
advertising  jazz  music  piano 
november 2010 by M.Leddy

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