Spring Bak Dance Magazine
New journalism on European dance.
june 2018
A festival for young emerging Theater companies in UK.
june 2018
Niedzielne Poranki we WRO — CENTRUM SZTUKI WRO
Childrens Activities in Wroclaw with fantastic artists and workshops...
june 2018
Saving Tribes worldwide
Fiercely agains the photography of Jimmy Nelson
june 2018
[no title]
Berlin Musik Festival August - September
music  berlin 
june 2018
Ideal Lifestyle Costing | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
Create a two timelines—six months and twelve months—and list up to five things you dream of having (including, but not limited to, material wants: house, car, clothing, etc.),being (be a great cook, be fluent in Chinese, etc.), and doing (visiting Thailand, tracing your roots overseas, racing ostriches, etc.), in that order.
may 2018
ShakeMeUp - Prague Shakespeare Company
Student Shakespeare festival Prague

may 2018
Resource - Introduction to Mini Filmmaking Guides - Into Film
Guides to using film in education. Useful starting point for AV training.
aardvark  film  creativesummer 
may 2018
Film commissions
Poland (Wroclaw and Krakow)
may 2018
About us | Henneman Agency
Dutch talent agent - part of European Talent Network
may 2018
Features for actors and actresses
European listings 89 EUR per year
may 2018
Once had contact here.
may 2018
Multimarket Acting: Getting Layered – Bonnie Gillespie
Great advice on developing a career in multiple cities.
may 2018
aug&ohr medien
Film Festival representation in Berlin. How do they make money?
film  festival 
may 2018
Submit to Film Festivals - Withoutabox
One stop submission for film festivals
may 2018
Project of Grotowski Institute and Jarosław Fret
PLthtr  research_thtr 
may 2018
250 Years of Polish Theater
Commemorative celebration of first public performance in Poland curated by Dariusz Kosiński.
may 2018
Marta Górnicka
chorus of women, polyphonic, laboratory research
may 2018
Twitter Hack
How to Get the Twitter Username You Really Want (Even If It's Already Taken)
may 2018
Theater for the Future
Old dead blog. Responding to Scott Walters - Theater Ideas. Sound Designer based in Chicago.
may 2018
Theatre Ideas: Model: Make It Sustainable (Scenery)
So you have created a decentralized permanent ensemble theatre in a smaller city following a tribal model that includes ancillary activities as part of the theatre's income. (For more resources, go here.)
ideas  models  aardvark 
may 2018
Theatre Ideas: 2013
The professor. Advocate for Rural arts. He got angrier at the end. Good ideas in the beginning 2006-2007
may 2018
Compromise is our business: responses to theatre, art, and politics
Interesting website. Artist platform not really a blog. But some essays mixed with nice design. David Williams artist.
AUthtr  artist 
may 2018
Micro Blog
Like facebook but on your own website and you own all the content.
may 2018
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