20 Free Stock Photo Sites for Your Social Media Images
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Stop! You're wasting time searching for images ⌛️ https://t.co/JQmnYWHUOo Bookmark these 20 free sites http://pic.twitter.com/SfGwDiaOkw

— Hootsuite (@hootsuite) March 21, 2017
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3 days ago
Library helped children learn about coding | News | muskogeephoenix.com
Curious how exactly #robots teach kids #coding at #libraries? This article about #Ozobot explains: https://t.co/RqM2OOvohH

— PublicLibraries2020 (@LibrariesEU) March 15, 2017
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10 days ago
Pickering residents borrow Internet with a library card | Toronto Star
Pickering residents borrow Internet with a library card, by @lmonseb on @TorontoStar https://t.co/JzvjiNzQzY

— MediaSmarts (@MediaSmarts) March 7, 2017
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17 days ago
What makes for a good API? | Open Data Camp UK
RT @mr_dudders: Great write up of the #odcamp session that @iankent from @ONSdigital pitched on what makes a good open API
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22 days ago
Twitter / ?
Useful resource alert
'12 strategic steps to getting the most from social media' @lgacomms @lganewshttps://t.co/P71qIU6yx3

— @comms2point0 (@comms2point0) March 3, 2017
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22 days ago
Top 20 Datasets for UK Local Government. – Intelligent Places
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So @jonpoole has pulled together a list of top 20 datasets for local government https://t.co/j2GfkFj7vU any thoughts? /cc @Jargonautical

— Leigh Dodds (@ldodds) March 3, 2017
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22 days ago
RT @edent: An excellent primer on the basics of #OpenData
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27 days ago
Are Open Data businesses viable? | Open Data Camp UK
RT @BeckStrickland: Awesome notes for "Are Open Data businesses viable?" With @MurrayData via @ODcamp #odcamp @drawnalism
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27 days ago
What open data standards do we need? | Open Data Camp UK
RT @adders: What open standards does #opendata need? More from today’s #odcamp
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27 days ago
Send LibraryCamp to Next Library 2017, a Community Crowdfunding Project in Aarhus, Denmark on Crowdfunder
We've been invited to deliver a workshop at a conference in Denmark but we have to buy a ticket which costs £400 and we live in the UK so its going to cost quite a lot to travel to Aarhus. We're trying to raise the cash via Crowdfunder. If you could help that would be fantastic :)
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5 weeks ago
Andrew Sullivan: The Madness of King Donald
Andrew Sullivan: The Madness of King Donald -
5 weeks ago
Libraries Serve Refugees – Resources by librarians – for everyone
RT @jessamyn: Libraries Serve Refugees. By librarians – for everyone. Because libraries still believe in the land of promise.
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5 weeks ago
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Steganographic Image | u n t h i n k i n g . p h o t o g r a p h y
a steganographic inscription is neither a depth nor the plain surface but somewhere in between. In contemporary images made of data it refers to how the image can be coded as more than is seen, but also more than the image should do. The steganographic digital image can be executed; it includes instructions for the computer to perform. Photographs as part of a longer history of communication media are one particular way of saying more than meets the eye, but this image also connects to histories of secret communication from the early modern period, to more recent discussions in security culture, as well as fiction such as William Gibson’s novel Pattern Recognition (2003). Were J.G. Ballard’s 1950s billboard mysteries one sort of cryptographic puzzle that hid a message in plain visual sight?
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5 weeks ago
Data Selfie _ About
Data Selfie explores our relationship to the online data we leave behind as a result of media consumption and social networks. In the modern age, almost everyone has an online representation of oneself and we are constantly and actively sharing information publically on various social media platforms. At the same time we are under constant surveillance by social media companies and “share” information unconsciously. How do our data profiles, the ones we actively create, compare to the profiles made by the machines at Facebook, Google and Co. – the profiles we never get to see, but unconsciously create?

Why does Facebook need your phone number or your phone contacts or the data from your WhatsApp account? Why does Facebook track the time you spend looking at the posts in your news feed? Is the sole purpose of this data gathering to serve us more relevant ads? Is there something else afoot?

Data Selfie is an application that aims to provide a personal perspective on data mining, predictive analytics and our online data identity – including inferred information from our consumption. In our data society algorithms and Big Data are increasingly defining our lives. Therefore, it is important – especially for those who are indifferent to this issue – to be aware of the power and influence your own data has on you.
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6 weeks ago
(500) https://www.poynter.org/2017/getting-automated-fact-checking-from-science-fiction-to-reality/448016/
RT @owenboswarva: Getting automated #factchecking from science fiction to reality | @fernandezpm | #automation #technooptimism
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6 weeks ago
Yes, watching Piers Morgan being told to fuck off on live TV is *exactly* as satisfying as I'd always imagined.
6 weeks ago
Blockchain Demo
Your Friday feature: Easy to understand video explanation of Blockchain and narrator has a very relaxing voice.
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6 weeks ago
Learn C Programming With 9 Excellent Open Source Books - OSS Blog
All librarians need a little programming know how in the 21st century. These books will give you some basics :)
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6 weeks ago
BBC Radio 4 - Sound Architecture: The Spaces That Speak
Building design and city planning is dominated by the visual. But a new science has emerged which explores the relationship between design, acoustics and the human experience, called aural architecture. Every space has its own unique soundscape, created by a combination of the overall design, the materials used in construction and the way that space is used by humans.

