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Teaching in a pandemic
“As you know, there’s a pandemic,” I said. One student raised his hand: he wanted to show everyone a photograph of an ornately designed violin, with lines carved or burned into the wood.
dreams  teaching 
3 days ago by M.Leddy
Performance review
I woke up with this sentence: “Performance-wise, Al Capone is at the top of the list.”
3 days ago by M.Leddy
Fred Astaire’s shadow
We wandered the building and found a long wall against which we could make shadows. Mine looked like Fred Astaire’s.
dreams  FredAstaire 
december 2019 by M.Leddy
In Maniac Ridge
I was in Maniac Ridge, New Jersey, uncertain whether maniac was an adjective or a noun.
dreams  teaching 
november 2019 by M.Leddy
Teaching Thomas Wolfe
Why had I assigned a novel I hadn’t read?
dreams  teaching 
october 2019 by M.Leddy
In a café
I don’t think this dream took place in Ukraine, but I suspect it’s the product of current events.
september 2019 by M.Leddy
Homer and Cain
But first Fred MacMurray came up to talk to me. He wouldn’t be in my next class today because he had to study for a grammar test, after which he wanted to talk to me about his dissertation.
dreams  teaching 
august 2019 by M.Leddy
Back to church
The minister was walking up and down the center aisle, looking at his congregants. When he got to our row, he stopped. “You should be a fine student of Scripture,” he said to me. “But you’re a class clown.” “Actually,” I said, “I’m a pretty serious person. But I try to add a certain lightness.”
august 2019 by M.Leddy
I was standing inside the front room of a narrow two-story house after a meeting of a community group and a taping of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
april 2019 by M.Leddy
No mail
“You don’t work here anymore,” a colleague told me.
dreams  teaching 
december 2018 by M.Leddy
From a dream
“Of course I can honk and listen to you at the same time. I’m a capable multitasker.”
november 2018 by M.Leddy
Early voting
A dream last night: CNN announced that Beto O’Rourke had won election to the United States Senate. Precognitive, I hope.
october 2018 by M.Leddy
Dreaming of autumn and fall
Precognitive dreaming? Autumn, fall, Mutts, and synonymity.
comics  dreams  words 
september 2018 by M.Leddy
Theatre of dreams
A passage from The Rings of Saturn.
dreams  Sebald 
september 2018 by M.Leddy
Beginning King Lear
I was about to teach the first class after a long break. I’d given the students no assignment. So we were going to begin King Lear by reading the play aloud in class. Did the students know that was coming? I don’t think so.
dreams  Nabokov  Shakespeare  teaching 
august 2018 by M.Leddy
Nabokov, dreaming
There is no getting away from grading, not even in dreams, or especially not in dreams.
dreams  Nabokov 
july 2018 by M.Leddy
No, chalk
I was listening to a colleague telling stories of his life. I left to go to a stationery store. Those black-and-white-and-yellow boxes: did they hold Eberhard Faber pencils? No, chalk, the owner said.
may 2018 by M.Leddy
At the poetry tournament
Frank O’Hara walked around taking photographs. “It’s America,” he said. “There are prizes.”
dreams  FrankO'Hara  poetry 
march 2018 by M.Leddy
Teaching Infinite Jest
“But do you want to put in the time to read Infinite Jest ?” I asked him. “That’s my decision!” he shouted.
DavidFosterWallace  dreams  teaching 
january 2018 by M.Leddy
Still teaching
“Does anyone have a whiteboard?”
dreams  teaching 
march 2017 by M.Leddy
In the mailroom
A teaching-related dream.
dreams  teaching 
march 2017 by M.Leddy
Up late again
One more “paper” to grade: a handwritten transcript of Saint-John Perse’s poem Anabase (1924).
dreams  teaching 
march 2017 by M.Leddy
Up late grading
One student had submitted a legal pad, with the cardboard backing still attached.
dreams  teaching 
march 2017 by M.Leddy
Dream pants
Three-dimensional pants, designed by a descendant of Linus van Pelt, marketed under the Trump label.
dreams  GilmoreGirls  Peanuts  politics 
february 2017 by M.Leddy
I’m dreaming of a liverwurst sandwich
Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby) explains his theory of dreams to Betty Haynes (Rosemary Clooney). A truly weird moment.
dreams  film  liverwurst 
january 2017 by M.Leddy
Night class
The sixth classroom dream I’ve had since retiring from teaching.
dreams  teaching 
november 2016 by M.Leddy
Dad in a dream
To my surprise, he was smoking: True cigarettes.
dreams  family 
october 2016 by M.Leddy
Dad, i.m.
I dozed while watching the news and dreamed that he was there watching, wearing a plaid short-sleeved shirt.
dreams  family 
august 2016 by M.Leddy
Imaginary word of the day: misinflame
The word came to me in a dream last night, as part of a headline I cannot remember
dreams  words 
june 2016 by M.Leddy
Back to school
This is the fifth school-related dream I’ve had since retiring from teaching, and the second in which I’ve been a student. And here, I admit, not a very good student.
dreams  teaching 
june 2016 by M.Leddy
“The rehearsal in imagination or memory of the events of a graduation ceremony.”
dreams  words 
june 2016 by M.Leddy
Back to school
A dream of being a student.
may 2016 by M.Leddy
A teaching dream
It’s the third such dream I’ve had since retiring.
dreams  teaching 
march 2016 by M.Leddy
A teaching dream
This dream marks my second classroom appearance since retiring.
dreams  teaching 
february 2016 by M.Leddy
Dream marriage
I was married to Audrey Hepburn, circa 1950-something, and was showing her that "Funny Face" and some other song were more or less the same song — same chord changes, similar melodies.
november 2015 by M.Leddy
From a dream: “from whence the initials carved into the surface of the whale rendered the ship a perennial Sea Hag.”
dreams  Melville 
june 2015 by M.Leddy
A film trailer in a dream
For a film about the poet Frank O’Hara. The title: A Controversial Thing in the Past.
dreams  film  FrankO'Hara  poetry 
january 2015 by M.Leddy
Old-timey dream
I was talking with local missionaries, missionaries of a musical sort, each dressed in black and white.
july 2014 by M.Leddy
Coffee in the classroom
The student was sitting at the back of the classroom. On the floor, a water boiler, plugged into the wall outlet. On a desk, a Chemex coffee maker. He was making coffee, and I realized that I would have to revise my syllabus.
coffee  dreams  teaching 
march 2014 by M.Leddy
Darn that cigarette dream
I bought what I thought was a pack of Merits, a brand I never smoked. What came out was a pack of unfiltered Gauloises.
cigarettes  dreams  smoking 
february 2014 by M.Leddy
Domestic comedy
I must stop reading Peanuts before bedtime.
domesticcomedy  dreams 
september 2013 by M.Leddy
From a dream
Whence such dialogue? I must have had Downton Abbey in my sleeping head.
dreams  television 
january 2013 by M.Leddy
Beach Boys reunion dream
During an instrumental break, Mike leaned close to Brian to say “This doesn’t work anymore.” Brian nodded. It all took place in a dream.
BeachBoys  dreams  music 
may 2012 by M.Leddy
“Darn That Dream” within a dream
“Analyzing your own dreams is a good way to save money. Why hire a professional?”
dreams  music 
september 2011 by M.Leddy
Infinite Jest dream
“Why don’t you try some broken ones, and a mercury-chilling motif?”
DavidFosterWallace  dreams 
april 2011 by M.Leddy
I dream of Dempsey
Jack Dempsey dropped by for lunch last night.
may 2008 by M.Leddy

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