Classics Of Game 005 - YouTube
Want tank controls in a 3d platformer? No?
youtube  games 
16 days ago
Decent Security - Cleaning and Optimizing a windows computer safely
great guide on cleaning up and optimizing a windows machine
security  OPS  computers 
27 days ago
Japanese style Faces
wikileaks dongers courtesy of the CIA
dongers  memes 
8 weeks ago
Minecraft 1.12: Particle Plumes (Survival Aesthetic) Tutorial - YouTube
nifty aesthetic trick to create particle fountains using potion arrows
minecraft  tutorial  redstone 
10 weeks ago
Learn how computers add numbers and build a 4 bit adder circuit - YouTube
guy explains how an adder works, makes a complete 4 bit adder diagram, and actually builds one with LEDs, all in 13 minutes
computers  logic  electronics  redstone 
april 2017
Neil Cicierega - T.I.M.E. - YouTube
YMCA mashed up with Time by Hanz Zimmer
music  memes  funny 
march 2017
Wayne Barlowe - Album on Imgur
concept art for alien-looking creatures on alien landscapes
art  conceptArt 
february 2017
HandmadeCon 2016 - Asset Systems and Scalability - YouTube
an enlightening horror story of an asset pipeline gone wrong
gameDev  programming  youtube 
january 2017
The Last Guardian and the Language of Games | Game Maker's Toolkit - YouTube
An interesting look at what sets games apart as an artistic medium.
gameDev  games  youtube 
january 2017
Flag on the Argument - Album on Imgur
referee calling penalties on logical falacies
philosophy  memes  funny 
november 2016
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