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How to start a sentence
In the ABA Journal , Bryan Garner offers some advice about how to start a sentence.
BryanGarner  sentences 
december 2017 by M.Leddy
A Garner quiz
Bryan Garner offers a quiz in minimalist editing.
BryanGarner  grammar  usage 
october 2017 by M.Leddy
Misused word of the day: refute
Pay attention to the news for a while, and you’ll notice the word misused.
BryanGarner  words 
september 2017 by M.Leddy
Trump[,] Jr.
A writer can of course make a possessive form with a comma, as The New Yorker has: Jr.,’s. I think though that a style choice that eliminates any possibilty of .,’ is the better choice.
BryanGarner  NewYorker  punctuation 
july 2017 by M.Leddy
Bryan Garner on rules and writing
On writing and rules, those to follow and those to ignore.
BryanGarner  writing 
july 2017 by M.Leddy
Lambuth serendipity
Bryan Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day today includes a passage from The Golden Book on Writing.
BryanGarner  DavidLambuth  writing 
december 2016 by M.Leddy
GMEU app
Garner’s Modern English Usage is now available as an iOS app, beautifully designed and exceedingly useful.
BryanGarner  grammar  iOS  usage 
november 2016 by M.Leddy
Dr. Watson’s prose, however
The stuffiness of “however” suits him.
BryanGarner  film  usage  words 
september 2016 by M.Leddy
Compare with or to
Bryan Garner glosses “compare with” and “compare to .”
BryanGarner  usage 
july 2016 by M.Leddy
Garner's Usage Tip of the Day: gyro
Bryan Garner looks at gyro , gyro , and gyros . Gyroses ? No such thing.
BryanGarner  food  words 
may 2016 by M.Leddy
Most important? Most importantly? Marry Norris v. Bryan Garner.
BryanGarner  usage 
march 2016 by M.Leddy
“Resounding words and flowery phrases”
Ellsworth Barnard: “The tendency to resort to polysyllabic vocabulary is not usually the fault of the user.”
BryanGarner  diction  words 
december 2015 by M.Leddy
“No worries”
I always thought that “no worries” was a Britishism. And I was unaware of “mate .” And as must be apparent by now, I’ve never watched a Crocodile Dundee movie.
BryanGarner  idioms 
november 2015 by M.Leddy
None is, none are
Garner offers the clearest explanation I know of how to decide.
BryanGarner  grammar  usage 
october 2015 by M.Leddy
Bryan Garner on “The fallacy of intelligibility”
A short piece about the idea that it doesn’t matter how you write it as long as they understand what you mean.
BryanGarner  grammar  usage  writing 
august 2015 by M.Leddy
Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day: mutual
“Careful writers continue to use “friend in common.”
BryanGarner  usage 
july 2015 by M.Leddy
A Bryan Garner tweet
“Good piece by M. Leddy.” Yep, I’m happy.
BryanGarner  blogging 
june 2015 by M.Leddy
Toward or towards
From Bryan Garner’s LawProse blog: is it “toward” or “towards”?
BryanGarner  usage 
february 2015 by M.Leddy
Steven Pinker, The Sense of Style
“The Sense of Style is a disappointing book. It presents its author as a figure of urbane intelligence — witty, knowing, calmly superior — doing battle against agitated, deluded, self-styled experts. But the enemy in this book is a straw man or woman, or a whole army of straw folk. And the non-imaginary writer whose work poses perhaps the greatest challenge to Pinker’s own claim to authority is nowhere to be found in these pages.”
BryanGarner  EBWhite  grammar  StevenPinker  Strunk  usage 
december 2014 by M.Leddy
A Bryan Garner story
“Jim, good usage isn’t nearly as fluid as you’re suggesting.” Good advice for writing for any audience.
BryanGarner  grammar  usage  writing 
june 2014 by M.Leddy
More on hyphenating phrasal adjectives
More from Bryan Garner on hyphenating phrasal adjectives.
BryanGarner  usage 
february 2014 by M.Leddy
Hyphenating phrasal adjectives
Bryan Garner explains the art of hyphenating phrasal adjectives.
BryanGarner  usage 
february 2014 by M.Leddy
Review: Wallace and Garner, Quack This Way
“When it comes to language and usage and writing, there are two kinds of people: those who care, and those who could care less.”
BryanGarner  DavidFosterWallace  language  writing 
december 2013 by M.Leddy
E-mail? Email?
Which should it be? Bryan Garner answers.
BryanGarner  usage 
november 2013 by M.Leddy
Thank you, Bryan Garner
From Bryan Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day, on “thank you” and responses to it.
BryanGarner  words 
august 2013 by M.Leddy
One of those who is or are
Bryan Garner clears up a tricky question of usage: “One of those who are” or “one of those who is”?
BryanGarner  usage 
july 2013 by M.Leddy
Bryan Garner offers a Bizspeak Blacklist.
BryanGarner  words 
march 2013 by M.Leddy
Bryan Garner on snoot
Bryan Garner glosses David Foster Wallace’s “snoot .”
BryanGarner  DavidFosterWallace  words 
november 2012 by M.Leddy
“My children were raised”
I am happy to learn that the verb “raised” in “Heroes and Villains” is okay by Bryan Garner.
BryanGarner  music  VanDykeParks  words 
october 2011 by M.Leddy
Clothes, information, suds, pants
Nouns, invariably plural, invariably singular.
BryanGarner  language  words 
july 2011 by M.Leddy
“Death to high school English”
What are they doing in high-school English?
teaching  writing  BryanGarner 
may 2011 by M.Leddy

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