Map of 100 UK Think Tanks - addresses, websites & Twitter profiles
RT @EddieACopeland: Where are the UK's think tanks based? Searchable map of 100 UK think tank locations: …
7 days ago
William Trubridge freedives THE ARCH at Blue Hole, Dahab - YouTube
10 years ago, @WillTrubridge did it in #Dahab #Egypt, one breath
William Trubridge freedives THE ARCH at Blue Hole:
– Ahmed Sarhan (Sarhan_)  via:rabourn 
15 days ago
Library Data Day
If you were to come to a Library Data Day, what would you want it to cover? @librarieshacked @Audesome

— Claire Back (@calire) July 29, 2017
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17 days ago
Library Data Day
RT @Audesome: With @librarieshacked @calire et al. we're organising a library data day. Tell us what you'd want to learn from it! https://t…  via:claireb 
20 days ago
10 Little-Known Facebook Marketing Features and Hacks You Can Try Today
There's A TON you can do on Facebook 🤓 10 Facebook hacks for business that you probably didn't know about
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22 days ago
How can Open Data increase quality of life? - European Data Portal
How can #OpenData increase quality of life? Practical examples of Open Data & leisure
OpenData  via:Markbraggins 
22 days ago
Tiny houses: Big future, or big hype? - Curbed
Advocates and cities see challenges and opportunities in tiny homes’ path to the mainstream
housing  tinyhomes  trends  review  USA  Curbed  2017  via:inspiral 
22 days ago
Pushing the Margins Symposium – Pushing the Margins
This symposium featured authors from the Pushing the Margins: Women of Color and Intersectionality in LIS book to discuss thematic issues that pertain to intersectionality, feminist theory, race and ethnicity, and libraries. Participants broke out into smaller groups to have critical discussions based on the themes presented.
libraries  diversity  intersectionality  via:shannon_mattern 
24 days ago
International, Interactive Innovation | Next Library 2017
Engagement was the name of the game at the Next Library conference held in Aarhus, Denmark, June 11–14. Some 350 librarians from 36 countries gathered at the city’s Dokk1 library to learn and continue to build a global network. Via high intensity, participatory programming such as that offered by creativity expert Christian Byrge and in breakout sessions, attendees were very much part of the program.
nextlibrary  libraries  librarians  librarycamp  via:claireb 
29 days ago
The Internet has a Cat!
Meet Purrli, the Online Cat Purr Generator.
cats  internet  librarycamp  via:LibrarianJessica 
29 days ago
Storytelling with Instagram Stories – Medium
Instagram Stories are a relatively new feature introduced by Instagram in August 2016. Many saw them as playing off of the popularity of Snapchat, as they are essentially the same idea. On Instagram, the Stories feature allows users to post a photo to their “Story,” where it will remain for 24 hours. The photo can either be taken within the app or uploaded from the camera roll (although it has to have been taken in the past 24 hours).
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29 days ago
What is ‘open data’ and why should we care? | Open Data Institute
10 'light-hearted' reasons why #opendata is important to many aspects of modern life from the ODI
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29 days ago
Free eBook highlighting #LocalGov #CustomerService trends - produced in collaboration with @comms2point0…
– SocialSignIn (SocialSignInApp)
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4 weeks ago
a #librarydata data dashboard project visualising a public library authority's #opendata

— { libraries:hacked } (@librarieshacked) July 9, 2017
librarycamp  opendata  data  newcastle  librsries  via:claireb 
5 weeks ago
RT @PeoplesAudit: Our new report is the most extensive use of citizen audit powers yet in the UK. Read it here:…
5 weeks ago
John Self on Twitter: "Slightly updated list of favourite books of the year so far. I haven't even finished A Voice Through a Cloud yet, but CLEARLY."
Favorite tweet:

Slightly updated list of favourite books of the year so far. I haven't even finished A Voice Through a Cloud yet, but CLEARLY.

— John Self (@john_self) July 8, 2017
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5 weeks ago
england dashboard
#CILIPConf17 England Library Data @librarieshacked

— Claire Back (@calire) July 6, 2017
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5 weeks ago
do you really need that social media account? — comms2point0
Favorite tweet:

Do you really need that social media account?
by @GillianNeild

— @comms2point0 (@comms2point0) July 7, 2017
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5 weeks ago
One Team Government: a short guide to policy for government digital professionals
RT @maltbyps: In preparation for the #OneTeamGov unconference I've written a guide to policy for government digital professionals
OneTeamGov  librarycamp  digital  via:Markbraggins 
7 weeks ago
8 of the Best Websites to Find Free Stock Photos - Make Tech Easier
Favorite tweet:

What is your favorite source for FREE stock photos?
Here are the 8 we recommend! #graphics #images

— MakeTechEasier (@MakeTechEasier) June 25, 2017
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7 weeks ago
Untitled (
RT @elwags: #alacouncil, here are the @ala_wo slides from this morning's session: emailed link coming shortly.
library  advocacy  librarycamp  via:laurenpressley 
7 weeks ago
The Rowdy World of Rap’s New Underground - The New York Times
The lo-fi rap that thrives on SoundCloud teems
with unruly energy. Can it survive the mainstream?
LilPump  Smokepurpp  XXXTentacion  hiphop  music  Soundcloud  NYTimes  2017  via:inspiral 
7 weeks ago
Curate your way to a $500 Content Credit - OverDrive Blogs
Favorite tweet:

Curate your way to a $500 Content Credit

— OverDrive Libraries (@OverDriveLibs) June 20, 2017
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8 weeks ago

ATTN WRITER PEOPLE: Writing science Fiction? NASA has a guide of terms, terminology and concepts to help:

— Adam P. Knave (@adampknave) June 21, 2017

twitter  adampknave  writing  sf  librarycamp  via:jju 
8 weeks ago
Install Blockstack
Blockstack is a new decentralized internet where users own their data and apps run locally. Take back control over your digital life. A browser portal is all you need to get started.
browser  blockchain  via:griffey 
11 weeks ago
Blockchain, explained - MIT Sloan School of Management
MIT Sloan assistant professor Christian Catalini on why blockchain and cryptocurrencies could upend every industry.
bitcoin  blockchain  via:griffey 
11 weeks ago
Notepad: Open Space Technology, The Unconference & Facilitating Solving Complex Problems
That's basically the idea behind Open Space or the Unconference (or in more general term Holding Space). Open space has no agenda, to begin with. The participants built the agenda the first thing. It has four (or five) principles and one rule.
agile  meetings  unconference  librarycamp  via:rkip 
may 2017
Paula Kehoe - Living Future unConference 2017
Paula Kehoe
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)
Director of Water Resources
San Francisco, CA
people  water  unconference  via:zryb 
may 2017
The Books That Made Your Favorite Writers Want to Write | Literary Hub
Favorite tweet:

The books that made your favourite writers want to write – Zadie Smith, @EDonoghueWriter & more share theirs:

— Picador Books (@picadorbooks) April 27, 2017
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april 2017
CILIP announces ‘Facts Matter’ campaign for 2017 General Election | CILIP
CILIP launches #FactsMatter campaign promoting evidence-based decision-making in #GE17

— CILIP (@CILIPinfo) April 21, 2017
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april 2017
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