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“Some apples”
When we traipsed through the orchard, I was on the lookout for “some apples.”
comics  Nancy 
22 days ago by M.Leddy
Language, evolving
Nancy, Sluggo, and our evolving language.
comics  language  Nancy 
26 days ago by M.Leddy
“Like winter”
Nancy and Sluggo are cold.
comics  Nancy  weather  winter 
4 weeks ago by M.Leddy
Olivia Jaimes!
An eyewitness report from Rocko Jerome: “I Have Seen Olivia Jaimes, the Cartoonist Behind the New Nancy.”
comics  Nancy 
5 weeks ago by M.Leddy
Great books
The Toad and a shelf full of Nancy and Sluggo.
comics  Nancy  Zippy 
6 weeks ago by M.Leddy
Nancy’s “Olivia Jaimes”
The Washington Post reports that Olivia Jaimes, or “Olivia Jaimes,” the pseudonymous artist who draws the new Nancy, will appear this week at a comics festival in Ohio.
comics  Nancy 
7 weeks ago by M.Leddy
Remembrance of comics past
Ipswich Nordisk, race-car driver, misses Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy.
comics  Nancy  Proust  Zippy 
9 weeks ago by M.Leddy
Nancy pop corn
Today’s installment of yesterday’s Nancy prompts the question: Was popcorn once spelled as two words?
comics  Nancy  spelling 
10 weeks ago by M.Leddy
“Case Closed!”
Bill Griffith loves Nancy.
comics  Nancy  Zippy 
11 weeks ago by M.Leddy
A friend of Nancy
Smithsonian digs the new Nancy.
comics  Nancy 
august 2018 by M.Leddy
Déjà rocks
Zippy rocks. Zippy rocks.
comics  Nancy  Zippy 
july 2018 by M.Leddy
Some Tuscan rocks
Stefan Hagemann sent along a photograph of some noble Tuscan rocks, with permission to post it here. Thank you, Stefan.
comics  Nancy 
june 2018 by M.Leddy
Nancy, philosophe
Nancy is right there with Blaise Pascal.
comics  Nancy  philosophy 
june 2018 by M.Leddy
Group work
I still agree with what Richard Mitchell wrote in The Graves of Academe (1981): “It is only in a mind that the work of the mind can be done.” As anyone stuck with doing the work of the whole group can attest.
comics  Nancy  teaching 
june 2018 by M.Leddy
Bushmiller Mutts
Earl and Mooch talk about Nancy.
comics  Nancy 
may 2018 by M.Leddy
Fritzi Ritz is back
Nancy’s aunt Fritzi Ritz makes her first appearance in Olivia Jaimes’s Nancy.
comics  Nancy 
may 2018 by M.Leddy
Today’s Nancy
Today’s Nancy features a chorus of voices praising Nancy’s simplicity. Words, words, words.
comics  Nancy 
may 2018 by M.Leddy
The new Nancy
Four things I like about Olivia Jaimes’s Nancy.
comics  Nancy 
april 2018 by M.Leddy
Some SuihoEn rocks
SuihoEn, “garden of water and fragrance,” also known as the Japanese Garden, is a beautiful landscape created next to a water reclamation plant. It has “some rocks.”
april 2018 by M.Leddy
New Nancy
A panel from Olivia Jaimes’s first Nancy strip.
comics  Nancy 
april 2018 by M.Leddy
A new Nancy
Nancy gets a new and female cartoonist.
comics  Nancy 
april 2018 by M.Leddy
How to read Nancy and Zippy
Today’s Zippy has a Bushmillerized Zippy and Griffy discussing Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden’s “How to Read ‘Nancy’: The Elements of Comics in Three Easy Panels.”
comics  Nancy  Zippy 
april 2018 by M.Leddy
The New York Review of Nancy
At The New York Review of Books website, Dash Shaw reviews Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden’s How to Read “Nancy.” I like the idea of Ernie Bushmiller’s comic strip, written for a readership he called “the gum chewers,” becoming the stuff of TNYRB.
comics  Nancy 
march 2018 by M.Leddy
Editing his balloons
One more bit about Ernie Bushmiller’s care with words.