Until very recently, few architects ever gave much thought to what affect that soundscape might have on the people inhabiting the space, be they office workers, school pupils, teachers or shoppers. This has resulted in railways stations where train announcements are unintelligible, restaurants where you have to shout to be heard and open-plan schools in which teaching is all but impossible. More recently, research has shown that a poor aural experience can have a considerable negative effect on how we feel and behave, even at a subconscious level.
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7 weeks ago
What Happened to Jeffrey Beall’s List of (Allegedly) Predatory Publishers? | Debunking Denialism
Jeffrey Beall is an academic librarian at the Auraria Library at University of Colorado Denver located in Denver, Colorado. He got tenure in 2012 and became an associate professor. For a number of years, he has maintained and curated a blacklist of allegedly (he calls it “potential, possible, or probable”) predatory open access publishers.
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9 weeks ago
Presenting the IFLA Wikipedia Opportunities Papers
@IFLA just released white paper: Opportunities for
Public Libraries and Wikipedia #1lib1ref https://t.co/0YKl3pX5st
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9 weeks ago
We Bought It, We Own It, We Fix It: Building Open Policies for Digital Public Goods - Creative Commons
Today’s topic for Copyright Week is “You Bought It, You Own It, You Fix It”, which means that copyright law shouldn’t interfere with your freedom to own your stuff however you see fit: to repair it, tinker with it, recycle it, use it on any device, lend it, and then give it away (or re-sell it) when you’re done.
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9 weeks ago
4 Content Discovery Platforms You May Not Be Aware Of | Social Media Today
Pushing library related news and innovative projects out there is what we try to do on our Twitter feed. Finding and sharing new stuff is a daily task and the tools most used are Feedly, Flipboard, Reddit, Twitter, Google Alerts and IFTTT. It's always useful to find more new ones so I'll give these a go and post a review later.
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9 weeks ago
Friendships in the age of social media | Jonathan Tepper
The main reason why I’m quitting Facebook is that social media has devalued the way people from younger generations interact with each other.   Before Facebook, it was possible to have meaningful exchanges and conversations with people.  If people wanted to communicate with friends, they were intentional about who they wrote letters or emails to, who they called.  These were two-way exchanges where the writer cared about the reader, and there was a give and take.  In my inbox, I can find hundreds of personal emails from years ago.  They are a pleasure to read, and I count myself lucky with the friends I’ve made.  Over time, I find fewer and fewer.
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9 weeks ago
Kishonna L. Gray: Examining Black Feminism in the Digital Era - YouTube
RT @BKCHarvard: Did you miss @KishonnaGray’s "Examining Black Feminism in the Digital Era” talk yesterday? Catch up now!:
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10 weeks ago
OpenTech Conference, OpenTech 2017 - coming soon
RT @opentechuk: OpenTech 2017 - coming soon - Ahoy, Survivors of 2016! OpenTech will return on the 13th May, at a soon to...
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10 weeks ago
Marketing Your Event on a Tight Budget
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Marketing Your Event on a Tight Budget https://t.co/H1zEiW1Khw #Startup #SMB http://pic.twitter.com/S4vFNhUq3y

— PRWeb (@prweb) January 7, 2017
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10 weeks ago
Books in 2017: a literary calendar | Books | The Guardian
"Books in 2017: a literary calendar" https://t.co/SpgnG91CJk

— Claire Back (@calire) January 9, 2017
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10 weeks ago
Columbus Metropolitan Library Kicks Off a Fine Free 2017 » Public Libraries Online
"Columbus Metropolitan Library Kicks Off a Fine Free 2017" https://t.co/BZVE8ZXDzZ

— Claire Back (@calire) January 9, 2017
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10 weeks ago
A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet: Welcome to the 21st Century: 45 Resources on Coding
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Want to get your students #coding? @cybrarian77 has pulled together online resources https://t.co/wbuVCi7tHK #schoolibraries

— CILIP (@CILIPinfo) January 10, 2017
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10 weeks ago
Knight Foundation
RT @knightfdn: Knight, @OmidyarNetwork & @reidhoffman create $27M fund to research #artificialintelligence for the public interest
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10 weeks ago
BBC - Make It Digital - Create, tinker and compete with Robot Wars and the BBC micro:bit
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Create your own #robotwars mini robots and motorised masterpieces with the #bbcmicrobit https://t.co/giM67ZZ3dv #microbit http://pic.twitter.com/hpFB8mzVd1

— BBC Make It Digital (@BBCMIDigital) December 29, 2016
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11 weeks ago
7 perfect micro:bit projects for pupils | Microsoft Enterprise UK
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Just realised that an article on the @bbc_microbit that I wrote for @msdevUK is live (and has been for a while): https://t.co/PM2Wd2scRN

— Dan Oliver (@danoliver) January 4, 2017
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11 weeks ago
Ben Holliday » The problem with ‘customer’
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This is fab by @BenHolliday I never use customer as if we fail people they can't take their 'custom' elsewhere. https://t.co/IkD0gQk09B

— Kelly Doonan (@allyblue22) December 5, 2016
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december 2016
How Employees Shaped Strategy at the New York Public Library | Library Stuff
How Employees Shaped Strategy at the New York Public Library https://t.co/yN3PE3N2P5

— Steven M. Cohen (@LibraryStuff) December 5, 2016
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december 2016
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