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8 weeks ago by LaptopHeaven
Spark Design System
is a system of patterns and components used to create the user interface for the Quicken Loans family of Fintech products.
inspiration  web-design 
july 2018 by LaptopHeaven
Cards and Composability in Design Systems
Considerations for designers and engineers considering the structure, content, style & and behavior of composed components like Card
patterns  issue  web-design 
april 2018 by LaptopHeaven
Freebie: “Oasis” Jekyll Website Template
Oasis is a responsive Jekyll template designed for developers who want to set up a small landing page for their mobile applications.
graphics  art  web-design 
april 2018 by LaptopHeaven
10 cheat codes for designing User Interfaces
I’d probably assume that most of us started in UI design with the littlest knowledge or nothing at all. But even though the odds were against us at the start, we managed our way through numerous…
layout  color  ui  web-design 
february 2018 by LaptopHeaven
7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design
Use white text and lower the opacity. This lets the background color bleed through a bit, de-emphasizing the text in a way that doesn’t clash with the background.
web-design  ui  tips 
february 2018 by LaptopHeaven
- Minimal, responsive, style-agnostic CSS framework
toread  html  css  framework  web-design 
may 2017 by LaptopHeaven
All about creating design style guides
Style guide is a set of standards that establish and enforce style to improve communication.
toread  web-design  style-guide 
august 2016 by LaptopHeaven
Datum Ipsum: Designing real-time visualizations with realistic placeholder data
tl;dr — I’ve created a tool called Datum Ipsum to enable designers to use realistic data when mocking up data visualizations.
toread  web-design 
august 2016 by LaptopHeaven
Lessons from building mobile-friendly, accessible data tables
This is the fifth post in a series on accessibility from Shopify’s UX team. We’re publishing posts every two weeks. You can check out the…
web-design  css  tables  data 
august 2016 by LaptopHeaven – User Experience Design
Common mistakes designers make and how to fix them
validation  forms  web-design 
july 2016 by LaptopHeaven
Smashing Magazine
How do you sell a design system to the client? How do you put a pattern library on the roadmap for the entire company? Useful strategies and tactics.
toread  web-design 
may 2016 by LaptopHeaven
Redesigning the Login Screen – GoSquared Blog
We care about the details here at GoSquared. With the recent launch of two-factor authentication to make GoSquared accounts more secure, we took the opportunity to improve the experience of signing in to your account. Designing a better experience for signing in is not as easy as it may seem. via Pocket
Pocket  inspiration  login  toread  ui  ux  web-design  web-development 
january 2016 by LaptopHeaven
The Curtain Menu: A mobile alternative to the desktop drop-down menu
A new mobile navigation menu ¶ Converting the desktop dropdown nav ¶ I designed this menu for and it w…
css  web-design  navigation 
january 2016 by LaptopHeaven
The Curtain Menu
A new mobile navigation menu ¶ Converting the desktop dropdown nav ¶ I designed this menu for and it w…
us  usability  web-design  apps  toread 
january 2016 by LaptopHeaven
The Illusion of Completeness: What It Is and how to Avoid It
Looking at a web page is much like looking at a landscape through a set of binoculars. A small part of that landscape is in your immediate view, but often you have to pan up and down, or side to side to see it all. via Pocket
Pocket  toread  usability  ux  web-design 
january 2016 by LaptopHeaven
Inspiration for Pricing Tables
Various styles and inspiration for responsive, flexbox-based HTML pricing tables
inspiration  web-design 
november 2015 by LaptopHeaven
Newspaper - WordPress | ThemeForest
Newspaper is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help! The Newspaper template is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system. via Pocket
Pocket  inspiration  toread  web-design 
november 2015 by LaptopHeaven
is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help! The Newspaper template is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine,...
inspiration  web-design  toread 
november 2015 by LaptopHeaven
HTML5 Structural Elements — How I Built This Demo: Part 2
It's one thing to learn how the use the new HTML5 structural elements and another to actually use them in practice. This is part 2 of a demo explaining how.
toread  web-design 
march 2015 by LaptopHeaven
Variable Fonts for Responsive Design
Today’s web fonts are not living up to their potential. What if the stylistic parameters of a typeface were fluidly variable? What if the design of a typeface could be as flexible and responsive as the layout it exists within? Nick Sherman shows us where we’ve been and where we’re going as we move toward truly responsive web typography.
typography  web-design  toread  css 
february 2015 by LaptopHeaven
A Deep Look at Data & Content Design Patterns
In this article, we dive deep into 18 different UI patterns for data and content management.
design-pattern  web-design  toread 
november 2014 by LaptopHeaven
Wayfinding For The Mobile Web
Dennis Kardys shows how to apply concepts from wayfinding, to help balance visual simplicity with the need to keep websites easy to navigate.
toread  web-design  navigation 
october 2014 by LaptopHeaven
Improve Your Email Workflow With Modular Design
In this article you learn how to put in place a solid email workflow and regularly ship engaging and mobile-friendly emails with ease.
toread  web-design  email 
august 2014 by LaptopHeaven
Style and Substance
Are web designers focused too much on style? Have we forgotten to look below the surface to the substance of what we're designing?
