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Geoff Emerick (1945-2018)
The recording engineer Geoff Emerick, best known for his work with the Beatles, has died at the age of seventy-two.
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10 weeks ago by M.Leddy
George Martin (1926–2016)
Paul McCartney: “If anyone earned the title of the fifth Beatle it was George.”
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march 2016 by M.Leddy
Georges, Formby and Harrison
The chords at the end of “Free as a Bird” mean more than I knew.
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april 2014 by M.Leddy
John Lennon’s letters
The Los Angeles Times reports that in 2012 Little, Brown will publish a book of John Lennon’s letters, edited by Beatles biographer Hunter Davies.
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april 2011 by M.Leddy
Brian Wilson on "Norwegian Wood"
"Is he setting her house on fire? I didn't know. I still don't know."
BrianWilson  Beatles  music 
september 2009 by M.Leddy
Ukulele Beatles Fun!
Uke chords for Beatles songs
Beatles  music  ukulele 
august 2009 by M.Leddy
"Hey Jude"
Forty years ago today, the American release
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august 2008 by M.Leddy

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