comics  Nancy 
february 2018 by M.Leddy
Nancy, looking like someone in an Edward Hopper painting.
art  comics  Nancy 
february 2018 by M.Leddy
Nancy, spokestoon
Nancy, for Nabisco Shredded Wheat.
advertising  comics  Nancy 
january 2018 by M.Leddy
Recently updated
An origin story for “some rocks.”
comics  Nancy 
january 2018 by M.Leddy
Nature v. nurture
What’s on your wallpaper?
comics  Nancy  Zippy 
december 2017 by M.Leddy
Finals approaching
Advice for Nancy and other test-takers.
college  comics  exams  Nancy 
december 2017 by M.Leddy
Enter Sluggo
Sluggo enters a Little Max story in a Zippy strip.
Nancy  Zippy 
december 2017 by M.Leddy
A Nancy parody, found in a sampler of MAD imitators.
comics  Nancy  parody 
november 2017 by M.Leddy
Nancy rain
I’ve been waiting for the chance to identify with Nancy.
comics  Nancy  weather 
october 2017 by M.Leddy
Speak, rock
Three (“some”) rocks in Zippy.
Nancy  Zippy 
september 2017 by M.Leddy
Scare buying and Nancy
A 1950 Nancy strip address Korean War-era hoarding.
comics  culture  Nancy 
september 2017 by M.Leddy
Some somes
A Nancy trifecta: rocks, snowballs, pumpkins.
comics  Nancy 
july 2017 by M.Leddy
Some seventeenth-century prose
An excerpt from Sir Thomas Browne’s The Garden of Nancye.
comics  Nancy  ThomasBrowne 
july 2017 by M.Leddy
Th’ foist
Th’ foist day of spring. From Nancy.
comics  Nancy  seasons 
march 2017 by M.Leddy
“Some staples”
Jack White likes “three.”
comics  Nancy 
march 2017 by M.Leddy
Dante, Beatrice, and Nancy
Gustave Doré and Ernie Bushmiller, with help from the alpha tool and me.
art  comics  Dante  Nancy 
february 2017 by M.Leddy
Publius Sluggo
Leave it to Sluggo to try to keep Nancy from attaining the beatific vision.
comics  Dante  Nancy 
february 2017 by M.Leddy
R. Sikoryak’s Terms and Conditions
The artist R. Sikoryak has made a graphic novel of the legalese that accompanies iTunes, each page in the style of a different artist. With a Bushmiller page.
Apple  comics  Nancy  RozChast 
february 2017 by M.Leddy
Some winter rocks
The Google Doodle for the Northern Hemisphere’s first day of winter: some rocks, some shivering snow-capped rocks.
cartoons  comics  Nancy 
january 2017 by M.Leddy
For Nancy Ritz
Bits of advice: How to do well on a final exam.
comics  exams  Nancy 
december 2016 by M.Leddy
Fritzi’s whom
Today’s yesterday’s Nancy teaches us that there is no conflict between good usage and good cartooning.
comics  grammar  Nancy  usage 
september 2016 by M.Leddy
Recently updated
A conclusion about a Nancy panel.
comics  JackKerouac  Nancy  typewriter 
september 2016 by M.Leddy
Nancy TV
You’ll ruin your eyes!
comics  Nancy  television 
september 2016 by M.Leddy
Nancy snag
A Nancy-verse snag.
comics  Nancy  words 
august 2016 by M.Leddy
Some rock
Ernie Bushmiller’s Nancy, leaning on a rock.
comics  Nancy 
july 2016 by M.Leddy
Nancy with string
The Nancy -verse is a work of intelligent design.
comics  Nancy 
february 2016 by M.Leddy
The pompous style in Nancy
“So accustomed are we to the pompous style as the voice of authority that students can’t be blamed for thinking it the way they should write in school.”
comics  Nancy  writing 
december 2015 by M.Leddy
A Nancy Labor Day
Random Acts of Nancy reprints single Ernie Bushmiller panels in colorized form.
comics  Nancy 
september 2015 by M.Leddy
More “some rocks”
At Dreamers Rise, Chris has collected “some rocks.”
comics  Nancy 
february 2015 by M.Leddy
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