toread  web-design 
june 2014 by LaptopHeaven
Harvard Law Review
Upstatement is a small, cross-disciplinary firm that solves problems through design, code, and rapid prototyping.
toread  case-study  web-design 
june 2014 by LaptopHeaven
10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an In-House Designer
10 entrepreneurs suggest helpful questions to ask before bringing on full-time talent.
toread  hiring  web-design 
june 2014 by LaptopHeaven
So You Think You’ve Built a Good Infinite Scroll
Before you build (or implement someone else's) automatic infinite scroll, walk through this checklist.
infinite-scroll  web-design 
june 2014 by LaptopHeaven
Why It’s Still Important To Design “Above The Fold”
Does the concept of the fold make sense on a web page? Not literally, but designing above the fold is still relevant even if we aren't folding web pages.
web-design  toread 
may 2014 by LaptopHeaven
Content-out Layout: the Resources
The method I outlined in my recent article, 'Content-out Layout', is actually the culmination of quite a few different influences. If you’re interested in a deep dive, I have compiled this list of the most useful thinking on the web about ratios, grids, and fluid design. Enjoy!
toread  development  resources  web-design  responsive-web-design 
march 2014 by LaptopHeaven
Using The Technology We Preach
We have the technology so why don’t we use it more? Habit I guess. But as I look forward I think I need to embrace the technology and model its use for my students.
design-pattern  web-design  ideas 
january 2014 by LaptopHeaven
14 Design Trends for 2014
we're kicking off 2014 with a list of design trends I expect to gain ground over the next twelve months. The world of interactive design is an extreme fluid in terms of what's determined as a staple of good design from year to year.
january 2014 by LaptopHeaven
The Building Blocks of Designing UX For Kids
Designing for kids is a unique and challenging situation for any UX professional. While many principles and practices span across all ages, there are many issues which arise exclusively when dealing with children. In this introductory article we'll look at kids and the specific issues that they bring about. We'll also examine some guidelines, constraints, and considerations that you should take into account when designing UX for kids. | Tags: User Experience, Web Design
toread  children  ux  web-design 
january 2014 by LaptopHeaven
Designing Web Interfaces
In this interview, Jason Santa Maria co-founder of Editorially reveals what makes great interface design and how he makes his design decisions.
toread  web-design 
november 2013 by LaptopHeaven
Grid Construction — How To Choose Constraints From Within Your Content
What ultimately becomes the starting point for your grid will depend on the specific content of your design and the choices you make in setting constraints. You can find something that naturally occurs in your design or you can create your own constraint from which everything else follows.
web-design  grid 
june 2013 by LaptopHeaven
Picking A Mobile Support Strategy For Your Website - Smashing Mobile | Smashing Mobile
The number of people browsing the Web from a mobile device has more than tripled since 2009, and it is sure to continue growing, with browser platforms such as iOS and Android offering mobile browser support that is almost identical to what we have come to expect from a desktop experience. As the mobile consumer market continues to grow, so will the aspirations of individuals and companies who look to embrace what the mobile Web has to offer.
mobile  web-design  strategy 
july 2012 by LaptopHeaven
5 Patterns To Rearrange Responsive Layouts | Van SEO Design
The most obvious way a responsive design changes is in its layout. Multiple columns become a single column. A sidebar drops below the main content. One block of design elements becomes integrated with another.
design-patterns  web-design  responsive-web-design 
may 2012 by LaptopHeaven
Design Process In The Responsive Age | Smashing UX Design
You cannot plan for and design a responsive, content-focused, mobile-first website the same way you’ve been creating websites for years—you just can’t. If your goal is to produce something that is not fixed-width and serves smaller devices just the styles they require, why would you use a dated process that contradicts those goals?
workflow  web-design  responsive-web-design 
may 2012 by LaptopHeaven
Business Class: Freemium for News? | Information Architects
I had a perspective-changing talk on the subject of pay walls with the chief executive of a big publishing company (no, I can’t tell you who). He asked me what I think about pay walls. I told him what I always say: The main currency of news sites is attention not dollars, and that I believe that it is the publisher’s job to turn that attention into money, to keep the attention machine running.
publishing  web-design 
may 2012 by LaptopHeaven
Sweep the Sleaze | Information Architects
Promising to make you look wired and magically promote your content in social networks, the Like, Retweet, and +1 buttons occupy a good spot on pretty much every page of the World Wide Web. Because of this, almost every major site and world brand is providing free advertising for Twitter and Facebook. But do these buttons work? It’s hard to say. What we know for sure is that these magic buttons promote their own brands — and that they tend to make you look a little desperate. Not too desperate, just a little bit.
web-design  facebook  twitter  social-media 
may 2012 by LaptopHeaven
Mobile First Design: Why It’s Great and Why It Sucks | Design Shack
Historically, most web designers and their clients have approached the desktop side of any project first, while leaving the mobile part as a secondary goal that gets accomplished later. Even with the rise of responsive design, many of us begin with the “full size” site and work our way down.
toread  mobile  web-design 
may 2012 by LaptopHeaven
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